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  • Morgan Tang
    Morgan Tang 4 hours ago

    Were you on Lincoln Avenue yesterday? I thought I saw the old 74 going in the opposite direction.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 3 hours ago

      Sure was I’d bet - my fiancé is in vet school at ISU

  • john joe
    john joe 8 hours ago

    Song in beginning is?

  • Tom Sturgeon
    Tom Sturgeon 8 hours ago

    64 Impala two-door just rotting away!! 😔 Barry County Mo. Saw it on FB.

  • MyJunker Travels
    MyJunker Travels 9 hours ago

    I know this is old but i gotta say this. If ya got water on yer floor. Take a old shop rag an soak it in water an lap it over the rocker an out hangin down. Push yer door shut but not all the way. By mornin. Dry floor. I learned this from an old man with a 53 buick he would drive daily. He was the first owner of that sweet deep blue 2 door buick super 8.

  • Yahweh's Warrior
    Yahweh's Warrior 10 hours ago

    I'm a truck driver and go all over the place. Most of the US is empty or small dying towns. I see all kinds of old cars/trucks in fields and other random places.

  • redneck wreck
    redneck wreck 11 hours ago

    How come on junkyard diggs that car looked trashed up

  • sed6
    sed6 14 hours ago

    Informative video, thanks!

  • woodhandj
    woodhandj 14 hours ago

    Why not just unplug the sensor. My 1995 5.8 tps is under the throttle body.

  • Barry Hope SGT Hope
    Barry Hope SGT Hope 14 hours ago

    Ok, now what will you do with this fine beast?

    • Barry Hope SGT Hope
      Barry Hope SGT Hope 3 hours ago

      Thanks for the reply.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 13 hours ago

      My coworker is restoring it for his dad! The other fella in the video, it’s his truck 👍

  • Edward Kirkner
    Edward Kirkner 21 hour ago

    Hey really like it when you and Kevin work together. I live in Hungary as a Missionary and I really like what you guys are doing. Thank you for doing these things for older American like myself. Keep seeking your dreams.

  • America 1911 45 acp
    America 1911 45 acp 21 hour ago

    Didn’t you use to make shine videos ?

  • Rodney Vanhoose

    Thanks for the info got a holley 570 for my 4.8ls running very rich feel more confident about changing the jet after watching your carb videos

  • American Rambler

    Are we going to see if this was started or is there a newer video on this truck? It’s kind of cool.

  • Ben C
    Ben C Day ago


  • Dolf260z
    Dolf260z Day ago

    your not wrong about them drying up mate. Try living in Australia, all our muscle cars dried up 20 years ago. We have 1/20th your population, less cars made, all rotted away, not much left. You cant go to a junkyard here and find ANYTHING old. not 2 door, not 4 door, it doesn't matter. People scooped them all up years ago and squirrel them away. We also didn't get many selections for a "2 door muscle car" we had Ford with a XB/XC coupe or hardtop, Valiant had a charger (aussie charger) and Holden made a monaro and a few torana's. If you want a 2 door muscle car here they start at 20k for something that looks like that satellite. even 4 door ones are about 8-9k+ Your right, NOW is the time to go out there and get them! I am actually thinking of importing a 69 nova here, because it will still be cheaper to buy one in the states, even though our dollar is like .65c to your dollar, and it costs about 10k to get here with shipping and customs and ill still be infront over trying to get some local aussie muscle car. Keep up the good work bud!

  • georgiaridgerunner 79

    If that satellite can be road worthy again y'all should road trip to Dallas... Get it? debbie does dallas

  • spike001ton
    spike001ton Day ago

    So at least your spare key is an actual key mine is just a screw driver

  • Trent Robey
    Trent Robey Day ago

    Your tool theory is spot on.......I keep a small kit in the backseat of my hooptie too!!! Knock on wood, but yeah u won't brake down, the day you leave those tools is the day you return on a tow truck!!!#!#!!

  • SwapPart TV Repair

    Left in a farm field is neglect. A nice dry, secure storage locker is royal treatment.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 Day ago

      It’s moved around a ton - currently my daily driver! 70 miles a day!

  • Gabriel Antonio Martin

    Ojala podría traerme un auto así para la Argentina

  • 612 WHP EJ8 GT3582R

    Dude, dafaq Luke? What happmd to the Satellite Part 2? Lmfao Patiently waiting buddy. I'm excited for this series.

  • The Sentinel
    The Sentinel Day ago

    crazy to just let something like this classic rot into the earth

  • Slime_tiger
    Slime_tiger Day ago

    I love old Buicks but the parts are so dang expensive compared to everything else

  • Justin Merrill

    Only 100k miles, its just broken in

  • Drew Shepard
    Drew Shepard Day ago

    Firing order

  • Bob Jackson G
    Bob Jackson G Day ago

    My old craftsman mower starts on 2nd pull, seems to run with intermittent misses. Once I stop mower to empty bag it will not restart. Could this be the coil? I did put a new plug in it and the carb bowl was clean.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 Day ago

      Air filter clean? Sounds rich, or like it has a poor sealing exhaust valve

  • Ghassan Radwan

    this is debby when it had easier access and bryan had a longer beard

  • TheAgentCow
    TheAgentCow Day ago

    This video is amazing... Altough you should really get a better micriphone...

  • P77777777
    P77777777 Day ago

    I like carbs because theyre relatively simple. They may run bad sometimes but the car still runs How does one hook up an air/fuel mixture gauge to a purely mechanical system?

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 Day ago

      It’s an oxygen sensor in the exhaust. and a read out - doesn’t communicate with anything else - check out my recent uploads, I talk a lot about this stuff

  • P77777777
    P77777777 Day ago

    As wierd as this sounds i actually care if mine gets rusted out. Its in remarkably good shape and i want to save it Yeah its basically worthless now but its something i can take to car shows in 20 years

  • P77777777
    P77777777 Day ago

    Oh they start in the cold and nothing will stop them running but driving in the snow on the other hand is like kryptonite to these cars you cant drive them fast in the winter

  • ramcnei0611
    ramcnei0611 Day ago

    Just watched part 1. Love all your videos man. Watching you all get together is entertaining. But watching you pull miracles getting these classics back up and running is nothing short of addicting! Keep up all the good work! Also several of your videos have been extremely helpful with troubleshooting my truck. Thanks a bunch!

    HAR_SNAKE 2 days ago

    Hi Luke i been watchin you channel for a while now and just wanted to say I really enjoy your videos I have learned a lot about carbs i been a mechanic all my life thanks to my dad but really never knew a lot about tunnin a carb except for usin a vac gauge to tune the A/F screws but know I can take one apart rebuild it and make it run right and wanted to thank you for that also you Galaxy is my dream car and I will have me one day I have a 1969 351 Windsor that's been stroked to a 427 with eagle I beam rod and Ross flat top pistons and a Lunati solid roller cam i don't have a top-end for it yet I'm still thinkin of what heads and intake I want thinkin of a duel carb tunnel ram but maybe just a big single carb not sure yet but it should be a beast or at least i hope but anyway im ramblin lol keep up the great videos ...

  • tony66au
    tony66au 2 days ago

    ONE of you 2 boys is a slacker lol Just watched the Satellite Episode on JYD and you have a few spoiler shots on your month old Clip further along than the JYD ep I just watched lol Love your work, Hope you drop the next Satellite Episode soon. Thanks guys

  • Leonard Jara
    Leonard Jara 2 days ago

    Hey thunder I am a jyd crossover ,love your guy's channels how about a shout out on the next vid ,I'm from Canada

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 2 days ago

    This is the reason that race car engines get torn down after every race and put back together...Every Number is checked and double checked!!!!!!! Great job!!!!! They are just engines!!!!!!!!!!!!! Machines... I mean engines...I mean machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phooooooo Wipe sweat off your brow ThunderHead289!!!!!!!!! Hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera 3 days ago

    Just use hot water n baking soda. Drink that coke

  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 3 days ago

    Anyone know about ny?

  • Rule Breaker
    Rule Breaker 3 days ago

    This guy lies so much. IDIOT

  • jaxflfreebird
    jaxflfreebird 3 days ago

    Love the video and I'm not mechanical. Love to see an old truck given new life.

  • Jesse Sanchez
    Jesse Sanchez 3 days ago

    Simple and direct video..thxs.

  • Cameron P
    Cameron P 3 days ago

    You like to use alot of gasket sealer....but is that also what ford says to do when rebuilding these engines? I am a believer of letting the gasket do its the valve covers for example. Is it that imperative to put the sealer down?

    • Cameron P
      Cameron P 13 hours ago

      @ThunderHead289 and my engine tech gasket doesn't have a head side labeled or a front side. Does it matter if it doesn't have it? As long as I get the tabs under the gasket?

    • Cameron P
      Cameron P 3 days ago

      @ThunderHead289 10-4. I am in process of rebuilding my 302. I didn't pull the engine. I regret it. But I do as I'm told lol it's my father in laws. You make me want to buy studs. I guess the gasket sealer will hold that gasket in place whenever I drop the manifold on

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 3 days ago

      Absofreakinlutely is. Do it exactly as I show, or you will regret it. As for valve covers, always put sealer on the side of the gasket that mates with the valve cover. That way when removed, the gasket stays with the valve cover

  • William Charles
    William Charles 3 days ago

    Centering that timing cover seal by putting on the Harmonic Balancer is a PITA. I bought a crankshaft rotating tool years ago that had the same OD as the Balancer. I didn't even realize it when I bought it and the packaging didn't make a reference to it. All that I had to do was to slip it on the crank snout and center the cover. Sure made life easier, especially with the engine in the car/truck. I'd give you the name and part number of the manufacturer, but there's not a damned thing written on it. I sure appreciate your videos, I've been turning wrenches on Fords for years and it's always a good idea to see what other guys have to offer. You never know what you can pick up. If I learned something new every day, that day would be worth living.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 3 days ago

      Couldn’t agree more - this is a really old video! Pretty nostalgic for me to watch!

  • mark kendrick
    mark kendrick 3 days ago

    Dam man what kind of motor work do u have done to that 289 at the end of the video?

  • Dinesh Sen
    Dinesh Sen 4 days ago

    Hindi ka bol

  • butler4719ify
    butler4719ify 4 days ago

    What is the paint name or brand?

  • Matt Skins
    Matt Skins 4 days ago

    Take a Drink each time he says "Anyway" = Wasted. Hahahah I love this dude! The Rust Avengers needs to be an actual thing and take over where Roadkill left off before it went corporate. Can I get a like for anyone who agrees?!

    • Matt Skins
      Matt Skins 3 days ago

      @ThunderHead289 Nah man I think you're doing great! You and the Rust Avengers man, I can't wait to see whats next. I love watching your input on carburetor work!

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 4 days ago

      I can’t talk now, but boy I really couldn’t talk then!

  • Mark
    Mark 4 days ago

    Oh man I’m tired of waiting for this One year and counting Just want to see it fire up Or do we start unsubscribing

    • Mark
      Mark 4 days ago

      ThunderHead289 not going to unsubscribe Just wanted an update Seems to have worked Good luck from uk Also should say how dam interesting your content has been really interesting Hope I didn’t upset you

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 4 days ago

      It’s not my Jeep and I have a traveling job so I’m actually never home. Just haven’t gotten back to it. I will this fall - unsub if you like

  • Brandon Keefe
    Brandon Keefe 4 days ago

    Cheapest and easiest way to clean aluminum wheels.....I guess

  • Thomas Hollingshad
    Thomas Hollingshad 4 days ago

    get a clutch fan and a shroud

  • Thomas Hollingshad
    Thomas Hollingshad 4 days ago

    normal vaccum runs about 18 lbs

  • ron aeschliman
    ron aeschliman 5 days ago


    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 5 days ago

      By simply reading and trying things and using wideband o2s and vacuum gauges to monitor everything. Honestly I’m just an average dude who just has an eye for detail

  • Bryan Hauschild
    Bryan Hauschild 5 days ago

    So each of the screws should be the exact turns?

  • Oldskool Garage
    Oldskool Garage 5 days ago

    Even your old videos just make me smile. You inspire me to work on cars and save classics at the age of 15. Thank you for doing what you do. -Patrick F. (Texas)

  • Argile Grier
    Argile Grier 5 days ago

    Whos the babe? Can driving with a broken serpentine belt cause timing problems- thus starting problems

  • Thomas Hollingshad
    Thomas Hollingshad 5 days ago

    oil is organic pour it on those weeds it like a real high power fertilizer busts the roots kills the weeds

  • Sky1
    Sky1 5 days ago

    its like a half a chain

  • John Barton
    John Barton 5 days ago

    Needs a lesson in driving a three on a tree.

  • Chris Mannifield
    Chris Mannifield 5 days ago

    You do know you run the inner head bolts to 80ft lb bc the intake acts as a wedge...

  • Ed Turner
    Ed Turner 6 days ago

    That's an unusual 1965 Galaxie 500. That roofline with a B pillar was most often seen on the Custom 500, which was the low end big Ford. However, the 65 Custom 500 would have had round taillight lenses set in a "flattened round" bezel to match the body lines, while this one has the Galaxie 500 taillights. Also, the lack of fender badge and chrome strip is more consistent with the Custom 500. This .pdf shows the Custom 500 and its distinctive roofline on page 11.

  • Jeff Powers
    Jeff Powers 6 days ago

    hows it going luke?? when are we hoinv to get the 70 satellite videos,?

    • Jeff Powers
      Jeff Powers 5 days ago

      cool thanks luke

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 6 days ago

      Jeff Powers Friday we play to cut the first one on JYD channel. Then we will switch to this channel for part 2 - then back and forth as we go on

  • Oldskool Garage
    Oldskool Garage 6 days ago

    There’s one sitting across the road in a pasture that I think I’m going to try to revive and buy from the owners. I might post some videos if it happens

  • Doug Coleburn
    Doug Coleburn 6 days ago

    Any updates on this? I’m putting one on.

    • Doug Coleburn
      Doug Coleburn 6 days ago

      ThunderHead289 thank you. I’m putting on a Powermaster 100 amp v belt. I hope I don’t have the squealing problem. I can’t run a dual pulley set up as I have AC and power steering. Going on a 69 302. I guess I better get the belt darn tight!! I like your channel.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 6 days ago

      Doug Coleburn it was literally my first result, but that may be because he’s me.

    • Doug Coleburn
      Doug Coleburn 6 days ago

      ThunderHead289 hmm thanks but I don’t see it.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 6 days ago

      Doug Coleburn yes, search Thunderhead289 pulley set up 👍

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 6 days ago

    Great thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.3 Engine has been around for a long time and been in many vehicles: tractors, trucks, cars, and works items with many different Manufactures and Countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Work Horse Engine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 6 days ago

    Great Job Teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nivlem Aposaga
    Nivlem Aposaga 6 days ago

    make more vids sir for 2019.. thank for sharing👍 more power⚡

  • T Newland
    T Newland 6 days ago

    You invited questions so mine is: Do you have any knowledge to share concerning performance oriented centrifugal advance spring kits (for example Mr. Gasket 925D)? I'm running a mild 289 (F303 cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, 650CFM Holley w/vacuum secondaries, headers, stock distributor w/Pertronix. Car is about 2400 pounds, 5 speed, 3.54 rear end. Thanks in advance.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 6 days ago

      As odd as this sounds, I have found that I snap the heavy springs more! Transfer slot theory works for all transfer slot carbs - with running a vacuum gauge and a wideband gauge side by side, I have seen the best results all that I have mentioned above. Also, I super simplified this video - when you open your throttle, cylinder pressure also rises - the higher the pressure, the denser the mixture, and the quicker the fuel charge will burn. So cruising needs more timing, into the throttle takes less. Remember, the goal is to fire the mixture as soon as possible on the power stroke to use as much of that stroke as possible.

    • T Newland
      T Newland 6 days ago

      ThunderHead289 Thanks for the quick reply. And thanks for reminding me about possible idle creep. The good news is that light springs can possibly tailor the timing to an optimum curve; the bad news is the greater propensity for failure. And thanks for the Holley tip.

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 6 days ago

      Everyone makes ignition timing difficult, but it’s actually very easy. Outside of your throttle settings, you want the spark to fire as soon as possible without timing creep at idle (too light of springs will sporadically pull idle timing) So after you set your idle initial timing, choose springs that pull in timing as soon as possible without causing spark knock (pinging). Set initial by setting your transfer slots tova square, and adjusting your initial timing along with your mix screws to set your idle - you have about 1 full turn of the idle screw from square t slot to play with before you get an overexposure scenario. I personally run on ported vacuum. Typically I see that for most folks with vacuum canisters that pull more than ten degrees that this works best. Thunderhead289

  • Jaycarl Theone
    Jaycarl Theone 6 days ago

    You talk about swapping engines like most people talk about making a sandwich

  • Garret Liones
    Garret Liones 6 days ago

    Any carburated vehicle? I have a carburated Geo metro... Are you a sure?

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 6 days ago

      It’s a wideband - it’s irrelevant what it’s on, it simply tells you the air fuel ratio

  • Uncaring Entertainment

    *remembers all the shit I need to do for my 79 F100*

  • 63 grand sport
    63 grand sport 7 days ago

    What happens if the idle mix screws were screwed in and seated and not turned out ....what would happen.Is turned all the way in max lean?

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 6 days ago

      If your screws are all the way in and it still runs, it means you have too much transfer slot exposed on your carb ie your throttle percentage at idle is too high

  • Bryan Sage
    Bryan Sage 7 days ago

    so how is the performer 289 working out...? does it make more power than the weiand?

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 7 days ago

    Plastic weld radiator tank.

  • Joe Hoe
    Joe Hoe 7 days ago

    I really don't think it's that bad. Ya, it's worth replacing, but that could probably run for at least a few more years, with that much play. Could be a hell of a lot worse. I can't see that chain being responsible for any significant problems. Might not be set properly...and that would be a different issue.

  • michael morgan
    michael morgan 7 days ago

    This was use full but when you did not show the other lead and then much later put that up on the screen it thru me off . Maybe you could put that message in a lot earlier? Thanks for the info.

  • abeselectricgarza2
    abeselectricgarza2 7 days ago

    What exhaust are you running on your car?

  • Jim Jungle
    Jim Jungle 7 days ago

    The OLD Weiand low rise 302 intake was better than the 289 Performer. Its replacement is the Warrior, which is much lighter weight and I believe is imported. The Weiand Stealth for the 302 is better than the Edelbrock Performer RPM, but is a high rise. The 289 Performer is better than the 302 Performer. The Weiand X-CELerator for the 302 is a surprisingly good one and much better than the Torker II. The Performer RPM gives up torque and hood clearance and the Weiand Stealth makes as much torque as any intake and more power than the Performer RPM for the 302, but still gives up hood clearance.

  • House boat Rob
    House boat Rob 8 days ago

    What did you set your idle timing at ,on that primered galaxy with the petronix distributor?

  • vorhese
    vorhese 9 days ago

    1974 F100 was the very first car I bought when I was 14, back in 1990. I bought it for $100 with my paper route money from the Free Bee ads in NW Ohio. Also my first father/son project. Unfortunately 14 year old me didn't like having to work on it in the stone and gravel and it ended up at the crusher.

  • Frank Zito
    Frank Zito 9 days ago

    Just experiment with your combo, just like the op did. My 9-1 454 with a fairly large flat tappet cam likes ported vacuum better. My old 406 small block with a bunch of compression and aggressive camshaft liked manifold vacuum. Just do what your engine likes.

  • DerrickTheMechanic/FIY

    This is a old video..Proform makes a pushrod checker tool that makes it a whole lot easier to find what length pushrod you need..Great job on the build!

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 9 days ago

      Thanks man! They have made that tool for a long time, seriously don’t use it - Iv seen that mess so many people up because you have to make some assumptions. You are looking for the smallest pattern possible - a good adjustable pushrod, and light spring will set you straight 👍

  • Dnomyar Yevi
    Dnomyar Yevi 9 days ago

    I was thinking pouring it in a bucket before he started pouring it out. I like what he did by bring the battery back to life. Go to the junkyard and see if they will let you have the old batteries if you pull them. You could use them in your solar system or as a spare to jump your vehicles. In a truck you could install it and have it only charging and not tied in the electrical system. If the other battery happens to die you can use the other to jump it.

  • JT Harris
    JT Harris 9 days ago

    I have a 2010 GS Vette and I LOVE this BUT..........the stock windshield is the dealbreaker for me. If they had it closer to a true C2 windshield, I would TOTALLY be getting this kit. I'm cool with the rear hatch though. Again....still looks sweet and A MILLION times better than a C7, that's for sure!!!

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 9 days ago

    The exhaust notes in idle is wrong.... it should be four cylinders all sounding the same but it is off...once it warms up then if they all sounded..... it sounds dah, dah, dah, small bang.... not sure of the order... if once they are warm it does it then a value is open on the exhaust port..........might be the spark plug gap is wrong but that is pushing it....

    • Stan Webb
      Stan Webb 9 days ago

      @ThunderHead289 I am not the wrench in the family but 6 out 10 cars I sold were preowned and have talked car for a long time to those who do....... so I kind know what I am talking about if not resource are just text away!!!!!!

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 9 days ago

      I’ll take anyone on in a demonstration of knowledge and skill in modern day 2019. Thunderhead289

    • Stan Webb
      Stan Webb 9 days ago

      No reply needed but teach what other teach you which makes you a better Mechanic, A Mac en my sister call her husband !!!!!!!!!!

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 9 days ago

      Are you trying to get me to respond by sending me a ton of messages or what

  • Joseph Tulk
    Joseph Tulk 9 days ago

    You shift it like a Honda slow down no need to slam shift it

    • Joseph Tulk
      Joseph Tulk 9 days ago

      Still you need work on your shifts your not doing it perfectly it needs some work you can hear it in between shifts

    • ThunderHead289
      ThunderHead289 9 days ago

      This is a throwback video for me to see - prompted via your comment! The f100 is currently my daily driver, 70 miles a day - did the full power tour in it which was 3300 miles round trip. It’s a great rig, super budget and extremely reliable with a few backup components built in if things did fail

  • Uncaring Entertainment

    A friend of mine crumpled the front end of his crown vic and the engine still fires up. Nothing can stop them.

  • Eder bubans
    Eder bubans 10 days ago

    Muito bom 👍

  • joracer1
    joracer1 10 days ago

    Water jet.... $15 50 for that price....

  • 22ALLEK
    22ALLEK 10 days ago

    Any who

  • mike s
    mike s 10 days ago

    Damn it man ! Its a a vacuum diaphragm, not a vacuum canister ! A canister is just a large container for the vacuum !

  • K
    K 10 days ago

    Cherry ..... My dad had a truck just like it converted to floor shift 302 2barrel and that thing started every time even sitting for months.... It was rotted out in the late 90s and even after he sold it some guy still would drive it around cool trucks

  • Stan Webb
    Stan Webb 10 days ago

    12 to 2 on the clock that is a lot of play....surprised it did not jump the timing and mess up the interior of engine, as rod or the crank case !!!!!

  • danetbra63
    danetbra63 11 days ago

    Actually watched this video to see a little bit of your ignition setup, I know it's been a while since this was uploaded, but what distributor is in your motor? Are you still running the Ford duraspark ignition system? I think that would be a good video idea some day to explain how it works! Love that channel man!

  • Working mans restorations

    Looks good

  • Kenneth Rinderhagen
    Kenneth Rinderhagen 11 days ago

    Thank you i have a 14016379 Small Block V8 1977-1979 350, 2 bolt or 4 bolt in 1981 G30. After turning the the crank to line up the crank mark with zero i found my distributer to be pointing at 6:30 while the number one wire is placed at 11:00 on tbe distributer cap

  • mpbrown18
    mpbrown18 11 days ago

    It pulls a lot of air (and everything else), I once changed the filter in my 2004 GP and found a $20 bill in the air box.

  • Vulgar Hyena
    Vulgar Hyena 11 days ago

    Thank you. Your videos are great and easy to follow. I'm quite enjoying this carb on my 1970 c20 350/350. I just bolted it on and set idle mixture and curb idle, so I'm looking into adjusting the secondaries via a holley spring kit.

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio 12 days ago

    Hablas demasiado y demuestras poco : )

  • gcmsguru34j
    gcmsguru34j 12 days ago

    It is an extremely good idea to prelubricate the cylinder, piston, and rings before assembly. Also, it's much easier to install the ringed piston into the cylinder before placing the cylinder on the studs; leave the piston pin boss just short of the bottom of the cylinder, place the cylinder on the studs, and install the pin and end clips.

  • Blake Becky Wahls
    Blake Becky Wahls 12 days ago

    enjoy your videos. will this parts list work for a 5.8?