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Luxor Las Vegas Tour 2019
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Wynn Las Vegas 2019
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    5VLOGGING 13 hours ago

    make walkthrough on mandalay bay,delano,four season

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas 43 minutes ago Check this video..Walkthrough Mandalay bay.

  • Bee Thao
    Bee Thao 23 hours ago

    Why are the Chinese themes in a French style hotel?

  • Ebbrush3
    Ebbrush3 3 days ago

    $5 to $10000 B/P

  • Ebbrush3
    Ebbrush3 3 days ago

    what was the high limit ….$5 to WHAT?

  • Ace Of Vegas
    Ace Of Vegas 5 days ago

    This inspired me to finally re-learn the Wynn Slots App. Joy you're my hero 😁

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus 5 days ago

    Walmart is ultra high end for me.

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus 5 days ago

    The great majority of the visitors to Vegas never notice all the beautiful artwork as they rush from casino to casino. Thanks for sharing.

  • Terrence Linder
    Terrence Linder 5 days ago

    Beautiful! Stayed there a couple times.

  • Terrence Linder
    Terrence Linder 5 days ago

    Beautiful stores but hardly anybody can afford to shop in most of them.

  • We are not Alone
    We are not Alone 7 days ago

    😍Love the Wynn.. One of My Favorite Places😙

    5VLOGGING 7 days ago

    make full detailed video of mandalay bay please!!

  • tracey ellison
    tracey ellison 7 days ago


  • Bobo Ayame
    Bobo Ayame 8 days ago

    Top 10 Anime battles

  • Matthew Nunez HD
    Matthew Nunez HD 9 days ago

    I took a picture with SAAM when I was about 3 years old So Fairwell my friend

  • Terry Olmos
    Terry Olmos 9 days ago

    I love it 🥰

  • tracey ellison
    tracey ellison 16 days ago


  • We are not Alone
    We are not Alone 16 days ago

    that's nothing yet...

  • cherry27
    cherry27 16 days ago

    Very good!

  • Lovely minnie
    Lovely minnie 16 days ago

    Was it raining or was the trees blowing? EDIT:i live Vegas but I was in Snow White mode so I didn’t hear any wind or trees falling

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas 16 days ago

      No raining, some trees damaged..

  • Elaine Gumenyuk
    Elaine Gumenyuk 17 days ago

    Oh no, I live in Vegas and thank goodness I was asleep last night, my mom said that she was terrified I would have been awake all night I would not dare go to sleep 😂

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus 17 days ago

    On No!!! Hurricane Dorian hits Vegas!!! I thought it was supposed to hit Florida........must have taken a wrong turn.

  • Gary Jaramillo
    Gary Jaramillo 17 days ago

    At what wind speed would the high roller be closed at? Or does it stay open regardless

    • Ace Of Vegas
      Ace Of Vegas 17 days ago

      According to the National Weather Service, a High Wind Warning would be sustained winds of 40mph with gusts of around 58mph. Wind Advisory is over 30mph. I suspect it would be closer to Wind Advisory.

  • Laika Squad
    Laika Squad 20 days ago

    Well I live in Vegas btw and I saw this on a field trip last year in 7th grade so yah

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus 22 days ago

    SAAM was one tough dude --- " I ain't going."

  • Bubu
    Bubu 24 days ago

    Resrot World 👌🏻

  • Permu Tate
    Permu Tate 26 days ago

    Wow! If those LEDs are red,green,blue programmable they could warm the hearts of the old fogey mob boys of las vegas by casting the old stardust light scheme every now and then. Thats the good thing about covering a building with RGB LEDs because you can set the lights to fit the occassion. There's no way this complex will be completed in a mere year and 3 months. They got three more Towers to complete not including the sprawling gardens and the casino area. This is a risk for the chinese because its value is equivalent to the City Center complex so its profits must be on par or better than city center.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago

    Looks too much like the Wynn and Encore.

  • Putty Scorpion
    Putty Scorpion Month ago

    thanks for this update bro can to do a compelation video or all you videos together to see to progress post iit on new years

  • Jack Tarasar
    Jack Tarasar Month ago

    It looked nearly the SAME one year ago. What's the REAL story? Out of cash? Financing fell through??? Partners arguing? News last week is that Gentry is going to dump the ASIA theme. What's up with that, after making the entire outside RED, which is the Asians GOOD LUCK COLOR.

    • KawaiPanda Emma
      KawaiPanda Emma 21 day ago

      Youre not that observant

    • Adolfo Ortiz
      Adolfo Ortiz Month ago

      I actually saw the progress from 1 year ago to today, it's definitely different, more Windows, Red Panels, And they are topping out this month

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus Month ago

    The entire high rise hotel becomes a light show.

  • Greg Scott
    Greg Scott Month ago

    Nice to see this property finally coming to life. Keep the updates coming. 👍

    • Rustin Cruz
      Rustin Cruz Month ago

      Jack Tarasar I’ve been working at this job for 2yrs and watched it come up from 8 floors to now 70..

    • Greg Scott
      Greg Scott Month ago

      @Jack Tarasar I can see that they are making progress after being at a stand still for years. I also want to support the channel with positive comment unlike some negative buttholes that never have anything good to say.......and yes, I'm referring to you as the BUTTHOLE!

    • Jack Tarasar
      Jack Tarasar Month ago

      Tell us WHERE it is coming to life? It's the same level of finish from one year ago. Just with LED lights.

  • Trumpington Fanhurst

    Oh My God it's the lights! They're attracted to the lights! Quick, turn the lights off before we all....AARRGGGHHHHHHH!

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago

    In April 1996, Sheldon Adelson announced plans to create the largest resort on the Strip. This project would be situated on the former Sands property. On November 26, 1996, eight years after it was purchased by the owners of The Interface Group-Adelson, Richard Katzeff, Ted Cutler, Irwin Chafetz and Jordan Shapiro, ~ The five-dollar foot long Orchard Chicken Salad Sub is back.Packed with juicy chicken, sweet apples, tart cranberries, and crunch-a-licious celery, it’s a bushel full of flavor on freshly-baked bread .Here for a limited time only. Subway .Eat Fresh ~ The Sands Hotel was imploded to make way for The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. Groundbreaking for the hotel began on April 14, 1997. ~ It’s Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam Permanent Color with tones and highlights. Now in a delightful foam. Just three shakes. Foam it, love it. Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam. Your right color in a foam. It’s foam-tastic! ~ The resort opened on May 3, 1999, with flutter of white doves, sounding trumpets and singing gondoliers. ~ Big Deal Days are back and better than ever.Go to Priceline. Come right now for a sneak peek at recent winning hotel bids, and to find where you can save up to 60% on hotels.We’ll even email you other people’s winning bids so you’ll know what price to name, with new email bid alerts.From Priceline. ~ The Venetian resort complex is (together with the adjacent Sands Expo Convention Center, The Palazzo Hotel and Casino Resort and future MSG Sphere Las Vegas) the world's second-largest hotel.

  • Thierry Herreman
    Thierry Herreman Month ago

    They all left Vegas ?.. What does that tell us about Vegas?

  • Rosario Campos
    Rosario Campos Month ago

    They haven't left lol

  • Rosario Campos
    Rosario Campos Month ago

    Lol yea right

  • Maya The Unicorn Rose can u take me to new York please

  • Alena Pcolova
    Alena Pcolova Month ago


  • Terrence Linder
    Terrence Linder Month ago

    I’ll be there this Sunday! Can’t wait!

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus Month ago

    When the Venetian was originally designed, it was phase 1. In phase 2 the Venetian would double in size. Unfortunately, the design was changed and the Palazzo was built instead of the Venetian phase 2. Very nice camera work.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago

    I'm going to need a ride from there to the Las Vegas Ballpark in Summerlin August 21st, its a 7 o'clock game. Is this possible from Uber or Lyft?

    • Smug Smugly
      Smug Smugly Month ago

      @JoyVegas Thanks

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas Month ago

      I'm sure anytime, anywhere in Las Vegas you can use..

  • Angelina Dalesandro

    Sorry for being the thousandth person whos asked about this but do you know by chance if the bugs are gone from downtown..? Thanks! No one is really giving an answer

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas Month ago

      Everything just normal..

  • M Alann
    M Alann Month ago

    No grasshoppers on the strip anymore? Was this filmed today?

    • M Alann
      M Alann Month ago

      @JoyVegas thanks! It's hard to get an answer and the news isn't really covering it anymore.

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas Month ago

      I filmed last night around 10pm.. everything just normal..

  • tracey ellison
    tracey ellison Month ago


  • Charlie
    Charlie Month ago

    10 years from now: Y’all remember when the apocalypse was nearly caused by grasshoppers?

  • flyboy747 uk
    flyboy747 uk Month ago

    Why doesn’t Las Vegas turn off all non essential lighting for a few days and see if that will help.

    MORTAL KOMBAT Month ago

    Locust is there to ride the roller coasters

  • Claire Pierson
    Claire Pierson Month ago

    i bet it was quite a clean up

  • no way
    no way Month ago

    Maybe the Mummy is around!!!!

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Month ago

    *Grab you’re umbrellas! It’s raining tiny demons* *this is end goodbye* -I said GOODBYE-

  • GlOebby Gonzalez
    GlOebby Gonzalez Month ago

    I'm going this weekend and I'm scared omg 😩 😭

  • Jill Guerin
    Jill Guerin Month ago


  • tracey ellison
    tracey ellison Month ago


  • TheIxtlan
    TheIxtlan Month ago

    I think God is telling us Tribulation will increase. I hope not in Vegas but in Southern California and east coast.

  • flyboy747 uk
    flyboy747 uk Month ago

    Does anyone know if the round bar that is in front of you as you in come in the main entrance still there, or has it gone now they have the be View Lounge. I saw in the video it was still there but was wondering if they’ve taken it away and put more gaming/tables in its place.

  • dANNYBOI 231989
    dANNYBOI 231989 Month ago

    End of days

  • Hennnsey Xo
    Hennnsey Xo Month ago

    Just like it say in the Bible the 8 plague

  • Rodolfo Rude
    Rodolfo Rude Month ago

    I hope so. I'll be there in 6 days 😬

  • 복순이 복권
    복순이 복권 Month ago

    I live in Vegas but I have not seen it today.

  • Robert G
    Robert G Month ago

    Not sure when this video was recorded, but all the news channels across the country are still saying that the grasshoppers are still very prevalent in Las Vegas. Plus now there are Stink Bugs in addition to the grasshopper invasion.

    • james jones
      james jones Month ago

      There's already campaigns to spread disinfo and absolutely nothing in the video to confirm the date. Also consider why would anyone care to 'prove' this info wrong. Trust very little

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas Month ago

      Just normal day..

    • DaffoManiac
      DaffoManiac Month ago

      So it is normal tonight? Any bugs?

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas Month ago

      This video taken last night around 8:50pm to 9:30pm. Look 3:37 Casino Royal they turn off lights.(all media posted Casino Royal side street)

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus Month ago

    At 1:48 the dramatic statues of Siegfried and Roy. Their last performance was in 2003, 16 years ago I wonder how many of today's visitors remember that they were the biggest act in Vegas at the time. I'm glad their statues still remain, even if they are made from plastic.

  • Ann Hutcheson
    Ann Hutcheson Month ago

    Plague of Darkness in 5, 4, 3, 2...

  • xoxo xoxoxo
    xoxo xoxoxo Month ago

    Love all the lights at night

  • rockae85
    rockae85 Month ago

    Wow!!! No sign of them! Good job cleaning up!

  • Ace Of Vegas
    Ace Of Vegas Month ago

    I see the grasshoppers were only in town for the MJ Live show

  • Pinkie Neko
    Pinkie Neko Month ago

    I saw that too I was walking with my family to go sushi and we see something like that. And there’s no telling where they come from.🤷🏽‍♀️

  • theory8sf
    theory8sf Month ago

    At 1:33 the guy is like “fuck this I quit”!

  • dieseldust76
    dieseldust76 Month ago

    More signs of the end times

  • crystal clear
    crystal clear Month ago

    Saudi arabia had theirs in may of 2019

  • Charlene Bercillio

    Following from Colorado

  • Tara chess
    Tara chess Month ago

    I'd die! No maam no way im getting close!

  • Jack Tarasar
    Jack Tarasar Month ago

    Looks like ZERO activity going on at Resorts World OR the Drew. Both projects DEAD IN THE WATER. Probably lack of financing.

    • KawaiPanda Emma
      KawaiPanda Emma Month ago

      Wrong! Lots of activity at the resorts world. You're right about the drew though.

  • georgetownlaw95
    georgetownlaw95 Month ago

    But even the grasshoppers realized that Circus Circus was a dump and they quickly moved on

  • Daniel Zepeda
    Daniel Zepeda Month ago

    And I'm going there tomorrow

  • Disciple of Christ

    Repent and turn back to God the LORD of hosts! The Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again the third day! Believe in your heart and confess that He is Lord and you shall be saved! There is not much time left, He is coming soon! The end is near!

    • mexica 87
      mexica 87 Month ago


    • Disciple of Christ
      Disciple of Christ Month ago

      @Carnage Stroke Do your own research on Biblical prophecies that are being fulfilled this moment.

    • Carnage Stroke
      Carnage Stroke Month ago

      Nah you trippin, The world will end at least in 22nd century.

  • JoyVegas
    JoyVegas Month ago

    It's temporary happen !

  • Israel Jordan
    Israel Jordan Month ago

    10 Plagues

  • Adam Uganiza
    Adam Uganiza Month ago

    This is one of the plagues from the bible

  • Caidyn Zoie
    Caidyn Zoie Month ago

    Oh god i live in Vegas 😫 Also did anybody else hear screaming near the end?

  • Patrick2k3
    Patrick2k3 Month ago

    U got me fucked out here tryna enjoy my vacation if i were to go

  • Karen Parra
    Karen Parra Month ago

    EVS was quick to walk back in like “nope” l😂😂😂😂

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Month ago

    Now Circus Circus has grasshoppers AND roaches.

  • earthcomedy
    earthcomedy Month ago

    nothing to see here, it's just normal. nothing to see here, it's just normal. nothing to see here, it's just normal. - meteorologist / newscaster (shitting in their pants)

  • Endi Gradzy
    Endi Gradzy Month ago

    1:26 I love how quickly he came to his senses. Sir, the dustpan wasn't big enough to contain all those bugs!! 👈😆😆😆🤭

  • philxx100
    philxx100 Month ago

    I'd be mad as fuck....good thing I live in philly :D

  • ziggy 2shus
    ziggy 2shus Month ago

    It's because of all them A-tomic bombs back in the 1950s. Al Gore says it's global warming. I se a big fight between the anti-nukes and the anti- global warming groups.

    • Odd-1
      Odd-1 Month ago

      No it's the judgement of Yah!

  • Jody
    Jody Month ago

    Quick grab an umbrella ☂ and bring in the bats 🦇 😁

  • tim lom
    tim lom Month ago

    Las Vegas is designed with Egyptian symbolism all around it's no coincidence Locust swarms were just one of the 10 plagues GOD delivered upon Egypt.

    • your big daddy but
      your big daddy but Month ago

      @M Bailey they've had some lol

    • M Bailey
      M Bailey Month ago

      The original Egypt still exists with plenty of Egyptian symbolism and pyramids. If there were going to be judgement, then it would be there. Saudi Arabia also just had the locusts/grasshopper swarm too.

    • Malcolm Saunders
      Malcolm Saunders Month ago

      Jesus Christ dude

  • Ace Of Vegas
    Ace Of Vegas Month ago

    Joy your video was on the Reno Gazette Journal site, awesome mate!

  • Chris Fox
    Chris Fox Month ago

    Pussies. Try Cincinnati during one of the bigger cicada hatches.

  • tracey ellison
    tracey ellison Month ago


  • Steve Sibaja
    Steve Sibaja Month ago

    Invasion of Grasshoppers at Circus Circus Las Vegas

  • Tardisius
    Tardisius Month ago

    Crunchy Treats =))


    Smug Smugly is just dumb as a bag of hammers. I wish he would jump off the tallest building.

    THEAETIK Month ago

    Crispy Tires 0:50


    Smug Smugly is an idiot. He always got some smart comment in a Vegas video. He needs to just the hell up.

  • Gerald Corona
    Gerald Corona Month ago

    They can't be there all summer, right. Hope they're gone by November!!

  • Angel Quijano
    Angel Quijano Month ago

    How many babies can they have in one fuck ????

  • Vin Judah
    Vin Judah Month ago

    Stop calling them grasshoppers, they're locusts

    • Mina Lumiebre
      Mina Lumiebre Month ago

      @pupqet Well, I can only hope that my investigating clears things up! :D

    • pupqet
      pupqet Month ago

      @Mina Lumiebre You remind me of sherlock holmes lmfao

    • Mina Lumiebre
      Mina Lumiebre Month ago

      @Dean Jones Read an article about it. Grasshoppers morph into locusts. Grasshoppers do not fly.

    • Dean Jones
      Dean Jones Month ago

      It's grasshoppers

    • PerryIceFire
      PerryIceFire Month ago

      @Mina Lumiebre lol you're not my mom.😂😂😂

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly Month ago

    What caused all of this?

    • Josephalfonso Amantia
      Josephalfonso Amantia Month ago

      @JoyVegas Thanks for a sensible reason why this occurred. This Lord God crap is so stupid. I believe in science not a mythical character.

    • DreamWishStar
      DreamWishStar Month ago

      I think all the lies and deceptions of this world are coming to an end very soon. Jesus is coming soon and sent these locusts as a message. Revelation 9:1-12

    • Joe Ferguson
      Joe Ferguson Month ago

      @Kelly S. Truth

    • Kelly S.
      Kelly S. Month ago

      JoyVegas Has nothing to do with it! The Lord God is trying to get peoples attention to REPENT! JESUS IS COMING!

    • JoyVegas
      JoyVegas Month ago

      “This is a big year,” said Jeff Knight, state entomologist, Nevada Dept. of Agriculture. When we have a wet winter or spring, these things build up often below Laughlin and even into Arizona, and then we’ll have flights about this time of the year