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Black Hole Harmonics
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What Caused the Big Bang?
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The Crisis in Cosmology
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'Oumuamua Is Not Aliens
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The Vacuum Catastrophe
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  • g00d ViBeS
    g00d ViBeS 6 minutes ago

    Computer Scientist here, forgive my ignorance. Question: sounds exactly like a discrete time Fourier transform (or something of the sort for the sine/2D waves to which you allude). What is the problem/confusion/skepticism in decomposing the waves with an algorithm just as an FFT might based on the properties? This seems very straightforward in the way you explained it. If the experiments yielded different results, can you explain such implications? How can I learn more about implementing this sort of harmonic algorithm/transform in my own program, similar to how the SXS implements it, aside from the papers you mentioned? Never mind, I’m not a Computer Scientist, after listening to this, I will update my LinkedIn to “Armchair Astrophysicist, PBS Spacetime Univeristy”. Thanks for the great content.

  • J. C.
    J. C. 16 minutes ago

    Ok so I’m dumb. I watched the whole video and don’t know the answer. Are we living in a matrix?

  • golden86
    golden86 21 minute ago

    *Quaid...Quaid! Turn on the reactor.*

  • Mike Gorgichuk
    Mike Gorgichuk 27 minutes ago

    Tell that to Breta Dummyberg. 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Gorgichuk
    Mike Gorgichuk 29 minutes ago

    How would we go to Venus when we can't even go to the moon? 👽

  • no name
    no name 40 minutes ago

    I think we are in a black hole

  • ; Expected
    ; Expected 52 minutes ago

    I feel like it wouldnt matter how big your harddisk is if you dont have the RAM and CPU power to simulate the universe

  • Daniel U. Thibault
    Daniel U. Thibault 55 minutes ago

    @8:35 "propogation"

  • Daniel U. Thibault
    Daniel U. Thibault 56 minutes ago

    @7:58 "tranformation"

  • Daniel U. Thibault
    Daniel U. Thibault 59 minutes ago

    @6:00 "intertial"?

  • Miss Black San Antonio Co Ed 2017

    I think propellant is the best answer

  • Theresa Horton
    Theresa Horton Hour ago

    Fortnite in a nutshell

  • Lucid
    Lucid Hour ago

    It defines voxel scale to reality.. :-P.. unless there are more dimensions... Ohhh noooo Mr. Electron.. ;-)

  • Juan Rojas
    Juan Rojas Hour ago

    Matt: It's what you get when you solve the delightfully complicated Einsteins field equations. AP Physics kid: ..... "delightfully"....

  • khang Fre-Y
    khang Fre-Y Hour ago

    You didn't explain why it is "E" squared? If "E" is the constant, how can you have it squared?

  • Not A Bot
    Not A Bot Hour ago

    I think you broke my brain

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz Hour ago

    This is why I think we should be spending our money on interstellar propulsion instead of our fixation on going to Mars which is after effectively the equivalent of a toxic environment to us. Going to Mars makes as much sense as repopulating Chernobyl!

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx

    Mars is better in my opinion cause venus is hot due to greenhouse affect

  • byteme9718
    byteme9718 2 hours ago

    I'm still trying to split beer atoms any advice on chisel angles?

  • Man Jay
    Man Jay 2 hours ago

    Q: Did Time Start at the Big Bang? A: Yes. However, since time started at a time when there was no time, we are forever prevented for saying "when" it all happened. Sad.

  • James Elger
    James Elger 2 hours ago

    You wouldn't believe the right way. Slam a few extinctor style asteroids. Yes, their contents matter. A comet or four or five.

    • James Elger
      James Elger 2 hours ago

      Energy in more than quantity.

    • James Elger
      James Elger 2 hours ago

      It will cook out, thorium, carbon, and water.

  • Chuck Newman
    Chuck Newman 2 hours ago

    @MattO’Dowd Black hole ring down and the Golden ratio: I’ve been doing some research on the golden ratio/fibonacci spiral; and I couldn’t help noticing that your illustrations on black hole swarms looked very similar. Does the math coincide? ...or is this just happenstance? (I’m a novice, so please forgive me if my question is simplistic)

    PANTA 2 hours ago

    There are also other major problems besides speed. Debris, spacedust, rocks, gas are a few of them. By going that fast, you could never escape from these particles in space. And then we have to look at science fiction again. You need shields to protect a ship. Any material will not be sufficient. So you need to think about electric shields, or magnetic shields. But the amount of energy needed to produce these shields are enormous. Let alone the size and volume of the device. So that would be another challenge. Next another problem: Gravitational lensing. The direction you will go will not be in a straight line as it changes the moment you travel. Normally that won't be a problem, but it is a problem when another phenomena happens: Gravitational pull. The solar system and other large masses will pull on your ship like hell. Keeping your ship in one line will take a lot of energy to pull out of the system in the first place. I like to be optimistic, but I start to understand the Fermi paradox and why we aren't seeing proof of other civilisations. Because the universe is build with a lock on it, preventing anyone to escape their homes. Maybe we will find a way, but maybe it will be too late.

  • omeander
    omeander 2 hours ago

    If the edge of the universe is the inverse to the singularity of a black hole then that which is beyond the event horizon of the universe would be not a singularity but a diametrically positioned all encompassing pan-plurality. The singularity being a point that is everywhere and the pan-plurality being the diameter of the universe that is quite literally nowhere in spacetime (to paraphrase Cusanus) because spacetime itself breaks down "inside" such a pan-plurality just as it does at the singularity of a black hole.

  • Splashh__daddyyy__
    Splashh__daddyyy__ 2 hours ago

    NASA:search’s up how to make nukes

  • Grabacadaver
    Grabacadaver 3 hours ago

    if you are in a vacuum with particles floating around how do you compensate for the bombardment and atmosphere delays of light?

  • John Trojan
    John Trojan 3 hours ago

    I see that there were many viewers frustrated with the advanced level of this video and it obviously wasn't made for the laymen/laywomen. I have a degree in astrophysics and even I had a hard time following some of it because it was condensing quantum mechanics into a 13 minute nutshell. But I loved it just the same.

  • Lex Gaming
    Lex Gaming 3 hours ago

    So, basically, you've seen Doctor Who, now go do it, yeah?

  • Boris Nahalka
    Boris Nahalka 3 hours ago

    just some of the metaphysical nonsense: what if the particles in DSE are not physical in their nature until they hit the screen or until they are observed? in other words, what if the reality without consciousness is this fussy blur of potentials which becomes the reality when consciousness comes in play. in that case, both Einstein and Bohr would be right.

  • Super Kitty Show
    Super Kitty Show 3 hours ago

    What makes you think there is such thing as time?

  • culwin
    culwin 3 hours ago

    New evidence of multiple black holes merging to make combined overtones: ru-clip.com/video/oHg5SJYRHA0/video.html

  • Dave Brewer
    Dave Brewer 3 hours ago

    Oh...you mean like we are currently doing to Planet Earth ? Lets burn/bulldoze some more Amazon Forest shall we ?

  • Jay Pearce
    Jay Pearce 3 hours ago

    We (humans) tend to get ahead of ourselves. We ought to develop necessary technology first before considering the grand plan of Dyson spheres.

  • Spire Construction
    Spire Construction 3 hours ago

    All theories and no prove. Nothing can't blow everything into existence.. Amazing that a wheel cannot blow into existence by itself and that applies to everything in the universe.

  • Richard Rivera
    Richard Rivera 4 hours ago

    In about a billion years the sun will begin its process to convert itself into a red giant. Why would we want to be closer to it in Venus. We should figure out how to be gone from the solar system and settle some where else. Ohh I forgot right after that Sun event we will have to deal with the collision of the milky way and andromeda galaxy. Renaming us Milkdromeda. Glad I’ll be gone to miss all of that headache. The human race will be extinct Like the dinosaurs in much less time than that. I give us (if we are lucky) 12 more years, due to the irreversible effects of global warming. According to AOC... LOL 😂

  • tomm04471
    tomm04471 4 hours ago

    First things first; i'm all for this new technology. Admittedly, i haven't read ALL the comments here. I tried with one comment and its replies.. quite a few novels there, some interesting, some.. well, let's say less civil :P... But the main counter-argument against all versions and futures of nuclear energy is still; renewable energy in all its forms, wind water solar. I won't pretend to be an expert, but it seems like renewable energy is a great solution to fix our immediate problem, but that's just it! Giving that it fixes everything, it sounds like "just" a solution to a problem, keeping status quo. I'm not saying it's insignificant or useless, it IS very impressive, and we are fortunate someone invented it. But what about the next step? Humans always, as we should, strife for something bigger and/or better. to be hindered by strongly finite or inefficient energy would be a damn shame. To completely shut down the whole nuclear technology, or any technology for that matter, because of a *relatively ancient mistake is just wrong. *I say relatively ancient because science in any form evolves exponentially. It's mind boggling, really.

  • Rayagoldendropofsun Sunlightelectrorays

    Gravity/Black Holes has been DEBUNKED by GAS BONDING

  • manuelgm
    manuelgm 4 hours ago

    Peter Dinklage talking quantum physics

  • Ron Schuster
    Ron Schuster 4 hours ago

    Sorry for the dumb question, but I was curious. If space is expanding and objects like galaxies are moving farther apart all the time, why do two galaxies collide with each other?

  • Cheese Block
    Cheese Block 4 hours ago

    Send all of the Feminists there.

  • Axel Stoll
    Axel Stoll 4 hours ago

    "Moreover, the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is, indeed, incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives." - Emperor Hirohito, Accepting the Potsdam Declaration -

  • B. Lonewolf
    B. Lonewolf 5 hours ago

    Hey, protons, hurry up and figure out if you're going to decay so we can know what's gonna happen to the universe! Really, they're just like kids with all their indecisiveness!

  • Cheese Block
    Cheese Block 5 hours ago

    Venus would make the aliens jealous we made a cooler base.

  • Whitni Abernathy
    Whitni Abernathy 5 hours ago

    Venus is 86 4 degrees Fahrenheit....

  • jon williams
    jon williams 5 hours ago

    but light is a particle and a wave.

  • We The People
    We The People 5 hours ago

    The image you showed for 3C273 is actually M87

  • joseph smith
    joseph smith 5 hours ago

    The dbl slit experiment def does make it feel like sim theory is correct check out nick bostroms thoughts on the matter lile a video game saves cpu power by only using it for the focus of the view

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 5 hours ago

    None of this will ever happen as long as the nations o earth keep squabbling and fighting over resources and the age old delusion of global dominance. As long as we don't learn to put out petty little differences aside, we will never explore interstellar space simply because no one nation alone has the resources needed to make it happen. Only a globally combined effort will work. Another reason I believe this won't happen is because there's no drive or interest behind it on the part of those in power to make the decision to just go and do it as it was during the cold war when we were in a race against the Russians to get to the moon after they had beaten us into space. So as it stands right now, this is stuff that might happen in two or three hundred years from now after another global conflict that will devastate our planet and decimate a large part of the world's population and leaders will finally learn that the only way to get ahead is together. I'm convinced that acquiring the technology for the development of a real warp drive would be possible even in our own lifetime if everyone would chip in and a huge concerted effort would be made by all nations toward that goal. However, since this would essentially be a non profit effort, the rich and powerful on earth with the capital necessary to get a project of that magnitude off the ground would not be terribly interested in getting behind it. After all, if there's no profit in it, then what's the point?

  • Paul Russell
    Paul Russell 5 hours ago

    You just read my comment. Was that meant to happen?

  • d d
    d d 5 hours ago

    English accent guy. Ssshhhh

  • Dylan Colby
    Dylan Colby 5 hours ago

    That shirt is wonderful.

  • C P
    C P 5 hours ago

    Great writing but his voice/accent is sooooo annoying 🙉

  • Marcus Hant
    Marcus Hant 6 hours ago

    4 parts per million? Insignificant!

  • Lex Gaming
    Lex Gaming 6 hours ago

    t (natural unit*e*s)

  • Living Bard
    Living Bard 6 hours ago

    so will the microwave make my corn taste good? or will it deform the corn?

    • Living Bard
      Living Bard 6 hours ago

      if you put a balloon that was 99.9% volume maxed and ran the microwave shouldn't the space deform pop it?

    • Living Bard
      Living Bard 6 hours ago

      follow up. if I put a can of corn in that microwave drive, will it smash it or cook it?

  • LaughingSeraphim
    LaughingSeraphim 6 hours ago

    So, if one sits on a skate board and lurches back and forth, they can move. Same thing sitting on a swing. Could this cause a thrust? Are the bouncing particles akin to rocking back and forth? The larger end would get more energy than the small end, which would cause collision?

    M ZELLMER 6 hours ago

    Ok well here's my therory regarding the inevitable predicted collision. Andromeda is actually an image of our galaxy that existed in the past. We are simply looking at our younger galaxy through a wormhole of some type. Too crazy to be true you say...I say prove it. Folks, you live in a quantum ruled universe!

  • Lex Gaming
    Lex Gaming 6 hours ago

    ... Did no one think to mirror the detector though, so that it's up top rather than down on bottom in the mirrored clock? I mean, if it's truly mirrored, then it would be mirrored in all directions, so the detector would transition from the bottom in ours to the top in the mirrored, to detect the now upward moving particles, yes? Thus, it would tick indifferent and identical to ours, except mirrored.

  • Lex Gaming
    Lex Gaming 7 hours ago

    I just realized something. Not about this vid, but PBS Space Time in general, and ofc Space Time itself, as well as Final Space. The Infinity Guard is firing a laser at a particular place opening a rift, so basically a black hole made by a laser. Hmmm... Sounds familiar, a particular German-named space craft perhaps, which is fueled by a Black Hole Drive? And when they light fold through a small point through the sun, are they perhaps flying through a black hole? If so, perhaps its singularity is Bolo, in that massless box, like the photons in the massless box, creating mass from no mass. If so, Inner Space would be a dimension within the black hole, which makes it odd that oxygen could be there. What happens if one breaches the Event Horizon while going FTS?

  • Eli the Pit Bull Dog

    Venus is hot not because of the intense pressure, not CO2

  • Eli the Pit Bull Dog

    Except that the models were wrong 😂

  • crazy talk
    crazy talk 7 hours ago

    This moron pulls out so many random numbers out of his ass. so ignorant to even think you know without certain half that crap. mostly all made up nonsense

  • David House
    David House 7 hours ago

    Hey, what if we "fixed" Venus? Would that be less or more crazy than terraforming Mars?

  • Dale Marshall
    Dale Marshall 7 hours ago

    It seems that string theory is exactly the same as Congress. Instead of scrapping what doesn't work and starting over, just keep adding, redefining, twisting facts and figures, spinning the truth until you have something that can totally baffle everyone, but you can claim as truth.

  • jonathan cale
    jonathan cale 7 hours ago

    So basically he said Co2 global warming theory is bullshit .... but he just couldnt be too obvious about it.

  • 00110010011011 10100110011000

    Which option do we like? Answer: NONE OF THE ABOVE. Ask yourself why? Why do alien travelers that roam the earth and the universe for more than 10,000 or 100,000 years use flying saucers? Not one, all of them from different worlds, galaxies or universes of different alien sizes? Apply their travel under one system of machinery options. The reason "why" we are not hanging around with them is very simple. We are too selfish with each other that we don´t even understand ourselves to live as a species or even share with other species because of our ignorance. That is the reason we will NEVER reach other planets, galaxies or even share with other aliens. THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IS MONEY FOR US, NOTHING MORE.

  • Lex Gaming
    Lex Gaming 8 hours ago

    Isn't this literally the Reality Bomb from Doctor Who?

  • Baker's Bread
    Baker's Bread 8 hours ago

    if the information goes back in time can we not delay the reading of the particle until after a pattern is made and then read or destroy the information based on the opposite of what pattern arose? Like wait until we see a wave interference pattern to then read the particle, or wait until we see a double slit to then destroy the information.

  • neatwheat
    neatwheat 8 hours ago

    I thought 4D timespace was just a workaround to position energy/particle states in time. Anyway, I still wonder if causality also works the other way around (so that our perception of time and causality is only a point of view thing)

  • Wilhelm Von Wilsenheim

    Mankind's unwillingness to come to terms with something undefinable is astounding. Why do we even need to find an edge to the universe? I doubt the sanity of these physicists, for they must have been inspired by science fiction and comics.

  • Ellis K
    Ellis K 8 hours ago

    In case you were worried about being over dressed, you weren't.

  • Waffle z
    Waffle z 8 hours ago

    I believe that when you go through a black hole or you get crushed, but maybe if you survive you come out the white hole?

  • Vedanth Bhatnagar
    Vedanth Bhatnagar 8 hours ago

    1:00 I don't understand. Energy seems as fundamental to me as mass. Yes, mathematically, it is a relation between various quantities. But, had we taken Energy to be fundamental, then we would have other 'fundamental' quantities in terms of energy. Am I missing something here?

  • Allan Grimmer
    Allan Grimmer 8 hours ago

    Would have a laugh if space X beats NASA to Mars

  • Eddie Burtt
    Eddie Burtt 8 hours ago

    this guy spews nonsense and just juggles around his questions.

  • Rafeza Akhter
    Rafeza Akhter 8 hours ago

    Singularity that means "EVERYTHING"in a point .Really "EVERYTHING" ?????????

  • Jadin Andrews
    Jadin Andrews 9 hours ago

    Black hole spin of .69 - Davie504 is SLAPPING like

  • Jadin Andrews
    Jadin Andrews 9 hours ago

    So I can understand BH mergers as the event horizons merging, but what about the singularities at the center? Do they continue orbiting, or are they infinitely removed by an 'internal' event horizon?

  • threeMetreJim
    threeMetreJim 9 hours ago

    4:10 Need to reduce the vacuum energy in one region of space... OK... I'll stick a bunch of atoms there, even better, a whole planet.

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo 9 hours ago

    I'm just waiting for lastpass to get hacked and passwords leaked.

  • Adam Elkhoury
    Adam Elkhoury 9 hours ago

    I dont think you understand anything you said lol

  • Rayagoldendropofsun Sunlightelectrorays

    Tide Experiment at home. Solid objects added to a container of water gives it high tide, and when taken out it's a low tide. A low tide is when the moon connection to earth's core is pulling on it's solids surface, pulling it somewhat out the oceans water, as the oceans recedes. A rising tide is when that same connection pulls from the watery side pulling the earth dry land under the oceans water.

  • fischid
    fischid 10 hours ago

    My understanding of space-time is only elementary, but it seems that only spatial harmonics are addressed in this explanation. Wouldn't harmonics also extend into time, too? And there's your 20 minute delay of signal as time is stretched near the merger locale.

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 10 hours ago

    Yes, very good, but the explanation of what a light cone is lacked clarity ie. glossed over.

  • rozi hanafi
    rozi hanafi 10 hours ago

    I like no 4.

  • Padawan Atodon
    Padawan Atodon 10 hours ago

    “String theorists are okay...for now.” Haha

  • Luke Sorensen
    Luke Sorensen 10 hours ago


  • the Art of Humanity
    the Art of Humanity 10 hours ago

    I've spent too much time on quantum mechanics for this to blow my existential-crisis-seasoned mind. Not gonna lie though, this is extremely interesting.

  • Matthew Morycinski
    Matthew Morycinski 10 hours ago

    So... counterpart-icles?

  • Age case documentaries

    we are already in an ice age, its just nearly all melted

  • Ravikumar Meshram
    Ravikumar Meshram 11 hours ago

    Tell this to Elon Musk

  • Chetak
    Chetak 11 hours ago

    Every fundamental particle has ciousness and has purpose. And every evolution, stars and it's system or even life forms have consciousness/purpose.

  • lazyis hardwork
    lazyis hardwork 11 hours ago

    the universe can't be infinite. If the universe were infinite how could it be expanding? Your argument is invalid

    KEN ZAN 11 hours ago

    I have I der Top seclet ken do Trnsfor mars ner Erth clos Eviting ezey

  • lazyis hardwork
    lazyis hardwork 11 hours ago

    you're pretty good at informing us of your inexhaustible numbers of fuck ups, but are you actually making any positive progress?

  • ansh gawai
    ansh gawai 11 hours ago

    @PBS can u explain the axis of the graph shown

  • Mitch Hollobaugh
    Mitch Hollobaugh 11 hours ago

    Why is he talking so fast

  • pressgurka
    pressgurka 11 hours ago

    Long story Short Kim Jongun

  • steve bob
    steve bob 11 hours ago

    it mean the blackhole do computing and memory storge ??? look like initial the simulation and run it !(outside can't interfere)

  • john noe
    john noe 11 hours ago

    I am not exactly sure what this guy is talking about but my brain did ingest a small fraction of his reasoning about tides. With another time watching it, slowly, pretty sure I will "get it" enough to know the gist of what he's explaining.