The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jason Aldean: We Back
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John Legend: This Christmas
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Kacey Musgraves: Glittery
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  • Huzaifa Gill
    Huzaifa Gill 7 hours ago

    *Google translator should use Camilla's voice!*

  • Dominique McQueen
    Dominique McQueen 7 hours ago

    I feel bad for the people who think this is her first time on Jimmy Fallon and haven't seen THIS gem: where she performs 'Two Weeks' on his show, years ago. Everything she does is ethereal magic.

  • Arif Cso
    Arif Cso 7 hours ago

    Jimmy is kinda nervous when Camila Cabello stare at him

  • wawakung88
    wawakung88 7 hours ago

    SHE'S SOO CUTEE😭😭 And also stream romance everybody kznxnznxnznx❤️❤️

  • Rick and Morty
    Rick and Morty 7 hours ago

    Holy cow that was intense

  • pf 06
    pf 06 7 hours ago

    I cried. You are so refreshing. Raw, brave talent. You fuckin GO girl.

  • Cessa Anastacia Wijaya

    In her music she use her real sound but other one is not using their own sound

  • Adrian .Veidt
    Adrian .Veidt 7 hours ago

    Look at that chest! Fuck dude! Jesus Christ, she is so ripped! I mean, yeah she’s sexy and all of that, but damn she is ripped! I wonder what her workout routine is like.

  • brendastafford1976
    brendastafford1976 7 hours ago

    Awesome 🤣

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP 7 hours ago

    Can we talk about how Camila blew mind my singing "Evil young boy"!!! And her laugh while doing it so cute hahaha

  • Pawix Jegons
    Pawix Jegons 7 hours ago

    Cant beleive Boris would rat him out, they Trump was supporting brexit and then he was talking behind his back ...cant really find real.allies hope he gets tariffed

  • Abby Collins
    Abby Collins 7 hours ago

    When he asks jimmy how he’s doing my GOD ❤️

  • Andrea Baxter
    Andrea Baxter 7 hours ago

    Camila es tan perfecta😍😍

  • Brandan Miller
    Brandan Miller 7 hours ago

    Jynn lookin thicc these days

  • rodneysqt
    rodneysqt 7 hours ago

    Real blackness wonderful art with body and song 👏👏👏👏

  • Max Hyde
    Max Hyde 7 hours ago

    She looks so much like Selena (Mexican singer, not Gomez)

  • Timmy Clary
    Timmy Clary 7 hours ago

    Have Camila play wheel of musical impressions.

  • Brittney Nelson
    Brittney Nelson 7 hours ago

    This gave me reading rainbow author and illustrator Solange Vibes... waiting for LeVar Burton I'll see next time vibes! Great Performance!

  • TheDCFDgaloot
    TheDCFDgaloot 7 hours ago

    I can't stop looking at Jimmy's messed up finger in these videos

  • sapiko koko
    sapiko koko 7 hours ago

    meremang bulu roma aku siak!!! ni baru betul betul TALENT!!! keep it up!! from-🇲🇾 supportt!!!

  • Maggie
    Maggie 7 hours ago


  • Adrian Torres
    Adrian Torres 7 hours ago

    She has a punchable voice

  • Adrian .Veidt
    Adrian .Veidt 7 hours ago

    *Daisy Ridley is the cutest!*

  • wowthatsbs
    wowthatsbs 7 hours ago

    Insanely attractive

  • Keila Costa
    Keila Costa 7 hours ago


  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP 7 hours ago

    Like how is Camila so gorgeous, Shawn is one lucky guy and vice versa

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan 7 hours ago

    Camila darling, you *definitely* make me a bumpy boy. ♥

  • Mayday
    Mayday 7 hours ago

    I would let her shit directly in my mouth

  • Khari
    Khari 7 hours ago

    owe it all to cudi and the tycho! tooo hard, tycho's dive album is nuts

  • Grape
    Grape 7 hours ago

    Anyone gonna tell Jimmy that he looks like a hillbilly walrus when he uses 2 straws? So go on git back to the Antarctic farm you came from, go on git! (Sorry... Idk why i wrote all that, not sorry enough to delete though.)

  • karol sofia
    karol sofia 7 hours ago

    No entendí nada, pero que linda se ve Camila xdxd

  • Smoothgrass
    Smoothgrass 7 hours ago

    Is she Jimmy's mom? Old famous people are gross.

  • Janelle Silbs
    Janelle Silbs 7 hours ago

    Oh how I love me some Bernie!!!

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan 7 hours ago

    Gosh, Camila... ♥.♥

  • Giorgi Moralishvili
    Giorgi Moralishvili 7 hours ago

  • Max Devo
    Max Devo 7 hours ago

    I never in my life thought I would hear Bernard actual Sanders say the word "sexy" and yet here we are

  • Neko Motherfuker
    Neko Motherfuker 7 hours ago

    oh my god humanity is so doomed and I don't really mind

  • Cecilia Rodrigues
    Cecilia Rodrigues 7 hours ago

    ela eh a mais foda pqpppppp

  • nneoma
    nneoma 7 hours ago

    the third girl ain't want her tracks showing while flipping her hair 😂

  • Jay Bro
    Jay Bro 7 hours ago

    Who else Loves Jimmy Fallon 👇🏽 I’m gifting my next 10 subs 😍

  • Khari
    Khari 7 hours ago

    Why they sleeping on me and jaden! This album crazy, this fallen and ninety go crazy

  • Mackenzie Kate
    Mackenzie Kate 7 hours ago

    He is such a gem.

  • Rob Li
    Rob Li 7 hours ago

    Even U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was laughing at Trump. 3:16

  • Isaiah Ibadin
    Isaiah Ibadin 7 hours ago

    Naija no de carry last🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Charles Walls
    Charles Walls 7 hours ago

    Beautiful. Amazing. Masterful. Everything and more. She's truly at her best.

  • feedthesnake
    feedthesnake 7 hours ago

    release that drummer boy track

  • Negeri Osing
    Negeri Osing 7 hours ago

    She's so cute

  • jonnygogo bravo
    jonnygogo bravo 7 hours ago

    "I dont know if you know this., but I'm kind of a Big Deal"-Napolean Dynamite

  • Amargad Bitersua
    Amargad Bitersua 7 hours ago

    This is so cringy

  • Stoken P
    Stoken P 7 hours ago

    1234 123 MotherFuc*er!

  • ilmas ashraf
    ilmas ashraf 7 hours ago

    Money grabbing bitch

  • Anita Mlem
    Anita Mlem 7 hours ago

    Kristen has an amazing voice oh my gosh

  • Brandon Griffin
    Brandon Griffin 7 hours ago

    The only thing stopping someone with OCD from disliking this video is there are exactly 100 dislikes. Sorry guys, this is the two hundred and first comment...

  • rhishi kalp
    rhishi kalp 7 hours ago

    Trump not taken seriously even in india

  • it’s camEla cabeYo sir

    she is literally the most adorable and funny person and i don't understand how someone can hate her. her laugh is addictive 😂😂 STREAM ROMANCE OUT NOW

  • Noor Aziz
    Noor Aziz 7 hours ago

    the fat black guy is a lame excuse for a human

  • Barry Goldwater
    Barry Goldwater 7 hours ago

    Saw the comments and expected something extra... she’s talking in a baby voice with fake “grit”. The bar is low.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 7 hours ago

    This rap is better than The Last Jedi. Thanks Rian.

  • feedthesnake
    feedthesnake 7 hours ago


  • Ijan Yusof
    Ijan Yusof 7 hours ago

    Shit. This crowd has the biggest smile on their faces in this segment ever. Ever. God i wish i was there.😭😭😭

  • Neko Motherfuker
    Neko Motherfuker 7 hours ago

    Jimmy is hilarious in this lol

  • Incredibly
    Incredibly 7 hours ago

    I could listen to him give his opinions on random things for hours

  • Keshav Narayanan
    Keshav Narayanan 7 hours ago

    The Jonas Brothers has the best singing voice ever

  • Addie - zilla
    Addie - zilla 7 hours ago

    is it just me or did john mulaney really sound like an 80 year old man?

  • Brianna Nechelle
    Brianna Nechelle 7 hours ago

    I love how raw and real he was like, no sugar coating... “this is.... white.” And “black love[PERIODT.]”

  • Praise P
    Praise P 7 hours ago

    LMFAO. oh my goshhhhhh............

  • Joshua Boss
    Joshua Boss 7 hours ago

    'Gen X' old guy question - Why do many millennials watch their phone screen that is a few inches tall vs the ACTUAL PERFORMANCE that is happening a few feet from them?????? Particularly when a pro film crew is at the event capturing the footage.

  • Ronny Shama
    Ronny Shama 7 hours ago

    Fingerless gloves are like vests, for your hands

  • Please Subscribe
    Please Subscribe 7 hours ago

    If are like fake laughter guy silently call yourself a camel

  • thrilliams04
    thrilliams04 7 hours ago

    "Oh, so you're president?" "Yeah man" "What do you do?" "You know, important politic"

    SHÆLIN 7 hours ago

    So precious... Thank you !

    WTF_ENIGMA 7 hours ago

    Worst performance ever.

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 7 hours ago

    TOTALLY SEXY and has the always smiling face !

  • Nikki Chehrazi
    Nikki Chehrazi 7 hours ago

    how much power has come from ms tina's uterus

  • kate nguyen
    kate nguyen 7 hours ago

    #RomanceOutNow on Spotify and pls buy Album on Apple Music

  • Ashley N Hill
    Ashley N Hill 7 hours ago

    I love her 😍💕❤️💕

  • kth
    kth 7 hours ago


  • alley davis
    alley davis 7 hours ago


  • harold bobotis
    harold bobotis 7 hours ago

    Tracy Morgan- O.G./Ole'$kool

  • kate nguyen
    kate nguyen 7 hours ago

    Love my angel♥️

  • William Webb
    William Webb 7 hours ago

    "crans" = crayons

  • Josephine Austria
    Josephine Austria 7 hours ago

    I think Jimmy needs an ativan

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 7 hours ago


  • Treebranch
    Treebranch 7 hours ago

    Props to Idina Menzel who has sung this song about a go- zillion times yet always has the enthusiasm of singing it for the first time!! One talented lady !!

  • Bobby White
    Bobby White 7 hours ago

    Wonder if all those cameras and sound crew gave it away..

  • Adonia Banks
    Adonia Banks 7 hours ago


  • Wolfie Who
    Wolfie Who 7 hours ago

    I love her music so much, she has a beautiful voice. I saw a comment like “she’s like Billie eilish” no she isn’t, she is herself period sis.”

  • jillybean651
    jillybean651 7 hours ago

    Camila Cabello is THE BEST!!! Love her & love her new album Romance 🏹🏹🏹❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Danielle Parsons
    Danielle Parsons 7 hours ago

    doing this with jennifer lawrence, chelsea handler or kevin hart would be golden

  • Lisa Fanucchi
    Lisa Fanucchi 7 hours ago

    I want you to know....that she’s beautiful and raw talent~love her!

  • Fatima Ayesh
    Fatima Ayesh 7 hours ago

    Despicabla ma thra?

  • Jim White
    Jim White 7 hours ago

    Yea but do you expect to see this as you're most likely looking at your phone waiting or walking to your next destination? Even though I'm sure people know, it's still a cool idea.

  • Luis Camello
    Luis Camello 7 hours ago

    "What are you gonna do with that?" -Jonathon Groff 2019

  • Dairin kieran
    Dairin kieran 7 hours ago


  • Jordan
    Jordan 7 hours ago

    Alanis Morissette is hotter today than she was in her 20’s.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 7 hours ago

    Ma baby. Stream Romance today!

  • Vincent Farace
    Vincent Farace 7 hours ago

    The two 100% southern Italian origin they both speak Italian i like both of them they are two great singers.

  • Emma Siegel
    Emma Siegel 7 hours ago

    Why is joe just shaking a banana and singing

  • Nano Alfonso
    Nano Alfonso 7 hours ago

    I wonder if those people who attend the show like Fallon or not. He’s sobfucking annoying.

  • Satyam Dey
    Satyam Dey 7 hours ago

    Geez woman, whats wrong with you ? Piles ?