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  • richard fleming
    richard fleming Hour ago

    the one is the one-sans

  • Wanted Wario
    Wanted Wario 4 hours ago

    That first one is me

  • Berlins side chick
    Berlins side chick 6 hours ago

    Me trying to get into berleezys house

  • Alex Tompkins
    Alex Tompkins 7 hours ago

    Fuck this. Fuck TikTok. Fuck any person who liked this horrid monstrosity

  • IIZyTim II
    IIZyTim II 8 hours ago

    1:56 xD

  • noob roblox
    noob roblox 9 hours ago

    6:15 best meme Pewdiepie and Andrew spider man

  • Gail Nielsen
    Gail Nielsen 9 hours ago

    0:15 we’ll be right back

  • Alex 420
    Alex 420 10 hours ago

    This meme cannot die

  • 科學家42號kevin kuo

    When you forget your key in your car

  • Unexpected Potato
    Unexpected Potato 12 hours ago

    2:03 two gang members have a dance off; 1899, colorized

  • Nate dubois
    Nate dubois 13 hours ago

    Me when I get kicked from the class group chat

  • Roman Rader
    Roman Rader 14 hours ago

    It’s going to be king K rule for Yoshi

    • Roman Rader
      Roman Rader 14 hours ago

      Because they’re the same I mean they look the same

  • quý lý
    quý lý 18 hours ago

    Channel name: is Cartoon Network Also him: PLAY THAT FUXKING MUSIC Me: [Anger]

  • Senko San
    Senko San 19 hours ago

    one two seven three tell the rock i fell asleep

  • HoodieStandUser.mp4
    HoodieStandUser.mp4 20 hours ago

    1:26 I remember that movie- good times 2:36 HOLY SHIT- I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

  • Farrel Gaga41
    Farrel Gaga41 22 hours ago

    That was How Mafia Work

  • วงกต คนดีแอนด์เลว

    Tom boss and jerry crook

  • Owen Thompson
    Owen Thompson Day ago

    Someone please pass the bleach

  • DiGi S
    DiGi S Day ago

    RDR2 the musical 2:20

  • DiGi S
    DiGi S Day ago

    Dutches latest plan 1:51

  • Bryan Vazquez
    Bryan Vazquez Day ago

    I’ve been hit by a suv

  • Warzone
    Warzone Day ago


  • naruto uzumaki

    The first one was good but tic too ruined this song I love it in nihcore thx tic tic for ruining cradles and this😭

  • SillyGaming 6000

    How sans became who he is today 3:41

  • The Canadian Askew

    So that's where Fortnite gets it's dances from.

  • Bb
    Bb Day ago

    1:46 aged well

  • JamesPlayz
    JamesPlayz Day ago

    How is it so easy to make characters say Sans.

  • The Ice King
    The Ice King Day ago

    0:48 He has stopped the already stopped car *clap* *clap* *clap*

  • Julian Bodenschatz

    0:47 literally just happened I'm still on the toilet

  • Jordan Salmon
    Jordan Salmon Day ago

    4:36 those trains are useless

  • Jordan Salmon
    Jordan Salmon Day ago

    Those trains are useless.

  • jurassic Productions

    1:16 the T. rex part was my favourite because his dancing and doing for nite dances with his tiny hands

  • Ivan 777
    Ivan 777 Day ago

    Самое лучchshee 3:18

  • GhOsT Brawl Stars

    0:35 episode?

  • Bryan Wells
    Bryan Wells Day ago

    Its official white guys cant do black dances they dance like they are missing bones


    1:53 when sans see chara pressing reset button and why he did dat

  • Gina Parilla
    Gina Parilla 2 days ago

    0:08 what was it called again...?

  • IamFloris
    IamFloris 2 days ago

    1, 2, 7, 3 down the rockerfeller street, isreal is an illegitimate state.

  • David Moore
    David Moore 2 days ago

    3:42 noob sans 3:50 pro sans


    FINISH HIM 0:09


    FINISH HIM 00:9

  • ThunderBolt
    ThunderBolt 2 days ago

    8:44 so true

  • Mechanicaless
    Mechanicaless 2 days ago

    I knew our boi Sans would make it to smash.

  • Purpladヅ
    Purpladヅ 2 days ago

    Thanos is killing me xD hahahahahha

  • Raul Ramirez
    Raul Ramirez 2 days ago

    3:26 Oh the irony of this meme...

  • ก หก
    ก หก 2 days ago


  • Anna V. B.
    Anna V. B. 2 days ago

    UnderFormers Sans in punguise

  • Pedro Assunção
    Pedro Assunção 2 days ago

    Its very rare to see a person with the same youtube icon!

  • ext hase
    ext hase 2 days ago

    03:12 xD

    QWERTY HD 2 days ago


  • DespacitoDaniel
    DespacitoDaniel 2 days ago

    Girls when they play rdr 2: 10:51 XY Chromosomers: 2:23

  • ayeland
    ayeland 3 days ago

    where's the 14:56 clip from

  • I'm stupid
    I'm stupid 3 days ago

    Please tell me he’s relevant again.

  • Dark Web Hacker
    Dark Web Hacker 3 days ago

    Ɽ.ł.₱ ₲₦Ø₥Ɇ 0:47

  • Alan Mosso
    Alan Mosso 3 days ago

    Living mouse 🐁named Jerry

  • ZDeadfallout Xx
    ZDeadfallout Xx 3 days ago

    8:41 *Mission failed, we'll get em next time*

  • Reece Dixon
    Reece Dixon 3 days ago

    1 2 7 3 Damn that is a lot of Cringey fortnite dances

  • free tacos
    free tacos 3 days ago

    Song at the starting?... anyone please

  • The Thinking Being
    The Thinking Being 3 days ago

    I honestly didn’t like MJ in the original Spider-Man. I realised she’s kind of the weak link in the Spider-Man Parrymary trio. Toby Maguire’s Peter was far too good for her. I actually didn’t like her at all. I looked back at the movie and realised that I cringed at every moment she was on screen 😬. Sorry MJ fans, not sorry.

  • Koko Belo
    Koko Belo 3 days ago


  • Ahmet Ay
    Ahmet Ay 3 days ago

    Music name

  • Jake Gamer
    Jake Gamer 3 days ago

    4:39 Just *Screams*

  • Roberto Grantosa
    Roberto Grantosa 4 days ago

    Roblox is start to noob then you use robux you can buy anything on Catalog then you avatar is new@

  • gaming 2d fan gorillaz

    I got a question so at 2:50 how do I make my gun shoot like that ?

    • iTZ_ZuFaX.
      iTZ_ZuFaX. Day ago

      Of you play on ps4 zehn press r3, you should be in dead eye. Then press R1 on a enemy and there will be a Red thingy. You can click IT as much as u have bullets So if you have 6 shots in Revolver u can press 6 Times.

  • Yordanks Socarras
    Yordanks Socarras 4 days ago

    Ok cannnd mand

  • Oriond34 Mega
    Oriond34 Mega 4 days ago

    Bowser is genderless Doesn’t have a dick Therefore it’s not gay to like bowsette

  • Aspien Girl
    Aspien Girl 4 days ago

    Some of these are hilarious, Some of these are good, Some of these are so bad. 🤣

  • Anna Caputo
    Anna Caputo 4 days ago


  • jelduro28 retierd channel

    I got the add whenn the vid started

  • hector vazquez
    hector vazquez 4 days ago

    No more

  • Wolf Squad O.G.
    Wolf Squad O.G. 4 days ago

    Me when I see candy it’s 50000$ am poor I need more money got too go too the bank

  • Stalkerka BTS
    Stalkerka BTS 4 days ago

    9:55 what’s that anime?

  • Mar y Andy
    Mar y Andy 4 days ago

    Why Rick Astley in the Video

  • Stalkerka BTS
    Stalkerka BTS 4 days ago

    23% - Sans memes 87% - Megalovania memes

  • Stalkerka BTS
    Stalkerka BTS 4 days ago

    0:40 is that papyrus

  • TheGoldminor
    TheGoldminor 4 days ago

    1:42 the prophecy

  • Oof Idiotman123
    Oof Idiotman123 4 days ago

    The mafia in real life: am I a joke to you

    • Jose Blanco
      Jose Blanco 2 days ago

      Then they use social media as influence for racketeering and all that. They could make money off of this.

  • I am real Kevin
    I am real Kevin 4 days ago

    First 4 guys ia perfect movement others are vera very bad

  • Noob 9281
    Noob 9281 4 days ago

    I got r/whoosh I don't understand these memes

  • Marcus Ward
    Marcus Ward 4 days ago

    When you're falling in a dream.

  • Jaylon Dent
    Jaylon Dent 4 days ago

    1:30 When it's the last day of school

  • Zidan By
    Zidan By 4 days ago

    What the fuck infinyt stones

  • TripperSniffer
    TripperSniffer 5 days ago

    If you remember the old tiktok you deserve veteran discount

  • Carrot Mira
    Carrot Mira 5 days ago

    1:21 *Crook Boss in Tower Defense Simulator in Roblox*

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 5 days ago

    despite the voice used, "my asshole is in danger" is from a gay rape comic. that's a dude.

  • Majick
    Majick 5 days ago

    I still don't get the joke of calling Sans "Sans Undertale" like it's his last name. Is it supposed to be funny?

  • Alex Yordanov
    Alex Yordanov 5 days ago

    People, i need the song from 12:55? PLS

  • Foop '-'
    Foop '-' 5 days ago

    1273 I am sensing a dead meme

    • Foop '-'
      Foop '-' 3 days ago

      @Just Email *stupid

    • Just Email
      Just Email 3 days ago

      This is our culture it can't die stoopid

  • Ģirts Berkans
    Ģirts Berkans 5 days ago

    I actually got a mafia city ad

  • GZoneMax
    GZoneMax 5 days ago

    1, 2, 7, 3 Minecraft is the best thing Life is more than you think Siri?!

  • _wolf_ army
    _wolf_ army 5 days ago

    yeah boku no hero

  • Kadeisawesome
    Kadeisawesome 5 days ago

    Groundhog Day 7:55 - 8:18

  • Virgina Andrade
    Virgina Andrade 6 days ago

    what i hear: 127TREE dan the rocket fell asleep life is latching on do you feel that

  • parengaio Cookie
    parengaio Cookie 6 days ago

    Just kidding lol

  • parengaio Cookie
    parengaio Cookie 6 days ago

    Me lv 1: lalala oooo *takes money* Me lv 30: yey I’m rich 😂😂

  • choboc
    choboc 6 days ago

    When you enter he afterlife in coco

  • Richard Udaundo
    Richard Udaundo 6 days ago

    8:47 nah he's alright. He'll be back for Rdr1

  • Yuri '
    Yuri ' 6 days ago

    Its sad that everyone who makes these cant count higher than 144

  • Its gonna be ok
    Its gonna be ok 6 days ago

    where can i get the thumbnail