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DUST Trailer | 2019
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  • Bronxguygunhillrd
    Bronxguygunhillrd 11 minutes ago

    Good acting

  • Heyward Shepherd
    Heyward Shepherd 13 minutes ago

    What the hell was that?

  • RobMacKendrick
    RobMacKendrick 18 minutes ago

    What is it with South Africans and dystopian sci fi? And why don't we see a lot MORE South African dystopian sci fi??

  • 1776adb
    1776adb 27 minutes ago

    Does anyone think that with all this recent talk of UFO incounters were in for a major announcement in the near future?

  • willard fillmore
    willard fillmore 35 minutes ago

    I love the technology..!!

  • wolfen244
    wolfen244 38 minutes ago

    I love this short - that is way toooooooooo short. Dang it. I've seen this 3 times now and every time I see so much potential for at least 5 or six different ways to handle a great story.

  • Cheri Smalley
    Cheri Smalley Hour ago

    That was freaking awesome!!

  • goldeneddie
    goldeneddie Hour ago

    Hang on - if he's identical to his other self, what was the problem with his fingerprint? Or have I missed something?

  • maria kerrid
    maria kerrid Hour ago

    i command u guys expand these movies, pretty please

  • MikE WhiskeY
    MikE WhiskeY Hour ago

    A place where the fruits of extraordinary minds demonstrate extraordinary stories with extrodinary possibilities.

  • Lisa Grace
    Lisa Grace Hour ago

    On an 800 dollar budget? Fantastic. Better than 99% of the movies out there. Loved this.

  • Eric Bana
    Eric Bana Hour ago

    just imagine a door to door delivery from alien outer space

    [REDACTADO] Hour ago

    This is some Black mirror shit

  • A Santi
    A Santi Hour ago

    I’m getting these mixed with black mirror episodes now.

  • AbeSapian
    AbeSapian Hour ago


  • Crooz
    Crooz Hour ago

    And this is the reason why i avoid these 'short' movies, they're shit,

  • Vickeeo
    Vickeeo Hour ago

    Nice Lovecraftian flavour to it.

  • alex Marshall
    alex Marshall 2 hours ago

    Roald Dahlian in consequence...very spooky...truly deserving 👉👍👈!!

  • Md Harunur Rashid
    Md Harunur Rashid 2 hours ago

    Can anyone translate Bangla please...

  • alex Marshall
    alex Marshall 2 hours ago

    Apart from the bank official being completely inappropriate a good try...👉😈👈

  • Robert Sorrell
    Robert Sorrell 2 hours ago

    We need a full movie js

  • Polly Ann
    Polly Ann 2 hours ago

    Theys in big trouble!😱LOL

  • Gloria
    Gloria 2 hours ago

    The other Harry Potter, the South African one

  • T X J
    T X J 2 hours ago

    Personally, I wouldnt be experimenting with any time travel technology until I read every single scrap of paper in that room first. Maybe not even then.

  • Tina White
    Tina White 3 hours ago

    My eyes are wet, what a great short film. I am calling my mom right now.

  • DJ A.K.A
    DJ A.K.A 3 hours ago

    Flight we are go for FTL burn, in 3 2 1 Boom.... 3 min later Booms out in Mars orbit.. Catchy scene 🤘😎

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis 3 hours ago


  • Mike Stonez
    Mike Stonez 4 hours ago

    Waste of our lives waste of your money. Fkn garage

  • DrZook
    DrZook 4 hours ago

    Best Dust flick ever.

  • Brutus Pequenus
    Brutus Pequenus 4 hours ago

    Great story. The final scene with the banker .. loved it!

  • john goodall
    john goodall 4 hours ago

    What a wonderfully written and fresh take on what the future could hold for mankind. So clever how the plot never really shows all the twist and turns, it certainly kept my attention right to the end. Very well done, and I hope you do expand this into a very successful future. Best regards from John in England

  • Janet Hagaman
    Janet Hagaman 4 hours ago

    I have watched this video over and over, It's an amazing piece of work over a ten year period. I can even empathize with the machines. Kudos to Brett Foxwell. Job well done, I give it a 10!

  • DrZook
    DrZook 4 hours ago

    White people are really funny looking! No offense.

  • William Brilla
    William Brilla 4 hours ago

    "Aliens" meets "I Am Legend"... MEH! No need to continue. F/X were good!

  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 5 hours ago

    So he was crazy on pills and killed himself.

  • Charles Xll
    Charles Xll 5 hours ago

    Makes a very good point. Private police is essentially just a mafia protection scheme in different clothing.

  • john goodall
    john goodall 5 hours ago

    He is not having a good day is he?

  • Chantelle Slabbert
    Chantelle Slabbert 5 hours ago

    So happy to see Dust in Cape Town!! When are you coming to SA again? Love the title!! Any other South Africans love Dust?

  • Dima HD
    Dima HD 5 hours ago


  • Wilfredo Mendez
    Wilfredo Mendez 5 hours ago

    I liked the owl coffee mock, and the next generation Nintendo 3ds

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 5 hours ago

    Taken from The Cold Equations , first published in 1954. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cold_Equations

  • Shyren More
    Shyren More 5 hours ago

    Can someone plz explain me what just happened here?

  • Thaw Jugs Official
    Thaw Jugs Official 5 hours ago

    Great, I laughed at this way to hard ru-clip.com/video/qTA_QWLV7vo/video.html

  • E Hole
    E Hole 6 hours ago

    Well done.

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown 6 hours ago

    Love hopes.... hopes lie.... truth lives.... hopes die

  • Wars Of Stars
    Wars Of Stars 6 hours ago


  • PandoraWolf
    PandoraWolf 6 hours ago

    So they invented FTL to bring internet to mars. I say so dam worth it.

  • Bill Randleman
    Bill Randleman 6 hours ago

    Using a shovel in bare feet but EYE PROTECTION!

  • chap666ish
    chap666ish 6 hours ago


  • Bill Randleman
    Bill Randleman 6 hours ago

    Either fix the ballast on that light fixture or unplug the damned thing.

  • Mr Man person
    Mr Man person 6 hours ago

    lol dont show this to party people

  • Kirk Lazarus
    Kirk Lazarus 6 hours ago


  • 4th Gen Productions
    4th Gen Productions 7 hours ago

    Goes into the bathroom and starts coughing... Coughs up slug and then flashes into the Upside Down... Comes back to our world... Wife: Will? Are you okay? We now know what happens to Will Byers in the future...

  • Taras Wertelecki
    Taras Wertelecki 7 hours ago

    Oh wow, a masseuse and terminatrix all in one.

  • 히히공부
    히히공부 7 hours ago

    와 너무 멋져요👍

  • Mr Man person
    Mr Man person 7 hours ago

    This is how the world is, think about it, if you say the certain words to sleeping people, people respond in a police way, its like when a program has been programmed to report an error automatically.. this is how deep the brainwash go'es.. not to say global warming... its almost forbidden to say the truth, its not human caused.. and when you do, what happens.. even though science has proof, its ignored, and lies spread through media, which eventually becomes tax money.. disturbing. This short movies represents this, even the police officer at the end knew it was wrong, and he got woken up by the innocent, touched by it.. acted on it.

  • DigzGuy
    DigzGuy 8 hours ago

    Fantastic work. You have a great future ahead of you in the movies! Bravo!

  • Witching Mushroom
    Witching Mushroom 8 hours ago

    live your own lifes, don't listen anyone ! ! ! Everythings will be OK)

  • Soniya Jain
    Soniya Jain 8 hours ago

    I can't understand this. Is there anyone to help?

  • Witching Mushroom
    Witching Mushroom 8 hours ago

    soooo??? is she fly away or smth?))

  • Kurt Jensen
    Kurt Jensen 8 hours ago

    Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Fur Ball
    Fur Ball 8 hours ago

    1.5 million views should have been translated into 1.5 million 👎. Don’t watch it unless you have absolutely nothing better to do.

  • KatanaBart
    KatanaBart 8 hours ago

    I don't need an app to find my hand

  • DrZook
    DrZook 9 hours ago

    The ferret was awesome! I love ferrets.

  • Dale Mitchell
    Dale Mitchell 9 hours ago

    ru-clip.com/video/-ZM9nKuc4ic/video.html Isolated ........ By Jack!sm.......Autism's Got Real Talent

  • Joan DelUr
    Joan DelUr 9 hours ago

    I'm not surprise at all, we'll seen some sort of this not so far in near future, almost...trans-humanism it's around the corner.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special 9 hours ago

    Waiting for parts 2 through 12.

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special 9 hours ago

    Republicans would love this. Not only would they love it, they would find a way to force it on people.

  • Majik Blak
    Majik Blak 9 hours ago


  • Wallcroft
    Wallcroft 10 hours ago

    I don't understand this

  • Cristian Sandu
    Cristian Sandu 10 hours ago

    A Black Mirror silver Sharp.

  • immrnoidall
    immrnoidall 10 hours ago

    this story is unbleemable.

  • krripp kanojia
    krripp kanojia 10 hours ago

    Well, i saw an alien there ... Did you too ???

  • Doug Sasse
    Doug Sasse 11 hours ago

    Brilliant! I was on the edge of my seat the entire way through!

  • bunjit65
    bunjit65 11 hours ago

    Drain the creature of "useful" portions for future consumption, then kill it. Seems OK by western standards.

  • Antoine Misran
    Antoine Misran 11 hours ago

    woaah amazing!

  • Ainaz Daniel
    Ainaz Daniel 11 hours ago

    Doreamon Item

  • Mohammed Shafei
    Mohammed Shafei 11 hours ago

    Do NOT waste your time!!!

  • Ainaz Daniel
    Ainaz Daniel 11 hours ago

    Elien from Halo

  • Nox Vega
    Nox Vega 11 hours ago

    Those 9 minutes flew by!

  • Jacquelynn
    Jacquelynn 12 hours ago

    I am Legend building reboot

  • bunjit65
    bunjit65 12 hours ago

    People should have enough respect to kill their parents nicely when the time comes. She said to kill her and he should have carried out his parents command. Piss-weak bastard.

  • rexdude
    rexdude 12 hours ago

    Zombie genre has been overdone to death. Fucking cliched crap. No, I am least interested to know what happens next, I've already seen Resident Evil, Walking Dead and others like this.

  • Peter Atkin
    Peter Atkin 12 hours ago

    Bloody Good, this should be turned into a series of some kind.

  • Jimmy Demello
    Jimmy Demello 13 hours ago

    Happy then depressed.

  • spock
    spock 14 hours ago

    Their language is minion language

  • adagator33
    adagator33 14 hours ago

    Worker possessed is now a fucktard? 😂 this was awesome!! 10

  • Apatheism
    Apatheism 15 hours ago

    Who made this? Video games are evil, technology is evil, pizza is evil, porn is evil. The Catholic Church produced this garbage? What a load of shit. Oh no! Somebody is playing video games! There must be something WRONG with that person.

  • Teddy Kimathi
    Teddy Kimathi 15 hours ago

    "Time Trap" cracked my ribs. The alien was acting like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Wahyu Cahyadi
    Wahyu Cahyadi 15 hours ago

    Amazing videos

  • goldeneddie
    goldeneddie 15 hours ago

    Genius. So much to appreciate in this short film - the concept, the script, the acting, the twin, parallel yet divergent messages. Really, really smart and slick.

  • ratkinzluver33
    ratkinzluver33 16 hours ago

    That machine design is gorgeous. I want a full movie so badly.

  • The1stDukeDroklar
    The1stDukeDroklar 16 hours ago

    Loved the flick but not buying the motivation for what he did.

  • Mlbon Fox
    Mlbon Fox 16 hours ago

    Everyone dies broke and alone ///

  • Joe Hinch
    Joe Hinch 16 hours ago

    Good. But PART ONE?

  • goldeneddie
    goldeneddie 16 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure the Owner's Manual for that rifle would have carried a warning: 'Do not attempt to attach scope whilst this rifle is loaded, as you may accidentally shoot your ferret.'

  • Bill Randleman
    Bill Randleman 17 hours ago

    Guy is a waste of resources some one needed to put him out of his misery some time ago.

  • mudassir Bukhari
    mudassir Bukhari 17 hours ago

    Madam your order is here, lightning fast delivery. Swiggy got a competition

  • goldeneddie
    goldeneddie 17 hours ago

    Uuuuwhat? More like ZZzzzzzz....