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Great ocean road trip
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DEMO DAY | Kitchen edition
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  • Melissa Merrill
    Melissa Merrill 6 days ago

    Tammie... relax!!!!! Plz relax! I've been here since Jackson's birthband have followed you through your past miscarriages I am so pulling for you! The more you worry the more stress to you and that lil munchkin!! Breathe!! Plz let me know how your doing this vlog is a month old can you plz let us Kno how your doing now!!! Sending big hugs and prayers to you!!!! This lil baby will happen ..no stress I know it's so hard not to stress over this!! We are all pulling for you! I'm from the United States and absolutely love your channel I think your amazing!!!!

    • Tammie Arch
      Tammie Arch 6 days ago

      Hey darling, we miscarried at around 8 weeks. I took some time off social media to recover but I'm hoping to have a couple of videos out over the next few days x

  • cheryl shellman
    cheryl shellman 13 days ago


  • michelle webb
    michelle webb 13 days ago

    Thinking about y'all. Hugs手 from usa

  • Kelsey Howe
    Kelsey Howe 16 days ago

    I am 19 years old and watching this made me tear up!! As I lost my baby girl at 21 weeks gestation, just 2 months ago and she was so perfect... Im struggling so much. If you have any advice please can you give me anything. I spent 2 weeks with her before I had to say goodbye, my beautiful Hope Aurora your baby boy is so gorgeous and Im so sorry

  • Fernanda Ayala
    Fernanda Ayala 17 days ago

    So sad

  • Raisah Mela
    Raisah Mela 17 days ago

    Stay strong, you're amazing mom.

  • Arpitha Ashok
    Arpitha Ashok 18 days ago

    Plz sis don't cry

  • Cansu Ece
    Cansu Ece 19 days ago

  • Anju Shibu
    Anju Shibu 19 days ago

    Love u baby

  • Melis evik
    Melis evik 20 days ago

    Very small

  • Hannah **ismylastname**

    Just thinking about you! Hope all is well 歹!

    • Elise S
      Elise S 15 days ago

      I was just checking insta as I noticed no videos recently and sadly baby hasn't made it :(

  • Wasan Al_Azmi
    Wasan Al_Azmi 20 days ago

    We 唐唐唐

  • zarghunai ras
    zarghunai ras 20 days ago

    I lost my baby same as her I was crying crying for a long time and my heart still not settled.

  • 堬堭堜 塈堭堿堻

    塈塈 堛奡堛堭 塈塈堜 塈塈 媢 塈奡堛堭塈

  • Be a Social& Fashionable

    God bless you,

  • photo art by tato
    photo art by tato 21 day ago

    angel <3

  • Sapna Singh
    Sapna Singh 21 day ago

    Omg I'm really sorry its vry pain full god

  • Suhaani Laskar
    Suhaani Laskar 21 day ago

    Rest in peace Jackson hh

  • heenakhan khan I love song

    I love you maa

  • Bella Cossey
    Bella Cossey 21 day ago

    Im so so so sorry I feel so sad RIP Jackson

  • Effie Nikolovski'
    Effie Nikolovski' 23 days ago

    Hope your pregnancy is going well x

  • Haji Abba
    Haji Abba 23 days ago

    I really cry after watching this video ... Love you baby you are a angel 歹

  • Scott Aznavourian
    Scott Aznavourian 28 days ago

    I just saw ypur instagram post. Im so sorry tammie :(

  • Biswajit Dey
    Biswajit Dey 29 days ago

    Oh god baby Jackson its Love Sweet ... please family member Love my Jackson ... very much sorry parents bless baby love Jackson .....

  • Tharshi Siva
    Tharshi Siva 29 days ago

    No words

  • George Varley-Pillman

    I feel very bad for you both having a stillbirth, it's heartbreaking and very upsetting, All will be very sad h, RIP rest in piece Jackson,

  • Jessica Palmer
    Jessica Palmer Month ago

    Sending so much love

  • Jeannine Scamardo

    You shared your birth story with such grace and love. What an honor to your beautiful baby boy. I'm so very sorry for your loss. So sad and beautiful at the same time. I love how you wanted the experience to be peaceful and so loving. My prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

  • molly k
    molly k Month ago

    I just came past this on my recommended, its such a sad story and Im so sorry for what happened xx wish you well and I hope everything is good xox

  • Annette Gollon
    Annette Gollon Month ago

    May God bring peace and comfort to you and your family. Jackson is up in heaven with Jesus! Rest assured, he is in a far better place and is not suffering or in any pain. Keep the memories of Jackson Bradford within your hearts, and it will be as if his memory is alive within your hearts. My heart breaks for you. Jesus will take care of everything. I wish I could give you hug. Take Care and God Bless.

  • Vera Shular
    Vera Shular Month ago

    That is a neat lunch box. I hope everything is going good this time for baby.

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber Month ago

    Best of luck! I really hope youre wee one makes it to full term! Youve been through so much and definitely deserve another healthy baby to keep Sam company. Im glad you saw a heartbeat this time.

  • Leila Howard
    Leila Howard Month ago

    You both are so so strong and you deserve to have another little angel come into your life, he is such a beautiful little baby but he is in a better place now rather than in this cruel place

  • Tasslen Purdie
    Tasslen Purdie Month ago

    My daughter is in year 4 and has one of those lunch boxes! They are fantastic and nothing mixers.

  • Elisa Karwash
    Elisa Karwash Month ago

    Congratulations and sending you lots of positive energy that you get to bring this baby home! I have an very similar situation and journey as you. We have a 4 year old daughter and have been trying to bring home baby #2 for 2+ years. Had a chemical pregnancy, followed by a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks followed by a beautiful healthy baby girl named Natalia that we lost to preterm labor at 20 weeks, followed by a blighted ovum and as I type Im pregnant with our little girl that was just diagnosed with hlhs at 12 week ultrasound. I cant possibly bring her into this world to have her suffer and lose her. All of our family and daughter would be shattered Weve also chosen that we cant proceed and I just feel defeated and want give up trying for baby #2.

  • Theresa Rodriguez

    Very cute there Sam. He has a selection now so life will be interesting.

    LOVE PINK Month ago

    The app called THE BUMP is a great app to use I used it with both my pregnancys and I love it it had pictures and all kinds of stuff so maybe you would like that.... congratulations on week 7 yayay you got this mama I have faith this baby will be extra sticky and stay till full term!!!

  • Bianca Waffles
    Bianca Waffles Month ago

    i really love your bedside lamps, i hope your son feels better soon

  • Nansbbgrand
    Nansbbgrand Month ago

    Wonderful, FooDeLiSHousS vlog, Tammie! I couldnt hear a lot of it, so Ill take another ride through (look at all the colourful yummies again!), and crave right along WiTh you! 歹弘

  • Khaleesi X
    Khaleesi X Month ago

    With my second son my craving was lime too!! To this day Im still in love with it

  • Kirstie's Gaming
    Kirstie's Gaming Month ago

    Lovely Did his Mum like it too?

  • Diane Baugher
    Diane Baugher Month ago

    I am soooo happy for you

  • michelle webb
    michelle webb Month ago

    Green beans

  • Cathy Peluso
    Cathy Peluso Month ago

    Please just take it easy n rest when u need to Im praying for u everyday n please b positive!! also keep us updated I know u will Im so happy n excited for u but I know it must b very hard for u as well just b strong n listen to ur doctor n god will b with u.

  • michelle webb
    michelle webb Month ago

    I have 6 month old granddaughter. My daughter ate so many green beans it drove all of us crazy不

  • Mallory Porpora
    Mallory Porpora Month ago

    Thoughts and prayers for you mom, I pray your mind slows and finds peace soon and for baby of course歹

  • Paula Petersen
    Paula Petersen Month ago

    Storm trooper lol I'm so excited about your pregnancy ....praying daily

  • Peta Lisyak
    Peta Lisyak Month ago

    You're awesome Tammie

    • Peta Lisyak
      Peta Lisyak Month ago

      Soooooo looking forward to another update on your current pregnancy

  • Cindi Ann
    Cindi Ann Month ago

    Cute costumes

  • Scott Aznavourian

    The white costume is a stortmrooper tammie :)

  • annnguyenvu
    annnguyenvu Month ago

    Coming from a Vietnamese girl, the pho looks very interesting. First, mint doesn't belong in it and the noodles you got are the wrong ones. I could take you to eat Pho sometime, Tammy.

    • Nansbbgrand
      Nansbbgrand Month ago

      Tammie Arch ~ You wont be sorry, Tammie! I live basil, and its one of the essentials of Pho 梗 Some places do actually have mint as weLL as basil in the array of condiments served alongside it.

    • Nansbbgrand
      Nansbbgrand Month ago

      annnguyenvu ~ Im in the States, up in the Sierras, and its very difficult, if not oompossible to find all the ingredients for my favourite Thai, and Asian Fusion dishes. And to make matters worse, the nearest Asian Fusion restaurant (my absolute faaavourite eatery is over 300 miles away! 喫朮

    • Tammie Arch
      Tammie Arch Month ago

      Haha.. it wasn't bad but it was far from great! I just went by what the box said It was my first time eating pho so I think I'll need to try some out and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Kyla Niemand
    Kyla Niemand Month ago

    I'm so happy for you and hubby you deserve what your heart desires. You seem like a wonderful and humble woman. I'm in Perth and wish we were closer. You're the kind of person if like to meet. Can't wait to hear more updates on bub x

    • Tammie Arch
      Tammie Arch Month ago

      Thank you so much I'd move to Perth in a heartbeat if I could I love it so much!

  • Leelee
    Leelee Month ago

    Restavit (antihistamine) is amazing only thing that helped me through the first 12 wks while on progesterone! Chemists are a bit iffy over it but ring the wch pregnancy drug information they will make you feel better about it. Its been around for 50 years with no side effects, Helps with sleep an nausea.

  • Alexandra Moyer
    Alexandra Moyer Month ago

    Congratulations! Lots of hugs and love to you and your family

  • Amy Fuller
    Amy Fuller Month ago

    My best wishes to you son hope he feels better soon .my prayers are with you your a strong woman

  • kim barros
    kim barros Month ago

    Best wishes 歹

  • Natalie Warren
    Natalie Warren Month ago

    Your positivly glowing and looking so good- get well mr. Buzz

  • Kelli Lowery
    Kelli Lowery Month ago

    Awesome news! Congratulations!! I cant help but think that maybe youve been so busy with the house and possibly not stressing over pregnancy so much that its helped you get this far! Sending love from the U.S. and praying this is a long and healthy pregnancy! Keep us updated every chance you get!

  • J. Welichko
    J. Welichko Month ago

    Best wishes 伐伐 I understand the worry and praying you can breathe a little more soon.

  • NexGenTacTiks
    NexGenTacTiks Month ago

    122 bpm is low for fetal poll

    • Monique F
      Monique F Month ago

      it's actually a normal heart rate.

  • Abby B
    Abby B Month ago

    Thats wonderful!!!!!! I hope it grows fast and healthy.

  • Brandi Hawthorne
    Brandi Hawthorne Month ago

    You have the right to be nervous. Prayers coming your way from Alabama in the US . Watch every episode and cant wait to you get that baby in your arms . Praying for a girl

  • Kati Rose
    Kati Rose Month ago

    So jealous of you! Id love to be pregnant but sadly Im having trouble! Ive recently suffered my 6th miscarriage at 23 and Im worried Ill never be able to have a baby! Im currently waiting for an appointment with gynaecology to see why I keeep miscarrying and of they can help me x

  • laura mcdougal
    laura mcdougal Month ago

    Congratulations Tammi, wishing all of you the best. A heathy Pregnancy and heathy Baby.

  • Kari Gregory
    Kari Gregory Month ago

    I'll be praying for you tammie I hope everything is good <3, sam is so cute btw, can you maybe do a 4 year old update on sam, like is he going to school yet, does he know numbers and colors and things well yet, things like that

  • michelle m wells
    michelle m wells Month ago

    Hang on little one 歹 I hope some of you anxiety lets up a bit and you can enjoy the pregnancy 歹歹

  • It's Ashley Williams

    So glad to hear good news! Your feeling are totally understandable and normal sweet mama. Take all the time you need and do what you have to do for yourself and your baby. Ill be following you on IG of course and prying for you guys!!

  • April Neuman
    April Neuman Month ago

    I know exactly how you feel. I've been pregnant 9 times, but only had 4 live births. I know you feel like you don't want to excited because of so much loss. It's totally normal, and to be expected. If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you. My Instagram is _gbp_momma_ ... Or you can contact me on youtube. Take care hun. Much love to you.

  • Christy Emmons
    Christy Emmons Month ago

    So glad for you!! The aspirin your taking at night is probably giving you some of the nausea. Try taking it in the morning so you're not laying down right after you take it. Praying for you and your family

  • Sherlyn Weller
    Sherlyn Weller Month ago

    I was extremely tired with baby #2 (I only have 2) and it was a girl. May be a daughter

  • Nansbbgrand
    Nansbbgrand Month ago

    Yooou BET l be sending prayers your way! Very exciting, anxious time, I know. So many emotions all together. Just take this little baby one day at a time, one step, one baby step at a time. Maybe do some breathing exercises.. slow, deeep, when things are getting too fast and furious, anxiety lurking, slow down.. breathe.. deep breaths-No, noo, dont throw up! Just breeeathe... GOOD girl! You said something about a blueberry.. is Baby that big already?? Woww! Magical! 劾 Huggs & Prayers my friend. 胼歹弘

  • Petra R繹hle
    Petra R繹hle Month ago

    I am so sorry about your loss. Rest in peace wonderful little baby...

  • FutureLPN/RN
    FutureLPN/RN Month ago

    Congratulations grow baby grow

  • mrs5675
    mrs5675 Month ago

    Hi Tammie, thanks for the update. I think it's normal to feel guarded and nervous with this pregnancy. But, everything sounds great so far. Try and stay positive and of course sending you prayers. Happy Birthday Sam :)

  • Antoiniquia Solomon

    Yay so happy everything is going good so far 歹弘 Prayers everything continues to go well.. Will you be doing weekly or monthly updates ??

  • NikiWildFlower
    NikiWildFlower Month ago

    You are incredibly brave and strong momma! I pray all goes well for you guys! Sending prayers and love your way

  • Scott Aznavourian

    First off glad to see sam is doing well after his surgery! Second i figured you were waiting for tge ultrasound results to post an update and your instagram stories didnt mention anything wrong so i was optimistic :) fingers croseed things continue to go well

  • Monique F
    Monique F Month ago

    as soon as i saw that ultrasound photo i started crying. I am over the moon and so so happy for you and your little family <3 <3

  • gillian cook
    gillian cook Month ago

    Happy birthday Sam fingers and toes crossed for you Tammie remember to rest put those feet up I love the look in your bedroom the bed side cubards are beautiful and the lamps too xx

  • Jamie Doheny
    Jamie Doheny Month ago

    Yessss! This news just made my day 塔

  • Joanne Cornish
    Joanne Cornish Month ago

    Hi Tammie, I'm going to have everything crossed for you. Keep your chin up and don't stop smiling. Take care xx

  • Michelle Bridges
    Michelle Bridges Month ago

    Thank you for the update! Hope you feel better soon!! 歹

  • annnguyenvu
    annnguyenvu Month ago

    Goodluck with this pregnancy, rub the rocks. Omg I think another boy.

  • reeniez100
    reeniez100 Month ago

    Your cravings sound just like mine in my current pregnancy and I'm having a girl, with my boys I wanted more carbs and junk. I'm also on clexane and progesterone, I feel like we're twinning lol. I'll keep you in my thoughts that you get to bring this baby home x

  • Bels Gels
    Bels Gels Month ago

    best wishes Tam. I have been thinking of you. Thanks for the update. Happy belated birthday to Buzz. I hope he starts to feel on top of the world real soon xXx

  • Mrs Oneplustenangels

    Do you know your MTHFR status or what clotting mutationa you carry that indicated blood thinners may help, or are doctors just trying it because of past losses??

  • lil ruskii
    lil ruskii Month ago

    yay!! congratulations sweetie!! sending you all the positive vibes in the world

  • Tash marks
    Tash marks Month ago

    Oh mama, I have had 2 losses and am now carrying my rainbow baby (18weekS 4days) Im very much like u I cried at each ultrasound to be honest I couldnt even look untill they told me all was ok, its a hard journey for sure I have my next scan next Tuesday and Im terrified somethings wrong, I trully dont believe Ill be ok untill baby is safe in my arms Ur not alone beautiful歹 Im so excited for this precious baby to grow to hear all about it

  • HawktheFam's Wife

    Thank you for update. Sorry I have not written as much but you know life happens. Are you excited about the almost finished eek so by Halloween you will be in the house you think?

  • Theresa Rodriguez

    Am I the 1st to comment. Yeah. Was just thinking about you guys. Take a deep breath when those moments hit you. You have been through a lot. God has got his arms around you all so let him carry you thru this pregnancy.

  • HawktheFam's Wife

    OMgosh so glad I was up to see the video. So that means you would be what 8 or 9 weeks This coming week?

  • Kathy Huffman
    Kathy Huffman Month ago

    Tammie you are an amazing woman you are entitled to be emotional after all you have been through. There are alot of prayers going out for you. Sam is growing up to fast have s good day and take care

  • Joanne M plans
    Joanne M plans Month ago

    I had to take clexane when i had all my babies. I am terrified of needles but hey you get used to it and its worth it in the end to be healthy

  • Taryn Brown
    Taryn Brown Month ago

    Yay first comment! 7 weeks already!!

  • Brittany h
    Brittany h Month ago

    So so happy for you lovely! Couldn't click on this faster. I'm currently ttc baby#2. Sending lots of love x

    • Brittany h
      Brittany h Month ago

      Don't feel bad for feeling guilty by the way lovely. I was exactly the same with my rainbow baby. I was so anxious and I tried my best but it is scary. Even at 25 weeks i was so scared to buy any of the big thing eg pram, cot. Just know your not alone! Your an amazing woman!

  • Katie D
    Katie D Month ago

    Omg Ive been waiting for an update!!

  • Fatma Medine
    Fatma Medine Month ago


  • Renee Lansdowne
    Renee Lansdowne Month ago

    you are AMAZING and strong

  • Kimberly Kestner
    Kimberly Kestner Month ago

    So sorry for the loss of your precious beautiful baby angel He only knew your love