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  • John Porter
    John Porter 6 hours ago

    Does Bobby George still compete

  • The Insider
    The Insider 7 days ago

    I hate Winstanley’s throw. Bad technique.

  • Harry Belcher
    Harry Belcher 7 days ago

    Good luck Chisnall tonight against mvg in the grand pix final

  • Lawrence Capener
    Lawrence Capener 9 days ago

    Too bad James didn't win. He's my favorite dart player

  • lukas schauberger
    lukas schauberger 27 days ago

    Ja warum nich von dazn da wäre elmar paulke

    • Chrissi
      Chrissi 22 hours ago

      Dazn würde die Videos sofort wegstriken wegen Urheberrechtsverletzung..

  • M B
    M B 27 days ago

    2:33 WTF?

    • Aunt Bobjoe
      Aunt Bobjoe Day ago

      🤣🤣🤣 fucking crying nigga did the hitler

  • Relevant Paranormal
    Relevant Paranormal 29 days ago

    What just happened at 2:35???

  • Happy Hurricane
    Happy Hurricane Month ago

    Adrian Lewis? Durantt is a thief

  • lukas schauberger

    Rowby john könntest du vielleicht anders reden das triggered 😡😡😂😂

  • Happy Hurricane
    Happy Hurricane Month ago

    Lewis looks stupid with a beard. Needs to get rid of it

  • Joseph Nordenbrock

    Go to exactly 43 minutes plus half second and hit pause. Nice still shot of killer Mike with trophy in hand. Close match of darts between two seasoned and scary good veteran dart masters . So there you go of one moment in time, king of the highest hill people climb. Take a big bow for your cheering fans ..chanting your name and clapping their hanz.

  • Renato Herren
    Renato Herren Month ago

    Van Gerwen vs Wade, that lets me hope for a 9-darter. 😁😁😁😁

  • Joseph Nordenbrock

    Wade could beat just about anyone in a dart match in the middle of a busy intersection.

  • Joseph Nordenbrock

    I hope Phil Taylor is a very happy old man. Still the greatest dart player ever under pressure with a good throwing technique. I do miss his walk on music too

    • Lawrence Capener
      Lawrence Capener 6 days ago

      How can u say Phil has a good throwing technique? He holds the dart like his hand is crippled.not denying his greatness though

  • Joseph Nordenbrock

    Getting under Anderson's skin doesn't seem to last very long or make him stop pounding the triple 20's. Price's juvenile mind games make it that much sweeter when his cheating ass loses to the player with more composure and skill.

  • Joseph Nordenbrock

    Games like this make me miss the great Phil Taylor. I hope he's enjoying his retirement.

  • Kwyjibo
    Kwyjibo Month ago

    Gurney got Piped

  • dermarkus
    dermarkus Month ago

    She´s cute :D

  • Gabriele Beaini
    Gabriele Beaini Month ago

    this is a really cool sport.

  • Thor Christensen
    Thor Christensen Month ago

    This is a controversial match if I've ever seen one

  • gokul k
    gokul k 2 months ago

    Why no one hit the middle...

    • Renato Herren
      Renato Herren Month ago

      They allways miss it. 😁😁😁😁 Nah, the middle gives only 25 or 50 points and triple 20 gives 60 points, that's why they usually aim for triple 20 or triple 19. Bullseye counts as a double though, so they sometimes use it for a finish.

    • UnreadySil
      UnreadySil 2 months ago


  • Singalong Fartsart
    Singalong Fartsart 2 months ago

    I used to be sometimes brilliant throwing darts. I STILL suck at competing in darts under pressure. This sport is not easy at all.

  • yeah tbh.
    yeah tbh. 2 months ago

    why do all darts players look like utter fucking chavs

  • Lol Dols
    Lol Dols 2 months ago

    Hello bunting

  • Randy Cable
    Randy Cable 2 months ago

    Suzuki is the new female Phil Taylor. I was stunned watching her shoot with my jaw hanging. I have never seen a female player shoot that awesome through a whole match. Plus she's so much fun to watch, because she was having such a good time. I really hope this does give womens darts a huge boost, and give these ladies the bigger paydays they deserve. Very impressive. I felt bad for Winstanley, because she just got run over.

  • Timo Roszykiewicz
    Timo Roszykiewicz 2 months ago

    Now Glen Beats michael van Gerwen

  • Alexander Völker
    Alexander Völker 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the Darts kim huybrechts uses?

  • Mickey Porter
    Mickey Porter 2 months ago

    Watching this at 4 am high as shit and I regret nothing

  • Henk X
    Henk X 2 months ago

    now thats great darts.

  • J.J.moony
    J.J.moony 3 months ago

    Probably Throws better than you ever could and he's on stage in front of thousands lol what a pratish thing to say. I Never realized there was a proper way to throw.

  • Matthew Maddison
    Matthew Maddison 3 months ago

    No one can beat Michael

  • John Charles
    John Charles 3 months ago

    37:10 Wtf.

  • ねこすけ
    ねこすけ 3 months ago


  • K Crew
    K Crew 3 months ago

    What a grind it out match

  • Paolo
    Paolo 3 months ago


  • The Bullseye
    The Bullseye 4 months ago

    Good match

  • The Bullseye
    The Bullseye 4 months ago

    James you require a punch

  • The Bullseye
    The Bullseye 4 months ago

    No one can beat mvg

  • T Man
    T Man 4 months ago

    Barneys the best

  • Gary Douglass
    Gary Douglass 4 months ago

    Both canny players. Price better and an entertainer but gurney a prick although smiled at the break. Grew in a legend of the future

  • Swole MF
    Swole MF 4 months ago

    I really didn't see this coming. Thought Lewis for sure.

  • Luca Lenz
    Luca Lenz 4 months ago

    The only thing I like about Joe Cullen is his Walk-On song😅

  • Nodrodsky
    Nodrodsky 4 months ago


  • Grk de Graaf
    Grk de Graaf 4 months ago

    Van Gerwen is en blijft de nummer 1 van de wereld

  • Samsoninthepit
    Samsoninthepit 4 months ago

    Good luck next year Farter Anderson

  • Salvage 1
    Salvage 1 5 months ago

    Nice play great match

  • Joey c
    Joey c 5 months ago


  • Jake Hudson
    Jake Hudson 5 months ago

    I refuse to believe Van Gerwen is 28 😂😂

  • Prasert Visitsup
    Prasert Visitsup 5 months ago

    Thailand shotgun ปืนเถื่อน

  • Fritz Peter Hertel
    Fritz Peter Hertel 5 months ago

    Bei 9:43 Wen es interessiert: Peter Wright Euro 11 Element 20g , 46mm Red Dragon Aluminium Shaft , und Peter Wright slim Flights! Findet ihr alles bei Amazon.😊

  • J 7
    J 7 6 months ago

    Is Lorraine Wistanley related to Dean Wistanley?

  • J 7
    J 7 6 months ago

    O'Brian looks like Tommy Lee Jones

  • うしじまいい肉
    うしじまいい肉 6 months ago

    性別不詳じゃん 最初おっさんだと思ったわ

  • Seb's Lego And AFL Cards

    These guys are waaaaaaaaay better than me

  • James Samson
    James Samson 6 months ago

    JOHN MACDONALD forgot which tournament he was mcing.

  • happyland eventos infantiles y kika

    Y pensé que las caídas eran en México wade ni Jorge Kahwagi fue tan falso

  • 96saxo
    96saxo 6 months ago

    Why do they always look at their left after throwing?

    • James Samson
      James Samson 6 months ago

      They are looking at their guest section.

  • Василий Матвиенко

    wade- become stronger and stronger- hi will fight for the world champion next year in full armor

    HUZ SKY 6 months ago

    What's the title of the song of peter wright

  • 0810 yip
    0810 yip 6 months ago

    This caller again... ruin the whole match

    • Tony M
      Tony M 5 months ago

      0810 yip he's awful don't know what pdc thinking

  • Harold Chito
    Harold Chito 6 months ago

    . I love Darts that's my Hobby thitrty five years npw

  • Girl Games Videos
    Girl Games Videos 6 months ago

    van Gerwen rules

  • Anton Antoxln
    Anton Antoxln 6 months ago

    Глядя на присутствующих в зале,слаживаеться ощущения что это сборище психопатов,больных ожирением,старых и не совсем нормальных людей.

  • Will Hull
    Will Hull 6 months ago

    Darts match is always better when players hate each other lol 😂

  • Blacksreen TV
    Blacksreen TV 7 months ago

    two gays on the fone

  • Sander Donker
    Sander Donker 7 months ago

    Nice hair Joe.,.,.,hahahaha 'Bolt Action ! hahahaha

  • The Steel 180
    The Steel 180 7 months ago

    Das die deutschen Kommentatoren nieeee ihre Fresse bei den Walk on's halten können. Sei es Sport 1 oder DAZN. Grausam.

  • Timothy Bigham
    Timothy Bigham 7 months ago

    I think Wright needs more flight!

  • Fabienne Lotz
    Fabienne Lotz 7 months ago

    One of the best Match at the worlds

  • アンチヒーロー
    アンチヒーロー 7 months ago


    • 様weed
      様weed 5 months ago

      珍しいから何なの? 気付いた所でなんもないけどね

    • マルフォイ
      マルフォイ 5 months ago


  • tjislost
    tjislost 7 months ago

    Anderson non stop was in the zone before prices last darts were hitting the board, its on Anderson for being a bitch and not waiting for price to retrieve his darts...

  • m Drawde
    m Drawde 7 months ago

    Did anyone notice that at 7:50 Chizzy hit a ton and got credit for a 140?

    • Rhys Durham
      Rhys Durham 4 months ago

      He hit 2 trebles that throw, both just under the wire. :D

  • rico pesos
    rico pesos 7 months ago

    Damn u can become a athlete just doing anything professional now even bowling but where the fuck is pro dart scouts going to hole in the wall bars that still have a Dart board???... I could understand pool or bowling but Darts?? ... come on now even poker stars considered to be athletes now??

  • Big Digits
    Big Digits 7 months ago

    Lewis looking well. Great talent albeit can let himself down sometimes

  • Stuart F
    Stuart F 7 months ago

    its great to watch Lewis lose

  • Yang Huang
    Yang Huang 7 months ago

    Do anyone know what's going on with MVG? There has a wound on his chin.

    • Ellis Leonard
      Ellis Leonard 7 months ago

      To me, it seems to be a shaving accident.

  • WorldVideoandMusicAllTime !

    Best, best darter of the world MVG!!!

  • Juan S
    Juan S 7 months ago

    Why do they have hand held mics, i feel as though we have gone 70 years backwards.

  • Kody Sweet
    Kody Sweet 7 months ago

    Anyone else notice wade n the interviewer microphone guy had the same shoes on ?? Haha awesome !!

    WAXXXXG73 7 months ago

    hell yeah the youngblood strikes back in beast mode awesom match

  • Clown Baby
    Clown Baby 7 months ago

    Amazing Aspinal win. Amazing composure and sportsmanship from Price. A lot of unlucky darts for Price, could've gone either way.

  • shahid khan
    shahid khan 7 months ago

    Well done Michael Aspell... This is your life. I mean your darts!! WHAT!

  • Cor Heeren
    Cor Heeren 7 months ago

    my prediction came true

  • RamBoZamBo123
    RamBoZamBo123 7 months ago

    Hey, did you guys notice Nathan Aspinall is pretty young?

  • inelectron
    inelectron 7 months ago

    Its a shame we didn't see both players play there best, worst ive seen cross play very strange. still good game

  • Archie McCafferty
    Archie McCafferty 7 months ago

    Great match and great darts from both players!! Nice to see Asp break through for his maiden televised title. I wonder what difference the bounce outs made to the final outcome. Do they result from blunt tips or just bad luck from such close grouping?

    • inelectron
      inelectron 7 months ago

      can be from hitting the wire or from being to precise. its gonna happen at some point, its just the game :)

  • Kryz Malabarbas
    Kryz Malabarbas 7 months ago

    170 ckeck out to win the final !!oh boy!

  • tjislost
    tjislost 7 months ago

    that was some top notch darts the last half of the match! Wow!

  • Alex Callanan
    Alex Callanan 7 months ago

    Amazing game !!!! Price is winning Back some fans . Both great competitors. #1Aspinall

  • Paul Lucie
    Paul Lucie 7 months ago

    Thank you for posting this so quickly!

  • manonamountain
    manonamountain 7 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant.Gezza's been getting a lot of stick,some of it probably justified,but the two of them bounced of each other,with a real chemistry,that made this one of the best matches,i've seen in an age.Well done Nathan,you're a credit to the game,and very tough luck Gerwyn, you more than played your part.

    • Paul Lucie
      Paul Lucie 7 months ago

      I feel the same way. Price gets some flack, justifiably so. However, his sportsmanship this weekend was great to see. Hard to stay mad at the guy when he shoots like this and is a good sport. It's nice to see him winning the crowd over and he was albeit disappointed, I think he was genuinely happy for Aspinall.

  • squid4104
    squid4104 7 months ago

    Thanx for uploading x

  • Danny Stacey
    Danny Stacey 7 months ago

    You're a lad for these uploads. Thank You.

  • MrKimo62
    MrKimo62 7 months ago

    fucking annoying player

  • Felix Krieg
    Felix Krieg 7 months ago

    Not the next titel for price 😣

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 7 months ago

    You need characters like price....it would be pretty boring if you didn't have your controversial sports stars who add a bit of an edge and spice to proceedings.And darts as always had players over the years with attitude who windup their opponents and who get cast as the bad guy.....players who spring to mind includes,....Bristow, Alan Evans,..jockey Wilson,..Hankey ,. Manley and others,....to me you need them , colourful personalities that add excitement and entertainment

  • Halfcube Tv
    Halfcube Tv 7 months ago

    War live da haha zu geil

  • CULT68
    CULT68 7 months ago

    SICK NOISES NOISE POLLUTION EAR CANCER wade van gerwen I had to TURN VOLUME OFF WANK*ERS WHY dont you 2 RETARDS enter with a BEAUTIFUL MELODIC BALLAD ?? mensur su ckjovic same screaming BITCH tina turner

  • CULT68
    CULT68 7 months ago

    SICK NOISES NOISE POLLUTION EAR CANCER wade van gerwen I had to TURN VOLUME OFF WANK*ERS WHY dont you 2 RETARDS enter with a BEAUTIFUL MELODIC BALLAD ?? mensur su ckjovic same screaming BITCH tina turner

  • Jan Haayer
    Jan Haayer 7 months ago

    Do they drug test dart players ?

    • Swole MF
      Swole MF 2 months ago

      Yeah. I think it's only like once a year though.