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  • Chaz Spellman
    Chaz Spellman 17 hours ago

    Scooters ARE more practical than a motorcycle. BUT a Yamaha XT225 (or XT250 if you want FI) easily gets 85 miles per gallon, is air cooled, has a single cylinder, a low 31.9” seat height (that sags even lower when you sit on it and compress the soft off roar suspension) and can be ridden over much more unforgiving terrain, etc. Worth a consideration for someone who still enjoys shifting gears and exploring but wants scooter-like simplicity and gas mileage :)

  • Rahul Kumar Mandal

    I don't know why he wasted his money in this highly expansive diy.. Just buy sonoff😂 of 5$

  • Rahul Kumar Mandal

    This most expensive alxa DIY I have seen, he was wasted his money in resbery pi screen, wireless mouse keyboard and alexa itself which can be adopted by amazon free so cost as a developer and implement in resbery pi free. I can make this whole thing beside Relay board

  • M Roseman41
    M Roseman41 Day ago

    Looks awesome!!! But...who takes their watch off and then clasps it again to charge it?

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson Day ago

    I would be tempted to drill and dowel pin the frame and gantry joints. You are relying on friction to keep things located without dowel pins fitted.

  • Andreas Panagi Tavelis

    sorry man that's a pussy bike and driving it you'll lose your masculinity 😔

  • Ab Parvize
    Ab Parvize Day ago

    poor video only tack not riding.....

  • Luc Wijdeveld
    Luc Wijdeveld 2 days ago

    Secured incorrectly, do not attach anything to the handlebars, that can break off or bend.

  • DukatiDoctor TARDIS

    My friend and I hooked a weed water engine to a sharpener similar to this. It worked for a while but melted/welded the sharpener pieces together

  • Sanjeev Dandekar
    Sanjeev Dandekar 2 days ago

    This video in the attached link explains this concept in a much easier way to understand. ru-clip.com/video/Uwl3-jBNEd4/video.html What do you think?

  • Nora Hung
    Nora Hung 3 days ago

    Lake of ball screw nut or shaft? If you have some we can help, please let me know!

  • Jenny
    Jenny 5 days ago

    Well I am a girl so what trade

  • SegaDisneyUniverse
    SegaDisneyUniverse 5 days ago

    Meh, I'm doing just fine with my Tao Tao scooter. It may not last as long as a Honda or Vespa, but it's cheap to maintain. Take care of it, and it'll take care of you.

  • coffee to Ride
    coffee to Ride 5 days ago

    Pcx with a 400 cc would be great beautifull scooter

  • 1234
    1234 5 days ago

    I'm sorry but cars just make too much sense IMO..... smaller cars are what I'm into.

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 5 days ago

    if you wanna be rich, drive scooter for transportation

  • Saurav Gupta
    Saurav Gupta 6 days ago

    I would choose a Roth irrespective of the tax bracket (whether you are starting out or about to retire)...the future is uncertain (and taxes will only probably go up if we think rationally)...I would also put after-tax maximum allowed into Roth and cut down on my expenses now to reap the benefits of the tax-free growth for the years to come. For 401Ks...it is still Roth but unfortunately can't do much about the employer contribution (tax-deferred)...Whatever is growing, I just like it tax-free...

  • Gerald Cooper
    Gerald Cooper 6 days ago

    sold my 2012 900 cc triumph bonneville and kept my 2016 GTS 300 vespa more fun to ride at 61 years old

  • The Unit
    The Unit 6 days ago

    Way too complicated for me...

  • David Barthel
    David Barthel 6 days ago

    Scooter pro: reliable, comfy, practical, gas milage, easy handling, more utility. Scooter cons: not a motorcycle. Soo yeah the cons outweigh the pros massivly.

    • Elijah MC
      Elijah MC 6 days ago

      not enough pros to convince me to get a scooter!

  • Masta Don
    Masta Don 6 days ago

    I love my Moped ..fuck all the haters..

  • William duke
    William duke 7 days ago

    Im looking to start a plumber apprenticeship soon. Any advice from plumbers out there?

  • LikeItIs dot Life
    LikeItIs dot Life 7 days ago

    Hello Mike and Lauren, We miss you. Hope all is well. Praying for you. -Chris and Amanda

  • Adrian Shephard
    Adrian Shephard 7 days ago

    *Did you just said Vespa?* And in what universe is a Vespa cheap? In EU, cheapest Vespa is around 3 000 euros, 50 cc! That is barely 2-3 BHP and won't get you over 30 MPH... If you want more powerful, sure, but the price goes drastically up... 300 ccm Vespa is over 6 000 euros at least... Vespas are fucking expensive, you don't know shit your talking about dude!

  • Skari monst
    Skari monst 7 days ago


  • Jan Hus
    Jan Hus 8 days ago

    College is not one thing. A degree in Chemistry or Accounting or Mechanical Engineering or Nursing is very different than a degree in psychology or history. A more articulate message is: if you go to college, think about not just what you like but what will provide a well paying job. Pursue a degree with a high income potential. Do you want to be educated? Then read 100 books - you don't need college for that. College can potentially be a huge waste of money. However, you want to be a physical therapist? You need to go to college for many years. Roofing may indeed be a great career, but one bad day (fall) could cost you dearly. Many men in the trades earn a good living, but take higher risks with their bodies.

  • solodl
    solodl 8 days ago

    As on "amazon" toilet sink

  • Omega Gaming
    Omega Gaming 9 days ago

    Is that a scoocycle

  • Swiggity Swoot
    Swiggity Swoot 10 days ago

    I own a 125cc Honda Click v2 and it's the best! It's also liquid cooled and I average 51 kilometres per liter. With a 5.5 liter capacity, i can go for long rides not worrying a thing. Super economical!

  • James S
    James S 11 days ago

    You landed that hot chick! ?

  • Gustavo Oliveira
    Gustavo Oliveira 11 days ago

    You could use sonoff, they're about 3~5dollars each and work directly with Alexa, i think it's way easier, except for the camera button

  • saBa the B
    saBa the B 11 days ago

    tour on-a de Vespa

  • Nathaniel Fuentes
    Nathaniel Fuentes 11 days ago

    Gud day sir.here in the philippines.2019 updated version of honda pcx 150cc.with modern features.keyless to name a few.

  • Auto Insurance Channel

    Great thank you for this info!

  • Expat In UK Biker
    Expat In UK Biker 12 days ago

    If you compare a Harley to a scooter. You'll obviously favour the scooter.

  • Timo Bonin
    Timo Bonin 13 days ago

    You use your scooter for utilities we ride motorcycles mostly for fun and some risk maybe

  • Dividends_with_Alisher

    Great video! I am only 23 years old and started to invest using dividend strategy to grow my wealth since July time, I will be posting a video of my progress on my channel!

  • Expat47
    Expat47 13 days ago

    When, (or if) you ever buy a REAL scooter let me know then we'll discuss it.

  • Robert Macedonio
    Robert Macedonio 14 days ago

    Insulation and heat. I made the mistake of not getting either in my trailer shop and I regret it

  • daniel 11
    daniel 11 14 days ago


  • Richard Säuberlich
    Richard Säuberlich 15 days ago

    In germany there are Mopeds they can do all the things you said and dont Lok humiliating

  • Hugo Moore
    Hugo Moore 15 days ago

    Prision style hahahahahahahahaha

    SEA DOGS 15 days ago

    Get a vespa p200 or a vespa T5 , or a Lambretta. (real scooters) Not a shitty twist and go scooter

  • Jeremy Huston
    Jeremy Huston 16 days ago

    Beauty and the hairy beast..

  • Jeremy Huston
    Jeremy Huston 16 days ago

    Lol I'm sorry but they just were side by side and I am lost! I would NEVER believe she married him? He is a goofy hairy weirdo?

  • Jeremy Huston
    Jeremy Huston 16 days ago

    OK, So I have a question? Pretty woman, goofy guy.. what gives? He rich or?

  • Steve Fredrick
    Steve Fredrick 17 days ago

    This works great if you have wood floors and a flat ceiling...so what if you have carpet and an angled ceiling?🤷‍♂️

  • Saundra Lopez
    Saundra Lopez 17 days ago

    I wish my kids would go night night so easily like that! Love the room. My girls want their own bedroom and trying to figure out the best way to do it. Good idea!

  • AKRS
    AKRS 17 days ago

    Honda x-adv 750 is the best

  • Daniel Chiţu
    Daniel Chiţu 17 days ago

    Scooters are great but,DO NOT BUY CHINESEZE scooters, yes i know some will argue they all come from China blablabla. Had money to buy a decent second hand italian or japaneze scoot, but without knowledge i said to myself i want a brand new one. BIGGEST MISTAKE, had to learn the hard way, s..t broke down every 200 km, took it back to service 2 times, left me on hthe side of road countless times, changed oil,filters, variator,carb, the spark plug(can-t count how many times i was cursing that thing, and i do put my soul into machines) and eventually sold it for 1/4 price with nearly 1500 km after 4 months of ''usage''. You can argue how it you like it, but this is the truth, my buddies had chineze that broke too, i met more with italian and japaneze with minor problems and after many years of using them. Stay safe and hope this will help somebody.

  • lokender sangwan
    lokender sangwan 17 days ago

    CNC machine repair work help

  • Bert Style
    Bert Style 18 days ago

    Thank you for your ideas. Makes sense

  • Stephons Death
    Stephons Death 18 days ago

    Dudes so casual about getting his site fucked over by Russian hackers 😂😂😂

  • Stephons Death
    Stephons Death 18 days ago

    FBI sees the tiny fraction of the video where he said he may not have reported flipping motorcycles on his taxes *** LIFE IN PRISON ****

  • [-_-;]
    [-_-;] 18 days ago

    Motorbikes are for thrillseeking but scooters are for fun!!!

  • Dan Roy
    Dan Roy 19 days ago

    You need a 1 1/2” hold down on either slide out edge, the you could pull it out to 1’ from the end! Shalom!

  • Diogo
    Diogo 19 days ago

    Me a 17 year old trying to understand what they're both talking about

  • leland wong
    leland wong 20 days ago

    should use steel plate, so go learn how to plasma cut and MIG/TIG

  • TheGarfieldPrototype

    That's awesome

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 20 days ago

    "Wasting my time to perfect perfection"

  • razordu30
    razordu30 20 days ago

    Definitely wacky idea, but yeah, a thermoplastic will probably not do well in an engine compartment, right?

  • Oliver Hernandez
    Oliver Hernandez 20 days ago

    Pretty well said! Great job. Back on that #Scootlife

  • DrJimbo
    DrJimbo 21 day ago

    I bought a used 2005 Kymco Agility 50 for 100€. Start button was broken. Fixed it with some duct tape. Runs fine but the engine shuts off on idle in 7 seconds… So its got some flaws :P :D

  • GodisMyLight
    GodisMyLight 21 day ago

    Thank you!

  • Bob Diaz
    Bob Diaz 22 days ago

    I love my Honda Big Ruckus Scooter (2006), it's great for around town, but when it comes to the open road at freeway speeds, most scooters lack the power needed. Overall, Motorcycles win when it comes to a road trip.

  • Saurav Gupta
    Saurav Gupta 22 days ago

    Just randomly found your video today :-) and it is September 2019...Any update on how it went for you guys? I hope everything is fine and you guys succeeded in achieving your goals. Cheers.

  • ddfdd fd
    ddfdd fd 22 days ago

    hi,sweet,safe ,simple i wand to do for moto

  • henree simp
    henree simp 22 days ago

    Awesome job

  • Satish Saraf
    Satish Saraf 23 days ago

    What is credit card limit?

  • Julian Beltran
    Julian Beltran 23 days ago


  • Kyle Gross
    Kyle Gross 23 days ago

    Good job now you have to enter it in the national world championship pencil sharpening group.

  • Mister Ged
    Mister Ged 23 days ago

    Scooters and motorcycles are awesome I did my bike training on a scooter had such a great day I finally got a motorcycle after my training I like my motorcycle but scooters are cool

  • VoxZ
    VoxZ 25 days ago

    When I see someone driving an old "crappy" car I think they're smart. When I see people in bmw's and mercedes I see car payments and bad decisions

  • Rick Simpson
    Rick Simpson 25 days ago

    I started to get a radcity electric bicycle,, but I picked up a 1000cc ninja plus,, known as The concourse,,,

  • Robert Basl
    Robert Basl 26 days ago

    Im 30 and have a degree from a university. Would you recommend someone like me learn a trade?

  • Mas Ali
    Mas Ali 26 days ago

    Amazing created

  • robert medina
    robert medina 26 days ago

    Aww.... that how I do things too!

  • robert medina
    robert medina 26 days ago

    Dont forget about tracked in dirt going into your shower pan when floor is walked on to use toilet

  • robert medina
    robert medina 26 days ago

    I wish I could afford to have you build me one! Lol

  • robert medina
    robert medina 26 days ago

    I wish I was as skilled a builder as you and ur wonderful wife! You are a genius! Wonderful plans!! I would love to meet you guys someday! Maybe a tiny home fest!

  • cr4yv3n
    cr4yv3n 27 days ago

    Why the fuck it took you 3 minutes to start a bike??? Why the hell do you smell like gas and exhaust??? 😳

  • Mahendra Dalvi
    Mahendra Dalvi 27 days ago

    Hi Mike, I really liked your project. Can you give me design files if you have them??

  • B Haddock
    B Haddock 28 days ago

    I love the idea of an electric scooter/moped. I'm a motorcyclist and sometimes a "hop on" for short distances could be fun

    • Rick Simpson
      Rick Simpson 25 days ago

      You can't beat radcity,,, they've got a brand new model out too,,. About $1,600,,,. Delivered to your door,,. And you can get financing also,,,. ???

  • SuperHification
    SuperHification 29 days ago

    What is the reason for setting the back panel in a dado / rebate? Thanks

  • caspersees6257
    caspersees6257 29 days ago

    Maybe you can help me...or lead me to who can. How would I go about asking a local mom/pop plumbing co. to take on my adult son as an apprentice? The owner's wife taught at the same school my son went to, so there is some familiarity there although it has been quite a few years. Because of a string of very unfortunate incidences, my son finds himself without a career ( was a gifted, self-taught carpenter who worked for a small mom/pop company that was taken over by other manipulating employees ), lost his mode of transportation in an accident ( proven not to be his fault, yet fighting large insurance company is very hard ), and several other events that slammed him and he is losing hope quickly. He is a quiet, low-key, hard-working, honest to a fault, drug and alcohol-free, spirit-filled, 33 year old, who, as I said is losing hope. Please understand, he isn't a momma's boy. The events that happened to him all happened within a few months of each other and the domino effect has more than overwhelmed him. If he knew I was doing this, he would be very upset since he is still a proud man with integrity. Asking for help on this scale is something he isn't used to. Thanks for reading this and I look forward to any advice you or your readers can give. We live in Texas, just in case someone out there wants to know.

  • David Evans
    David Evans Month ago

    Motorcycle or Scooter; its all about the flexibility, breeze and freedom you feel riding a two wheeler over a standard vehicle

  • Colin Goodchild
    Colin Goodchild Month ago

    These are all over Japan. I love it. yours is expensive, but hey, you did it yourself. congrats, you're awesome!

  • Tinch
    Tinch Month ago

    Please make that video. I want to learn 3-D Printing and Fusion.

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    • Desmond Bradley
      Desmond Bradley Month ago

      How do I get in touch with him. I've heard so much about him

  • Patrick O'Neil
    Patrick O'Neil Month ago

    You have clearly never ridden a modern Japanese motorcycle, it fixes most of the issues you mentioned, especially the cold start issue, and exhaust gas issue.

    • John in Okla
      John in Okla 22 days ago

      Patrick, I do believe he was hinting that smelling like gas an exhaust was coming from the harley he had. I've never driven a motorcycle but I have been riding since 1967.

  • RayWilliamJohansen

    75 to 100 dollars ? are you fucking kidding me

  • Muhammad shahzad
    Muhammad shahzad Month ago

    Hii i m new young driver lokking for cheap insurance jst liability.. can u recommend me which insurance company is cheapest and how much liability would be good

  • mr resalah
    mr resalah Month ago

    nice but the y axis is 40% capacity

  • Karen Westcoat
    Karen Westcoat Month ago

    can you talk about investing when you do not have much to invest when starting out... ty

  • J O
    J O Month ago

    I think you meant "ambitious"

  • MotorheadRedo
    MotorheadRedo Month ago

    A Black Beard pirate flag mounted to the back might make it less nerdy. I swear I've been hear before....

  • Thracius Pratt
    Thracius Pratt Month ago

    The hardest thing about riding a scooter is having to come out to your parents as gay.

    • Dziki z lasu
      Dziki z lasu Month ago

      In Poland you will be treated as a gay or worse - a hipster only on Italian style classic scooter, in other cases only as a snot or someone that lost a driving license, also if you drive a maxi- scooter.

    • I Hate You Tube
      I Hate You Tube Month ago

      I had a woman hit on me after I showed up at a restaurant on my Honda Ruckus one evening.

  • RealestRealist
    RealestRealist Month ago

    Watch Cherif Mediwar and FlipAnythingUSA- you'll love those guys.

  • RealestRealist
    RealestRealist Month ago

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  • RealestRealist
    RealestRealist Month ago

    Everyone is stupid - forget what they said - you two appear to be doing better than most of those slime bags, that's for sure