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NKP 765 at 70mph
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  • Adam Donnelly
    Adam Donnelly 7 hours ago

    Why doesn’t southern pacific give 4449 it’s proper coaches just cause it’s a steam engine doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve respect

  • Xras
    Xras 20 hours ago

    !!! never seen a video more impressive and conveying the atmosphere of old times !!!

  • Sreepathy H
    Sreepathy H 21 hour ago

    That was an era when time didn't fly like it does in modern times. Watch between 4:19 and 5.29 man waiting for the train to approach and pass then cross the tracks although he had plenty of time to move over to the other side. Right now, we're in a rat race. A race against time to nowhere.

  • Avinash Dhotre
    Avinash Dhotre 23 hours ago

    Amazing beautiful rail

  • Antique Equipment Videos

    Great video, love the antique cars.

  • anne neilsen
    anne neilsen Day ago

    Wow amazing thank you for sharing

  • Isto Mäntynen

    Hello from Finland! This video is professional. 🖒

  • Никола Стоянов


  • Fernando Sobrinho
    Fernando Sobrinho 2 days ago


  • Chiqui Mami
    Chiqui Mami 2 days ago

    N. B

  • Jürgen Klein
    Jürgen Klein 2 days ago

    Ein Video ohne viel Worte einfach super super klasse gemacht bin begeistert bitte mehr davon cool💓💓💓😊

  • WVa Rail Fan
    WVa Rail Fan 2 days ago

    Why would anyone Dislike this video? I think it's great.

  • martin wyatt
    martin wyatt 2 days ago

    this is absolutely first class. I love the small country lines and stations thankyou so very much for posting,

  • phantomrose1999
    phantomrose1999 2 days ago

    WOW ! late on a sunday night in Melbourne Australia, i am fascinated by this beautifuil video and only wish i could be on it. First i though it was a model... just too beautiful

  • Jayraj Jonson
    Jayraj Jonson 2 days ago


  • Gentil Gonçales Filho


  • raimundo rocha da silva

    Ótimo video eu ueria que tivesse um trem desse.

  • Ravindra Gour
    Ravindra Gour 3 days ago

    Awesome, liked it frm Bharat (India)

  • Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis 4 days ago

    Screaming Steam train, that's time travel!😍

  • Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis 4 days ago

    That's a Awesome pull!

  • Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis 4 days ago

    You can't beat the sound of a steam locomotives!😍

  • Tom Klock
    Tom Klock 4 days ago

    That's great! When I went it was a diesel engine.

  • Desmond Blenio
    Desmond Blenio 5 days ago

    Lovely! The 765 Berk with no diesel in tow.

  • Fernando Sobrinho
    Fernando Sobrinho 5 days ago

    Lindo esse vídeo! Um espetáculo!

  • Bharatbgai Bhatt
    Bharatbgai Bhatt 5 days ago


  • Vishwajit Pawar
    Vishwajit Pawar 5 days ago

    Wonderful video. Thanks.

  • Rail Fan Juby
    Rail Fan Juby 5 days ago


  • Samir Sama
    Samir Sama 5 days ago


  • Fabrice Grard
    Fabrice Grard 5 days ago

    Cette montée est dure pour la vieille dame mais quel magnifique voyage, superbe vidéo, pays exceptionnel. Thanx

  • Roop Singh
    Roop Singh 5 days ago

    Lovely train

  • Roop Singh
    Roop Singh 5 days ago

    Good spead

  • Charles Keefer
    Charles Keefer 6 days ago


  • Dharmishtha Joshi
    Dharmishtha Joshi 6 days ago

    I am Narinder and used the cell of my wife and immotianly used her cell.

  • Dharmishtha Joshi
    Dharmishtha Joshi 6 days ago

    Really its very hard life to work as Fireman, Khalasi and Loco pilot in stem engine, I remember my.good old days working on YB, YB, YL,and WD Engine in the year of 1962 to the year of 1992 on Gujrat metre geauge line and life was like nomard but loved it.

  • Kumar Thiru
    Kumar Thiru 7 days ago

    Wowww...DOUBLE HEAD two steam Locos!...

  • CSX Railfan Brony 4449-Chessie Daylight

    Though 487 was my number one favorite of the K-36 class 2-8-2 Mikados, the real 483 was my second favorite of this class.

  • Hornhausen
    Hornhausen 8 days ago

    Very nice video.

  • austria film
    austria film 8 days ago

    toller Kanal, hab gerade ABONNIERT - bitte besuche mich auch mal auf meinem Kanal, über ein ABO würde ich mich freuen - liebe Grüße aus der Krupp-Stadt Berndorf/Austria sendet Dietmar Holzinger

  • bluesharp59
    bluesharp59 10 days ago

    Thumbs Up Liked for you my Friend.

  • cameraman655
    cameraman655 10 days ago

    Wonder if this Orange Beauty will over show up in Texas? After all, SP was big here in Texas. After all, UP often run their Big Boys round these parts every so often, like to see SP follow suit.

  • Sam T Godfrey
    Sam T Godfrey 10 days ago

    Man! Wouldn't I just love to take that ride! On the observation car, natch! I wonder how steep that grade is?

  • Crazy Yappit
    Crazy Yappit 10 days ago

    Wonderful train, I got to ride it around that year from Bristol to Charlotte. Amazing train

  • Ron Ashman
    Ron Ashman 11 days ago

    Great clip. When working hard out of that station, why was there no billowing steam? Does it have a condenser?

  • Evan's Megazord reviews

    I hope that sentinel diesel will run again one day and 844's mar light return as well she doesn't look the same without it

  • Trey Epperley
    Trey Epperley 12 days ago

    Train! If you know what that is from comment back.

  • Evan's Megazord reviews

    Hopefully 3254 will steam again one day

  • Katerina Kittycat
    Katerina Kittycat 12 days ago

    It's nice to see #4960 still running

  • Bobby Dale
    Bobby Dale 13 days ago

    That's real sweet !

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown 13 days ago

    Love the bridge shots. Thanks

  • roy hoco
    roy hoco 13 days ago

    I worked for Southern and NS railroads for 25 years and worked around the 611 several times, this engine was a living, fire breathing, steam blowing beast. that lonesome one of a kind whistle and all those moving parts working in unison to produce incredible power. when the 611 came to town everything stopped and everyone got out of the way as it passed.

  • getdusty1
    getdusty1 14 days ago

    At 1:53, it was "Back To The Future" time!! Gonna hafta watch this series again!!

  • Brian Falzon
    Brian Falzon 14 days ago

    That is a really cool and badass D&RGW 5 chime on 482

  • Walter Rosario
    Walter Rosario 14 days ago

    Excellent video !!! Super locomotives 😍🚂❗

  • Dave Wilber
    Dave Wilber 14 days ago

    The smoke did billow....

  • Dillon Trinh Studios

    they double headed in 2017 back then...

  • Rice Burnerbiker
    Rice Burnerbiker 15 days ago

    Why wasn’t there a way to make the boilers boil without any smoke? I’ll bet there’s a way to bring them back, in a green way. That’s a lot of filth it’s spewing. In the tunnels, everyone gets to breath burnt fuel of which ever kind.

  • Oscar Sales
    Oscar Sales 15 days ago

    ven pronto dice Jehová

  • Oscar Sales
    Oscar Sales 15 days ago

    venid luego dice Jehová

  • Peter Ballan
    Peter Ballan 15 days ago

    Breathtaking, stunning, magnificent, ALL THE SUPERLATIVES !

  • Gavin Zeng
    Gavin Zeng 16 days ago

    That’s lots of co2

  • arménio Miranda
    arménio Miranda 16 days ago

    Great video, excellent work. Thank so much for sharing.

  • Bob Sch
    Bob Sch 16 days ago

    Danke schön

  • robert shaw
    robert shaw 16 days ago

    Can you imagine someone who was unaware of the resurgence of Steamers driving up to the crossing ((@5:25) hearing the whistle and seeing this apparition come pounding along the tracks. If he was old enough, likely he would think he was seeing a ghost or time had reversed. Stunning shot.

  • robert shaw
    robert shaw 16 days ago

    That start-up is absolutely beautiful. Amazing shot. This is the real sound and sight of a working locomotive. Long may 611 survive even of only at strasberg.

  • Stiffneck
    Stiffneck 17 days ago

    Are they still running this line in 2019? Forgot to mention... Excellent video...

  • Stuart Adams Railfan Videos

    Great stack talk and whistle! That whistle on 611 is actually SP 4449's old whistle!

  • Supernaut
    Supernaut 18 days ago

    The Cloud Maker!

  • Jean-Marc Audirac
    Jean-Marc Audirac 18 days ago

    20 coaches !!!! Vapeur : fuel ou charbon ?

  • Kitty Muffins
    Kitty Muffins 18 days ago

    That whistle, and nice hand. I'm in love. Gorgeous shots, well done.

  • Michael Serby
    Michael Serby 18 days ago

    I love trains especially when they are STEAM 💙 🇺🇸 💡

  • August Wijk FJ08
    August Wijk FJ08 18 days ago


  • WR Productions
    WR Productions 19 days ago

    Absolutely awesome.

  • George Henshaw
    George Henshaw 19 days ago

    crazy amount of smoke action on 611 nice video.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 19 days ago

    Look at that fucker go.beautiful.

  • nyshortline
    nyshortline 20 days ago

    When Reading 2100 is restored they should place her on this same stretch of track with an excursion train. She once did 85 MPH with an Iron Horse Ramble on the flat straight stretches in northern NJ with a 16-car train while making up lost time. The T-1's were dual-service engines used mostly in freight service. But unfortunately they were not known for speed like the NKP Berks were, yet I believe they are just as capable.

  • Robert Norris
    Robert Norris 20 days ago

    But beautiful doll!!!

  • David Haun
    David Haun 20 days ago

    They say we live in the past? Nope, the golden age!

  • Nina Porras
    Nina Porras 20 days ago

    No pushing engine, no diesel helper. Running up the hill with blowing saftey valves. What a show!

  • kevin Simala
    kevin Simala 20 days ago

    Thank God there's still some railroad companies with dignity and honor! NEVER change this incredible steam locomotive!! This is the way steam really was, not some OIL BURNING resto-mod new millennium version of it's former self. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING!!!

  • slycat1939
    slycat1939 21 day ago


  • Todd Amtmann
    Todd Amtmann 21 day ago

    Beautiful engine.

  • Richard Musser
    Richard Musser 21 day ago

    Love the steam trains

  • WJ00131
    WJ00131 23 days ago


  • 2009latinman
    2009latinman 23 days ago

    Wonderful¡¡¡¡¡ 👏👏👏👏 thank you

  • botagross
    botagross 23 days ago


  • Ivaldo Botelho
    Ivaldo Botelho 23 days ago

    Maravilhosa suas imagens, linda demais! Moro no BRASIL e andei muito numa locomotiva igual ou parecida a esse, recordei o tempo de infância quando ia para o interior, há 94 quilômetros da capital Maceió/Alagoas.

  • Geierwalli 2508
    Geierwalli 2508 24 days ago

    People who dislike this should consult a doctor!!

  • Widy Santosa
    Widy Santosa 24 days ago

    Awesome panorama...great videos... I love this journey...

  • Harald Heilmann
    Harald Heilmann 24 days ago

    Talan, talan, talannnn

  • D Money
    D Money 25 days ago

    I wonder if it stops at Willoughby.

  • Buynot
    Buynot 25 days ago

    Dang, sounds like they were working harder than normal. Is that because of a heavier load or were the engineers giving some stack talk for the cameras?

  • Kannan pnk Appukann am

    World's OOTY HILLS old 155 year s back in train my state TAMINADU state INDIA

  • Brian Falzon
    Brian Falzon 25 days ago

    What if 2926 can doublehead with 4960 on an excursion from Williams, Arizona to Los Angeles, California in the future one day?

  • Brian Falzon
    Brian Falzon 25 days ago

    What if 1551 can doublehead an excursion with 425 from Buffalo to Corning, New York in the future one day?

  • Edson Souza
    Edson Souza 25 days ago

    Edson Brasil as máquinas e os vagões são incríveis fantástic muinto legal viagei de tem quando tinha 7 anos parabéns por estes vídeos demais

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams 25 days ago

    This was filmed on my birthday

  • Wolf
    Wolf 25 days ago

    Ich habe den Canon schon

  • Gamberini Mariana
    Gamberini Mariana 25 days ago

    Super speciale ♧ grazie mille ♧

  • Riley Sanesh
    Riley Sanesh 26 days ago

    When 29 and 4960 were doubleheading Where are the Grand Canyon railroad diesels nos.295,237,239 and 4128 then

  • Traveling Tom
    Traveling Tom 26 days ago

    Unfortunately they have made these special excursions so expensive only the wealthy can afford it. You can still film from the railroad crossings for free.