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Gnar Montage - Top Carry S9
Views 4.7K6 months ago
Sivir Montage - Gods ADC
Views 9K8 months ago
Ashe Montage #5 - Gods ADC
Views 3.8K8 months ago


  • Lody Zanaty
    Lody Zanaty 4 hours ago

    Hello!where is draven???

  • L0vr0
    L0vr0 8 hours ago

    Im a jax main. This video is delicious

  • Thien Tran
    Thien Tran 22 hours ago

    Unsub :))

  • Raul zeno
    Raul zeno Day ago

    Ay pero qué buenas Tijeras

  • oOf
    oOf 2 days ago

    Poki is the best lux duh

  • wowwt
    wowwt 3 days ago

    so pressing r on a 100% already dead target is considered a best play? yikes

  • natsuki kawai
    natsuki kawai 4 days ago

    cade os one shot?

  • AbdElrahman Mohamed

    Last clip is totally noob.. he can just e on thresh and w on xayah..

  • Szami
    Szami 8 days ago

    megöltél egy ellenséget

  • Mojido
    Mojido 8 days ago

    Classic Fizz joke: Why did Fizz fall of his tridennt? Because he is unbalanc

  • VoideG
    VoideG 8 days ago


  • Samuel Răileanu
    Samuel Răileanu 8 days ago

    Lux for ever

  • Job Pedraza
    Job Pedraza 9 days ago

    the urf scenes were kinda meh

  • Đông Nguyễn
    Đông Nguyễn 9 days ago

    Jinx hay solo ko bạn

  • Dương Gia Kiệt
    Dương Gia Kiệt 10 days ago

    5:17 ??

  • nekochuu
    nekochuu 10 days ago

    0:38 the trust on the support aight

  • alicia quinn
    alicia quinn 11 days ago

    The first clip is trash

  • Łukasz Muzyka
    Łukasz Muzyka 15 days ago

    3:15 nerf akali plz

  • Tomi
    Tomi 17 days ago

    The firsts plays aren't that good

  • vovochen
    vovochen 19 days ago

    He's no god.

  • daniel venerando
    daniel venerando 22 days ago

    Rengar e horrivel camp de covarde chama pro x1 dps so continua se tiver um mato perto dele

  • Adriano Morelli
    Adriano Morelli 23 days ago

    Każdy może tak łatwo zabijać jeśli jest nafeedowany🙄

  • MrXxpedroxx
    MrXxpedroxx 23 days ago

    where are the pentakills?

  • SaiB
    SaiB 26 days ago

    that's a normal GP player.

  • Jim  Sakadakis
    Jim Sakadakis 26 days ago

    Highlights from 2 seasons ago. Disliked

  • Enes Doğan
    Enes Doğan 27 days ago

    Undertale megalovania

  • oyun kralı
    oyun kralı 29 days ago

    ekko main 50k

  • Ambrofan
    Ambrofan Month ago

    this champ is hillariously Broken its boring

  • WeldMaster
    WeldMaster Month ago

    not op.. almost 3000hp with shield and scales ap and ad the same time.. gg wp Riot games!!

  • kevin Alexander Sandoval

    lux 😱💓👍👍👍 League of Legends coool

  • Bluehat Gaming NXE

    was expect 2 Teemo 1v1

  • toha toha
    toha toha Month ago

    блять он же убого играет на ире, кровь из глаз

  • mistery shadow rabit

    the teemo is evrything

  • ağla kudur
    ağla kudur Month ago

    penta nerde aq

  • ZwaGy S
    ZwaGy S Month ago

    1:00 ♥ --> 1000IQ ☺

  • José Ronaldo
    José Ronaldo Month ago

    47 vs 12 vc tem coragem de botar um vídeo covarde desse..manda ele fazer isso contra time bom..deslike pra vc.

  • Mizu Kun
    Mizu Kun Month ago

    Disowned is such a good song

  • So
    So Month ago

    The new is cool, but the old still for me better, bye Irelia, hi Xin Zhao

  • pawel paww
    pawel paww Month ago

    is that iron?

  • Ý Thiên
    Ý Thiên Month ago


  • Alpha Alyn
    Alpha Alyn Month ago

    Best iron plays

  • Best Lux
    Best Lux Month ago

    Hi 😂

  • Ahmet Davud Karakurt


  • Mariano Diener
    Mariano Diener Month ago

    morgana plays > kaisa plays

  • L S
    L S Month ago

    Well they deserve to write 22 after a grab

  • Oldi Gaming
    Oldi Gaming Month ago

    Y thresh

  • Grapes Squishy
    Grapes Squishy Month ago


  • Hina
    Hina Month ago

    5:10 , nice ult ahri xDDDD. still better than i could ever do.

  • TeRrORecZeK V2
    TeRrORecZeK V2 Month ago


  • Xayah A Rebelde
    Xayah A Rebelde Month ago


  • Minh Đ tran
    Minh Đ tran Month ago

    Jinx number one No miss fortune

  • Nocturne
    Nocturne Month ago

    the 2nd clip is a feelsbadman. The Miss Fortune was really close to that pentakill and got it, but you could see Hecarim trying to ruin it. Good job on the sion not letting that happen though, haha.

  • Braydon Morgan
    Braydon Morgan Month ago

    These are not kaisa outplays, theyre just a fed kai'sa doing normal kaisa things

  • Matías Alarcón
    Matías Alarcón Month ago

    Fck you Reksai 5:15

  • Gacha_Life YgG
    Gacha_Life YgG Month ago

    Noob : Caitlyn Pro : Jhin

  • Gacha_Life YgG
    Gacha_Life YgG Month ago

    Jhin is beter then caitlyn

  • Gacha_Life YgG
    Gacha_Life YgG Month ago


  • Kim Jong Deux
    Kim Jong Deux Month ago

    I’m pretty sure bronze jhins would have their screen locked.

  • Nhat Trinh
    Nhat Trinh Month ago

    I literally forgot how old this is lol but bronze lux is better Bc the people there don’t know anything about lux much

  • Nhat Trinh
    Nhat Trinh 2 months ago

    Do u think we dumb this is urf no thanks

  • tidy potatoes
    tidy potatoes 2 months ago

    teemo is win

  • Khánh Phương Từ
    Khánh Phương Từ 2 months ago

    I agree that KayPea is good with Lux but the plays she makes are not as impressive as Yozu's decisions making and positioning

  • João Lucas Almeida Pereira

    R montage

  • goth bitch
    goth bitch 2 months ago

    does anyone have idea if riot will put up this payload game mode again

    AWILDISISXDD 2 months ago

    why is this a thing

  • StupidVideos HD
    StupidVideos HD 2 months ago

    4:54 is the only good iq play ive seen in this vid bro.

  • StupidVideos HD
    StupidVideos HD 2 months ago

    Report Kayle.

  • Thanhhue Le
    Thanhhue Le 2 months ago

    Can i apply for the first 2 tracks pro ?

  • 모오쪼라구연
    모오쪼라구연 2 months ago


  • Hagoromo Gitsune
    Hagoromo Gitsune 2 months ago

    Main aqui ❤️

  • Mavili Ponjör
    Mavili Ponjör 2 months ago

    İ play better u look my channel

  • Farid Jafire
    Farid Jafire 2 months ago

    alta skin de aatrox pentakill

  • Serena W
    Serena W 2 months ago

    Kae pea is the best female player of the word BUT Yozu is a Lux God

  • Sondre Larsen
    Sondre Larsen 2 months ago

    This isent a montage. Its gameplay

  • Alexandrite Garnet
    Alexandrite Garnet 2 months ago

    vales verga borra tu canal besos en el ano ah que riko riok ahaahahah riko

  • Tên Méo Có`
    Tên Méo Có` 2 months ago

    9:28 chiêu Q có thể đổi hướng trong lúc dùng đồng hồ Zhonya hả

  • iskorpitX
    iskorpitX 2 months ago

    hangi hesap senin mq

  • iskorpitX
    iskorpitX 2 months ago

    vs ye bekleriz Nick=Bombaci37

  • FyreQ
    FyreQ 2 months ago


  • Rain pop instagram MsCheddargetter


  • väinö holopainen
    väinö holopainen 2 months ago

    Tell me how that is 200 iq xddd

  • Matija Milosavljevic
    Matija Milosavljevic 2 months ago

    Fair damage 0:05

  • Diego Velasquez
    Diego Velasquez 2 months ago

    la mia con mi yi

  • Zille Kulcsár
    Zille Kulcsár 2 months ago

    Yozu the best

  • Ayse
    Ayse 2 months ago

    Kaypea ✨

    LOS GACHATUBERS 2 months ago

    porque las lux de bronce se hacen pentas y los challenger no no entendi este video xdddd

  • Beginner4 On Scratch
    Beginner4 On Scratch 2 months ago

    I'm really good with Taliyah, I always carry the game (when I play mid)

  • 小男葉
    小男葉 2 months ago


  • No 1 & Sagopa
    No 1 & Sagopa 2 months ago


  • Phuchit Sathua
    Phuchit Sathua 2 months ago

    เมื่อไหร่จะเปิด URF 2019

  • MTAlf4
    MTAlf4 2 months ago

    2:45 WOW

  • Alakry boss
    Alakry boss 2 months ago

    u should have puted best akali plays one shot on the name because a big part of it are not pentas

  • 최상민
    최상민 2 months ago

    01:00 이건 뭘 잘한거야 ㅆㅂ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Kukenshe
    Kukenshe 2 months ago

    Main Ahri, mi zorrita

  • Đức Nguyễn
    Đức Nguyễn 2 months ago

    Music ??

  • Pancito uvu
    Pancito uvu 2 months ago

    Love u so much~ ♥️

  • Swedish Slivver Jagger Vegtable

    Hey man im the kled with the green chroma you played with top lane today.. didn’t realise ur YT channel was this big aha i expected something with like 30 subscribers.. thanks for letting me win and get my promos btw :)

  • James Ramos
    James Ramos 2 months ago

    Me getting sad for his/her teamates cause he/she is a ks lord

  • Ahmed Dhman
    Ahmed Dhman 2 months ago


  • Duong Hoang
    Duong Hoang 2 months ago

    Cap zed pentakill???