Woodworking with DIY tools
Woodworking with DIY tools
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  • BlueBoy9055
    BlueBoy9055 49 minutes ago

    Great work!

  • Roberto Zambon
    Roberto Zambon 17 hours ago

    Perfeito obrigado pela ajuda

  • Nan Ma Helen
    Nan Ma Helen 18 hours ago

    I knew there would be an easy solution ..I just couldn't think of one myself.Thankyou for this.

  • Charlie Muggins
    Charlie Muggins 22 hours ago

    Woodworking with Inspector cluseau!....don't forget the Minkey! LOL!.

  • Alrukitaf
    Alrukitaf 2 days ago

    This hombre is a genius.

    OMAR CAMPING 3 days ago


    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools Day ago

      jajajajaja. Cuando empecé este canal más de uno desconfió. Pero ahora ya casi todos os dais cuenta de que tengo canal en Español y en Inglés. Y ahora también en Alemán 😁. De vez en cuando me llegan avisos de los seguidores cuando ven mis vídeos plagiados en otros sitios, así puedo ir pidiendo que los retiren. Está genial esto de que me ayudéis a proteger mi canal 😃😃😃😃

  • Terri Mccallum
    Terri Mccallum 3 days ago

    Luv this

  • A Canadian Woodworker

    Wow that's good cutting with the jigsaw table

  • toodle171
    toodle171 4 days ago

    Your dad had that look "what have you made now..." ;)

  • Goran Jelenić
    Goran Jelenić 4 days ago

    Do you have a video for that jointer jig?

  • Robert Rosenthal
    Robert Rosenthal 4 days ago

    Cool, but taking it apart is easy, but proving how well it holds weight would be a lot more interesting. If it didn't collapse under load, then you could take it apart.

  • Patriot Guru
    Patriot Guru 6 days ago


  • Spicy Hot
    Spicy Hot 6 days ago

    Great video as always . Nicely demonstrated. You always inspire me to make things. Thank you 🛠️

  • Mahak Mahak
    Mahak Mahak 6 days ago

    Sorry samaj nhi aaya

  • My Way Toy Design
    My Way Toy Design 7 days ago


  • Thomas A. Anderson
    Thomas A. Anderson 7 days ago

    Love the caulking gun clamp. Genius!!

    FUCK SHIT 8 days ago


  • Puspharaj Selvaraj
    Puspharaj Selvaraj 8 days ago

    Thanks for the last tip!!!!

  • Akhil akhu
    Akhil akhu 8 days ago

    This is not possible in all tember wood

  • graham wellington
    graham wellington 10 days ago

    Such a great idea. Thanks for posting.

  • E Caff
    E Caff 10 days ago

    Straight to the point. Excellent video and process. Thank you for sharing. Please use pads on all Jointers and Planers. Also, make a small cover that automatically covers blade. No blood. Keep up the good work...

  • Dirk Baumann
    Dirk Baumann 10 days ago

    Awesome idea ! Great video. Thank You. Dirk

  • Bon Rodrigues
    Bon Rodrigues 11 days ago

    your error In setting the height of the blade has a good out come on the finished piece actually

  • Айкас Налбандян


  • QWERTY7773
    QWERTY7773 11 days ago

    Love how this guy uses basic ideas with basic tools to create things

  • Victor Marmie
    Victor Marmie 12 days ago

    Excelente trabajo! Felicitaciones!

  • alek Czech
    alek Czech 12 days ago

    Great job, I learned a lot. Alek from New Haven, CT

  • Shirley Malar
    Shirley Malar 12 days ago

    Oh, sorry. I should have read the previous comments before offering a suggestion. Many people were ahead of me with the idea.

  • Shirley Malar
    Shirley Malar 12 days ago

    Not to be mean, but I'm glad I learned that one from your misfortune and not my own. :o( Do you think it would be helpful to make the cut in the wooden drum a little wider and bend both ends of the sandpaper and stick both ends into it tightly. The roughness of the sandpaper may help hold them together and keep them from popping out (in theory only, of course).

  • Shirley Malar
    Shirley Malar 12 days ago

    Another AWESOME idea! I'll be using this one too! I love all the little tips you include in your videos.

  • Shirley Malar
    Shirley Malar 12 days ago

    Wow! It makes it's own little dust tornado down thru your table! I LOVE IT!!!! It's on my project list!

  • Shirley Malar
    Shirley Malar 12 days ago

    I bought a whole bunch of these cheap clamps a few months ago and I have only lightly used a couple of them. I'm so happy that I found this video before they broke! I will be making this fix to all my clamps to prevent damage to them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to make your views lives better.

  • Shirley Malar
    Shirley Malar 12 days ago

    Thank you for a most EXCELLENT and informative video! The video showed everything so clearly and your explanation was very detailed and understandable. I am certainly going to make a couple of these. I'm so glad I found this video and I'll be checking out your others.

  • AndroidGameplays4Every1

    Buying a longer clamp is a more elegant solution, besides, your mod don't allow to use the whole length of the clamp.

    LUIS PH 13 days ago

    I assume the tickness of aluminum must be the same as the saw blade

  • Rod walker-smith
    Rod walker-smith 13 days ago

    Excellent! Very clear video & instructions.

  • Noor Rahim
    Noor Rahim 14 days ago

    this video is best for vernier caliper studant,,,,

  • Noor Rahim
    Noor Rahim 14 days ago

    dear you vernier caliper try in inche,,,,,,

  • Chris Kennedy
    Chris Kennedy 14 days ago

    Fantastic video. If I may, when you can't drill a pilot hole use a little beeswax on the screw threads. Bar soap will also work in a pinch, beeswax is ideal. A technique my Dad shared with me 50 years ago.

    LUIS PH 16 days ago

    Thanks man. I watched several finger joint jigs videos in youtube but yours is the best. Thanks again

  • Charif Toufelaz
    Charif Toufelaz 16 days ago

    its very ingenious installation

  • Stefan McNamara
    Stefan McNamara 16 days ago

    Made some of these today, clamped some stuff together to make a chessboard, and worked perfectly! Apart from my own fault forgetting to allow for the glue under the clamps ... kind of stuck the clamps to the wood I was gluing but no major harm done! Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 16 days ago

      It is great to know that the clamps worked perfectly 😃. Next time sure you will remember that issue you had with the glue 🙂. Thanks for watching Stefan

  • C Murray
    C Murray 16 days ago

    great instruction. If you used stock that was twice as thick, drilled all the way through and then cut it in half, your holes would perfectly line up. Also maybe a bit of 2" square that would go on the bolt between top and bottom pieces, would (a) make a flat spot for the glue up to press against (b) protect the glue up from getting threads cut into them

  • Ricardo Madrigal García


  • Sandy Walsh
    Sandy Walsh 18 days ago


    KEYSER SOZE 19 days ago

    nice work fella

  • Chris Pearson
    Chris Pearson 19 days ago

    You are going to love it when you discover a router.

  • Come Visit Waikiki
    Come Visit Waikiki 19 days ago

    this vid works at 2x speed

  • Ratch Riat
    Ratch Riat 19 days ago

    you made easy and simple love the idea off the block you use to secure the frame loved the video.

  • Rich J. L.
    Rich J. L. 19 days ago

    Well done

  • Alhafizan mohd sukri

    Awk org ganu ke..one tu bunyi g

  • John Evans
    John Evans 21 day ago

    Muchas gracias senor......muy bueno video. Great instructions....ciao

  • Haim Neuberg
    Haim Neuberg 22 days ago

    Sometimes simplicity, intoxicating and amazing, Creating your own from simple, cheap materials gives you great creativity and pleasure. You are a great carpenter, and you deserve great respect!

  • Trevor Weaver
    Trevor Weaver 22 days ago

    excellent work

  • Steven woodwork
    Steven woodwork 22 days ago

    Great job!

  • 1959Berre
    1959Berre 22 days ago

    Very good demonstration. I need at least three long clamps to glue a tabletop. Since I only need to do this one time, I do not want to spend 60€ in total for clamps I probably will never use again. This is the best way for me to proceed. Thank you for this video.

  • Patrick Bass
    Patrick Bass 23 days ago


  • Wild Bee
    Wild Bee 23 days ago

    Very nice and love the extended fingers. :D

  • Pávlos Papas
    Pávlos Papas 24 days ago

    Amazing.. 👍🛠️ Greetings

  • Clem McGuinness
    Clem McGuinness 24 days ago


  • Renier Bonthuyzen
    Renier Bonthuyzen 25 days ago

    Great video. Something you might want to try if you need to grind down staples or nails again. Clamp them between 2 small pieces of softwood. They will almost embed themselves in there, so they are really secure. With staples, there is an extra step. Make a little spacer, the width of the inside of the staples. Put it inside the staples before clamping, that way, they hold their shape. Both of these methods can also be clamped into a bench vice, using an angle grinder to do the grinding.

  • AV8R
    AV8R 25 days ago

    Very impressive

  • Andrew Millward
    Andrew Millward 25 days ago

    A jig guids the cutter. This is a jig. So many call fixtures jigs.

  • Martin Dorrance
    Martin Dorrance 26 days ago

    2B or not 2B - what was the question?

  • Remybird 05
    Remybird 05 26 days ago

    Hi, thanks for the video. Would you please explain how you fit the 2 circular wheels above the table? the ones that support the jigsaw blade.

  • Remybird 05
    Remybird 05 26 days ago

    Perfect video, very instructional. I have watched what seems like a thousand videos on this subject; they are far too complicated. Yours is just simple and clear - I’ll make me one now - thank you very much. Ps; the router lift! That’s the work of a genius....

  • Leo Weimern
    Leo Weimern 26 days ago

    excellent .......... going to the shop now and try it

  • ffc99
    ffc99 26 days ago

    As an Aussie, hearing “root the rabbets” makes me 😂

  • Simon Barnsley
    Simon Barnsley 27 days ago

    You are such an inventive man. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and ideas.

  • شام شام
    شام شام 27 days ago

    Good Job and Thankfull for you

  • Andrew Ashton
    Andrew Ashton 27 days ago

    excellent, and your english is perfect, thank you!

  • Alan Simpson
    Alan Simpson 27 days ago

    I use dowels a lot and think the joints are very underestimated. In addition to practical woodworking, I also make jewelry boxes with exitic woods. I can make my own dowels and often use different coloured woods and leave the ends exposed in the joints.

  • Rachel Wells
    Rachel Wells 27 days ago

    Perfect. Thanks a lot. I'm getting the self locking nuts, the washers and the bearing today. I have the plywood, threaded rod, glues, sandpapers and of course the drill press.

  • rcdogman duh
    rcdogman duh 27 days ago

    Great job and explanation!

  • John Jakees
    John Jakees 28 days ago

    Simple and clever. How do you prevent the stop from moving?

    • John Jakees
      John Jakees 27 days ago

      @Woodworking with DIY tools tnx

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 27 days ago

      It is against the drill chuck, so it won't move up, and it is tight enough in the drill bit so it won't move down 😁

  • Nick
    Nick 28 days ago

    Instead of gluing the metal tubes in the jig maybe you could use some screws to hold them in place. Like set screws. Unless them rotating freely save your drill bits :)

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 27 days ago

      Yes, but there is a risk to deform the pipes and also to split the wooden block. They don't rotate too much, but when I move the drill bit away the sawdust causes the drill bit to move the pipe away too 😕

  • Bob D
    Bob D 28 days ago

    Simple, and ingenious! Thank you very much.

  • M.Ashraf Moustafa
    M.Ashraf Moustafa 28 days ago

    Good Job. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

  • Sapele Steve
    Sapele Steve 28 days ago

    Nicely done! I like how you figured out how to move those pieces around in order to get them to fit correctly. Rather than having to take the jig apart all the time, just get a longer drill bit to use................ :)

  • Jonathan Ford
    Jonathan Ford 28 days ago

    Nice job, I can see how the jig is easy to make for each project to fit the size of wood you have. Do you think you could screw on the sides of the jig instead of glue, it doesn't seem to take much stress so small screws could work.

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 28 days ago

      Thank you ☺️. My first try was to put small screws, but they are not easy to insert, and I must make sure that they don't touch the pipes. Super glue works fast and perfectly. Did you watch my previous video in witch I show how to make the doweling jig? 😁

  • Hassan Al-Mosawi
    Hassan Al-Mosawi 28 days ago

    Thanks for sharing that, well done!

  • Bill Carroll
    Bill Carroll 28 days ago

    Nice work, mate. 👌🏽 Great simple dowel jig too. 👍🏽

  • Trevor Dawson
    Trevor Dawson 28 days ago

    WTF ıs that at 13:39.

    • Bob D
      Bob D 28 days ago

      @Woodworking with DIY tools No, no! Leave the bug there! This is real life!

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 28 days ago

      Hahahaha. Just a bug. Remember this is Internet. I'll fix it and then I`ll upload a new actualization 😂😂😂

    • pajonate
      pajonate 28 days ago

      The wooden frame is to keep those things away from the house, :-)

  • Huw Davies
    Huw Davies 28 days ago

    That jig works brilliantly, yet is so simple. Cheers, Huw

  • Bernhard Tammen
    Bernhard Tammen 28 days ago


  • Ian Creese
    Ian Creese 28 days ago

    Brilliant video, looked really good. I think I would stick that metal tube in your jig!

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 28 days ago

      Thank you 😃. I don`t stick the metallic pipes to the wooden jig because I want to use them in other dowel jigs, with other wood dimensions. You can watch in the video I link in the description that I also cut two different pipes so I can use different dowel dimensions

  • Martin Wolf
    Martin Wolf 28 days ago

    Top great work 👍 👍 👍

  • diy len
    diy len 28 days ago

    Ingenious. I usually just go and buy the jig, but this shows what you can do with a bit of thought and application.

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 28 days ago

      Thank you very much. The only problem is to make the holes in the doweling jig, but no problem if we have a drill press 😃

  • pete T.
    pete T. 28 days ago

    To save dismantling the jig it is possible to buy extra long woodworking drill bits. Thanks for another good instructional video. Best wishes Pete.

    • Woodworking with DIY tools
      Woodworking with DIY tools 28 days ago

      Thank you very much for the woodworking tip 👍. I didn't thought about that possibility 😃

  • TheBuccy
    TheBuccy 28 days ago


  • Lucas Rocha
    Lucas Rocha 29 days ago

    poderia fazer o desenho do gabarito em PDF?

  • Sinolointentoreviento

    Para cambiar la lija se despega bien?

  • Superdrinker B
    Superdrinker B Month ago

    Stop talking. Put some music instead.

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    Yu can tu de flayer an de play si de boyer flon de nais sugar tronchi molonchi.

  • Ruben Sahakian
    Ruben Sahakian Month ago

    nice work! Improvement would be adding hinges on 1 side of table top and swirl up to change bits easier instead of crawling to 2feet to the ground every time you need a bit change

  • M.Ashraf Moustafa

    Perfect Job. Simple and easy and does the job. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

  • MOULIN Hervé
    MOULIN Hervé Month ago

    great job, yes great

  • Always Greener
    Always Greener Month ago

    When you cut the right side of a kerf the blade is part of the hole, when you cut the left side of a kerf the blade is not part of the hole - therefore - you have to move the workpiece one blade-width to the left. SO REALLY: putting in the second board is the same as jumping to the other side of the aluminium piece. BOTTOM line is: You only need one board and one aluminium piece (+ a loose drill bit or a second aluminium piece to get your first kerf).

  • Asula Altaip
    Asula Altaip Month ago

    Thank you