Senator Dan Sullivan
Senator Dan Sullivan
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  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf 14 days ago

    Dems do you realize without the Military you would not have a job !! Dems you are such "a..lls !!

  • Tom Bodett
    Tom Bodett 2 months ago

    Cheryl is a force of nature. Always was. I've known her and her husband, Tim, since grade school. I lived and worked in Alaska for over 20 years and my proudest accomplishment was having Cheryl and Tim follow me up there. If anyone were to ask me what I ever did for Alaska, that was it. Thank you Senator Sullivan for recognizing this remarkable woman.

  • Judy K
    Judy K 3 months ago

    Thank you Sen. Dan Sullivan. Everything you said about my friend Cheryl is true! She is the original energizer bunny. She worked very hard as a "Church Lady" too. At Holy Mary of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Healy she played guitar, ran the children's programs, brought up musicians from the low 48, helped decorate for the different season, wrote music, and invented summer vacation programs. There is no one else like Cheryl Venechuk. You either follow her or get out of her way because cool stuff is going to follow in her foot steps. Great choice for your Alaskan of the Week.

  • Rachel Lees
    Rachel Lees 4 months ago

    Take this video down. This Senator is an embarrassment to the USA.

  • Ted G
    Ted G 4 months ago

    For new viewers, be advised every Kissinger video has the same illiterate hate comments as below, no doubt put in by the same little gang. Kissinger is at the top of his form here, highly intelligent and articulate commentary, full of insights and eloquence.

  • Christian Napoleon
    Christian Napoleon 4 months ago

    Why is Dave a asshole

  • abortionclinic33
    abortionclinic33 4 months ago

    lmfao delete this video

  • S J
    S J 5 months ago

    Thank you Senator Sullivan! The only reason environmental groups care about roads (or anything else) in Alaska is because we are their cash cow. They can always count on the donations flooding in when they advertise another imagined "threat" to wildlife in Alaska.

  • Tim Shawgo
    Tim Shawgo 5 months ago

    !!! Yes !!!

  • Dan Fussell
    Dan Fussell 5 months ago

    Amen brother. Outside interests that would hinder and weaken America do not want roads or minerals accessed to strengthen our self sufficiency.

  • Scott Sikkenga
    Scott Sikkenga 5 months ago

    Go Dan! I love this talk!!!

  • Coogan Alaska
    Coogan Alaska 5 months ago

    Sen Markey is condescending and destructive to Alaska. Regardless, I guess its okay Sen Sullivan still "loves" Markey as his "very good friend." Its probably the best approach.

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf 5 months ago

    Thank you Senator Sullivan !!!!!

  • Arthur L
    Arthur L 5 months ago

  • Arthur L
    Arthur L 5 months ago

    I don't hate Trump as some people seem to and I don't worship him the way other people seem to. Democracy only works if people evaluate their leaders objectively. Yes Trump did sign a bill. However it is a continuation of something Obama signed and it is not new or ground breaking. This bill agrees to continue a small US commitment toward a much larger international program. I agree that this is a good thing and it is not as big a deal as Trump clams it is. The first Facebook post about this bill was rated half true by PolitiFact. Yes PolitiFact did give Trump some credit for this.

  • David Reyburn
    David Reyburn 7 months ago

    An awesome day for all Alaskans and for John especially. Well done for finishing the fight!

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson 8 months ago

    Thank you, Senator Sullivan. You're doing a phenomenal job for Alaska and the United States. Great video. too.

  • Alex Koch
    Alex Koch 8 months ago

    Please consider my father rick Koch former city manager of kenai who passed away a few years ago he has done a lot for this state Worked for north slope Bourgho Alaska house and finance corporation Ididarod city of Palmer city of kenai And many more

  • Chris McMichael
    Chris McMichael 9 months ago

    Thank you, Senator Sullivan, for sharing your insight to Senator McCain's contributions and mentorship to others in the upper chamber. It was helpful in a research paper I am writing about his leadership traits.

  • Jarrad Valdez
    Jarrad Valdez 9 months ago

    Amazing choice of professional careers, product of great parenting.

  • Johnny Rice
    Johnny Rice 9 months ago

    Well done young man!

  • Joseph Hsu
    Joseph Hsu 9 months ago

    I met you a couple of years ago, you are a great Senator!

  • 552mustang
    552mustang 9 months ago

    Love my President!!! Especially tonight.

  • Tolleranza Zero 2032 M.E.N.

    Once again, the US Governenmet is attacking a sovereign State. I'm with Maduro. Kind Regards.

  • Pappa Bear
    Pappa Bear 9 months ago

    I believe introduced by a Democrat as well.

  • Pappa Bear
    Pappa Bear 9 months ago

    No reason to not pass this bill. No good one anyhow. Introduced in House (01/09/2019) Pay Our Coast Guard Parity Act of 2019 This bill provides continuing appropriations to the U.S. Coast Guard for any period during FY2019 in which interim or full-year appropriations for the Coast Guard are not in effect. The appropriations are provided to the Coast Guard for pay and allowances for members of the Coast Guard, civilian employees, and contractors;the payment of a death gratuity, funeral travel, and the temporary continuation of the basic allowance for housing for dependents of members of the Coast Guard dying on active duty; andretired pay. The appropriations are provided until the enactment of specified Coast Guard appropriations legislation. The bill compensates civilian Coast Guard employees furloughed as a result of a lapse in appropriations that began on or about December 22, 2018, and ended upon the enactment of this bill. The bill also ratifies and approves certain obligations incurred in anticipation of the appropriations made and the authority granted by this bill.

  • M deBhul
    M deBhul 9 months ago

    Surely he needs to deliver this speech to Trump, who has shut down government calling it a Trump shutdown. Yes a class A fool.

  • Victoria OConnell
    Victoria OConnell 9 months ago

    You should not support the President on this stupid wall. Alaskans need to get back to work - including USCG, NMFS, and Alaska Commercial Fishermen. Your President created this shutdown and he and the GOP can end it today. Do your job and represent Alaskans not the GOP and the worst President ever.

  • Matthew Thomasson
    Matthew Thomasson 9 months ago

    Keep up the pressure Senator. This Coast Guard family appreciates your hard work. Thank you!

  • Ce Phelps
    Ce Phelps 9 months ago


  • joe smith
    joe smith 10 months ago

  • Alex Webb
    Alex Webb 10 months ago

    Sooooooo are we going to see this move thru process this week or not? My family’s life is very much on hold until this can be enacted into law.

  • Justin Osborne
    Justin Osborne 10 months ago

    Thank You Senator Sullivan, Urban is indeed an American and Alaskan legend!

  • broomsterm
    broomsterm 10 months ago

    Jesus Christ - Kissinger is just bloviating the same old rhetoric about joining with China to fucking assuage North Korea.

  • Tom K
    Tom K 10 months ago

    You have a voice and a vote Dan, use it to stand up to the bully.

  • Mark Springer
    Mark Springer 10 months ago

    Smiling through the shutdown.

  • Ladon Im
    Ladon Im 10 months ago

    Stupide thig appen again and again the north korea dont want to attack anyone. But those people who wants the New world are killing in japan befor and anather Nation.

  • Angela Stahl
    Angela Stahl 11 months ago

    Ron and Lynda are my parents and I could not be prouder of them. I've always known I had a great family and my parents have worked so very hard for the past few years on this project and it's great to know they have played a part in so may veterans lives for the better. I love them very much.

  • MrFloatPilot
    MrFloatPilot 11 months ago

    I had the honor of working with Ron Travis for a few years. He is the real deal...

  • Alex Koch
    Alex Koch 11 months ago

    Honor my father rick Koch former KENAI city manager he pasted away he did things all over this great state

  • Matt Orfalea
    Matt Orfalea 11 months ago

    2:30 striking first makes some sense

  • Ayres Ryder
    Ayres Ryder Year ago

    • Arthur L
      Arthur L 5 months ago

      Thank you for finding and posting an original source. This improves the quality of the conversation.

  • Ryan McQueen
    Ryan McQueen Year ago

    I'm just finding out about this amazing bill that President Trump signed and that you sponsored. Thank you so much for protecting our oceans and coast. It's amazing that I haven't seen this on mainstream media. this is a pretty important issue and it's a non bipartisan issue and the mainstream media does not want to give President Trump praise when he is doing good.

  • Alex Koch
    Alex Koch Year ago

    I wish you would consider honoring my father former city manager of Kenai, Alaska. He has done stuff all over the state

  • Trina Thomas
    Trina Thomas Year ago

    watched on the floor today, Oct. 3, 2018. Thank You for telling the NEWS.

  • Jeff Epstein
    Jeff Epstein Year ago

    why waste tax payer dollars feeding this filthy old parasite. why can america have nukes but no one else can? why are we still listening to these stupid old farts? They dont speak for themselves but they speak purely for the money powers as do these rats in congress.

  • Andrew Frost
    Andrew Frost Year ago

    When Dr. Henry Kissinger talks, everyone listens!

  • dogstar167
    dogstar167 Year ago

    the most depraved life form to have ever be born

    • 65 TossPowerTrap
      65 TossPowerTrap 8 months ago

      Dogsquat too bad liberals don’t read history. They would be dangerous if they read a few books. Kissinger got the country out of JFK/LBJ’s mess in Vietnam without causing a loss of our most crucial relationships. Wondering what you think of Saint JFK?? 550,000 men in Vietnam in 1969 when Nixon took office.

  • oscar navarro
    oscar navarro Year ago

    fuck off old timer !! your thinking sucks !!

  • Taylor
    Taylor Year ago

    Sullivan sure knows how to make a pitch. I don’t agree with his politics but I feel very comfortable with him in power and that’s more than I can say for most politicians.

  • Keith Curtis
    Keith Curtis Year ago

    Those are some leaders of the MAGA movement! I write about the free software movement. Here's an article why the US military should use OpenStack instead of AWS:

  • Meera Jasmine
    Meera Jasmine Year ago

    Love senator Sullivan

  • Romeo Popaz
    Romeo Popaz Year ago

    this piece of shit looks like a demon that he really is in a human form no neck kissmyassinger hell is waiting for you for all your crimes you jesuit trash Satanic elite

  • Johnny Rice
    Johnny Rice Year ago

    Well done Sir.

  • Ben Joseph
    Ben Joseph Year ago

    Dr. Kiss-o-death-inger is merely a precursor of the Orwellian psychotics to rule in the NWO Global Empire of death. It cannot be can only be slowed down intermittently, and my guess is that billions will be killed in its path. Trust Jesus Christ alone.

  • Marian Dycus
    Marian Dycus Year ago

    This old satanic basterd is all over the new world order regime "club of elites".

  • George Washington

    FHB is stealing with AA George Dyer in Massachusetts. They have destroyed Jesse Jackson. Rachel K Jones in 10520 hoes for Alex Bovone.

  • Sutono Mardi
    Sutono Mardi Year ago

    Senator Sullivan very common to Mel Gibson

  • Rya N
    Rya N Year ago

    Why do people call her bloody Gina?

  • ca bo
    ca bo Year ago

    One one you talk like that . You are doomd . Kissinger is an old fuck. Older then Putin.

    • ca bo
      ca bo Year ago

      You lost Hillary???

    • ca bo
      ca bo Year ago

      Putin can dance around you.

  • D Rude
    D Rude Year ago

    he eats babies to stay alive

  • Nic Nac
    Nic Nac Year ago

    What the fuck was that answer to Chinese lack of reciprocity? Can someone simplify it for me?

    • Nic Nac
      Nic Nac Year ago

      It was a great question btw

  • Elder Gay
    Elder Gay Year ago

    The transcript can be found here

  • Elder Gay
    Elder Gay Year ago

    where can I get the transcript of this video?

  • UnderStructureRepair

    Henry Kissinger deserves life in prison witout the possibility of food.

    • Ted G
      Ted G 4 months ago

      UnderStructureRepair You first for the crime of ignorance

    • 65 TossPowerTrap
      65 TossPowerTrap 8 months ago

      Kissinger was Secretary of State when the Cold War went hot. You are still here aren’t you? You can thank him!

  • Mst Molida Begum

    When Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan in the year of 1971, Then he favored Pakistan And he said that Bangladesh is a Bottomless basket 😃 And Bangladesh can not survive for 6 months separately Pls you can come here in B A N G L A D H S and see where is Pakistan and where is the position of bangladesh Your future message has been wrong, you are a fool

    • Ted G
      Ted G 4 months ago

      Saiful Islam Yeah same stupid post in every Kissinger video. Get some originality.

    • Haider Khwaja
      Haider Khwaja Year ago

      stupid idiot pakistan economy still larger than bangladesh although we have fought war on terror for 10 years in our territory now terrorism is finnished and for your kind information pakistan can invade and destroy you with in 5 minutes

  • George Washington

    There is a corrupt police officer in Honolulu. Friends with the fat mestizo Officer, and the Vietnamese Officer Nguyen. He doesn’t like the new police chief. Also he helped a moron run around at a city park with a golf club making threats. He is in with Rev Jesse Jackson, Dr George Dyer in Massachusetts, and many Jews in zip 10520 including a- hole Norman Sheer. They need to do time.

  • Alexander Gusmao

    Despite his evilness, Henry Kissinger is an incredibly intelligent man; one that has read at least one of his books can realize that. Only one man in Earth managed to deceive him in a manner that he attended the interests of a foreign country in detriment of the U.S.´' one: Mao Zedong.

    • Ted G
      Ted G 4 months ago

      Alexander Gusmao You’re very ignorant of history.

    • 65 TossPowerTrap
      65 TossPowerTrap 8 months ago

      Alexander you are an incredibly unlearned soul with the inquisitiveness of a bag of hammers. Kissinger guided the county through some dangerous times.

  • Sharon Kay
    Sharon Kay Year ago

    Congratulations Dimitri Philemonof. I can honestly say I'm very proud to know you, to call you a friend, and to say you are loved by our Unangax (Aleut) people.

  • Constantina Landt

    Pribilovian Mafia working hard for his people day in and day out! Thank you Dimitri!

  • Janice Krukoff
    Janice Krukoff Year ago

    The story behind this speech is never to be forgotten, and thankful Mr. Philemonof has shared his story, especially to the many who are not aware of the Unangax evacuation. His dedication to the People of our region will always be remembered. Qagaasakun.

  • Cara Bethe
    Cara Bethe Year ago


  • Ray Poota
    Ray Poota Year ago

    Vladimir Putin is a killer in Syria and Ukraine and Chechenya and Britain

    • vortex162
      vortex162 Year ago

      Raya Poota, do yourself a favor and stay off the mainstream brainwashing institutions!, because your assertions are as shallow as a water pond!

  • Ray Poota
    Ray Poota Year ago

    Vladimir Putin is a killer in Syria and Ukraine and Chechenya and Britain

  • Ray Poota
    Ray Poota Year ago

    Vladimir Putin and criminals in Kremilin are war criminals in Syria

  • Cousin Louie
    Cousin Louie Year ago

    this rat is still alive...:(

  • Joshua Waddell
    Joshua Waddell Year ago

    Tried to help the guy out and save his skin, but Zuckerburg is too far left he didn't see what senator Sullivan was trying to do

  • Paul Rodriguez
    Paul Rodriguez Year ago

    Soft ball my ass. He tried to set him up!!!! It’s unbelievable how bad he looks when he tries to play with words and Mark caches up with it So he interrupts WOW!!! the bottom line is that they are trying to politicize Facebook with the excuse of this Cambridge Analítica issue when they don’t understand that Facebook is just bigger than just the US government.

  • dapapoose n
    dapapoose n Year ago

    I think the "softball" question was intended to trap zucc. Think about it. Had he answered yes "only in america", the senators next question is "are you a monopoly?" If zucc says "no", senator can kind of use his previous answer aginst him. I think zucc unwittingly proved that they are in fact not a monopoly, stating there exists large tech competition overseas. Either way, stupid for him to think hes gonna get the 'feel good' answer hes looking for in such a setting

  • hbilha
    hbilha Year ago

    Why does Kissing and Schultz both have the back of their right hands blackened? I wonder if they are getting blood transfusions to live longer.

  • smm0013
    smm0013 Year ago

    This is a little bit too stupid to be funny.

  • Jack Zzz
    Jack Zzz Year ago

    Jack Ma and the alibaba, mahua teng and Tencent.

  • mediiskit
    mediiskit Year ago

    American senate smell death people. Like rotten bodies still speaks

  • mediiskit
    mediiskit Year ago

    a rat.

  • Frankie Hwang
    Frankie Hwang Year ago


  • KOsports
    KOsports Year ago

    This dumb ass senator keeps interrupting with "Im sorry to interrupt". Senators just want to be in the spotlight.

  • KOsports
    KOsports Year ago

    Senator Sullivan wanted Mark to stand up and shout "AMERICA #1 FUCK YEA" meanwhile we're losing to the Chinese because we have our blindfolds on to the problems America faces. A global enterprise in which America is not leading.

    • C.Lu
      C.Lu Year ago


  • no hassle
    no hassle Year ago

    Who the fuck cares what Henry Kissinger thinks? Seriously, these leaders are idiots.

  • Bass Monster
    Bass Monster Year ago

    Bastard. Bastard Kissinger.

  • Scarlett O'Hara
    Scarlett O'Hara Year ago

    Henry Kissinger the hideous souless evil creature roamimg this earth. If you ever wondered what evil looks like cloaked as a human, HK is living proof of it. His mind is of a black hole of destructive demonic realm.

    • 65 TossPowerTrap
      65 TossPowerTrap 8 months ago

      Scarlet you are a Soros troll. Back to your oatmeal

    • Tupacolypse Now
      Tupacolypse Now Year ago

      Scarlett O'Hara look into his eyes. What do u see

  • Dolfin Love
    Dolfin Love Year ago

    More crying

  • Jamie Boudreaux
    Jamie Boudreaux Year ago

    Carol! I'm in awe! I am honored to know you by name. Get well soon! We have trails to run!

  • Paula Norris
    Paula Norris Year ago


  • Stephen Schell
    Stephen Schell Year ago

    start at 15:30

  • bforbes053
    bforbes053 Year ago

    Die Henry fuckin die already you crippled kerr

  • Ahmed daaniyal
    Ahmed daaniyal Year ago

    There is no experienced & knowledgeable person in that room than Henry Kissinger

  • Vincent Salamatino

    Why does this supposed American politician talk like an evil Nazi scientists? Well he talks like the elite bloodlines he surrounds himself wealth. How great is it that he lived long enough to see Trump elected and destroy him, Rockafella, Rothchilds and the NWO plans to enslave the globe.

    • 65 TossPowerTrap
      65 TossPowerTrap 8 months ago

      Vincent are you writing on a state-funded computer in your mental institution?

    • James Wynne
      James Wynne Year ago

      Evil Nazi Scientists wouldn’t speak English...

    • Tom misaki
      Tom misaki Year ago

      Kissinger is jew

    • Sue Blue
      Sue Blue Year ago

      Its called the satanic bloodline, and you are part of it-you and all who do not submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ! That is the dividing line!

    • Khalifa's Koffee
      Khalifa's Koffee Year ago

      Maybe when we stop trying to label his religion - and that of other plainly evil people - we may do something about them!

  • davey Bee
    davey Bee Year ago

    kissinger is a WAR PIG WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.

    • 65 TossPowerTrap
      65 TossPowerTrap 8 months ago

      Wrong. Secretary Kissinger guided the nation through the Cold War when thousands of missiles were pointed at us. It wasn’t a video game.

    • Jeff Epstein
      Jeff Epstein Year ago

      bullshit and you know it.

    • Andrew Frost
      Andrew Frost Year ago

      So by implementing a policy that favored the safety of his men makes him a criminal? Would you rather serve under some douche that prevented you from using deadly force even in the worst case scenario? I for one would rather have Kissinger as my CO and come home alive...

  • DrDeathAribertHeim

    Guy in the back with his pimp stick/crane lol. And i guess what, the black on on the right is kissingers?

  • Jara Tark
    Jara Tark Year ago

    Are those the real rulers of the usa? There must be a secret sessions.

    • Anatolie Cb
      Anatolie Cb Year ago

      Secret session on youtube? I dont think

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino Year ago

      Yes they are called the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations and they're game is coming to an end which is why the media they own is trying so hard to paint Trump as the dictator that they truly are. They were so close to having their NWO with Hillary in office and then came Trump to reverse it all and bring back pride in America.