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How to Meal Prep
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Turmeric vs curcumin
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    OMGaNEWBIE 4 hours ago

    But what about "cooked" oats? What's their nutritional value?

  • Helen Ndow
    Helen Ndow 14 hours ago

    Fatty fish is too high in Uric acid , make my toes hurt.

  • Sylvia C.
    Sylvia C. 16 hours ago

    He is a parrot and knows little about Vitamin C

  • Rob S
    Rob S 17 hours ago

    Eat organic oats. Monsanto's glyphosate has contaminated most conventional.,main%20ingredient%20in%20weed%20killer

  • Rob S
    Rob S 18 hours ago,main%20ingredient%20in%20weed%20killer.

  • Adam Hilali
    Adam Hilali 20 hours ago

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  • Samir Goenka
    Samir Goenka Day ago

    My nephrologist advised me to eat everything since I am on Dialysis, he said it is more important that you eat well to get strength for Dialysis. He did ask me to restrict my fluid intake

    • Geoffrey Muchoki
      Geoffrey Muchoki 5 hours ago

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  • Goldfisheerie
    Goldfisheerie Day ago

    In one study they only fermented the sourdough for 8 hours! That’s not nearly enough. These scientists are not good bakers!

  • MarkOh 420
    MarkOh 420 Day ago

    Ashwagandha cleaned my brain - but in a bad way too My inner me was full of thougts and „inner conversations“ and a looot of creative ideas... now, after, Zero... quiet... maybe it comes back, but for now it’s a weired feeling

  • aitai sakura
    aitai sakura 2 days ago

    I love rice. Just dont eat a lot if you dont wNt to be fat. Its that simple

  • Jerez911
    Jerez911 2 days ago

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  • Esther Loske
    Esther Loske 2 days ago


    CLASSIFIEDGTA 2 days ago

    Leech lol.

  • chris wizo
    chris wizo 2 days ago

    The tastiest bread

  • Zappa Man
    Zappa Man 3 days ago

    This guy is fucking retarded. Probably a liberal.

  • Andrew Emery
    Andrew Emery 3 days ago

    Yes all true. I love oat meal. It is too bad that ALL oatmeal today is now laced with round up weed killer poison I'm told. All in the name of higher profit. No one is stopping this practice. I don't want a bowl of poison for breakfast.

  • Carpal Tunnel Gadgets

    Will a minute under the sun enough for me to get vitamin D? I know its not enough but will we still be able to get it after a few seconds under the sun?

  • j l
    j l 3 days ago

    Hell yeah, LaCroix all the way!

  • lance •
    lance • 3 days ago

    I have so much trouble. I am 5’1 (age 15) with a body weight of 87 lbs. I am a literal twig and it makes me so self conscious because I don’t have fat in the places where it is attractive (my chest, buttum, thighs, arms).

    • Wadu
      Wadu 2 hours ago


  • Goktug Erol
    Goktug Erol 3 days ago

    Germ in brown rice?

  • Mikelerone 3
    Mikelerone 3 3 days ago

    Is it true that tilapia is not a real fish it was created by Scientist?

  • Mokonachan92
    Mokonachan92 3 days ago

    I’ve experimented with every single weight loss manual and this fat loss program “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) is the one which works for me coupled with their goods to reduce fat. Also I am not feeding on much as I was previously, I still don’t feel jittery or even sense a crash I’ve shed around 15 pounds since making use of this product. .

  • Selby Hatcher
    Selby Hatcher 3 days ago

    I been keto for about 7 months now, and I use erythritol and stevia throughout the entire time I've been doing the diet. As of now I've lost 80 lbs and feel great.. Glucose doesn't rise and I've been in ketosis the whole diet. There are days when I have something not keto but I dont trip because I know I'm stay consistent with the macros

  • Veeresh N
    Veeresh N 4 days ago

    You look similar to Virat Kohli

  • Dorian Philotheates

    I am happy to report that, like oats, my car 🚗 is “naturally gluten-free”, and therefore “useful to a lot of people”...

  • Max Arias
    Max Arias 5 days ago

    The fuck is Match-a? It’s MA CHA Silent T you weirdo

  • tammy madriaga
    tammy madriaga 5 days ago

    Rice is life.

  • Life 2.0 on redpill

    Real men drink tonic water

  • NrX GmnG
    NrX GmnG 5 days ago

    Who's watching this after taking a tablet of sleepwell melatonin

  • Tom Dransfield
    Tom Dransfield 5 days ago

    I drink 3 letres a day and have done for years

  • Michael Angst
    Michael Angst 6 days ago

    I am extremely sensitive to smoke, and I can 100% say they do reduce the chemicals in the air from tobacco smoke. I personally think having a salt lamp or 2 in each area of your house, is probably the best thing you can possibly do to prevent lung cancer, besides obviously not smoking and avoiding 2nd hand smoke as much as possible.

  • Lalita P
    Lalita P 6 days ago


  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag 6 days ago

    isn't it best to eat beef pretty much raw like the Eskimo's of the north pole

  • Kaushik Bhowmick
    Kaushik Bhowmick 6 days ago

    All thanks to VEDIC AYURVEDA

  • myname Jeff
    myname Jeff 6 days ago

    Of course bulletproof is horrible for you if you are NOT in a keto diet! Lol this video is stupid. It's excellent for anyone in the keto diet as their diets consist of high fat.

  • Danie de Waal
    Danie de Waal 6 days ago

    Sparkling water is extremely good for my health. After paying for the copious amounts that I drink, I have no money left for soda, cake or candy.

  • gemz quiambao
    gemz quiambao 6 days ago

    waaaaaah blah blah blahhh.. you have slang so make sure you pronounce it slowly so we all understand.. so fast.. hahaha

  • Girl Girly
    Girl Girly 7 days ago

    Is this available in kerala

  • Will M
    Will M 7 days ago

    Flavor hands down goes to peanut oil.

  • Pointless Potato
    Pointless Potato 7 days ago

    Potatoes are good Potatoes are good Potatoes are good Potatoes are good Potatoes are good I swear to gosh Potatoes are good 😁

  • Weird Awesome
    Weird Awesome 8 days ago

    Virat Kohli look alike

  • John Batoy
    John Batoy 8 days ago

    I already buy usana pure rest.. is it ok to take it?

  • a del
    a del 8 days ago

    this dr thinks otherwise;

  • Roger H
    Roger H 8 days ago

    Too much hedging. Either it can or it can't. Dont be afraid of big pharma!

  • KJR Pavan
    KJR Pavan 9 days ago

    Madarchod! These whites are using our ayurvedic medicines.

  • Christabel
    Christabel 9 days ago

    I love eating my salmon raw! :)

  • Tracey Scott
    Tracey Scott 9 days ago

    This is wonderful, just starting to learn about digestive bitters. Thank you!!!

  • Brenda Drew
    Brenda Drew 9 days ago

    Have been taking Ashwaganda over the past year now and found it to be fantastic! Great for C-PTSD/anxiety/depression but didn't know that it was also good for muscle strength as well. As a former fitness trainer/weight lifter with a mild form of MS I found this very interesting since my quads aren't as strong as they use to be now that I'm 71 years old! When I was a fitness trainer I leg pressed 400 lbs in my late 40s. So I'm hoping this will help me as I continue to weight train but I use much lighter weights now! I'm always telling everyone about this great herb...hasn't been around for 5000 years for nothing! Much better than Prozac with it's potentially lethal side effects! Thanks for sharing~ "knowledge is power"!

  • Dianna Clark
    Dianna Clark 9 days ago

    I have found that the 'physician' I have been assigned to has an appalling lack of knowledge about everything alternative. Therefore my knowledge will have to suffice.

  • Wolfi
    Wolfi 10 days ago

    I wanted you to say ice cream. I’m still getting ice cream

  • kahea2018
    kahea2018 10 days ago

    Wow. Well done. Informative.

  • Carbage Man
    Carbage Man 10 days ago

    This is a deceptive video. It's not about the amount of omega 3. It's about the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. With grass fed, it's addition by subtraction. People shouldn't be getting so much omega 6. You also avoided discussing the reality that grain is GMO trash that's drenched in poison, and that poison has an even higher impact because it concentrates in animal flesh. You're doing a great disservice by publishing this nonsense!

  • Iatro Lifesciences
    Iatro Lifesciences 10 days ago We manufacture patented soluble curcumin - BioSOLVE™ Curcumin Capsule

  • Creazioni di Realta
    Creazioni di Realta 11 days ago

    I'm an ape and I can tell you it's true however all this hair is thill on me 😀😀 🦍

  • Chingy Changy
    Chingy Changy 11 days ago

    You didn’t mention “Organic”’ only!

  • Eduardo Lauren
    Eduardo Lauren 11 days ago

    I’ve tried out each and every weight loss manual and this weight loss plan “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) is the one that is effective for me coupled with their items to get rid of fat. Even I am not consuming much as I was previously, I still don’t really feel jittery or perhaps feel a crash Since making use of the methods stipulated in this program, I shed 15 lbs by now. .

  • Kathleen Goodwin
    Kathleen Goodwin 11 days ago

    I am following most the rules but i am still weighing myself and having cream in my coffee two things that i did not want to give up how ever I have not had any candy or energy drinks and i am drinking way more water so i think I can live with this doing it my way You think that is ok

  • mesiroy1234
    mesiroy1234 12 days ago

    But who tf eat raw red meat???

  • Galaxy FrostByteXLD
    Galaxy FrostByteXLD 12 days ago

    Justin tucker?

  • Steven Arcand
    Steven Arcand 12 days ago

    *Eats Oat Old Fashioned Rolled Oates with added Chia Seeds and Ground Flax seeds, blood sugar shoots through the roof* Oh yeah, that guy on the internet was right about lowering blood sugar....

    • a del
      a del 8 days ago

  • Bahap Tayang
    Bahap Tayang 12 days ago

    Tomatoes are good while sickness???

  • Hussain omer
    Hussain omer 13 days ago

    I took both before and after like 1 scoop before workout 1 scoop before bed. Just do it if you want better result.

  • Denton Woods
    Denton Woods 13 days ago

    There is no risk of danger of real milk. Its milk not a pharmaceutical drug. Letting it sit unrefrigerated makes it even better. Please find a wise elder to teach you about life.

    • Denton Woods
      Denton Woods 10 days ago

      @EXQUISITE ANGELS No one told you to drink factory raw milk.... why are you twisting things...of course you should know your farmer. Animal and forage health also are factors. In general, unprocess high quality milk will not spoil in reasonable "sets" and ferments when allowed to rest even when unrefridgerated. Remember "spoiled" is your perception of it not meaning it is actually not good for you.

      EXQUISITE ANGELS 10 days ago

      @Denton Woods learning what . stop making assumptions i am a final year medical student in India and second my grandfather is a farmer and he raises cows and buffaloes and sells there milk for a living. and let me tell you raw milk goes bad in 10 -12 hours unless you freeze it or boil it . and the point i am making is not that pasteurized milk or homogenized milk is better then raw milk. the point is the risk of contamination is very high . for example my grandfather sells milk to local dairy who then deliver the milk to buyer . so there are three to four utensils that are used to store milk before it reaches buyers so you have to assume that all those are sterile if you want to drink raw milk . so it is safe that you boil milk . so unless you have a drink access to a dairy farmer which luckily i do , you would be taking a huge gamble that all people involved are taking required precautions

    • Denton Woods
      Denton Woods 10 days ago

      @EXQUISITE ANGELS You are still not learning ..just talking. I will leave you to your virtual reality.

      EXQUISITE ANGELS 10 days ago

      @Denton Woods risk of contamination is same whether its raw milk or pasteurized .

    • Denton Woods
      Denton Woods 10 days ago

      @EXQUISITE ANGELS you are stating things when you should be asking. There is less risk for contamination for pure raw milk. It's the industrial milk that needs to be boiled in order to cover up the fecal matter etc that it comes with. Real milk will ferment and clean itself in most cases. "Set' milk is very common for individuals that have real life experiences. Find an elder and start asking questions.

  • beano boi
    beano boi 13 days ago

    Ok I just made a cinnamon milkshake and it has 2 tablespoons of cinnamon is this OK???

  • GzDragoNz blockman go 2nd account

    I tried Water Soda for first time because i thought it has the same taste of Sprite. And it taste very salty.

  • Allynicole Miller
    Allynicole Miller 13 days ago

    Does anyone else experience leg pain from taking melatonin? I’ve had to adjust my levels by decreasing the amount I take and I’m fine. About 15 mgs works well for me. I’m a 30 year old adult female weighing at 160 and standing at 5’9”. If I increase my dose, my legs will throb and ache during the night and throughout the day. Please let me know if anyone else experienced these symptoms.

  • Matthew Vu
    Matthew Vu 14 days ago


  • B Elliott
    B Elliott 14 days ago

    He keeps saying "it may" do something instead of "it does" do something.

    • Vads Thompson
      Vads Thompson 13 days ago

      B Elliott It is not a patented, he can be charged if he doesn’t get his words right.

  • Julian Ortega
    Julian Ortega 14 days ago

    Please have joe make a video about Date sugar (if it’s good or bad) and which kind is best.

  • Germán Moreno
    Germán Moreno 14 days ago

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  • Mayet Pedregosa
    Mayet Pedregosa 14 days ago

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      abid kalri 14 days ago

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  • Akash Anvekar
    Akash Anvekar 15 days ago

    omg sun is racist too :P

  • Riidwan Rahat
    Riidwan Rahat 15 days ago

    I would rather eat meat

    DANG JOS 15 days ago

    By the way, I've read that Saigon Cinnamon has almost twice the coumarin content of even Cassia.

  • larry gao
    larry gao 15 days ago

    I saw in lot's of soda water with contains sodium. Is that the "acid" part you talk about?

  • Ciathos
    Ciathos 16 days ago


  • San Ga
    San Ga 16 days ago

    Nice information regards G Sathyanarayana from thane Maharashtra India

  • 456 123
    456 123 17 days ago

    Asian have eating since thousands of years no problems.

    * VERITAS 18 days ago

    I been taking it for 1 week now and I can move items with my mind!!!

    • Kaushik Bhowmick
      Kaushik Bhowmick 6 days ago

      And you are on wheel chair and should soon be in the mental asylum, because you are gone mad

  • leonardo cangiano
    leonardo cangiano 18 days ago

    The most powerful medicine is black seed oil......nothing came even close

  • elmer cook
    elmer cook 18 days ago

    The rice diet cures Kidney disease

  • Ernest Isaac
    Ernest Isaac 18 days ago

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  • VladKorotaev
    VladKorotaev 18 days ago

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  • Zahir David
    Zahir David 18 days ago

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  • Retreaded Rambo
    Retreaded Rambo 18 days ago

    No matter what you want to shove in your mouth you'll always find a way to justify it

  • T K
    T K 18 days ago

    Hindu sages have given so much to us in the form of Ayurveda. 🙏

  • SuperLubot
    SuperLubot 18 days ago

    "It is always the dose that makes the poison."

  • AskLizz
    AskLizz 19 days ago

    I stumbled on this video and I think fruits are awesome. The best rule; anything you eat, just eat considerably. You can never go wrong with a great diet! Check out these foods for fast weight loss👇

  • Juan Camaney
    Juan Camaney 19 days ago

    I think that white rice comes from white folks and brown rice comes from us Mexicans .

  • ZombielandPB
    ZombielandPB 19 days ago

    Why is it when I eat Grain fed my ankylosing Spondylitis flares up but when I eat Grass fed it does not?

    • Carbage Man
      Carbage Man 10 days ago

      @ZombielandPB Yes, I get it, but most of the readers are going to have no idea why.

    • ZombielandPB
      ZombielandPB 10 days ago

      @Carbage Man My question had hidden sarcasm.

    • Carbage Man
      Carbage Man 10 days ago

      Too much omega-6 and glyphosate residue.

  • S Anwar
    S Anwar 19 days ago

    Can I take KFC chicken on everyday basis if I am CKD (kidney Failure) patient..

  • Severious Black
    Severious Black 20 days ago

    Read "Thyropedia: An Encyclopaedia of Thyroidology" for more details. Google "Thyropedia"

  • Jajajajtoydgkskfzjzkgxclos

    Please answere. Does lemon water make your urine clear

  • Backyard Brook
    Backyard Brook 20 days ago

    Scam! Possibly helps with constipation.

  • Vasilios Agio
    Vasilios Agio 20 days ago

    Just take a strong 10 000 mg celery seed extract once daily ajd eat whatever you want ...ive proved it

  • Bigfishfishingsa
    Bigfishfishingsa 21 day ago

    Stay away from trt therapy unless had head injury or ya balls got squashed in a vice. It's life style that makes it low. You start trt and ya fucked, especially young. Can go fertile and it may become a life time commitment. Once off you'll go back to being worse or have no natural at all. Stay Natty. The end consequences of body dismorphia etc will screw ya mentally.

  • Bigfishfishingsa
    Bigfishfishingsa 21 day ago

    Lose fat will boost tesrestorone and healthy food plus lifting weights. Get ya bloods done while fat, then done while losing it. Can go up 10 fold

  • Micha Will
    Micha Will 22 days ago

    I've learned more from RU-clip comments in one year - ironically especially on "expert's" channels - than anything I learned at school. It's changed my life

  • Rome Pama
    Rome Pama 22 days ago


  • Ron Clark
    Ron Clark 22 days ago

    ....increased urination?