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MVI 6745
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1987 FXLR Low Rider
Views 2.8K7 years ago
2009 Super Glide
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2010 Harley FLHP 001.mpg
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2011 Sportster 48 001.mpg
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Sabre Video 001
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Harley Sturgis Shovel Head
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Harley Sturgis Shovel Head
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Harley Sturgis Shovel Head
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  • Jacob Chavez
    Jacob Chavez 2 months ago

    Might trade my 2009 Honda shadow 750 for a 2007 or 2009 super glide this Saturday Goal is to upgrade everything like this ! Goals 👌🏼👍🏼

  • DieselKillz HD
    DieselKillz HD 2 months ago

    How did you make those fuel cap and gauge fit in the bike. I thought they only fit in the in the 13 or newer Dynas. I have a 07 dyna but I want them please help.

  • Hai Pham
    Hai Pham 9 months ago

    what a beauty.

  • Lance Pittman
    Lance Pittman 9 months ago

    Bad ass build ,I ride a Black 2010 Dyna Wide glide , with a Russ Wernimont fairing , wild ones big chubby eight inch bars, tribal pegs and grips ,dark custom derby and cam covers, Burley slammer shocks , swing arm saddle bag , day maker head light , Rineheart racing two into one pipe and bug sucker air breather , and a stage one tune , I haven’t seen a lot of bikes like mine around , I think it’s got a really nice stance and look , lol I mite post it in a few days to see what people think

  • western cowboy
    western cowboy 10 months ago

    looks like the same bike from sons of anarchy

  • Jacob Wuerth
    Jacob Wuerth Year ago

    Any idea where I could find a front light fairing like that?

  • Mike Greer
    Mike Greer Year ago

    Wtf is club style?

    • Glenn Davis
      Glenn Davis 11 months ago

      Tall risers and motocross fat bars / or tall T-Bars - usually with a small 1/4 fairing

  • Blades 22
    Blades 22 Year ago

    Nice, if i could afford 2 harleys, id definitely have a dyna, of course if i didnt like, 140 ft lbs of torque minimum touring bikes lol i could afford 2. We all have our weaknesses

  • wolco003
    wolco003 Year ago

    Did you sell this to Biggs? Im buying it!

  • evil_muscle muscled

    Damn, fine ride

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 2 years ago

    Nice bike, was cool that hd put out the FXDLS, everything done from factory.

  • KSV Productions
    KSV Productions 2 years ago

    People always hate on these big wheel bikes YET everyone builds one🤔🤔

  • Jason Elliott
    Jason Elliott 2 years ago

    what kind of adapters for hand controls?

  • sosickhcdrums
    sosickhcdrums 2 years ago


  • jack smith
    jack smith 2 years ago

    bad ass and bike

  • Edmond Champagne
    Edmond Champagne 3 years ago

    awesome bike!!

  • braap_ biglunch
    braap_ biglunch 3 years ago

    ric I'm doing the same build right now have u had any issues with the stock bottom end not holding up? mileage? thanks

  • Jason Elliott
    Jason Elliott 3 years ago

    wouldnt change a thing, sick Dyna

  • B/X Custom Designs
    B/X Custom Designs 4 years ago

    I cut the center out of a stock air breather cover, powder coated it, and utilized it on a Screamin' Eagle stage 1 backing plate.

  • MrEa78
    MrEa78 4 years ago

    What air cleaner cover is that?

  • cityoflostchildren
    cityoflostchildren 4 years ago

    sick ass dyna

  • KalashnikovKiller666

    That's looks killer bro

  • Tim Jack
    Tim Jack 4 years ago

    Sick Dyna man!

  • rocknroller1999
    rocknroller1999 4 years ago

    Wrecked it

  • Zappy Man
    Zappy Man 4 years ago

    be a real dick move to roll by and kick the shit out of him so it crashes.....

  • A. Owens jr
    A. Owens jr 4 years ago

    Beautiful bike... Enjoy it !!!

  • Tony Boucher
    Tony Boucher 4 years ago

    Kick ass dyna man!

  • Bill Wynne
    Bill Wynne 4 years ago

    I am of the thought that every person that takes some time and money to personalize or customize their form of Vehicle; they know that they are doing it Because They want to, and most of us Never Even consider the amounts of money that will never be recouped or amortized. We just enjoy the Neat Vehicle that we have created. They are almost criminal in the fact that THEY MAKE US FEEL GOOD. It's neat to have the money to let some Professional Team Create the Perfect Vehicle, but then you miss out on the part of Self Satisfaction that YOU put it together and now get to show it off. No Matter what YOUR personal Style is, isn't it neat to cruise into a Joint and a Lot of people take notice of your Vehicle in Good Ways. If that doesn't put a Priceless Smile on your face, you're doing something wrong.

    • Jduc750
      Jduc750 3 years ago

      Well said brother

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 4 years ago

    Fucking baby boomers and their terrible taste

  • mike niedzalkowski
    mike niedzalkowski 4 years ago


  • mickster boone
    mickster boone 4 years ago

    Beautiful craftsmanship, but I'm just not feelin' the whole big-wheel bagger thing. They all look the same to me, but in a different color.

    • don roberts
      don roberts 4 years ago

      i agree and honestly i think its retarded to me they are posers acting tough when they don't know the meaning of the open road. these bikes never see amy real miles

  • 67ShelbyMustang500
    67ShelbyMustang500 4 years ago

    I'm going to laugh when the wild bagger craze dies out and people wont be able sell their bikes for even half of what they put into them. I predict within the next 3-5 years it will vanish and the market will be flooded with them. Don't get me wrong I enjoy seeing all the custom creations out there, but I'm just getting sick of seeing street glide after street glide with some kind of 21 and 23 inch custom wheel. Like this guys bike for example. It is a gorgeous bike without doubt, but it isn't really anything different than anyone else. People are starting to buy sportsters beefing up the engines, and bobbing them out. That and custom trikes are starting to take off. I also work for Harley-Davidson Dealership so I see the stuff come and go all the time.

    • Thomas Clement
      Thomas Clement 4 years ago

      @67ShelbyMustang500 they've been saying that for years now and the wheels just keep getting bigger. interesting

  • Trukerinfulleffect
    Trukerinfulleffect 4 years ago

    Great for great roads,looks good though

  • Atlasjay
    Atlasjay 4 years ago

    They handle very well actually mine has a 30 inch on it. There's a big difference. But it still rides very nice. Not my everyday bike though.

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James 4 years ago

    Bet the bike handles like crap now. Looks cool at a show but it isn't practical at all

  • Rodrigo Ojeda
    Rodrigo Ojeda 5 years ago


  • Peaked and Tuned
    Peaked and Tuned 5 years ago

    freezin his ass off

  • Ric Greene
    Ric Greene 5 years ago

    Andrew. Yes it will fit a 2014 FXDL. You can find it here: southeastcustomcycles.bigcartel.com/product/modified-og-arlen-ness-fairing-for-mid-glide-dynas-complete-kit

  • Andrew Pietila
    Andrew Pietila 5 years ago

    What kind of fairing is that? Would it work on a street bob and a 2014 low rider?

    THIGH11SURPRISE 5 years ago

    what's the size on the works performance shocks? 13"?

  • shaun hartel
    shaun hartel 5 years ago

    Where can you get them bars from?

  • Adam Raize
    Adam Raize 5 years ago

    how did you raise the headlight?

  • SteffMysterVideos
    SteffMysterVideos 5 years ago

    Really awesome bike. Its like an upgraded 2014 sons of anarchy bike

  • Benjamin E. Sarver Sr.

    Hot Ride!!

  • jim bentley
    jim bentley 5 years ago

    does the larger front wheel improve the ride? I would think a larger gyroscope would help stabilize the bike more and make it more responsive and much more stable. Its a bad ass bike.

    • jclax01
      jclax01 5 years ago

      the ride and stability is a function of the tire width not the diameter of the wheel. skinny wheels make turning in a lot easier, fatter wheels are usually on touring bikes. the fatter tire is more comfortable at highway speeds.

  • MrBosshogg1
    MrBosshogg1 5 years ago

    I have a 2010 street glide with a 26 and I ride it everywhere

  • Archie Hemopo
    Archie Hemopo 5 years ago

    who was the builder may i ask beautiful bike

  • Javier Leon
    Javier Leon 5 years ago

    My whole point is that they advertise that you are able to ride this anywhere with no problems! And that is bullshit. Some reputable bike builders make clients sign waivers if they want to install a 26" or bigger wheel.. they don't want to be liable. So unless you know ride or know ur facts quit making stupid ass comments because u come off really ignorant.

    • tezlow09
      tezlow09 Year ago

      Javier Leon WE POUND THESE 30S HATER

  • Archie Hemopo
    Archie Hemopo 5 years ago

    did you build this yourself

    • Javier Leon
      Javier Leon 5 years ago

      No. I didn't ..I do however Own 2 of them.

  • SquidHead
    SquidHead 5 years ago

    You make 'em sick Ric!

  • moparbrent760
    moparbrent760 5 years ago

    This is a very nice bike that deserves MANY more views!

  • oldcratch
    oldcratch 5 years ago

    Wow, all that chrome, straight outta 1992'

  • Javier Leon
    Javier Leon 5 years ago

    That street, freeway or road u should say looks perfect. Try a jacked up road and see how it feels ..

    • Kenneth Hildebrand
      Kenneth Hildebrand Year ago

      That's probably as far as its been rode.

    • jim bentley
      jim bentley 5 years ago

      @Javier Leon ebonics = retardics

    • Javier Leon
      Javier Leon 5 years ago

      Lol..yes idiot! I do english........but i also speak Ebonics so I understand why u sound so dumb. .

    • Thomas Clemente
      Thomas Clemente 5 years ago

      @Javier Leon do you even english bro

    • Javier Leon
      Javier Leon 5 years ago

      ok.shitface!! Good way to agree with what I just said..

  • KDub StreetHawksMc ward

    hey southeast customs...called never can get thru...you have some wheels on ebay that i want but need to know if they will work on my harley...and you arent that far from me that i will drive there to pick them up instead of shipping them to me...how can i reach you guys to find out if they will work and before i make a trip i may not need to do ...but if they will work i really want these wheels....here is my email major642001@yahoo

  • Jose Valmonte
    Jose Valmonte 6 years ago

    Bike looks great. Are those the stock shocks?

  • Angel Berrios
    Angel Berrios 6 years ago

    What numbers of cams are those? Nice sound!!

  • chesterxx67
    chesterxx67 6 years ago

    i have a 2010 streetglide,,how much would it cost to do this to my bike?

  • Ric Greene
    Ric Greene 6 years ago

    Sorry Shannon we have already sold it. I can build you one. I'm currently building one to sell and have 2 more stock bikes to build. Hit me up if your interested.

  • shannon hartley
    shannon hartley 6 years ago

    is this bike still for sale

  • crazy96er
    crazy96er 8 years ago

    Nice Bike!! What stage? Cam size?

  • hydroboy35th
    hydroboy35th 8 years ago

    Job well done sir!