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  • Federica Corso
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  • Sup children
    Sup children 10 months ago

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ive been wanting to make boba tea but it has maple syrup so I wanted to know if it was good for my diet, thank you so so so much!

  • JoeAceJR
    JoeAceJR 11 months ago

    Nice video. If anyone is looking for organic maple syrup, it is usually very thin, thinner than artificial syrup. Wegmans organic maple syrup in the organic section is a great affordable choice. On the other hand, real honey is thicker than artificial honey. Look for 100 percent raw honey. Both are very delicious and healthy.

  • amaury aracena
    amaury aracena Year ago

    Maple Syrup is good because of the minerals but have a bunch of sugar so it is better to consume one time per week, I guess.

  • Jayden Wasieleski

    Thanks this helps!

  • Big Bootie Girls Mom

    How can you guys eat this bread after God told Ezekiel to make it from human shit?

  • 007bosscard
    007bosscard Year ago

    Actually the sap is sweet right from the tree

  • Hog Rider
    Hog Rider Year ago

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  • Dan Livni
    Dan Livni Year ago

    Best sugar for tea and coffee is Florida Crystals demerara sugar and Sugar in the raw turbinado sugar.

  • Luvenia Waiters
    Luvenia Waiters Year ago

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  • Mac Panget
    Mac Panget 2 years ago

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  • Rob Molino
    Rob Molino 2 years ago

    People and animals can be healthy, food can be healthful :)

  • Katicha Benavides
    Katicha Benavides 2 years ago

    thank you so much for your review

  • Memes And clickbait
    Memes And clickbait 3 years ago


  • Char Covelesky
    Char Covelesky 3 years ago

    Protein powder and yogurt? Healthy? Somebody needs to read the China Study and the cancer promoting properties of excess protein and dairy!

  • Marylyn Broomhall
    Marylyn Broomhall 3 years ago

    How easy is that! Thanks Lyn :-)

  • andy leung
    andy leung 3 years ago

    Which one is healthier? honey or maple syrup?

    • Fox w Sox
      Fox w Sox 4 months ago

      bybbah no need to yell

    • Nineteen Sixty-Nine
      Nineteen Sixty-Nine 8 months ago

      Neither. All sugar

    • Traildog Adventures
      Traildog Adventures Year ago

      bybbah honey is biblical and in the Quran for the exact same reason. Maple trees don't grow in the Middle East, so it's only natural that Maple Syrup wouldn't be mentioned in any of the holy books of the Abrahamic religions.

    • Ugly Bros.
      Ugly Bros. Year ago


    • shawn arthur
      shawn arthur Year ago

      Neither are healthy all the health claims have no real proof.. but maple is the lesser evil

  • Victoria The Comedian

    I have it daily. The same one, kirkland brand. I have it with fresh lemons and water and now I recently added apple cider vinegar! Tastes amazing and has a host of benefits!

  • damacrich
    damacrich 3 years ago

    excellent. you have answered my questions about this in a short entertaining piece.

  • Michigan WoodlandWarrior

    Viewed @ 344, Liked @ 2. mww

  • Capital B
    Capital B 4 years ago


  • KnicksNYanks84
    KnicksNYanks84 4 years ago

    i like your kitchen.

  • svntrs
    svntrs 5 years ago

    I don't know why you don't have more views, this is excellent info for people who are trying to eat a whole foods diet. Freeze meals!

  • Casey StJohn
    Casey StJohn 5 years ago

    Thank you Lyn, very helpful! I use olive oil for my heat cooking and what you said helped me know what is best the best way to use it. I use coconut oil, but I do not believe it is organic. I do Love the organic ways so when I see that either Canola or Coconut oil are selling for a good price sometime I will definitely grab some up! I just subscribed to your videos so I am looking forward to watching more. :) Thanks for sharing your views they grab my attention and actually feel right to me so far.

  • Casey StJohn
    Casey StJohn 5 years ago

    Thank you Lyn! :) I really enjoy the way you said to go to your local CoOp and get a little bit of the herbs & spices instead of buying a whole lot. I just get the full is very helpful to know they lose their flavor after a while if buying a lot and not needing so much at a time. Would you know how long they do last before losing their flavor?

  • Phlannel
    Phlannel 6 years ago

    Is your jaw ok

  • Ivan Podimov
    Ivan Podimov 6 years ago

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  • Jesse Lee
    Jesse Lee 6 years ago

    Hi Lyn !! One question on your site about the probiotic Super Shield ... and that is that i cannot find anywhere what it's ''other'' ingredients are in it? So in other words i'm assuming that it's free of gluten, corn, nuts etc, as i'm allergic to these? Thank you !!