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Liberals Are Too Anti-Police
Views 1.6K2 months ago
The Sad Story of Maleah Davis
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The Perfection : Movie REVIEW
Views 2.3K3 months ago
Top 10 Black Comedy Movies
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  • christine a
    christine a 5 minutes ago

    Lol 😂 the woke left?? Sounds like an oxymoron 🤣 great video Terry thanks 👍🏽

  • Chubbs bully
    Chubbs bully 25 minutes ago

    No Alicia Sacramone? Tsk tsk lol

  • october81972
    october81972 52 minutes ago


    ADOSDUVAL Hour ago

    We need all this celebrities to move out the way a let economists historians and lawyers lead the way we don’t care that Your music career is on hold move out of our political space Sandy Darity only

    ADOSDUVAL Hour ago

    We need all this celebrities to move out the way a let economists historians and lawyers lead the way we don’t care that Your music career is on hold move out of our political space Sandy Darity only

  • PillzBerry27
    PillzBerry27 Hour ago

    T.I think he's pro black but back in the day he was selling drugs in Atlanta and selling that trap music. Killer Mike always talk intellect and talk about solutions in the black community. I need to watch tonight but if they have another one T.I. cannot be there.

  • M.J. C.
    M.J. C. Hour ago

    #8 my favorite I used to LOVEEEE watch her get down, Rosie used to way over do it ughhh she tried too hard and got on my nerves lol and all the rest were some BAD AZZ dancers. I used to watch this show all the time and wish I could dance like all of them LOL these were some bad azz bitches lol I say that with all due respect :-)

  • Cassandra Dennis

    She's GORGEOUS!!! Wow! And a real live Princess. ❤

  • Off Line
    Off Line Hour ago

    Mike just spent the weekend at Bernie’s but he’s calling people out over having a Massa smh Candice and the other chick were there for the right reasons and prepared for this.

  • Black Tiger 97
    Black Tiger 97 Hour ago

    I always feel Beyonce singing is overrated. She's talented, but not the best like the black community & media try to make her is 🤷‍♂️

  • E.G. Harris
    E.G. Harris Hour ago


  • Roger Ward
    Roger Ward 2 hours ago

    Once you start cussing...then you've lost

  • Kobi Bell
    Kobi Bell 2 hours ago

    i listen to the first 4:30 minutes of this video...i agreed with every point you made...maybe a little harsh on T.I. but you are right about his presence a the summit.

  • dblr3000
    dblr3000 2 hours ago

    You do realize that there are black owned franchises though, right? I think YOU might be a racist too. Why you trying to get black people all fired up about a woman on a commercial vs. the actual CEO? The woman in the commercial never claimed to be the CEO of Popeye's.

  • Information station 1984

    Back up. T .I. was the truth. Candace made no points. Kick rocks dude.

    • Atar Buck
      Atar Buck 21 minute ago

      TI is ignorant. Killer Mike went against TI three times to agree with Candace. TI didn’t know what he was talking about at all.

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 hours ago


  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 hours ago


  • Henri Never mind
    Henri Never mind 3 hours ago

    *(BLACK) TRUTH HURTS a CLUTURE of emotional embraced WRONGDOINGS CONsidered being FASHIONABLY "REAL NIGGA'S" nowadays *(TERM of ENDEARMENT).

  • My Pink Skin Can't Handle The Sunlight

    T.I is a well known snitch. Who would take any advice from a snitch in the first place?

    RAY RAY 3 hours ago

    TI. Think he graduated from Harvard or Yale

  • Moviemetalrock McDonald

    TI makes Georgians look bad

  • Moviemetalrock McDonald

    Shaun King and lot of white liberals are very ashamed to be white.

    HAVIER V. LEONARD 3 hours ago

    TI owns a strip club, his music, his criminal record how do you take this man seriously. TI is a joke!

    BLAKBODHISATTVA 3 hours ago

    candace owens should never have been there she is a enemy...you have to stop coddoling these kinds of people....they should have had people like yvette carnell and antonio moore and dr. sandy darity...not these characters....

  • Titus Thompson
    Titus Thompson 3 hours ago

    Wth was the clown(T.I.P HARRIS) doing up there anyway? Smdh

  • 2koolken
    2koolken 3 hours ago

    Of course, #KillerMike is usually on point. Personally, I would want to say always. And he's so eloquent with his thoughts.

  • Spartazulu
    Spartazulu 3 hours ago

    Maybe TI is the smartest of the group... What dummies fail to realise is smart people dont want to hear dumb shit

  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones 3 hours ago

    Niggas talking and no action. No solutions. Yeap, sound like the average nigga. Mission accomplished.

  • Sashinie Anderson
    Sashinie Anderson 4 hours ago

    It's because they did surgery

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 4 hours ago

    The number one problem in the black community is anger and most black people are angry because of the destruction of the family and the lack of moral character and not white people, and what these dummies in the black community dont seem to understand is that the true enemies of the black community is the congressional black caucus, jesse Jackson, louis farrakhan, Barack Obama, big mama Michelle Obama and most of the black pastors who are not called by God but by their mama, and until most black people overcome their mothers and grandmothers then they will never be satisfied, the anger starts at home not white folks.

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 4 hours ago

    Terry Tamika Mallory, TI, the so called guy that was handling the debate, and of course the dumb black audience hate white people and America.

  • chris robinson
    chris robinson 4 hours ago

    This is a sad but true statement: Everybody love to show their ignorance. It makes no difference what age bracket your in, this is true all over the world.

  • Neh-Bih Sangbong
    Neh-Bih Sangbong 4 hours ago

    That was insane

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 4 hours ago

    Terry this is why I said that most black people are the biggest dumbasses in politics and that's why we cant have minorities take over America because America will be like South Africa real quick.

  • chris robinson
    chris robinson 4 hours ago

    In life, the guilty always speaks the loudest. T I spoke loud enough for everyone to hear when it came to Candace Owens making conscious comments about certain situations.

  • PalePinkGeneticAnnihilationTY HeroinFentanylOpioids

    Choosing to be a voluntary bedwench is a mental disorder. Candice Caribbean Owens cannot speak on the reality of ADOCS. She's a waste of melanin, doing her new age massa's bidding.

    • PalePinkGeneticAnnihilationTY HeroinFentanylOpioids
      PalePinkGeneticAnnihilationTY HeroinFentanylOpioids 3 hours ago

      Missrena1000.. Exactly, now you get it! That combined with their actions against the American African community. Would a jew marry a nazi and expect to have worth in the jewish community? They would be ostracized by their people. And rightfully so.

    • Brutha Dnubian
      Brutha Dnubian 3 hours ago

      @Missrena1000 Do you want these demons and their system eradicated or not???

    • Brutha Dnubian
      Brutha Dnubian 3 hours ago


    • Missrena1000
      Missrena1000 4 hours ago

      So who someone is married to determines their worth in the black community? Gotcha.

  • MrDecember91
    MrDecember91 4 hours ago

    T.I. was all black power until that man in the audience was basically asking him for a feature or some help getting his music career going, but then T.I. acted like he didn't hear the man talking to him. T.I. is a clown. Its real easy to say what other people need to be doing but when it comes down to it he wont do a thing. Had Diddy goofy ass rollin in the front row but all the black men and women that Diddy and T.I. could help in the music industry wont get help from them unless it 100% benefits them, but its BLACK POWER when the camera and the mic is on

  • Milly Mil
    Milly Mil 4 hours ago

    What the hell was TI doing up there in the first place.

    • Henri Never mind
      Henri Never mind 20 minutes ago

      I know when he was talking I was thinking "Shut Up an RAP".🤔

  • Ciaobella Amour
    Ciaobella Amour 4 hours ago

    T.I is a whole joke🤡. Please tell me why tf is he included in every/anything nowadays especially since Nip’s death? Just odd af. He sacrificed his sister off too so guess that’s another reason why he’s being shoved down blacks throats now more than ever🤦🏽‍♀️. Liked him as a rapper/actor but that’s it. All these political/social stuff that’s to be taken serious it’s just NOT for him. Wayyyyy outta his league but because he’s a hood fool using big words outta context, mfs eat it all up

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 4 hours ago

    TI is a racist period

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips 4 hours ago

    I would to see him go toe toe with Toney Ya yo !!! It so sad most Blacks want to live and die with a stupid Look on their faces !!!! 😆😁 They refused to do any research or investigation into any matter !!!

  • Aros De Humo
    Aros De Humo 4 hours ago

    Lol 😂 I love terry swoope’s videos!!! TI is a moron, he should stick to making “trap music”.

  • john moore
    john moore 4 hours ago

    a black women married to a white man shouldn't even be there telling us what to do....,,,,,i agree with t i.,,,this was a joke

    • LADYJAYY19788
      LADYJAYY19788 4 minutes ago

      So T.I. shouldn't be there either his wife is half white, raised by a white woman. No one is telling you what to do it just a conference to voice our opinions. Come up with solutions to solve our problems you get it loose the sheep mentality.

    • Missrena1000
      Missrena1000 4 hours ago

      And why is that? Whom someone is married to shouldn’t be a signal to not listen or shut them down. Also why are u considering yourself with someone else marriage and relationship.

    • Ciaobella Amour
      Ciaobella Amour 4 hours ago

      john moore T.I is married & has several kids with a whole mulatto. Been with her for almost 20 yrs & isn’t leaving her anytime soon even tho he cheats & steadily dogs her

  • Simone Moore
    Simone Moore 4 hours ago


  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips 4 hours ago

    TI is Racist Hateful Demonkkkcrap Activists he is not too bright 😁

  • Booker's Rebirth
    Booker's Rebirth 4 hours ago

    I was hoping you'd comment. Great commentary. Everything you said on this topic I agree with.

  • Kiska ULuvMeh
    Kiska ULuvMeh 4 hours ago

    One ☝️ person promoted a tape. You are doing too much

    • LADYJAYY19788
      LADYJAYY19788 2 minutes ago

      That's one person too many.

    • Kiska ULuvMeh
      Kiska ULuvMeh 3 hours ago

      Ciaobella Amour i agree but 1 person should not be a reason to damn the whole segment.

    • Ciaobella Amour
      Ciaobella Amour 4 hours ago

      Kiska ULuvMeh not the time/place for all that tho if you wish to be taken seriously 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • chris robinson
    chris robinson 4 hours ago

    There were people in the audience trying to promote their mixtapes LMBO 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chicago Writer
    Chicago Writer 4 hours ago

    Been waiting on this! Thanks!

  • Anita Raymond
    Anita Raymond 4 hours ago


  • Deoxys Mack
    Deoxys Mack 4 hours ago

    T.I. sucks

  • james Tamburo
    james Tamburo 4 hours ago


      HAVIER V. LEONARD 3 hours ago

      When you put your disfunction for everyone to see don't be mad when they comment he has the 1st amendment rights to speak his mind and make his point.

    • Missrena1000
      Missrena1000 3 hours ago

      Brutha Dnubian shut up. People outside of the community can put in their two cents. YOU are not the gatekeeper of the black community.

    • Brutha Dnubian
      Brutha Dnubian 3 hours ago

      Why are you in black folks' business? I know the answer.

  • Alphonso Frett
    Alphonso Frett 4 hours ago

    Candids Owens is growing up and is the real help!

  • 마도a
    마도a 4 hours ago

    순위 기준이 메달이라면서 존나 엉터리로 해놨네 미셸 콴 1등인 이유가 세계선수권을 5금으로 제일 많이 따서 그런것 같은데 이선수는 올금딴적이 없음... 근데 카타리나 비트는 올금2에 세계선수권 4금땀 ㅋㅋ 그리고 미셸콴은 김연아랑 딴 메달 개수는 똑같은데 금이 2개적고 은이 2개많음 근데 두 선수 다 10위 안에 선정조차 못됨.. 진짜 뭔 기준으로 선정했냐

  • Gabriel Rosario
    Gabriel Rosario 5 hours ago

    Cardi B is not a role model, why are black people defending her? She is not black. She's Dominican. She's married to a black man.

  • n1gger stomper
    n1gger stomper 5 hours ago

    Literally everything black people do right down to the language that they almost speak properly is culture that has been donated to them charitably by the white man. You werent the first to fry chicken. The Scots were. You werent the first to make stewed greens, english peasants in america were. You just need something to feel special about since there really isnt much to be honest

  • The little Mixed cookie

    All women are beautiful but we need to start appreciating every women or race equal

  • Jim Pats Lose
    Jim Pats Lose 7 hours ago

    Only think 4 are very sexy (not in any order): 4. Skin Diamond 3. Ana Foxxx 2. Nyomi Banxxx 1. CHANEL HEART I thought Jada Fire retired!

  • Zachary Mcdaniel
    Zachary Mcdaniel 7 hours ago

    Bruh that's how it is , there ain't nothing wrong with no race but their is ppl that make their race look bad.

  • airdre1
    airdre1 7 hours ago

    Its not just black people ive seen and heard other races fighting over pennies and bread.

  • Priscilla Marrs
    Priscilla Marrs 8 hours ago

    Who thought Blacks owned Popeyes? And Blacks always charge more for their stuff.

  • Calvin Payton
    Calvin Payton 8 hours ago

    Black people dnt think they do

  • Peyton Miller
    Peyton Miller 9 hours ago

    *walks into popeys* The worker: *Hello what may I get ya* Me:Bitch don’t act stupid

  • Juliet Nabukenya
    Juliet Nabukenya 10 hours ago

    Number 2 is sick.Those are not curves.

  • OOF :3
    OOF :3 11 hours ago

    Demand was high and the supply was low

  • Do every Thing
    Do every Thing 12 hours ago

    Muhammad Ali Greatest

  • luepaw3l luepaw3l
    luepaw3l luepaw3l 20 hours ago

    sorry, i do not like africa-amercian women

  • Gideon Garner
    Gideon Garner 21 hour ago

    This ain’t chic fil a stop people.

  • JomoDaMusicMan
    JomoDaMusicMan 21 hour ago

    1. Nicolas Bros 2. Gregory HInes 3. Bill Bo Jangles Robinson 4. Sammy Davis Jr 5. Bill Bailey 6. Ben Varem 7. Sand Man Sims 8. Fred AStair 9. Jimmy Slyde 10. Buster Brown

  • Aaron88
    Aaron88 22 hours ago

    It's that jungle monkey blood

  • girlsixdiva
    girlsixdiva 23 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the song is inappropriate for this video? :-/

  • 700Arawn
    700Arawn 23 hours ago

    Damn, she married a white dude.......who’d of thought......🤨

  • DGA2000
    DGA2000 23 hours ago

    "Stupid" crosses over ALL races.

  • Jaylafer
    Jaylafer Day ago

    Literally was watching the boondocks before watching this smh😂😂

  • anonygent
    anonygent Day ago

    Good list, but I'd rate Bill Robinson higher than Gregory Hines or Sammy Davis, Jr. You have to remember that the only video we have of Robinson was when he was already almost 60, so he was much MUCH better than we can see in the recordings, and he was still amazing in those.

  • IronBatDion Haskins

    The boonbocks episode

  • SWEETPEA 522
    SWEETPEA 522 Day ago

    It isn’t just a black thing or white thing or Asian thing or whatever, this social media craze to be RU-clip famous or Twitter famous etc is outta control! I made sure my son got this message because whatever hapnd to respect? Do parents not teach their kids to respect anyone anymore?? My kids aren’t perfect but licking ice cream and putting it back is disgusting! Kids, don’t do these dumb social media re-enactments, nobody will really care in your future. Go to college, make a good life for yourselves and if you dont start doing it now it’ll prob never happen and your life will be a very difficult road ahead. Work hard now so you won’t have to later when you get old, when you’ll want to be comfortable and enjoying old age without worrying where you’re going to be living or if you can afford to buy groceries, wondering how you’re gonna make ends meet day to day. Respect yourselves

  • yung pimp
    yung pimp Day ago

    I dont know y my mans was tripping about the white people owning popeyes and us buying the food if any race owned popeyes I'm still eating at popeyes SIMPLE

  • Jose O
    Jose O Day ago

    Se lo meto en el culo sin vaselina!

  • Pilgrim The Goat

    Meep good. Vid

  • Choice Williams

    Malcolm X warned the liberals were very deceptive! The video is on RU-clip! watch it!

  • Mark Chu
    Mark Chu Day ago

    Yall didnt know Rashida was black?

  • D'shawn Cherry

    Let me get this straight "scratches head" I can't eat chicken in public for fear a white person will point and laugh because I'm black and i like chicken and I'm supposed to be offended? White people commit crimes and eat chicken too. We know white people like chicken because they own chicken restaurants (KFC, CKICK FIL A, POPEYES.) If we stop going to popeyes we're still going to chick fil a, and they have zero divetsity in their commercials. Are we going back to jim crow segregation days because that got started because black people thought we werent getting the same level of care in hospitals....then we got worse care. What's wrong with diversity in commercials? Because if there wasnt we'd scream rascism. Are mexicans angry at taco bell, because its owned by white people? They'll just go to Chipotle and they have zero diversty in their commercials. And how do you stop going to black twitter,.... isn't it the same app? Are you just going to delete ALL your black friends on twitter?....cause that's racist. Scratch that this entire video is racist against black people. You show us at our worst and point out characteristics that fit your racist narrative for likes views and money when all you're really doing is perpetuating racial sterotypes started because we wanted freedom and respect. Have you never seen black people all together in a group doing good things? I do all the time. Imma take a stab in the dark and say you were a racist white lady in a past life that bragged to her friends how well she treated her negro. The irony is so real and the DEVIL is a liar.........and so are YOU! thank you and goodnight. P.S. I'm still going to be black eat chicken and if necessary talk 💩.........simultaneously.

  • snash kats
    snash kats Day ago

    Even in Uganda and rwanda

  • D'shawn Cherry

    Would someone please tell me why its a crime to be black and like chicken simultaneously?

  • John Cheeks
    John Cheeks Day ago

    Music expresses tradition and culture etc...........afros and fashion to celebrate in one soul..........stay focus and let's build tomorrow

  • Stefon Carter
    Stefon Carter Day ago

    Much love to all beautiful black woman all over the world I love all of you and I'm am thinkfu for all you ever day

    • Stefon Carter
      Stefon Carter Day ago

      The best thing that ever happened to all brothers like me 🤩😝🤗😛😋😁🙃

  • k a l e
    k a l e Day ago

    Why does it matter which race the ceo is? Can we just support businesses regardless of the race?



  • James hiawo
    James hiawo Day ago

    Is it me or the name “Pookie and ray ray” sounds really funny. 😂😂😂

  • Tara Elliott
    Tara Elliott Day ago

    Another thing is I’m so tired of us as blacks being used for experiments n lab rats to show the dark side publicly to say see this is why we shot them first n people fall victim to their games n start agreeing when in actuality nobody had help from the abuse slavery caused n the cycle continues. Let’s see the outcome of all races being mess with or do tht happens often 🤔 Wht will happen if Chick-fil-A close oh thts right we won’t see cause it always work in their favor which equals a lot of people being humble in a race where things seem to go their way all the time🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Tara Elliott
    Tara Elliott Day ago

    Something in the chicken, it’s side affects is this I’m str8

  • Gielzzz
    Gielzzz Day ago


  • Japanese Toyota Corolla

    People fighting over chicken 🐔 You need to go on a diet 😂😂😂😂😂 Black people can we all get along

  • RuffhouseNC
    RuffhouseNC Day ago

    Fake bodies

  • Holly MacMillan


  • Aldc Atlantic
    Aldc Atlantic Day ago

    lol I can do everything Mary Lou retten did

  • Jeremiah Ray
    Jeremiah Ray Day ago

    True facts

  • the guy hands
    the guy hands Day ago

    Plus can you also cover more about Tariq Nasheed.