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  • Da Beasthalofan6

    Song name?

  • cute thuan
    cute thuan 2 days ago

    Xin chào

  • Sheikh Al Balad
    Sheikh Al Balad 3 days ago

    hello.. im doing a short film about Rome.. i wonder if its possible to give me a permit to use just some seconds of your footage in my video.. i would be so thankful if its possible and of course there will be credits for you in the movie and on youtube description and a link to your original video.

  • Yvassic Cokanovic
    Yvassic Cokanovic 4 days ago

    Roma e molto più bella

  • The King of Pasadena

    Tokyo is fully contaminated with sesium 124. Do not go there.

  • The King of Pasadena

    대한민국만세!!!!!! 만세!!!! 만세!!!!!!!!

  • kiran chandran
    kiran chandran 6 days ago

    plz visit kerala india ru-clip.com/video/159Sp25p2x8/video.html

  • Madeline Taylor
    Madeline Taylor 9 days ago

    This was the first video I watched that made me want to study abroad in NZ. This video highlights a fraction of New Zealand's beauty 💙

  • 조현철
    조현철 13 days ago

    The video is so great. Watching this video, I want to go on a trip. You can watch my RU-clip, too. ru-clip.com/video/uaEg8L4tMRY/video.html

  • Madrid Xtreme
    Madrid Xtreme 13 days ago


  • Fatmah Yeojacute
    Fatmah Yeojacute 15 days ago


  • Bang Nasruddin
    Bang Nasruddin 15 days ago

    If you need traditional tourism, come to TORAJA City...!!! Buffalo Cutting for The Death Ceremony in Toraja City, South East, Indonesia. Have you ever seen this before??? ru-clip.com/video/pT2Az5SAq8M/video.html

  • dave choy
    dave choy 16 days ago

    This is another level

  • mingi park
    mingi park 18 days ago


  • Silvia E Yañez
    Silvia E Yañez 23 days ago

    Seúl es una ciudad muy bella❤ 사올은 매오 아름다운 도시입니다❤ Soul is a very beautiful city ❤

  • Wahyuda Genova Vlogs


  • Gott würfelt nicht
    Gott würfelt nicht 27 days ago

    Da sehen wir Sie: GOTTès Schöpfung <3

  • Doszan Lalisa
    Doszan Lalisa Month ago

    akhirnya jumpa jga ad ni 😂😂😂

  • Hilda Kalsbeek
    Hilda Kalsbeek Month ago

    hello liverpool l have a question about the little giant girl l heart that she is lying in a warehouse between stuff what are they going to renew her new parts or what going to happen with her will she perform again or is she going to the museum l heard that from royal de luxe in the future but what in the future how long will it take to see her again

  • 타스
    타스 Month ago

    ㅡㅡㅡㅡso cool

  • Mario Level 25 Complete!

    Champions Race! Cutscene!

  • Yacine Todoroki
    Yacine Todoroki Month ago

    South Korea and Japan are my favorite countries 🇯🇵🇰🇷❤

  • Tokyo Tones
    Tokyo Tones Month ago

    SEOUL looks great!! who wants to go with me???! Greetings from Tokyo, Japan! ありがとうございます!!

  • Dinosauria Angry
    Dinosauria Angry Month ago

    Clean?, Safe?? A U Serious? Statistics for crime rate & trash per man shows that Seoul is highest risky and most dirty city... . . . . in korea

  • NangLuvBTS
    NangLuvBTS Month ago

    I Seoul You 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩 such a beautiful country Korea

  • Isaah
    Isaah Month ago

    The beautifulest country on earth 😍 I'm in love with NZ since i first heard about it and saw it

  • Rana Aydın
    Rana Aydın Month ago

    Off güney koreye o kadar gitmek istiyorumki anlatamammm türkiyeden daha güzel biyer gibi

  • Step R.
    Step R. Month ago

    This video deserves more views!

  • Nike Laderas
    Nike Laderas Month ago

    Hello sir! This is Nike Laderas from the Philippines, I am media practitioner in the Philippines (Asia), last August 23 - 26 we had time to visit Madrid and make film about the different restaurant in Spain, since drone shots are prohibited, we didn't have the chance to make it, can I ask your approval, if we can use your aerial shots in Madrid, we will just have video courtesy and acknowledgement to your video, you can also check our facebook page with 869,000 followers and youtube channel with 6.78 million subscribers here are the links: facebook.com/PinasSarapNewsTV/ ru-clip.com/video/K2kVzxN6pIg/video.html Thank you very much! If also possible, can I ask your email? we will send you formal letter regarding the concern but instead you can also have my email: laderasn09@gmail.com and contact number +63 977 303 5580 Thank you!

  • Tantra Massage Dubai Kundalini Yoga Tantric

    Just discovered this lovely drone video excellent top marks for your editing also

  • Huỳnh Nguyễn
    Huỳnh Nguyễn Month ago

    Love Seoul korea from Hanoi Vietnam

  • Vang Le
    Vang Le Month ago

    Hiện tại mình đang cần gấp giúp em với. Anh yêu

  • Nationsorg Asscociation

    Good day! Check facebook group Nationsorg for international activities: (we have already around 30000 users): facebook.com/groups/nationsorgcom/

  • Lila Abreu
    Lila Abreu Month ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  • NewADC
    NewADC Month ago

    South Korea <3 Turkey

  • Nav Jordaan
    Nav Jordaan 2 months ago

    My city❤

  • Makookie
    Makookie 2 months ago

    Korea is so beautiful...i'm in love Could I use this video in my edit? ><

  • jeonjungkook army
    jeonjungkook army 2 months ago

    I Love Seoul❤

  • Matheus
    Matheus 2 months ago

    Nunca que vcs vão ver isso na coréia do norte

    IAN IANJ 2 months ago


  • Anime Re-Born HD
    Anime Re-Born HD 2 months ago

    More accurate title - New Zealand in 2 minutes and 59 seconds Amazing video though! Really loved it!

  • FishDoesMC
    FishDoesMC 2 months ago

    This ad is too strong... it showed up even with Luna VPN on

  • Gerlyn C
    Gerlyn C 2 months ago

    Hi there, may I ask if I can get permission to use parts of this video for my project promoting Singapore? Please advise who I should contact to get permission. Cheers.

  • OrdinarMan
    OrdinarMan 2 months ago

    Omg it's been 3 in a row. I'm watching 2017 videos hahhahaha

  • sajith cs
    sajith cs 2 months ago

    Nice Very beautiful place Love from india

    LAKBAYAKAP TV 2 months ago

    Besutiful iwant to make video like this

  • フランス産辛麺
    フランス産辛麺 2 months ago


  • Mohammed Akhday
    Mohammed Akhday 3 months ago

    Is beautiful thank you 🙏 all 🇰🇷 I love 💖 you insha Allah I hop in my future I life this city 🌃

  • A Sr
    A Sr 3 months ago

    What is the song please ? :)

  • A Oruzbaeva
    A Oruzbaeva 3 months ago


  • AR MY
    AR MY 3 months ago

    Плакать хочется 😪😪

  • Expat Choice Asia
    Expat Choice Asia 3 months ago

    Hi Expedia SEA.. love your video. May we kindly request to use your video on our website of a non commercial nature. Proper credits will be given

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime 3 months ago

    the video is 2 minutes

  • Ssushant Gorad
    Ssushant Gorad 4 months ago

    I love Seoul may dream contry sauth Korea

  • 니얼굴 김정은구독안하면

    ??? 내가 보기엔 약간 필터빨도있지만 멋있긴함. 첨에 골목에 사람많고 간판많아서 일본인줄..

  • Taekookyun g
    Taekookyun g 4 months ago

    I SEOUL U ❤️

  • Bayan Salh
    Bayan Salh 4 months ago

    چەنكەس حەسدەكات لەوێ بژی لایكم بكات

  • Greg Trainor
    Greg Trainor 4 months ago

    That 'minute' stretched out to three, but I wasn't complaining.

  • realsyk0902
    realsyk0902 4 months ago

    나의 두번째 고향.

  • Life Of Lars
    Life Of Lars 4 months ago

    Nice job! Check out my favorite secret locations for flying Drone in Scandinavia on my channel: ru-clip.com/video/-VKzYaCqv3M/video.html . Enjoy!

  • Seb Sebastian
    Seb Sebastian 4 months ago

    shall we share this clip at our facebook?

  • Riku Noguchi
    Riku Noguchi 4 months ago


  • David Korr
    David Korr 4 months ago

    Rome is the quintessential of _the city._ There is no greater metropolis than Rome.

  • shayegan net
    shayegan net 4 months ago

    tanx a lot

  • Paulina Adamska
    Paulina Adamska 4 months ago

    Incredible city! ♥️

    ERIN BELL 4 months ago


  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 5 months ago

    South korea is truely beautifull and dynamic its beauty like nuture beauty

  • Moana Will
    Moana Will 5 months ago

    where is the music from? I want it to use it for a presentation just the music though

  • Petr Havlíček
    Petr Havlíček 5 months ago

    Skutečně překrásná Praha.

  • joss buttler
    joss buttler 5 months ago

    Our india 😂🤣😆🤣😆😃😀😃

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates 5 months ago

    In a minute? It's 2:58 wtf

  • Tadeusz Szymański
    Tadeusz Szymański 5 months ago

    Hello! Your video encourages you to visit this place again. Great video, good music, nice shots. I like it very much, so ,, like #191 + subscription + new friend. "Regards and invite you to visit and subscribe to my channel.

  • haetae. v
    haetae. v 5 months ago

    Ya allah moga aja ada rejeki dan kesempatan buat ksna😭🙏

  • 진김
    진김 5 months ago

    존나 구리다 서울... 스카이라인이.죄다 성냥갑에

  • Mario Eter
    Mario Eter 5 months ago

    hi amazing movie can I use part of it for a phylosophical movie no profit?

  • Audrey Ayap
    Audrey Ayap 5 months ago

    What app?

  • duc nguyen
    duc nguyen 5 months ago

    support your channel ru-clip.com/video/pye3c5PGxqA/video.html

  • Cata Cheng
    Cata Cheng 5 months ago

    love seoul from China

  • Syed Muzzammil
    Syed Muzzammil 5 months ago

    this give me so much inspiration to start editing travel videos. Just wanna inform that i took a few footage from your clip to mix it with mine because i literally didnt bring my camera charger. Just a few footage only hehe

  • Marcelo s
    Marcelo s 5 months ago

    Very Nice vídeo seoul

  • Frameless
    Frameless 5 months ago

    Awesome edit!!!! Keep going

  • 姐姐JEONNY
    姐姐JEONNY 5 months ago

    Love Kuala Lumpur too much

  • Billy Ammy
    Billy Ammy 5 months ago

    Can i use this video for my video??? Please....

    • Billy Ammy
      Billy Ammy 5 months ago

      Ill give creditss for presentation ...

  • Justusvo
    Justusvo 5 months ago


  • 하현 ha hyeon
    하현 ha hyeon 5 months ago

    Seoul has Korean history, so I want many people visit Seoul!

  • Mr Freeman
    Mr Freeman 5 months ago

    Beautiful video, but why show devouring? Beautiful architecture is interrupted by the image of how monkeys eat.

  • aisen Lara
    aisen Lara 6 months ago

    Its Look like tokyo,,,,A great music Was played

  • Felix Niederegger
    Felix Niederegger 6 months ago

    Wow great video! I also made a travel video from our travels in new zealand if you want you can check it out on my channel 🔥

  • やすながみなと
    やすながみなと 6 months ago


  • NyuuMikuru1
    NyuuMikuru1 6 months ago

    Sees stars rotating clockwise, take that flatearthers.

  • *소벼룩
    *소벼룩 6 months ago

    좁아터진땅에 차는존나많음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • sangmin lee
    sangmin lee 6 months ago

    good video

  • Cory Ellingham
    Cory Ellingham 6 months ago

    I'm learning Korean

  • Halo stitch chick
    Halo stitch chick 6 months ago

    와진짜 서울에서 살고싶다

  • Pinkeu Loveu
    Pinkeu Loveu 6 months ago

    Can I use your video? Please...

  • serfin01
    serfin01 6 months ago

    Madrid and flamenco music?? Please, it’s enough. Madrid is not Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, etc. MADRID IS NOT ANDALUSIA, MADRID IS CASTILE!!!

  • Nicolás González Aranda

    The music is perfect for Amsterdam

  • Nur Nur
    Nur Nur 6 months ago

    I love you seolu koreya😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💓👄👄❤😍💓😙😋😄💕💕

  • Nicolás González Aranda


  • AL D Channel
    AL D Channel 6 months ago

    Nice footage from beautiful place.