Heavenly Emotions
Heavenly Emotions
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  • marjan miceski
    marjan miceski 6 days ago

    Superb !!!

  • ReOrder
    ReOrder 2 months ago

    Один с любиммых моих треков

  • Ольга Ясная
    Ольга Ясная 2 months ago


  • Eagle Nebula
    Eagle Nebula 3 months ago

    I thought I already commented on this but well lemme say that this is really great !


    the best

  • interrobangings
    interrobangings 5 months ago

    this is just alegria

  • Juan Carlos Berrocal Collao

    La mejor música del mundo es trance❤❤❤✔

  • Nikolett Márton
    Nikolett Márton 6 months ago


  • James Ten
    James Ten 6 months ago

    Es una maravilla, felicitaciones

  • Олександр Подкопайло


  • Pavel Kulakov
    Pavel Kulakov 6 months ago

    It's the waves of the ocean...Rise,fall,dive into the depths and take off again to the top...The ocean invades you and dissolves in itself and you feel youself as a particle of something huge..

  • Pavel Kulakov
    Pavel Kulakov 6 months ago

    Trance-music in our hearts...

  • Pavel Kulakov
    Pavel Kulakov 6 months ago

    It's divine....Flight in space!

  • Pavel Kulakov
    Pavel Kulakov 6 months ago

    Тонкая связь основной музыки с фоновым хоралом!

    • Heavenly Emotions
      Heavenly Emotions 6 months ago

      Yes I'm trying to connect the background image with the music :)

  • Pavel Kulakov
    Pavel Kulakov 6 months ago

    Иду на второй круг прослушивания данного трека....Фантастика!

  • Pavel Kulakov
    Pavel Kulakov 6 months ago

    Это Божественно!Я бился в экстазе ...Слушая эти трэки!Это просто блаженство !Уносит в далёкий космос!This is extasy!

  • Pavel Kulakov
    Pavel Kulakov 6 months ago

    Прямо реально эмоциональная трансовая музыка она возносит на пик ...После срываясь в бездну летишь...И погружаешься в океан растворяясь в нём без остатка...Возносясь на пик облаком ...Собираешься в единое целое и снова падаешь....

  • Dennis Moore
    Dennis Moore 7 months ago

    A well realized energy trance, congratulations.

  • Nash Nash
    Nash Nash 7 months ago

    Awesome and the sound very make me energetic and can’t stop listening 😌😌😘😘

  • Excadia
    Excadia 7 months ago

    Great mix! Now let's listen to asmr...

  • Jesus David Coneo Monterrosa

    What a great remix!!!!!

  • caju caju
    caju caju 8 months ago


  • W M-S
    W M-S 8 months ago

    I think this ist DJ Balouli

  • Mauricio Callegari Correia


  • Chris Horton
    Chris Horton 8 months ago

    bad quality or else copyright issues

  • MrCevil123
    MrCevil123 9 months ago


  • Equalizer
    Equalizer 9 months ago


  • Jude Mallari
    Jude Mallari 9 months ago


  • Jude Mallari
    Jude Mallari 9 months ago

    Ferry Corsten 🔊🎼🎵🎵🎵❤💛💚💙💜

  • Jude Mallari
    Jude Mallari 9 months ago

    Thanks to all the TRANCE ARTISTS. Somebody's still making GOOD MUSIC. 💜💜💙💙💚💚💛❤💛💚💚💙💙💜💜

  • Dan Jm
    Dan Jm 10 months ago

    Ferry Corsten # 1 DJ In the World !!!

    • linda duffy
      linda duffy 8 months ago

      Mind blowing just shut youre eyes and you can be where ever you want to be

  • Pirkka Keskinen
    Pirkka Keskinen 10 months ago

    This tune is really a sad case... It sounds great otherwise, but I can't stand to listen to the main beat, because it sounds like the signal is breaking up/clipping, so as to sound completely distorted. It's a showstopper for me, and I'd really like the artist(s) to make another version with the beat fixed/cleaned up.

  • Honey Suckle
    Honey Suckle 10 months ago


  • hyzenthlay
    hyzenthlay 10 months ago

    This mix is amazing!

  • Ingrid Vitória
    Ingrid Vitória 10 months ago


    AACAAASH 79 11 months ago

    SHUT YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!.......

  • Anca Comanescu
    Anca Comanescu 11 months ago

    great song, thank you!

  • Carl French
    Carl French Year ago

    Loooooooove this tune

  • Joe A
    Joe A Year ago

    Whow! Man- YOU, have got the touch! Amazing.

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones Year ago


  • Petr Maršal
    Petr Maršal Year ago

    Beautyfull track!!!

  • Mounir Iabbassen

    J adore ♥ ta musique mon amis, Mounir à vous salut

  • Junior Ji
    Junior Ji Year ago

    Realy beutifull. Trance is Heaven

  • Миша Кролль


  • Миша Кролль


  • Patriqu
    Patriqu Year ago

    1:44:06 :)

  • İlker - Legend
    İlker - Legend Year ago

    My favorite

  • moises rodrigues

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍☝excelentes saludos desde Panamá

  • Mirel Radu
    Mirel Radu Year ago

    Ceamai buna muzica este TRANCE.!

  • Mirel Radu
    Mirel Radu Year ago

    Trance,cea mai buna muzica din lume.!

    • Heavenly Emotions
      Heavenly Emotions Year ago

      Mirel Radu Sunt deacord cu tine :) cu siguranta si cea mai inteligenta!

  • Jorge Picazo
    Jorge Picazo Year ago

    Love it

  • Ray McArthur
    Ray McArthur Year ago


  • Gilles Fort
    Gilles Fort Year ago

    Dommage que le son soit de pietre qualité même avec un ampli Focal je n arrive pas a softir un son correcte avec un casque AKG même problême ce n est pas la peine d avoir un mega- data -center et nous refiler du son a 97klb

  • Kprcrn Nrcrpk
    Kprcrn Nrcrpk Year ago


  • Hanseatenfutter von Hacht

    Geiles Ding

  • MrZlayo Zlayo
    MrZlayo Zlayo Year ago

    Brilliant mix! BIG LIKE.

  • Trance Music
    Trance Music Year ago

    nice set and selction music

  • Osman Ungur
    Osman Ungur Year ago

    Perfect mix! And I loved 1:16:30

  • Andrey Davlikanoff

    Огонь! Мелодично и душевно

  • durando kevin
    durando kevin Year ago

    Très sympa mais je reconnais pas beaucoup la chanson de kai tracid . Merci en tout cas

  • Piotr Jankowski
    Piotr Jankowski Year ago

    16:45 Sick!

  • Susanne Schafflik

    Wow ! Just found this tonight ~ Fantastic!

  • Piotr Jankowski
    Piotr Jankowski Year ago

    Incredible! 36:16

  • Whose DC
    Whose DC Year ago

    23:05 令人振奋的节奏!享受!

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando Year ago


  • Вова Коломиєць


  • leepenn2492
    leepenn2492 Year ago

    this Boy cracks out some quality and class... top.effort lad

  • LALIS pantazo
    LALIS pantazo Year ago

    f*cking awesome...love it

  • Vladimír Míča

    STA-A11 (Mike Spinner Remix) damn super song

  • Chico
    Chico Year ago

    i cant feel my face

  • Radu Marius
    Radu Marius Year ago

    Nice compilation!!

    • Radu Marius
      Radu Marius Year ago

      Cu plăcere, ține-o în continuare tot așa, îți ascult mixajele non-stop.

    • Heavenly Emotions
      Heavenly Emotions Year ago

      Multumesc frumos Marius;)

  • Вячеслав Алексеенко

    "5:20 - 12:00" - по мурашкам! Остальное - дешёвая ерунда бумкающая..

  • JonathanM89
    JonathanM89 Year ago

    Love tracks like this!! They are hard to find. I invented a new sub genre to describe tracks with this sound..."Spiritual Trance". I WANT MORE!!! Great job!

  • Tomas Barka
    Tomas Barka Year ago

    I do love Trance I must say this really amazing mix. I'm going to find next sets. It was great driving home from abroad. Well done. Love it so much.

  • Rhodan Tarrisse
    Rhodan Tarrisse Year ago


  • Milāns Šafraneks

    Labs skanējums!!!

  • Milāns Šafraneks

    Labs,labs,labs!!!Tā turpināt...

  • Luis Dominguez
    Luis Dominguez Year ago

    the besr there is

  • Gabriel Baez
    Gabriel Baez Year ago


  • Raquel Flores Parada


  • Roxolana Rannes
    Roxolana Rannes Year ago


  • Space 80
    Space 80 Year ago

    absolutely amazing!!!🔥🔥

  • Віктор Лесик

    Strong emotion, complicated rhythm, but deep dramatic melody. BEAUTYFUL!!!

  • Trance Music
    Trance Music Year ago

    amazing track

  • Trance Music
    Trance Music Year ago

    excellent track

  • Vika Shev
    Vika Shev Year ago

    Первая четверть зачёт! класс!

  • We Love Trance
    We Love Trance Year ago

    First song is a best!

  • manuel diaz
    manuel diaz Year ago


  • Heavenly Emotions

    Alpha Force & Vlad Gee - Believe In Yourself (DoubleV Remix) [Promind Recordings] ru-clip.com/video/Go-go9ErLo0/video.html

  • david14433
    david14433 Year ago

    If I could get the MIDI of this song that would be great.

    • david14433
      david14433 Year ago

      Thanks, I just PMed him.

    • Heavenly Emotions
      Heavenly Emotions Year ago


    • Heavenly Emotions
      Heavenly Emotions Year ago

      Talk to Borja Iglesias Touceda (Dimension) ru-clip.com/user/DimensionOfficialTv can give you midi from the song

  • david14433
    david14433 Year ago

    Love this song reminds me that love is still real. And it inspires me to make my own music on my own time.

  • manuel diaz
    manuel diaz Year ago

    Otro nivel ✌

  • Davis BR78
    Davis BR78 Year ago

    prime sound

  • keven lopez
    keven lopez Year ago


  • Trance Music
    Trance Music Year ago

    excellent track

  • AirBorn 1985
    AirBorn 1985 Year ago

    Stile retrò però sound avvincente 😊

  • volkskommissar
    volkskommissar Year ago

    WOW. Das ist es ....perfekt und voll geil...that s it Grretz from BERLIN ;-)))*"*"**

  • Burak Colak
    Burak Colak Year ago

    sounds like heaven