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Lonja - Koma
Views 1.6K3 days ago
Lerr - Wakening
Views 3K9 days ago
Turker - Elements
Views 2.2K9 days ago
Arude - Instant
Views 6KMonth ago
Dandara - Ouahe
Views 9K3 months ago
Amentia - Piragua
Views 7K3 months ago
Theo Gramal - Dobro
Views 15K3 months ago
Janus Rasmussen - Kilju
Views 10K5 months ago
Teom - Khio
Views 9K5 months ago
Janus Rasmussen - Pliant
Views 4.7K5 months ago
Didacte - Oze
Views 8K5 months ago
I Am Wolter - Bazaar Winds
Views 12K5 months ago
Theo Gramal - Konnakol
Views 51K6 months ago
Erdi Irmak - A Silver Leaf
Views 14K9 months ago
Ultravizion - Circumstellar
Views 18K9 months ago
Renga Weh - Siren
Views 16K9 months ago
Harri Agnel - The Prophecy
Views 19K9 months ago
Savvas - Blue Sorrow
Views 13K9 months ago
Daniele Di Martino - Moment
Views 10K9 months ago
Downpour - Karma
Views 24K9 months ago
Colkin - Adivasi
Views 8K10 months ago
Benis Johannes - Ellipse
Views 9K10 months ago
Jeremy Olander - Passagen
Views 9K10 months ago
Ercos Blanka - Old Trick
Views 8K10 months ago
Moon - Imaginarium
Views 9K10 months ago
Fluida - Even
Views 8K11 months ago
Bloom&Kotka - Reverie
Views 13KYear ago
Ultravizion - Ros
Views 20KYear ago
Aananda - Sultano
Views 18KYear ago
Jean Vayat - Dawn
Views 36KYear ago
Los Suruba - Peccio
Views 24KYear ago
Hot Oasis - El Mazena
Views 35KYear ago
MIICHII - Carpe Diem
Views 17KYear ago
Amonita - Undine
Views 27KYear ago
ApM - Just Cookin'
Views 17KYear ago
Be Svendsen - Getula
Views 482KYear ago
LE VOLD - Freese
Views 24KYear ago
Padai - Jasmine
Views 18KYear ago
Miyagi - Secrets
Views 38KYear ago
Boshoco - Hajetna
Views 48KYear ago
Zone+ &Usif - Aria
Views 12KYear ago
Saif Halasa - Akuna
Views 13KYear ago
Thomaz - Hanin
Views 17K2 years ago
Nahamasy - Mcmahon
Views 13K2 years ago
Olffmann - Infinity System
Views 21K2 years ago
Gacha Bakradze - Gather
Views 19K2 years ago
Ornery - Kristall
Views 8K2 years ago
Ultravizion - Ionization
Views 9K2 years ago
Armen Miran - Nani Jan
Views 112K2 years ago
Brian Cid - Pluto
Views 12K2 years ago
Ivorie & Ambi - Elena
Views 4.2K2 years ago
Ivorie & Ambi - Dion
Views 3.8K2 years ago
Ivorie & Ambi - Turu
Views 18K2 years ago
Ivorie & Ambi - Castalia
Views 3.9K2 years ago


  • Dragan
    Dragan 5 hours ago

    Yorumlar da sarki kadar guzel cogunu begendim bu arada harbi iyi degilim su cikolatayi verebilir misin?

  • Дмитрий Прохоров


  • Erwin Klement
    Erwin Klement 19 hours ago


  • Erwin Klement
    Erwin Klement 19 hours ago


  • Alexandr Kid
    Alexandr Kid 19 hours ago

    Leonid (Lonja) respect✌💣

  • Farouk Mhamdi
    Farouk Mhamdi Day ago

    So glorious ❤️🇹🇳

  • Paola Martínez Asanelli


  • HOUZ
    HOUZ Day ago

    Big tune! <3

  • Celal Duman
    Celal Duman Day ago

    celal babaa

  • Djyasin Er
    Djyasin Er Day ago


  • Mert Irmak
    Mert Irmak Day ago

    masum değiliz hiçbirimiz

  • Helga Schwarz
    Helga Schwarz Day ago

    Na ja 😏.. Koma.. 👍👍👍👍

  • juna
    juna Day ago

    This track is lovely. Warm emotive techno. Good work Luna! Steven who??

  • Zsolt Mészáros
    Zsolt Mészáros 2 days ago

    No its not Bodzin. Bodzin is amateur compared to producers played by Digweed. Pls...

  • mianlenoable
    mianlenoable 2 days ago


  • Sean Dollinger
    Sean Dollinger 2 days ago

    Nice to hear this early

  • Nike San
    Nike San 2 days ago


  • fuegos
    fuegos 2 days ago

    I was the 1st one viewing :)

  • Tom Ives
    Tom Ives 2 days ago

    peace and blessings to the Syrian people!

  • Paola Martínez Asanelli


  • Hanane de l'univers


  • Berkay Tuğrel
    Berkay Tuğrel 2 days ago

    Britney Spears mı o

  • To Go
    To Go 2 days ago

    lyrics at 4:26, This poem is by an Iranian Poet: Attar Neyshaburi April 1221, Neyshabur, Iran. عطار نیشابوری The person who is singing the Lyrics is Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian Sahale has only extracted small piece of the full original song ( I assume without permission) you can see the full song 1:39 is the same thing. This is part of the Album: Night, Silence, Desert, by Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian شب سکوت کویر the meaning: Your hair destroyed my repentance and commitment . زلف تو در هم شکست توبه و پیمان من pronounced Zolfe To Darham Shekast Tobe o Peymane Man remember: In Persian they write from Right to Left, not like English

  • myhumbleascension
    myhumbleascension 3 days ago

    Other than how amazing the song is, can we all take a moment to appreciate the sublime cover art?

  • Maxwell Cricket
    Maxwell Cricket 3 days ago

    Where can I buy this???

  • Sabrina 78
    Sabrina 78 3 days ago

    Omar khayam 🌹😘👏👏

  • nash Mazze
    nash Mazze 3 days ago

    Très bon :) Bons baisers de France :)

    UGLYDUCKLING 3 days ago

    If you guys like this type of music, search for “A Tribe Called Red”

    UGLYDUCKLING 3 days ago

    When Shpongle takes iowaska.

  • Karat Typrah
    Karat Typrah 4 days ago

    Too strong power in this music that makes you fly away from the place where your ears catch that rhythm..

  • Karat Typrah
    Karat Typrah 4 days ago

    ...nomad from Kazakhstan feel the pain and happiness in same time that mixed in this beautiful music..

  • Yasmin Nolan
    Yasmin Nolan 4 days ago

    Art is amazing

  • Soula Morris
    Soula Morris 4 days ago

    I wish all the Gods of the Universe would unite and force eternal peace upon us.

  • Mohamed Alexander Karkour

    You're amazing but please don't delete u'r music

  • Moses Cane
    Moses Cane 4 days ago

    This one.. Hit & Rock ♡

  • Freedom Riders MC
    Freedom Riders MC 4 days ago

    Tarlabaşı 🇹🇷

  • Sylvain Vanderhaegen

    This song makes me search for the other tab playing music

  • Dytallix X
    Dytallix X 4 days ago


  • Dytallix X
    Dytallix X 4 days ago

    beyond words.

  • Erwin Klement
    Erwin Klement 5 days ago


  • Adnan B
    Adnan B 5 days ago

    2019? here ?

  • esounds1
    esounds1 5 days ago


  • Yoon Seung Nam
    Yoon Seung Nam 5 days ago

    The best track i've ever heard

  • Dante TB
    Dante TB 6 days ago

    People who dislike this should be buried alive. Thx for this masterpiece.

  • Erwin Klement
    Erwin Klement 6 days ago


  • Des Crossan
    Des Crossan 6 days ago

    Awesome track!! great sound with nice deep bass rhythm.. Thanks

  • wendy
    wendy 6 days ago

    qué bien suena

  • Ahmed Intensity
    Ahmed Intensity 6 days ago


  • Mario Cabral
    Mario Cabral 6 days ago

    Excelente Mark!!!!💃💃💃💣💣💣🎓🎓🎓🍻🔊🔊🔊🎵🎶

  • Ju Ju
    Ju Ju 6 days ago

    Still wishing for Peace and Much love for Syria after so many years caught in a war of $$$$$'s .... love from Australia.

  • eren mutlu
    eren mutlu 6 days ago

    Fena 👍

  • Ju Ju
    Ju Ju 6 days ago

    sitting here playing solitaire with just random tunes playing and THIS pops up.....and Im like WTF is THISSSS ? Take a closer look and pleasantly surprised to see its a Persian mix.... Lovin it.

  • Amine AVM
    Amine AVM 6 days ago


  • İbrahim İspir
    İbrahim İspir 6 days ago

    Fotoğraftaki kadın Türkan Şoray'a benzemiyor mu aq

  • Lolis Rdgz
    Lolis Rdgz 6 days ago

    Que belleza!

  • Javier Rojas
    Javier Rojas 7 days ago

    what kind of music is this? I love it :D

  • Erwin Klement
    Erwin Klement 7 days ago


  • Maja Lasecka
    Maja Lasecka 7 days ago


  • Rose B
    Rose B 7 days ago

    Splendide...magique ♥

  • Sen Hayırdır?
    Sen Hayırdır? 7 days ago

    Açılın ulan kardeşim ünlü oluyorr

  • Cansu Almira
    Cansu Almira 7 days ago


  • Светлана Марушкевич

    💎🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠👌👍👍👍 Супер 😉 Спасибо 🖤🖤🖤

  • Manuel Mendez
    Manuel Mendez 8 days ago

    I accidentally took a tab and this showed up on my feed and words can’t describe this feeling LORD!!

    • Manuel Mendez
      Manuel Mendez 3 days ago

      The previous one was 10 tabs and I could taste it when I came up. Research sacred secretion

    • Lord Тасоббб
      Lord Тасоббб 3 days ago

      How do I learn to accidentally take a tab?

    • Acid God
      Acid God 4 days ago

      How do you accidentally take a tab?

    • crikey mate
      crikey mate 5 days ago

      Nothing is accidental;)

  • Elisa Vieira
    Elisa Vieira 8 days ago


  • Tamjan San
    Tamjan San 8 days ago

    Love it ❤

  • hani aldebs
    hani aldebs 8 days ago


  • Noah Wick
    Noah Wick 8 days ago

    if you wanna get into the vibe in spotify ;) @t

  • Roberta Stancu
    Roberta Stancu 8 days ago


  • Eyüp Öztürk
    Eyüp Öztürk 8 days ago

    Svendseeeeeeeeeeen sen bu işi biliyorsun koçum

  • Th0rmund Th0rmund
    Th0rmund Th0rmund 8 days ago

    Very good vibe! Ro🌸

  • Ispas Alexandru Travalia

    Peace from Romania to all Syrians and Sallamu Aleykum !!!!

  • لالش كورد
    لالش كورد 8 days ago

    From 🇸🇾 Syria

  • nasro laki
    nasro laki 8 days ago

    awesome music with love from ageria to the syrian people

  • Dante Matus
    Dante Matus 8 days ago

    Medio tema ctm loco weon!!!!

  • Khaled Berrhouma
    Khaled Berrhouma 9 days ago

    Lsd shit .. :p

  • Equalizer
    Equalizer 9 days ago

    Magnificent track. Perfect tempo for bedroom push ups.

  • Patrice VonParis
    Patrice VonParis 10 days ago

    Desert DOpeness

  • Sara Ozge
    Sara Ozge 10 days ago

    Sakız varmı beyler

  • Imad Maailil
    Imad Maailil 10 days ago

    Peace to Syria 🇸🇾 from Morocco 🇲🇦

  • CrazyMikeGr
    CrazyMikeGr 10 days ago

    1 sec of the song instant like

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 10 days ago

    Such amazing work. And what a cover

  • San Demigod
    San Demigod 11 days ago

    V good

  • Myriam
    Myriam 11 days ago

    daaaamn ❤❤❤ that sound 💣💣💣💣💣💣

  • Derpa Man
    Derpa Man 11 days ago

    escuchando esta cancion me dan ganas de invocar al dios de la lluvia para que mis cultivos que no tengo den frutos

  • habib gül
    habib gül 11 days ago

    2.20 deki enstrumanın adı nedir ?

  • Chewby Spirit
    Chewby Spirit 11 days ago

    Incredible and beautiful... For mind travelers. Wonderful!

  • kürşat çoban
    kürşat çoban 11 days ago

    Full tohum vermiş oç.

    MEHMET ALİ ARSLAN 11 days ago


  • _Dot Connector
    _Dot Connector 11 days ago

    Damn! I lost to the guy. I blinked.

  • Alison Flores
    Alison Flores 11 days ago

    Alguien sabe que género musical es ?

  • Reggae Vibez
    Reggae Vibez 12 days ago


  • Michael Lowe
    Michael Lowe 12 days ago

    2019, still love it

  • benjamin ungar
    benjamin ungar 12 days ago

    Anyone got some more songs like this please? :) Searching for ages... I love this kind of music but I can't find anymore like this, just that psytrance-thingy... Thx!

    • Enna Omy
      Enna Omy 10 days ago

      More like tribal Tech-house. I can give you 'Oceanvs orientalis - Tarlabasi'

  • Luis Daniel Saldaña Alvizo

    de puta madre! esta genial!

  • Suleiman Tanui
    Suleiman Tanui 12 days ago


  • Taro Keefe
    Taro Keefe 12 days ago

    thanks goodness for you

  • Jasmina Markovic
    Jasmina Markovic 12 days ago

    Exceptional !! <3 !!

  • Nebojsa Vlahovic
    Nebojsa Vlahovic 12 days ago