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He f***** his aunt
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  • sonofJurell
    sonofJurell Hour ago

    Nice! But that constant sound of rainfall makes me wanna pee-pee!

  • Trooper Bear FN2525
    Trooper Bear FN2525 5 hours ago

    K was the miracle. When you realize that the film becomes real somber.

  • Defencearts
    Defencearts 6 hours ago

    Like Blade runner 2049 the tone and ambiances are balanced perfectly for one another, thank you.

  • Its All Good Games

    i listent othis all the time, and the one without city sounds as well, thanks.

  • Jimmy Krimmer
    Jimmy Krimmer 2 days ago

    blisssss b< NOW thanaos LL

  • James Hazell
    James Hazell 5 days ago

    That slowed down version of Wallace with the rain sounds is immense, didn't think I could love it more than I already did!!

  • onosnd
    onosnd 8 days ago

    Let me guess, Paul's stretch used here? :) Love it.

  • CJ Meiko
    CJ Meiko 9 days ago

    "Do you like the mix?" "It's artifical?" "It's like living in Washington state; rain but no thunder for 3 hours." "Of course."

  • Underground Warrior
    Underground Warrior 13 days ago

    Here we are in the 21st century and no flying cars! What gives?!

  • TaserDev
    TaserDev 14 days ago

    Forgotten like tears in rain.

  • laserbrain-2003
    laserbrain-2003 17 days ago

    been listening to this almost every single night for a year.

    • ONE SULU
      ONE SULU 12 days ago

      same but when im studying

  • Jase .Bales
    Jase .Bales 17 days ago

    Sleeping music

  • Perry Comeau
    Perry Comeau 18 days ago

    A coke on the rocks please.

  • Bruno Ferreira
    Bruno Ferreira 21 day ago

    Beautiful and soul crushing.

  • Mean Ruse
    Mean Ruse 21 day ago

    This is the perfect soundtrack for my programming studying. Thanks for your thought and effort, amigo.

  • Rays woodshop
    Rays woodshop 21 day ago

    Just awesome ! Thx !

  • jvda
    jvda 22 days ago

    I was facing a lot of problems and emotions...this soundtrack pretty much helped me control myself.

  • loveirisb1221
    loveirisb1221 24 days ago

    1:30:00 a good ethereal eternity sound starts to kick in

  • Rustyn242
    Rustyn242 25 days ago

    This is beautiful. Thank you. I will check out your other work.

  • Jacob Deutscher
    Jacob Deutscher 25 days ago

    this video puts me into another world.

  • cinnamonroffles
    cinnamonroffles 26 days ago

    You look lonely....

  • Mario Takeda
    Mario Takeda 27 days ago


  • marzaira
    marzaira 27 days ago


  • 力Zoomies
    力Zoomies Month ago

    37:00 please ignore, leaving this comment for myself

  • Alex Devereaux
    Alex Devereaux Month ago

    Thanks my only complaint is that it isnt 8 hours long so I can get a decent nights sleep.

    • Alex Devereaux
      Alex Devereaux Month ago

      @Ryan Matejka Hey thats a great point cheers!

    • Ryan Matejka
      Ryan Matejka Month ago

      Feel free to download the MP3 from the link in the description and put it on loop!

  • LaLaTangerine
    LaLaTangerine Month ago

    Question: why do they call K/Joe skinner? I just saw Blade Runner 2049 and I love it. I wanna know more about this universe! Am sure gonna watch the classic ones!

    • Cristopher DeRose
      Cristopher DeRose Month ago

      It's another word for skin job, a pejorative for Replicant.

  • gary alvarado
    gary alvarado Month ago

    I only listen to cyberpunk ambience when I sleep, and this is easily my favorite audio. Rn I’m in bed, with my wireless headphones in, listening to a Joi ad, as I type.

  • From Tailors With Love

    Must listen to this every day when writing. Pb

  • Commenter 24
    Commenter 24 Month ago


  • Hobarth McShane
    Hobarth McShane Month ago


  • BristlyBright
    BristlyBright Month ago

    This is fantastic! Thank you!

  • Irene Grabinski
    Irene Grabinski Month ago

    Tolles lied regen... Musik

  • gary alvarado
    gary alvarado Month ago

    I’m listening to this, as I also watch it, with my bliss light on no less. So awesome.

  • adi dwi tresna
    adi dwi tresna Month ago

    can i use this vidio for my project s school?

  • Andrew Cruz
    Andrew Cruz Month ago

    If this was easier on the rain itd be perfect .

  • AK
    AK Month ago

    Sounds like a chick getting fingerblasted nearby. I prefer soundscapes where the rain is distant without close up wet sounds.

    • Rohan Cassidy
      Rohan Cassidy 28 days ago

      @Ryan Matejka Probably won't be a chick, the old romantic. Ps thanks for this video/soundscape. Really enhances my concentration levels while working. Blade Runner has such a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere, you've captured it brilliantly. Hats off to you.

    • Ryan Matejka
      Ryan Matejka Month ago

      I hope you find what you're looking for!

  • James Collins
    James Collins Month ago

    #OliverLetwin @ #JohnBercow.

  • Felipe Colares
    Felipe Colares Month ago

    Just a shortcut for my favorite part: 28:30

  • Er Ge
    Er Ge Month ago

    Honestly. You should make an album with such music. It really brings me instantly down and relaxes me. I could listen to it the whole day long.

  • Afurthyclays
    Afurthyclays Month ago

    “Did you get your precious photos?”

  • Angus Hewitt
    Angus Hewitt Month ago

    Take me home

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S Month ago

    This helped me achieve my masters degree. Thank you.

  • Wolffe
    Wolffe Month ago

    Joi, is anything you want her to be. Joi, is anywhere you want her to be.

  • Hiro Kala
    Hiro Kala Month ago

    Nice surname.

  • Mentocthemindtaker

    Thank you. Helped me through the pain of passing a kidney stone for 2 hours.

  • DAT
    DAT Month ago

    Thanks for no ads, very appreciated sir

  • Jesse Maurais
    Jesse Maurais Month ago

    It's weird that we're listening to an immersive experience of a world who's own inhabitants are urge to leave with flying ads.

  • User 720
    User 720 2 months ago

    This is perfectly done. Music is never over the top and it kinda hides behind the rain sounds. Love it.

  • Michelle Garris
    Michelle Garris 2 months ago

    I like how you guys did this. How long did it take to do?

  • Sophia Pietrantonio
    Sophia Pietrantonio 2 months ago

    I love the ‘da da dadada daaaaa’ (0:00-0:03)

  • Clan McNicol
    Clan McNicol 2 months ago


    • Ryan Anon
      Ryan Anon Month ago

      Ice is awesome! And buy a fucking spacebar.

  • Roy Odell
    Roy Odell 2 months ago

    I tink that I have lived with this sound for all of my life and I have been lucky cos I lived through the 2nd world war in London as a child then grew up and became a soldier,but there was always something in my head that I didnt quite know what it was,could it have been this underlyig music,lots more to say

  • Sandro
    Sandro 2 months ago

    So many nice comments make me wonder where is my Rachel.

    • Ryan Anon
      Ryan Anon Month ago

      Doesn't exist. Women are cunts.

  • Adam Fitzgerald
    Adam Fitzgerald 2 months ago

    Wonderful sounds.....

  • tom black
    tom black 2 months ago

    This is Awesome ...did you make this ?

    • Ryan Matejka
      Ryan Matejka 2 months ago

      Yup! You can read all about how in my blog post linked in the description!

  • Paul Coster
    Paul Coster 2 months ago

    we are not toys sebastian ,i think there for i am

  • hardorbit
    hardorbit 2 months ago

    Howard Walowitz's mother makes an appearance @ 2:19:30

  • Juan Gamella
    Juan Gamella 2 months ago

    Blade Runner ambiance video: *exists* Comment section: "I've seen things you people..."

  • Arsonist Lullaby
    Arsonist Lullaby 2 months ago

    You help me to fall asleep every night with that upload Ty

  • vborneo
    vborneo 2 months ago

    This is fucking fantastic, i´ve heard it a lot of times in the background already but this last one was beautiful and had to comment. I really love the rain 'peaking' on 'vietnamese tin roofs' on top of Zimmer, even if it might look an easy approach at first. Lovely.

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen 2 months ago

    Love it! Thanks for posting...

  • From Tailors With Love

    I listen to this everyday whilst working, thanks. PB

  • Alvina Meragathium
    Alvina Meragathium 2 months ago

    This is beyond amazing...from both the description and the actual track, you can tell a huge amount of work went into this, and it shows.

  • Unit 01
    Unit 01 2 months ago

    I was writing a scene with two character walking at night in the city and I was blocked with the dialogue, listening to that just magically unlocked it

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep 2 months ago

    so I sat down to watch the first blade runner bc everyone was making a fuss about it. watched it, it was very aesthetic and pleasant to look at, the music was also something that I can understand why people love it and it seemed well done for the time it was made. however when it comes to the story, even if there was a story and it was very simple to follow it felt like stuff just happened and it felt like when you're dreaming and you're kinda enjoying it but stuff feels so weird you kinda just wanna wake up and move on with your day. hopefully the second one is better in that regard, otherwise I can see why it's a classic. thanks for reading my movie review on this unrelated video.

    • Mobi666
      Mobi666 21 day ago

      The 2nd one? You do know there are already 2 Blade Runner movies right? The first one and 2049. The first one is a visual and musical masterpiece film noir, specially when you think when the first one was made (1982!!!). The 2nd one, while a lot of people hated it, to me it is one of the best sequels ever made... It is again a film noir, slow pace, great visuals and music. It keeps the same theme as the original but in a more modern setting. I sincerely hope that there will be a 3rd one, made by Ridley Scott.... however I doubt it as 2049 wasn't a box office success, and unless Ridley funds the movie himself I doubt a lot of other producers are keen to make another one as money is all that counts in Hollywood. Also, if there is & 3rd one, it needs to have HArisson Ford.... We need closure on his character, and given his age I don't think that Ridley can wait to many more years...

  • holymolie
    holymolie 2 months ago

    It's actually raining where I live as I listen this. This sounds better than actual rain. "More rainy than rain, that's our motto." - Dr. Eldon Tyrell

  • Potassium Solution
    Potassium Solution 2 months ago

    You'd think that maybe you would have used brighter, more warming colors, especially for a child's bedroom. Grey mountains and a black foreground? Maybe get in there with some Vermont Blue sky and add a little pink and orange early morning hues to the valleys. Don't darken the poor kid's outlook on life so soon.

    • Ryan Matejka
      Ryan Matejka 2 months ago

      We went for a more neutral background to make other decorations (not shown here) pop more!

  • Diderich Langmannen
    Diderich Langmannen 2 months ago


  • Theonlyonestanding
    Theonlyonestanding 2 months ago

    In a world that rains constantly it would be like Water World where the earth would be nothing but a vast sea from end to end

  • Cristopher DeRose
    Cristopher DeRose 2 months ago

    RIP, Rutger.

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great 2 months ago

    Rest in Peace Roy Batty.

  • Michael Boss
    Michael Boss 2 months ago

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die..... (Blade Runner 1982). Rutger Hauer died July 19th.

  • Car Silk
    Car Silk 2 months ago

    1. Get the worst, loudest, most awful roommate in the world 2. Play this all the time, like, ALL THE TIME blasting loud in your headphones 3. Retain a fraction of your sanity

    • Dan Richards
      Dan Richards 2 months ago

      Politely explain to them, that they are making too much noise, and that you would really appreciate it if they kept it down.

  • Bruce Ramsey
    Bruce Ramsey 3 months ago

    Pretty much the only thing I remember about this movie was the cute girl.

  • Felipe Colares
    Felipe Colares 3 months ago

    28:30 simply five stars, the original was already my favorite, it's like they say: "there is nothing that is good that can not improve"

  • Alex Alan.
    Alex Alan. 3 months ago

    Was going through a rough time when I watched this movie. Went to watch it by myself because no one else knew how much I hyped for this movie. Made me tear up a bit, gave me hope that humanity would have a better future. I always thought of ourselves as destructive beings. Yet, this gave me the vision of what would come after me. How much we would grow and give machines life. How we would go to the extent of making A.I because we know we won't last forever. I would gladly give my memories to a thing that will outlast me rather to a person who will die like myself.

  • MrWkelly1974
    MrWkelly1974 3 months ago

    Majestic & Beautiful

  • D M
    D M 3 months ago

    thank you, I suffer from PTSD and my neighbors are noisy as fuck, this calms me and with headphones I can work and feel relax.... thank you again

  • clive clivetablet
    clive clivetablet 3 months ago

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Barbeques on fire by the chalets past the castle headland I watched the gift shops glitter in the darkness off the Newborough gate All these moments will be lost in time, like icecream on the beach Time for tea.

  • A Bad Guy
    A Bad Guy 3 months ago

    I’ve been drunk, depressed, and high before. But I’ve never been this drunk, high, and depressed before..

  • James Poehlman
    James Poehlman 3 months ago

    60 Nexus 6’s dislikes this because they are nearing their lifespans end

  • Christopher Rich
    Christopher Rich 3 months ago

    Cells within cells within cells interlinked.

  • Carl Pott
    Carl Pott 3 months ago

    More Blade Runner, less rain.

  • experimental memes
    experimental memes 3 months ago

    this is what u call the hall of mirrors effect

  • bob jones
    bob jones 3 months ago

    This is perfect. So refreshing. I liked rain but the music is the icing on the cake.

  • Blankety Blank
    Blankety Blank 3 months ago

    Thank you for the pile of links and this beautiful creation.

  • Bill Cutter
    Bill Cutter 3 months ago

    Rosamond, California. On the edge of the Mojave Desert. It never rains...

  • DThe1993
    DThe1993 4 months ago

    I played this through my earphones whilst sleeping last night and had the most vivid dreams. Glided through a dystopian looking neon lit city exactly like that of Bladerunner's LA, it was quite spectacular and realistic. Great video!

    • Gary Pudup
      Gary Pudup 2 months ago

      why do you think it was a dream?

  • MrBfg586
    MrBfg586 4 months ago

    Don’t walk....don’t walk.....don’t walk.......

  • Tomas Aleman
    Tomas Aleman 4 months ago


    ROOTSCONTRA 4 months ago

    That movie was BULLSHIT! Replicants are able to REPLICATE?!? What a fucking surprise! But here comes the Million dollar question: WHO GIVES A FUCK? Seriously, we are talking about a world, where nothing makes sense anymore, a world with a fucked up environment and climate, without trees and animals where we have to eat maggots, a world full of totally estranged humans who are so isolated from each other that they need holographic girlfriends and robot prostitutes. But sure, everything will be good if a fucking Skinjobb can get children. Hurray, even more fucking overpopulation. The whole plot of that bullshit movie is absolutely pointless. And Harrison Ford is one of the worst actors ever. A carpenter who thinks he can act. And Ryan Gosling is even worse. Instead of Gosling the director could have taken a dummy. It would have made no difference at all for the movie. The only things in this movie that not sucked were the performances of Robin Wright and Sylvia Hoeks.

    • Cockney John
      Cockney John 4 months ago

      I totally agree - TODAY IS TUESDAY.....

      ROOTSCONTRA 4 months ago

      @Cockney John I don't get your question. I just wrote what i really think. It just pisses me off that every Sci-Fi today is dystopic. Everyone is like: "in the future, we will live on a dead totally overpupulated planet, we will be controlled by ruthless multinational corporations, we will be totally estranged from each other and have artificial pets and holograms as our only friends." And then all these people who are so concerned about the future of the earth and humanity book their next flight for a city visit over the weekend, cheat on each other for 15 minutes of fun, work for multinational corporations or ruthless banks because they pay good money, so they can afford even more uselss bullshit to impress people that they don't even like. We all act like this dark future is unavoidable but we are the ones who are building the future. It doesn't have to end like this. The idea of dystopic science fiction was to wake people up and make them care about the future. The idea of todays dystopic science fiction is either just mindless action entertainment or to get the people used to that dystopic society as something that is unavoidable. Also movies like Blade Runner give us the wrong impression that humanity will not only survive but continue to grow on a planet with a collapsed eco system. That is bullshit. People will just starve to death. No cool sci-fi world with flying cars and fuckable holograms just hunger and death. This is what is waiting for us, when we continue with our livestyle. Soylent Green!

    • Cockney John
      Cockney John 4 months ago

      What do you REALLY think then??!!!

  • Pritish Kumar
    Pritish Kumar 4 months ago

    sweet vid bro. i liek bobs

  • Paul Snell
    Paul Snell 4 months ago

    Can't do this right now but saving it for one of those nights

  • askjiir
    askjiir 4 months ago

    Extremely good job

  • thejmmx1
    thejmmx1 4 months ago

    I went to sleep with this on In the morning I created an origami unicorn

    • thejmmx1
      thejmmx1 3 months ago

      @Jamie Schofield No, that's what was weird (!)

    • Jamie Schofield
      Jamie Schofield 3 months ago

      Thats pretty cool, do you usually make origami?

  • Jaime Munoz
    Jaime Munoz 4 months ago

    Great stuff to sleep to....helps with my PTSD to

  • Berserker Guts
    Berserker Guts 4 months ago

    It makes me go far away to a place I've never seen, heard or felt. Rain pouring onto my face as if it were tears in rain, Thunder rouring with flashes of light I gradually slip into bliss, and in a state of mind far removed from modern times a state of mind only recognised in the dystopian city of Blade Runner.

    • Berserker Guts
      Berserker Guts 4 months ago

      I'm never gonna have the satisfaction of knowing am I, that's just great

    • Berserker Guts
      Berserker Guts 4 months ago

      I'm probably gonna be ripped on for this but I don't quite know what that means and in turn I probably shouldn't of replied lol but here we are.

    • vizionthing
      vizionthing 4 months ago

      make sure you drill enough holes ....

  • Sirius One
    Sirius One 4 months ago

    6/10/21.....Gemini...makes sense...

  • Nicolaj Jensen
    Nicolaj Jensen 4 months ago

    Absolutely loving this! Would it be possible to fix the MP3 version without the city sounds? I'm getting a virus warning on it :/

  • Paul Kwaai
    Paul Kwaai 4 months ago

    Rain always rain...