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Friends Don't
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Nadia & Guzmán - Shameless
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Felicia & Ludde - Delicate
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Rasmus - I of the storm
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Love You Like That
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The Other Woman
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Eva & Jonas - Alarm
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SKAM - Love
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Calle & Nina - Saturn
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Cullen & Mei - Colors
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Eva Kviig Mohn - Liability
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The Tribe - Glory & Gore
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Jim & Pam - One Last Time
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Robb & Talisa - Wolf & I
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Lex & Tai-San ~Comfortable
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  • Silviasi22
    Silviasi22 3 days ago

    So sweet vid of them

  • انستا 88_bmw
    انستا 88_bmw 3 days ago


  • Hulda Wermelin
    Hulda Wermelin 7 days ago

    Could you do one of these videos about Margareta Nilsson och Britt Gahn in "Vår tid är nu"?

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 6 days ago

      I can try :) I would need to find a song that works for them, but thank you for suggesting it.

  • Maryse Bernard
    Maryse Bernard 9 days ago

    J'adore cette série et le couple Maria et Sébastian. Un grand moment de plaisir.

  • Sara adam
    Sara adam 9 days ago


  • ShortznJeaNz
    ShortznJeaNz Month ago

    I loved season two but I dislike how things left off for these two they deserved better. He should have broken up with Lu sooner and I wish they had showed their first time instead of that silly sex tape mess. Nadia being on and off with him was frustrating but understandable. Hope they get a better chance next season and actually be together. Overall I love all their scenes and kisses were so precious. The nose kiss and the water kiss.

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 6 days ago

      I agree with you 100%, hopefully next season they will get what they deserve :)

  • ShortznJeaNz
    ShortznJeaNz Month ago

    Nuzman ❤️❤️😻💋😢

  • lauraafb
    lauraafb Month ago

    Love this video❤

  • Zeena Grace
    Zeena Grace Month ago

    Love them

  • Debbie Campbell
    Debbie Campbell Month ago

    Very nice video!! I love this couple. Francisco and Lidia forever!

  • annakarin
    annakarin Month ago

    Min bästa tv-serie <3

  • مہرغہوٌبهہ 99

    Even if your hands are Embers, I will catch her. حتى وإن كانَت يداك جمرا ، سَأقبضها.😴💘

    • M Elia
      M Elia 7 hours ago

      مہرغہوٌبهہ 99 🌸😘

  • Barb
    Barb 2 months ago

    been awhile,,but i still remember the part,,,;) thank you,,,

  • Ingrid SJ
    Ingrid SJ 2 months ago

    I LOVE THIS ❤️

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 2 months ago

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ❤️

  • NevidljivoPismo
    NevidljivoPismo 2 months ago

    Soooooo good, love this 😍😍

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 2 months ago

      Thank you so much! It really means a lot :D <3

  • x._sunkissed_.x
    x._sunkissed_.x 2 months ago

    That 1 dislike is a Mary stan

  • garage rock tv
    garage rock tv 3 months ago

    ps:// Up Lapsus is a Hard Rock band, who since its inception in 1979 marked in their songs a position against wars, discrimination and their activism in favor of the rights of the LGBTI community. This track is part of his album "We are Warriors" released in 2018 and his inspiration was born after conversations with a lesbian couple who entered cafes recounted their states of frustration and loneliness being young, to the point that to reverse these moments they used to visit some places in search of love and understanding.

  • The Life
    The Life 3 months ago

    What is the name of the serial

  • p1rgit
    p1rgit 4 months ago

    i hope you get notifications and can respond here. just watching it on Estonian TV and have question. alcohol licence was on Peter's name, so, isn't it so that if Gustaf pulled out this document what Peter drunkenly signed, it woult turn out that he's sold alcohol 3 years (or how long it was) without licence? and if so, why Peter did not use this as legal thing against Gustaf? :)

    • p1rgit
      p1rgit 3 months ago

      @tribemy95 oh, nevermind :) i guess it's just gap in plot anyways. and peter is total dick lastly - just finished season 2. nice story, altogether. historical :)

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 3 months ago

      Hi! Sorry for such a slow respons, I actually don't know the answer to your question. I'm sorry for not being more helpful.

  • Sophia Tolentino
    Sophia Tolentino 5 months ago

    This is so good! ❤

  • Marina Vardanyan
    Marina Vardanyan 5 months ago

    Please name film

  • MissEleanorVane
    MissEleanorVane 6 months ago

    WOW !!!! This edit is really amazing !!! Love it <3

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 5 months ago

      Thank you so much!! :D It means a lot to me <3

  • Lux 123
    Lux 123 6 months ago

    This is so good! I'm crying!😢💔

  • Kit Wild
    Kit Wild 6 months ago

    Watching this now breaks my heart 😪

  • SKeletor99999
    SKeletor99999 6 months ago

    Katherine is perfection

  • Janet Roxana Rojas Velaochaga

    !!!!! AHHHHHH , JIMERCURY , BEAUTIFUL VIDEO !!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Amiro Vargas
    Amiro Vargas 6 months ago

    Aww Alice and Aafrin are very cute together and fallen in love 😍 with each other passionately and kissing each other passionately in love ❤️🖤💙💛💖💚💜🧡 they are queens 👸 of Love 💗 awesome 👏 for Alice and Aafrin.

  • Nyarax7
    Nyarax7 6 months ago


  • Diane Kay
    Diane Kay 6 months ago

    With all the tragedy he's met in his life & every unsettling event that affected him, I'm satisfied to know that Cullen has found love again. He can have that emotional connection with someone who loves him back. In that final scene when he's on his way to China to find Mei, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Any writers here? Maybe a script on the adventures that find them both in China.

  • Fearleditss
    Fearleditss 6 months ago

    THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! <3 I love Jana Kramer and country music

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 5 months ago

      Thank you so much!! <3

  • Maria vittoria
    Maria vittoria 6 months ago

    Indimenticabile Alberto e Anna. Miguel e Paula eccezionali

  • Joy Tomorrow
    Joy Tomorrow 7 months ago

    She didn't even love Sonny that way.

  • Joy Tomorrow
    Joy Tomorrow 7 months ago

    I know Sam never love no one like Jason

  • Jennifer Gresty
    Jennifer Gresty 7 months ago

    Very beautiful love

  • Jennifer Gresty
    Jennifer Gresty 7 months ago

    Very beautiful love

  • Pandita todoroki
    Pandita todoroki 7 months ago

    They’re so cute

  • Juli Layugan
    Juli Layugan 7 months ago

    Together in heaven

  • Марта Левчишин

    Як називається?

  • Mafalda Beirante
    Mafalda Beirante 7 months ago

    what is the series name?

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 7 months ago

      The show is called Eagles, it's a swedish show :)

  • agnelanna heavens
    agnelanna heavens 7 months ago

    i would have never said a word otherwise

  • agnelanna heavens
    agnelanna heavens 7 months ago

    I cant do this cthing not this without u beside me

  • Zarina Shah
    Zarina Shah 7 months ago

    Love it!!

  • Naythre
    Naythre 8 months ago

    Lindo vídeo, amava esse casal 😍

  • Preben Jørgensen
    Preben Jørgensen 8 months ago

    Nina & Calle rammer jo lige en i hjertet! Kærligheden som er så svær og dog er så lige til og enkelt!....Hvis vi tør!

  • Екатерина Романова

    How cute! More with this couple 🐬🌸

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 8 months ago

      Thank you! I will try and make more videos with them :D

  • eliza va
    eliza va 8 months ago

    Love couple 😍

  • PurplexMist
    PurplexMist 8 months ago

    YAAAS! AMAZING!! ❤️❤️

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 8 months ago

      THANK YOU!! ❤️ 😄

  • A dude playing a dude disguised as another dude

    meis character was phenomenal considering she was a last season love affair. huge fan of them and huge fan of this vid. thank you thank you

  • javon lambert
    javon lambert 8 months ago


  • danny fin
    danny fin 8 months ago

    ahhh this is so beautiful and sweet <33

  • Molly M
    Molly M 8 months ago

    Ahhh this is amazing

  • Lashun Sheard
    Lashun Sheard 8 months ago

    They are back together Phoenix Dragon JaSam Forever?😍💘❤💖💕

  • Olivia Komala
    Olivia Komala 8 months ago

    Mustache with mustache.. ?? 🤔

  • Sotsu
    Sotsu 8 months ago


  • Josiah Barker
    Josiah Barker 8 months ago

    I saw this again on my liked videos,still love this,what do you use to edit videos

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 8 months ago

      Thank you! :D I use sony vegas.

  • magiicw
    magiicw 8 months ago

    this is SOOOO good. The Tribe AND Marina <333

  • Viviane Caipira
    Viviane Caipira 8 months ago

    I bet Elizabeth was really distressed for not having the love of her mother,having a dad who was a tyrant and a half sister who was the same no worst than Henry

  • Nelma in my defence
    Nelma in my defence 8 months ago

    OMG...what a beautiful...they togheter.💝💝💝💝

  • I'vE LOsT Mγ sHOE
    I'vE LOsT Mγ sHOE 9 months ago

    YESSSS 😭💕 I love every single scrap of Jim/Freddie content this is amazing, darling!

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 8 months ago

      Thank you so much!💕

  • Apagando Las Luces
    Apagando Las Luces 9 months ago

    Beautiful 😢😢

  • Sylvia Bienert
    Sylvia Bienert 9 months ago

    Two beautiful men.Thanks for this video.

  • Dandy Candy
    Dandy Candy 9 months ago

    He has more head hair, than she has. Something you see not very often. Especially when the guy' s hair is real. I would have my hand in his hair 24/7.

  • katelyn grace
    katelyn grace 9 months ago

    this physically pained me

  • Marianela Solano Artavia


  • Lashun Sheard
    Lashun Sheard 9 months ago

    There will be a JaSam reunion on January 24 they are going to Make Love I cannot wait I hope That there no Interruptions Pheonix Dragon JaSam Forever?😍👄💙💕

    ANICHE ADAEZE LIZA 9 months ago

    The guy is so handsome.

  • Emily White
    Emily White 10 months ago

    This is perfect! I miss them so much 💔💔 (even though we only just got all that new content 😹)

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 7 months ago

      Thank you so much! :D (Sorry for the slow responds) Yeah I agree 💔

  • Sarah Eccleston
    Sarah Eccleston 10 months ago

    😄love it

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 10 months ago

      Thank you so much! :D

  • Geek Corps
    Geek Corps 10 months ago

    Good edit

  • hypnosiscenter nyc
    hypnosiscenter nyc 10 months ago

    Great video .. amazing song. Demonstrates Morrison's great vocal phrasing.

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 10 months ago

      Thank you! I agree about the song :)

  • Geek Corps
    Geek Corps 10 months ago

    Love them

  • ميرنا توب
    ميرنا توب 10 months ago


  • Stephan Hütter
    Stephan Hütter 10 months ago

    That video is very sad

  • Apagando Las Luces
    Apagando Las Luces 11 months ago

    wow im gonna cry 😭😭

  • CzerwoneLiczi
    CzerwoneLiczi 11 months ago

    So cute vid! I can't wait for another with Bohemian Rhapsody ! :) The movie was stunning *-* Great job! ^ ^

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 10 months ago

      Thank you so much! :D I really appreciate it ^^

  • PurplexMist
    PurplexMist 11 months ago

    Oh my goodness, this is absolutely gorgeous. And the fact that you dedicated this to me is just too nice of you. Girl, you’re too sweet! Tack snälla ❤️ Nu får jag allt göra något till dig också 😘

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 11 months ago

      Thank you so much! Of course, you deserve it ❤️ åh spännande 😘 oj trodde att jag redan hade svarat, sorry I'm a mess just nu... tack igen ❤️

    ASAD ASAD 11 months ago

    nice time🌷

  • Shiva Bhandari
    Shiva Bhandari Year ago

    Ojei!! Jatte intressant jag har slutat alla episoder av säsong ett I två dagar 😉😊

  • Filipa M
    Filipa M Year ago

    Do you know how can I watch this show? Thanks

  • Ellie
    Ellie Year ago

    Yay Sansaery

  • Lara A
    Lara A Year ago

    Fin video! :)

  • hakan can
    hakan can Year ago

    Yes.okey Nice ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • PurplexMist
    PurplexMist Year ago

    This is so beautiful gosh, I really love this! Du är grym ❤️ och Ester kan gärna dra...Suzanne är otroligt mer intressant än Ester. Lite svengelska nu också 😂

    • PurplexMist
      PurplexMist Year ago

      Jag är bara ärlig. Jag är också riktigt trött på henne! Det har jag gjort och jag älskade det❤️

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 Year ago

      You're so nice! Thank you so much ❤️ gud ja, är så trött på Ester.. Har du sett nya avsnittet?? Alltid lite svengelska, det hör till nu 😂

  • Gulfam Ali
    Gulfam Ali Year ago

    wao kiss me

  • Vittoria Schettino


  • Vittoria Schettino

    Sempre bello rivedere Velvet

  • Demi P
    Demi P Year ago

    I need more please

  • PurplexMist
    PurplexMist Year ago

    Love this ❤️ Check out my Nina and Calle video if you want! (I'm swedish but I wanted to comment in english) Om du vill få tag i säsong 2 avsnitten, så har jag skapat en mega mapp, då jag kan ladda ner från svtplay. Vill du ha länken?

    • PurplexMist
      PurplexMist Year ago

      Lite svengelska funkar alltid. ❤️ och vad bra att du lyckades hitta ett sätt att ladda ner du också! Grattis till 4k subscribers!

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 Year ago

      Thank you so much! ❤️ I'll definitely check out your video :D jag vet inte riktigt vilket språk jag ska svara på... :P åh tack, va snällt av dig! men det behövs inte, jag lyckades hitta ett sätt att ladda ner från svtplay.

  • hakan can
    hakan can Year ago

    Thanks you nice yes.okey 👌👌👍👍👌👍🌷🌺🥀🌹👈

  • Bettina Lehmann
    Bettina Lehmann Year ago

    I ove this Story

  • Zonika Ellis
    Zonika Ellis Year ago

    Love it!!

  • Shama Shezadi
    Shama Shezadi Year ago

    I was heartbroken when Lilly died and Cullen had to bury her. I couldn't watch Hell on Wheels after that. But I pushed myself 'cos of the awesome Anson Mount. I thought Cullen will never find love after Lilly, and Naomi was lovely, but there was no love; it was duty he fulfilled as the awesome man Cullen is. But Mei and Cullen! That's just what love stories are made from. I'm totally sold. Lilly and Cullen would have reached end of the line, but Mei is another world for Cullen. I'm besotted by these two and I hope he gets back with her. If anyone deserves love, happiness and a home it's the ruggedly handsome Cullen. I love this video. Thank you.

  • Ester Samuelsson

    She was only herself when she was with Calle the true Nina she really was he loved her before she became a different person before she got married he knew her first!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Fernández Agra

    Me encantan♥️♥️😍😍😍

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    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 Year ago

      Wildest dreams - Taylor Swift :)

  • TheAlmapaLoma
    TheAlmapaLoma Year ago

    can you make a full video about them and another for Julio/Alicia?

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 Year ago

      Yeah hopefully I will soon :)

  • LiVeLiKeURdying2

    Julio & Alicia are life! Please make more when you get a chance! This is great! :)

    • tribemy95
      tribemy95 Year ago

      Thank you! I will try to make more videos with them :)

  • Laoura T
    Laoura T Year ago

    Love them together❤