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  • Joseph Pinedo
    Joseph Pinedo 8 minutes ago

    This is the song I want them to play at my funeral.

  • Elite Knight
    Elite Knight 36 minutes ago

    ThIs Is The WaY 👉

  • Embers
    Embers Hour ago

    Alright 90th time this week

  • Porsuk
    Porsuk 2 hours ago

    I love this song. I have spoken.

  • Matthew Guilbert
    Matthew Guilbert 2 hours ago

    All y’all talking bout how “THIS is the Star Wars we want.” but you still went and watched rouge.

  • MisoSoda
    MisoSoda 3 hours ago

    Got some Killmonger theme vibes at the beginning

  • bobjones01
    bobjones01 3 hours ago

    I bet he looks like a Gungan

  • Nautical Ninja
    Nautical Ninja 3 hours ago


  • Nautical Ninja
    Nautical Ninja 3 hours ago


  • Nah Bro
    Nah Bro 3 hours ago

    It’s 2:16 A.M and i wanna sleep but i can’t get this out of my mind so imma just replay it until i fall asleep, gn people

  • IowaRAP
    IowaRAP 4 hours ago

    Keep baby yoda warm I must.... Burn baby groot I must

  • Marco Hurtado
    Marco Hurtado 5 hours ago

    Really wish the part from 1:58 to 2:8 was longer

  • Ikonicre
    Ikonicre 5 hours ago

    Definitely took cues from "The Imperial Suite" from Rogue One. Like.. literally

  • weismeister121
    weismeister121 6 hours ago

    is it just me, or is the beginning of the song played on a didgeridoo? (really curious about it; fantastic song though)

  • Seth Allen
    Seth Allen 6 hours ago

    First good comment

  • W O
    W O 6 hours ago

    Genius <333

  • juan luis salgado cardenas

    0:46 the BEST parte

  • One Shot
    One Shot 7 hours ago

    This... this is the way

  • Restored Thyme
    Restored Thyme 7 hours ago

    Yo this ish was so hard!!! Like dayum I love this series

  • alexandergamich
    alexandergamich 7 hours ago

    Love this theme, kind of gives me a Temple of Doom vibe at times.

  • Mark Seeley
    Mark Seeley 8 hours ago

    Does anyone else hear Bill Conti in the DNA of this theme?

  • djblack1204
    djblack1204 8 hours ago

    A rapper is going to steal this!

      #KEVIN FEIGE 6 hours ago

      *warming up I have spoken y'all (yeah) I have spoken y'all Check it. Check it. Listen. 🎶 THIS IS THE WAY🎶 🎶THIS IS THE WAY 🎶 🎶 NORTH WEST SOUTH🎶 🎶WHATCHA DOIN' OVER THERE🎶 🎶 YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY🎶 🎶 YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HEAD EAST🎶 🎶 YOU IDIOT🎶 🎶THIS IS THE WAY 🎶 *drops mic

  • JackGuy72
    JackGuy72 8 hours ago

    This song is the way.

  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen 9 hours ago

    This makes me wanna see a live action clone wars show from a clone trooper’s perspective all the way from the battle of geonosis to the start of the empire

  • James pineapple
    James pineapple 9 hours ago

    Baby yoda:*eats frog* Everyone: *funky mandalorian music stops*

  • Nerd Inked.
    Nerd Inked. 9 hours ago

    Straight up Star Wars western. I love it 🥰

  • el rem
    el rem 9 hours ago

    Faith in Star Wars licence restored

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 9 hours ago

    0:44 is what you came here for

  • namn200
    namn200 10 hours ago

    have subconciously wished for "The Mandalorean" since i was a 6 year old sitting on the floor of the living room watching star wars for the first time and seeing BOBA FETT jet packing around over the Zarlack pitt fighting Luke, Han and Chewi

  • Ani-Mav
    Ani-Mav 10 hours ago

    My fellow youtubers, This is the way

  • Don't Be Stupid
    Don't Be Stupid 10 hours ago

    that flute in the end intensifies an already amazing soundtrack.

  • Chief Kuno
    Chief Kuno 10 hours ago

    Finally a star wars show made for Men. Ty

  • Gta l
    Gta l 11 hours ago

    This song is blessed

  • Katileau
    Katileau 11 hours ago

    I’ve never really been a fan of Star Wars, but this show is awesome!

  • Anthony Owen
    Anthony Owen 12 hours ago

    This Is the Way.

  • João Sousa
    João Sousa 12 hours ago

    A heartfelt nudge to shitty flute!

  • The I.R.A
    The I.R.A 12 hours ago

    When you finally find the kid that went to the bathroom 30 minutes ago that your teacher sent you out to find “i can bring you in warm...or i can bring you in cold”

  • Catmanthehero
    Catmanthehero 13 hours ago

    This is the way

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 hours ago

      Catmanthehero This is the way

  • giobot 17
    giobot 17 13 hours ago

    what I really enjoy is the concept art at the end of each episode. really shows John Faverau he ain’t fuckin around

  • Corwinus M.
    Corwinus M. 13 hours ago

    International anthem of Moon Colony This is the way

  • MandoMadness
    MandoMadness 14 hours ago

    Oya Manda!

  • Sam Mitchell Channel
    Sam Mitchell Channel 16 hours ago

    2017: do u know da wae? 2019: this is the way.

  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu 17 hours ago

    The Mandalorian reminds me of Batman.

  • Zachary Evans
    Zachary Evans 18 hours ago

    224 Bounty hunters couldn't find the way.

  • Tristan Newman
    Tristan Newman 19 hours ago

    Best space western since Firefly. I have spoken.

  • Manny P
    Manny P 19 hours ago

    The Mandalorian is epic, i have spoken

  • Nick Kennedy
    Nick Kennedy 20 hours ago

    This is the way.

  • Raymond Hamill
    Raymond Hamill 21 hour ago

    This Is The Way

  • NMH Alumni
    NMH Alumni 23 hours ago

    I get chills everytime I hear this.

  • elijahthesamurai
    elijahthesamurai 23 hours ago

    This theme grows on you it starts the way it plays, subtle, faint, mysterious but then you just gotta listen to it over and over. I can definitely hear the Morricone and Poledouris influence but d@mn, John Favreau, Pedro Pascal, Baby Yoda you guys have done it!!! You've managed to repackage the spaghetti western, merge it with Star Wars and create something spectacular and original but still definitely something of the REAL Star Wars! Such a breath of fresh air from the latest SW trilogy and all the other superhero films.

  • Dojoinn of Rasunin
    Dojoinn of Rasunin 23 hours ago

    *listens to track from beginning to **0:46**, nice slow build up* *listens to track from **0:46** onwards till finish. finds pace to be too slow* *speeds up to 1.45x at **0:46** onwards* "This is the way"

  • ScribeOfTheBatophage

    Has anybody else realized the Mandalorian is a western?

  • Maurice Titus
    Maurice Titus Day ago

    This theme song can make you “ Warm or Cold “ - this is the way

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis Day ago

    Guns are part of my religion.

  • ends1000
    ends1000 Day ago

    This is the way.

  • Richard Li
    Richard Li Day ago

    6 was the best episode

  • Serena Smith
    Serena Smith Day ago


  • Galaxiebleu04
    Galaxiebleu04 Day ago

    Everybody "This is the way"

  • Simon Martinkovic

    This is the way

  • Vmax Assassins

    I love porgs and Ewoks Baby Yoda: hold my beer

  • Joe Finberg
    Joe Finberg Day ago

    This sounds a lot like "the good the bad and the ugly" theme.

  • sach Ellis
    sach Ellis Day ago

    Ep. 6 goes hard

  • BOAT_KestrL
    BOAT_KestrL Day ago

    When the teacher Tells you to track down the kid that “left to go to the bathroom” 30 minutes ago

  • Java Joe
    Java Joe Day ago

    This TV show is everything Star Wars has been missing for a while: originality. Finally, a normal dude who isn’t saturated in force power. AND he’s Mandolorian

  • Polite Team
    Polite Team Day ago

    If you tripled the price I might let you live

  • 1500 Apples
    1500 Apples Day ago

    This is the greatest theme score since HALO C.E. Let’s argue about it

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller Day ago

    This is The Way.

  • Darth Chungus
    Darth Chungus Day ago

    I will never understand how the madalorian and the last jedi are both products of Disney. How about we have Jon Favreu write everything Star Wars from now on?

    • chaosXpert
      chaosXpert Day ago

      And Save Filoni. He helped write the Mandalorian

  • DarthGilez J12G

    This is the way ! Amazing theme ! Gets me pumped !

  • Mirza Khalid
    Mirza Khalid Day ago

    best music I have ever felt after any Star Wars tv series, movies or even games. This theme reminded of most underrated Bounty Hunter coming to save the reborned Baby Yoda

  • Dawid Witczak
    Dawid Witczak Day ago

    0:45 And you already know there will be a massacre. I have spoken.

  • İlhan
    İlhan Day ago

    This is the way.

  • Satyam Gandhi
    Satyam Gandhi Day ago

    2:08 this is when you get the Star wars vibe

  • dccs
    dccs Day ago

    The Mandalorian Theme bears some remarkable similarities to the Klingon Battle theme at the start...changes to something of its own after the initial flutes, but the start sounds a lot like the Klingon Battle Theme.

  • Thiago K
    Thiago K Day ago

    I only can only think in destiny 2 when I hear it

  • Pilot Glisic
    Pilot Glisic Day ago

    When the teacher tells you to look for the kid that went to the toilet and didn't come back yet

  • I don’t even know anymore

    0:47 best Star Wars sound effect along with Vader’s breathing

  • Zarathos
    Zarathos Day ago

    This theme is new yet iconic. Its has the style of the old western movies. Even the outros in the show were they have show the old style paintings is similar to the old westerns. It doesn't rely strongly on the force aspect yet still feels a lot like Star Wars. Something that Solo had failed at, when they tried doing the same thing. It has a darker tone then rest of star wars. A bit like the Rogue One style, which is a lot better. And Mando is not all power never loses like with Rey in the new trilogy. You see Mando fail and succeed and grow as character. Its only been 5 episodes and Mando has evolved as a character even though much of him is still shrouded in mystery. Baby Yoda as well.

  • silas dada
    silas dada Day ago

    2:00 my part favorite

  • Greatest in the GalaxZ

    This theme is the way. I have spoken.

  • Tality
    Tality Day ago

    I’m here cause I just saw ep 6. And had to get my weekly DOSAGE.

  • kosisi
    kosisi Day ago

    I love how classic guitar turn into electric

  • Nick Detente
    Nick Detente Day ago

    That drop is truly from a galaxy far far away....

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young Day ago


  • JHON
    JHON Day ago

    Es hermosa me llega a el alma .

  • Gabe Ram
    Gabe Ram Day ago

    i swear these pictures would definitely be great posters

  • Gabe Ram
    Gabe Ram Day ago

    Everyone: ewoks and porgs are so cute! Baby Yoda: my beer, you will hold

  • Charlie Wright
    Charlie Wright 2 days ago

    This is the new theme for Star Wars for me lol!

  • Emil R
    Emil R 2 days ago

    0:45 your happines comes

  • Macawed
    Macawed 2 days ago

    When the teacher sends you to find the student who “went to the bathroom” 30 minutes ago

  • KANYEda WESTaro
    KANYEda WESTaro 2 days ago

    what a banger man

  • UK8864
    UK8864 2 days ago

    "Two words...bounty hunter" - Rick McCallum

  • Anthony Almgren
    Anthony Almgren 2 days ago

    Is it me or does some of this show have a bit of a firefly feel to it

  • Антон Топилин

    Мандалорец это русский- у него сильно развито чувство справедливости, не смотря на угрозы и сложную жизнь.

  • DespicableContent
    DespicableContent 2 days ago

    Is Good this...........but there is another

  • Otawello
    Otawello 2 days ago

    0:47 sound like a Warbringer - Azshara after N'zoth said "Im the God" - 0-27 begining this moment

  • kreukreu oli
    kreukreu oli 2 days ago

    Does is yoda?

  • baby yoda
    baby yoda 2 days ago

    Mando daddy? **coos**

  • spiderboy Manski
    spiderboy Manski 2 days ago

    00:46 is what we’re all here for