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Blade Beam
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Fighting Methods- Boxing
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  • Aussieroth7
    Aussieroth7 2 years ago

    Huh... Interesting perspective...

    • Shadoco
      Shadoco 2 years ago

      Aussieroth7 No, I totally agree! To me in Cinema everything has to have a reason behind it in terms of tone. People just trying to make something dark for the sake of being dark or make something comedic for the sake of being comedic feels forced and manipulative. It's okay for a movie to be dark, but if it doesn't feel natural without maybe a little levity, then it just feels like it's trying to up the shock value. And sadly, I never even got to enter. Haha! Pretty embarrassing, but I was on a trip at the time filming something and kind of had to try and scramble around to make this pitch and I missed the submission opening by twenty stinking minutes. It was a big one too, film director Clive Barker was awarding a $100,000 budget to several aspiring filmmakers based off of a pitch that could not exceed three minutes. Unfortunately, I just heard about it way too late. So that one definitely stung. 😂

    • Aussieroth7
      Aussieroth7 2 years ago

      ... Mate, my wife is the sweetest thing you can imagine, and one of her favourite movie franchises is SAW... Fantasies are literally that, fantasies. It's what captures someone's fascination. Plus I do like some of the dark stuff myself. Though I'm more akin to the "balanced" dark stuff such as Castlevania if you will, or the likes of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. ... I also feel that some horror films these days don't quite have the panache of the classics. Some do try but try too hard if you know what I mean. Same with a lot of "comedies" these days. Also, did you win the contest?

    • Shadoco
      Shadoco 2 years ago

      Aussieroth7 Thanks! I appreciate that. This was a submission for an old contest. I've always gravitated towards surreal, dark Cinema despite the fact that I'm not a particularly dark person. I tend to ramble a bit, haha.

  • Paul Brandofino
    Paul Brandofino 4 years ago

    Fantastic! love the comedy in this one, even though it got really creepy sometimes XD

  • Rick Villanueva
    Rick Villanueva 5 years ago

    This is a scary video! Awesome!

    • Shadoco
      Shadoco 5 years ago

      Thank you man! I appreciate it! :)

  • Paul Brandofino
    Paul Brandofino 5 years ago

    pretty awsome guys! the ending felt a little cut off, but really good over good overall!

  • Paul Brandofino
    Paul Brandofino 5 years ago

    well damn XD

  • Paul Brandofino
    Paul Brandofino 5 years ago

    Fantastic! cant wait to see it!

  • Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester 5 years ago

    cannot wait to see it.

  • Paul Brandofino
    Paul Brandofino 6 years ago

    epic ending! XD

  • Paul Brandofino
    Paul Brandofino 6 years ago

    Very nice dude!