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Choreographer Jonathon Lee
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  • Unsigned Hype
    Unsigned Hype 4 years ago

    contact u hear it first gospel, ent.347-677-9684 nice anointed

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    Gay Shit

  • Ariyanna Harris
    Ariyanna Harris 6 years ago

    Dis ha buzzo follow me @_chericaaa

  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 6 years ago

    Hey, Keep Up The Good Work On Those Videos. You're On Our Way.

  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 6 years ago

    Awesome Video keep making videos. Cool Channel. u tubetoolboxssecrets (.)com

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen 6 years ago

    yall go add Cqueen Twreal on facebook she got hymm as a frnd

  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 6 years ago

    Hey That Was Awesome.Glasd you are making video for us to watch

  • Lashonay Wiley
    Lashonay Wiley 6 years ago

    He stole my

  • vesco34
    vesco34 6 years ago

    I love u stylish!!!

  • Jay Lee'
    Jay Lee' 6 years ago

    What's that song?

  • Lachelle Tucker
    Lachelle Tucker 6 years ago

    im lovin this shit...... check out my new dancer @jazmena24 tell me wat yall think:)

  • tijuana boynton
    tijuana boynton 7 years ago


  • latrena wright
    latrena wright 7 years ago


  • aimeedus
    aimeedus 7 years ago

    Dymond needs to take a break.. She is loosing her drive for dance

  • xugarette
    xugarette 7 years ago

    can you teach me those moves .. just wanna dance to this song

  • Conceitedx100
    Conceitedx100 7 years ago

    he is so cute!

  • Taikasha Quattlebaum

    Singing in a place w/ echoes is like singing in the shower . Didn't sound good .

  • Kaylah Head
    Kaylah Head 7 years ago

    dude u move yo hips betta than me n im a girl n i cant hear the music

  • hassus2
    hassus2 7 years ago

    ciara yea i know u want me is the song

  • Jada Bianca
    Jada Bianca 7 years ago

    Idk y ppl have problems with gay ppl because i like to hang around them they r so fun and they just killed this dance

  • jasmine343b
    jasmine343b 7 years ago

    @baddest08bitch ohhhkkk.....thats nice...

  • kyloru
    kyloru 7 years ago

    i'm falling in love with his guy...i need more vids lol.! anybody know this song name and artist ???

  • Kween Tiia MelanatedGoddess

    Kill it Stylish!!!

  • Kaya Hunter
    Kaya Hunter 7 years ago

    omggoosshhhh' bra brah u killn it !

  • Kaya Hunter
    Kaya Hunter 7 years ago

    omggoosshhhh' bra brah u killn it !

  • igoldsmith16
    igoldsmith16 7 years ago

    He makes it look so natural becus it is natural for him. This is his passion and that makes the best performers. Im excited to see wats in store for him.

  • Willye Powell
    Willye Powell 7 years ago

    That was good !

  • Ieshia cheri
    Ieshia cheri 8 years ago

    ?????? not even

  • Sabrina Alisha
    Sabrina Alisha 8 years ago

    Not even bein sarcastic

  • Sabrina Alisha
    Sabrina Alisha 8 years ago

    That was good ..

  • Danique Carter
    Danique Carter 8 years ago

    mhmhm i was bored

  • Alia li
    Alia li 8 years ago


  • Kandise Wesley
    Kandise Wesley 8 years ago

    That's my Dym Piece!! <3

  • Kandise Wesley
    Kandise Wesley 8 years ago

    Damn He can move!! =D

  • Erin H
    Erin H 8 years ago

    Great job! <3 the moves and you :)

  • Dee Nixon
    Dee Nixon 8 years ago

    J-Roc killed that tutting

  • jasmine343b
    jasmine343b 8 years ago

    lol...sorry didnt mean 4 u 2 think that...but yea he did really good! :)

  • AList TalentMmgt
    AList TalentMmgt 8 years ago

    @jasmine343b Ok gotcha! The "smh" part of your comment confused me. lol Yes he is great. We are training him as a choreographer because his moves are TOO DOPE! Him & Dymond have been collabing a lot & this is one of his first choreography...the 2nd was Lil Jons.

  • jasmine343b
    jasmine343b 8 years ago

    @AListTalent no im not sayin just sayin i've never seen him do anything other then twerk,,i didnt see him as the choreography type of dancer...but the choreography was good though.... #noshade i was just sayin :)

  • AList TalentMmgt
    AList TalentMmgt 8 years ago

    @jasmine343b Ok so because hes 1 of the Twerk Boys he cant be signed to A-List???? smh

  • jasmine343b
    jasmine343b 8 years ago

    ok since wen did stylish become apart of A-list talent cuz i only know him from TWERKIN!! in the OFFICIAL TWERK BOYS!! ?????? smhhh

  • Abigail Smith
    Abigail Smith 8 years ago

    YOUR AMAZING1 omg! i love you soo muh dymz! you are in inspirer <333 thaanks!

  • EddyTriggaHands
    EddyTriggaHands 8 years ago

    GO DYM.!! She is the only one on youtube thats done 1+1 choreo i think

  • Queen O'Sass
    Queen O'Sass 8 years ago

    He's good, hilarious though :D

  • Lisha Bensah
    Lisha Bensah 8 years ago

    wats the name of the song??

  • Lisha Bensah
    Lisha Bensah 8 years ago

    love love the dance!

  • Spiritual Strength
    Spiritual Strength 8 years ago

    i got talent too

  • Kayla McCracken
    Kayla McCracken 8 years ago

    yes dymond was in it she was the 1 in the orange with all of the hair!

  • Erickah Turner
    Erickah Turner 9 years ago

    i loved it i wanna learn that or dance with them

  • Abigail Smith
    Abigail Smith 9 years ago

    love it

  • Black Ice
    Black Ice 9 years ago


  • Desiree Moon
    Desiree Moon 9 years ago

    His Voice Has Changed ALOT !!.. I Loved It !

  • DizzyKiddo1
    DizzyKiddo1 9 years ago

    I didnt know there was that many bboys on royal flush yall snap 4real though 4get what the haterz say!!!

  • Chonte Faulkner
    Chonte Faulkner 9 years ago

    @lightpumpkisses i meant to say number 1 fan!!!!

  • Chonte Faulkner
    Chonte Faulkner 9 years ago

    this is yo num ! fan yery good boo love you!

    MZICEEZ 9 years ago

    she can sing

  • adrian redd
    adrian redd 9 years ago

    your crew caannt touch are crew proline

  • chelsea lovett
    chelsea lovett 9 years ago

    get it j-flip!!!! ms.snellgrove says hey n great job

  • NuckL3z
    NuckL3z 9 years ago

    ok so I saw them on the show..There was a girl? Or what appears to be a girl, but not sure..whats the deal!

  • victoria tweetybirdgirl


  • Sarah Moon
    Sarah Moon 10 years ago

    I kno 1 THING! nd dats you betta work it hunney! ^_^

  • Fernanda Azevedo de Souza

    ualllllllll eles arrebentam....nossa.

  • 1994maguire1994
    1994maguire1994 10 years ago

    DUDEEEEEEEEEEE U FAGGOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, nd ur balls didnt drop edr cuz ya can do da splits. 3chris3z is ryttttttt

  • RoyalFlushCrewAtl
    RoyalFlushCrewAtl 10 years ago

    krave-scrub the ground

  • Brittany Logan
    Brittany Logan 10 years ago

    how do iget into the program (i used to be msbritbrit47 ubt i have a new page)

  • Chroma
    Chroma 10 years ago

    "Jonathon Lee freestyling a feminine dance for females" hurf durf

  • Vizzle
    Vizzle 10 years ago

    hey whats up! its vizzle

  • Jana K
    Jana K 10 years ago

    itz damn crazy thats why i like it

  • luuvz14576
    luuvz14576 10 years ago

    wow she can really sing !! i wish i could sing like that. i need do brush up on my skills. (clears throat) do ray mi.....

  • Shay Boyce
    Shay Boyce 10 years ago

    mtv so need to stop playing and put them on abdc cuz their super hot. J flip, honey and dakota killed it

  • Lee stevens
    Lee stevens 10 years ago

    that flips at 5:12 is was Cool az

  • Desiree Moon
    Desiree Moon 10 years ago

    Royal Flush is the best dance crew in America!

  • Brieanna Williams
    Brieanna Williams 10 years ago


  • Desiree Moon
    Desiree Moon 10 years ago

    Dym killed it! She kept up with people way older than her!..She blended right in! Thats how you can tell that she is growing as a dancer! Good Job!

  • Desiree Moon
    Desiree Moon 10 years ago

    to tell you the truth..that was good! thats better than most female dancers that is his age!

  • Naturally Breezy
    Naturally Breezy 10 years ago

    He is really good!

  • KCcaseydanielle
    KCcaseydanielle 11 years ago


  • Andjelija Aham
    Andjelija Aham 11 years ago

    somebody pls post the songs of the video!!! pls!!

  • Itserrr
    Itserrr 11 years ago

    dang dymond was the best

  • relly briggs
    relly briggs 11 years ago

    dymond can dance so effin good!

  • Msladyneek
    Msladyneek 11 years ago

    i couldnt do all that shit if i wanted to, hell that was good

  • seul2sistas
    seul2sistas 11 years ago

    can somebody send me name of their music ?? please ! thanks

  • seul2sistas
    seul2sistas 11 years ago

    can somebody send me name of their music ?? please ! thanks

  • Daniela Jones
    Daniela Jones 11 years ago

    get it boi. ☺ =)

    MZICEEZ 11 years ago


  • Carla Pril
    Carla Pril 11 years ago

    Fierce & on Point iLuv!! _danni

  • Dee Cogdell
    Dee Cogdell 11 years ago

    hey dymond you know wat's odd our initials are the same and r firs names r spelled the same way my name is dymond cogdell and your name is dymond cruz. u really can dance. i wanna know how you got in to the a list buissness. i can really sing i wanna b come a pro singer can u hook a sister up. LOL!!!!!!!!! dymond to dymond stuff. LOL!!!!! bye

  • 2008JMYIA
    2008JMYIA 11 years ago


  • Audrey Molloy
    Audrey Molloy 11 years ago

    at 1:18 what song was that ?? PLz !

  • Iyonna Taylor
    Iyonna Taylor 11 years ago

    if i wuz in da skirt yall sure would b seein me in sum leggingsz kusz my butt isz 2 bigg 4 da skurt!!!!

  • stars4sure
    stars4sure 11 years ago

    nope shes 11 she was born on march 11 1997 now believe what you want to but i can tell you shes 11 and you can not change that!

  • Kynnady P
    Kynnady P 11 years ago

    how will i be able to be in a list talent

  • vashawty434
    vashawty434 11 years ago

    she is 12 aight

  • stars4sure
    stars4sure 11 years ago

    11 not 12

  • AnonymousVids
    AnonymousVids 11 years ago

    at 3:52 what song was that

  • vashawty434
    vashawty434 11 years ago

    u mean 12

  • Charles Bundy
    Charles Bundy 11 years ago

    dymond didnt trip

  • Charles Bundy
    Charles Bundy 11 years ago

    the girl from 1:32 to 2:07 was goin to fast.. otha than that dis was good! especially dym! the audience probly didnt even kno she was 11

  • ladeeryder
    ladeeryder 11 years ago

    OMGshe defitnatley needs to be in sumbody's video/commercial/movie!!!Shes adorable....Oh yeah..she is way too funny!!i know i dont know the Cruz family personally but U guys are most Certainly destined for GREATNESS!!=)