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Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Paris, France in 4K
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Palma de Mallorca
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Venice, Italy
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Inside the MSC Seaside, 4K
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Cadix, Spain in 4K
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Funchal, Madeira in 4K
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Madeira, Portugal
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Cape Verde, Africa
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12 Caribbean Islands
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Labadee, Haiti in 4K
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Southern Florida, 4K
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Havana, Cuba in 4K
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Mykonos, Greece
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Langkawi, Malaysia
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Maui, Hawaii
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Lisbon, Portugal
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Bruges, Belgium in 4K
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Key West, Florida
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Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
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Dublin, Ireland in 4K
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Taiwan in 4K
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Niagara Falls
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Naha, Okinawa, Japan in 4K
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Beautiful Australia, 4K
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Dominican Republic
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Shanghai, China, The Bund
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Pisa, Toscany, Italy
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Nagasaki, Japan in 4K
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Valletta, Malta
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Alaska, Skagway
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Tunis, Tunesia
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Eastern Iceland in 4K
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Western Iceland in 4K
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Northern Iceland in 4K
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Geiranger, Norway in 4K
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Kotor, Montenegro
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Dubai in 4K (UHD)
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Santorini, Greek Islands
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Helsinki, Finland
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Tallinn, Estonia
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Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Scotland in 4K(UHD)
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Faroe Islands HD
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Faroe Islands 4K (UHD)
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Reykjavik, Iceland (HD)
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NorthEast USA and Canada
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  • Nil Akash
    Nil Akash Day ago

    Very nice masaallah

  • Nil Akash
    Nil Akash Day ago

    Very nice masaallah

  • Joedis Silva
    Joedis Silva Day ago

    Estive em maio de 2019 e me encantei visitei várias cidade e ilhas pretendo voltar assim que puder.

  • H. R.
    H. R. Day ago

    I just came back from the falls 3 days ago. Have a cruise and having lunch at skylon tower to view the beautiful landscape of niagara is something memorable.

  • Елена Сватковская

    ... The music is for a funeral... :(((

  • Halima Sabri
    Halima Sabri 2 days ago

    Machaallah tabaraka arrahman canada is so nice

  • Cindy Playz
    Cindy Playz 2 days ago

    That’s exactly where I went two days ago. Lol

  • Mahmuda Afroj Munni

    Viagra falls

  • Simon Wynne
    Simon Wynne 3 days ago

    Not really 4k if the image quality can just go up 1080p

  • Gangue Racine
    Gangue Racine 3 days ago

    Soupér vidéo j'adore baucoup de ce pays vraiment beau ? véri beautiful good 💯

  • Maria Cron
    Maria Cron 3 days ago

    That sad music fits perfectly to the video that shows the most dreadful spots of Madeira🙈

  • Cx News
    Cx News 4 days ago

    Seen this on ny side

  • Adam Bestler
    Adam Bestler 5 days ago

    1:20 What's the deal with the dress code on the Maid of the Mist VI? Everyone's all dressed in blue swimsuits.

    • Cx News
      Cx News 4 days ago

      Its was the blues cruise

  • Senayt Senayt
    Senayt Senayt 5 days ago

    Welkam too

  • Jazib Ahmad
    Jazib Ahmad 5 days ago

    🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 Dubai The Country of Emirates

  • عبد الله
    عبد الله 6 days ago

    سبحان الله

  • عبد الله
    عبد الله 6 days ago

    الله واكبر 😙😙😙

  • ProgeneProgene Progene

    EU moraria nessa cidade com o maior prazer, parabéns pelo vídeo

  • BoB Cameramen
    BoB Cameramen 8 days ago

    thanks for the video gerat... but would like to hear a live sound sorry but than this idiotic music ...

  • Jayesh Damor
    Jayesh Damor 8 days ago

    Song is bad

  • A.amruth Amruth
    A.amruth Amruth 9 days ago

    Australia is a nice country.Iike so much.kangaroo is a national animal.Good citizen and good non veg mainly seafood.

  • Hervé Hugon
    Hervé Hugon 10 days ago

    Les images sont belles mais la musique déplaisante.

  • Donkey Milk
    Donkey Milk 10 days ago

    The native country of the long smelly hobbit Muslim eye

  • Hrvatske recenzije
    Hrvatske recenzije 10 days ago

    miroljube,nisi u pravu...

  • Александр Великий

    Эхх Австралия люблю тебя!!!

  • Stage Drama
    Stage Drama 11 days ago


  • Stage Drama
    Stage Drama 11 days ago


  • Stage Drama
    Stage Drama 11 days ago


  • Karen Wager
    Karen Wager 11 days ago

    Es impresionante, inimaginable, e inigualable Oslo Wow, gracias por compartir tu maravilloso video! 👌🏽❤🇧🇻😍

  • Kermit The SUPREME
    Kermit The SUPREME 11 days ago

    The Canada side is better cuz you get to see AMERICA

  • Amarjit Debbarma
    Amarjit Debbarma 12 days ago


  • E
    E 13 days ago

    В целом хорошая короткометражка. Во многом повторяет мои фото. К стати, мороженного киоска в виде розового шарика на Акер Бригге уже тоже нет.

  • E
    E 13 days ago

    Какой давности этот ролик? Сейчас магазина Зара в этом здании на Карл Иохан нет. Его перенесли ниже в сторону Осло С.

  • Peacal Doxa
    Peacal Doxa 13 days ago

    I love Oslo. Am a Graphic Designer and i want to live and work there. Any help please 😊

    OMAR MHIRI 14 days ago mon expérience au niagara falls

  • Lee Dean
    Lee Dean 14 days ago

    Just went there last Saturday, it was awesome. I found gold in the souvenir shop.

  • Sushma J
    Sushma J 14 days ago

    God's creations is so beautiful..

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma 14 days ago

  • Ralph Averill
    Ralph Averill 15 days ago

    Niagara Falls City shows the Canadians can be as crassly commercial as the Americans.

  • Antony Patrick Mang'ori

    really i would like to tour Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and entire Australia. Australia my dream country...................... Australia is sooo beautiful

  • Vincent Gauci
    Vincent Gauci 16 days ago

    OH how i miss you dear Ozzy i am now eighty years old of Maltese origin and enjoyed AUSTRALIA for 17 years , i will be back JEHOVAH willing , i hope to keep spreading the good news over there , so let’s go to work Bros and Sisters. Vincent Gauci Gozo Malta

  • Bala Krishna
    Bala Krishna 16 days ago

    Hai sum body want Chef astreliya I'm balakrishna south Indian' chef I want job

  • The Moore Show
    The Moore Show 17 days ago

    Hi there I have subscribe to your channel I love the footage you have - I have filmed a free docuseries for use on My RU-clip Channel, see - - it’s a 90 part series that I’m putting only on my RU-clip channel - Can I use a few seconds of this video in one of my docuseries videos- I will cite the link to your channel and video in the description and on the actual video itself - hope this is ok - Best Kevin

  • hatice pala
    hatice pala 17 days ago

    this is so beautiful.

  • Larry Sutherland
    Larry Sutherland 17 days ago

    Brilliant Video.........Just needed to make a note when you finished at Scalloway and went to Clickimin Broch that you were back in Lerwick.

  • Ivan Kováč
    Ivan Kováč 17 days ago

    Why the architecture feel so austere? Is it by modernisation? Where is ornamenatlism of last 2 centuries? I expected more Arendelle-like architecture..

  • Zaid Malek
    Zaid Malek 18 days ago

    Wow very nice and beautiful city Melbourne and Australia

  • Pawel Nowak
    Pawel Nowak 18 days ago

    Magiczna muzyka w wielkim mieście rusza umysł ❤️.

  • Pawel Nowak
    Pawel Nowak 18 days ago

    Wielkie nowoczesne miasto z duszom a jednak czegoś brak.

  • Harry Goldun
    Harry Goldun 20 days ago

    The only thing of beauty in Sydney would be the Bridge and Opera House, Darling Harbour is just a barren wasteland, the CBD has no life or culture and for most part is a ghost town. Stunning, no way, boring, yes. Brisbane has more soul than Sydney!!!

    • Alex
      Alex 15 days ago

      Jakku kaluwae jakku la wae bae I’m like TT just like TT neomu hae neomu hae

  • Anime Police
    Anime Police 20 days ago


  • rod runner be be
    rod runner be be 22 days ago

    This country seems perfect. If I ever win the lottery🇺🇸🛫🛬🛳🗻🏔🚙🏡🍷😁

  • Cata
    Cata 22 days ago

    My nose when i'm sick

  • Joell Almaraz
    Joell Almaraz 23 days ago

    I wish...

  • jahid hossain
    jahid hossain 24 days ago

    wow fantastic Sydney city town

  • Binz gaming
    Binz gaming 25 days ago

    What can you say about this waterfalls

  • New YouTube
    New YouTube 25 days ago

    too loud volume at start

  • Nabilla Ning thyas
    Nabilla Ning thyas 25 days ago

    Mashaallah this is so amazing

  • hi W
    hi W 25 days ago

    How does this have 3m views but he only has 30k sub's

  • Horacio Pena
    Horacio Pena 25 days ago

    I have been to Niagra falls before

  • Bruce Ok
    Bruce Ok 25 days ago

    As a human being on this planet, you got 3 major cities that you must live or stay for some time of your life. They are NYC, LONDON and SYDNEY^^

  • korak crystall
    korak crystall 25 days ago

    Wonderful! What is the name of the place at 11:46?

    • Andre Perneel
      Andre Perneel 25 days ago

      korak crystall the name of the village is Isafjordur ( in the eastern part of Iceland)

  • Sebastiano Muglia
    Sebastiano Muglia 26 days ago

    Thank you Andre.

  • Bill and Mintje
    Bill and Mintje 26 days ago

    For kinds of video like this, I don't need to write any comment....just enjoy it👍👍

  • Aracri Salvatore
    Aracri Salvatore 26 days ago


  • Giuseppe Scimeca
    Giuseppe Scimeca 27 days ago

    In 1996 I was there on vacation and would go back there again ... it remained in my heart !!! beautiful video and music.

  • صہٰآآ گہة ۦۦ،

    City of my dreams😻 I hope to live in it 💙I'm sure I will stay in Sydney 🦋

  • nishant kaswan
    nishant kaswan 27 days ago

    I wish I could see real and it is impossible to describe its beauty in our words thankyouuuuu

  • Stephen Babka
    Stephen Babka 29 days ago

    Who is the singer and song at the 12.23 minute mark after the braveheart theme, a lovely female voice singing in icelandic????? Thanks for the video one of the worlds gems.

    • Queen Aulia
      Queen Aulia 18 days ago

      Stephen Babka

    • Andre Perneel
      Andre Perneel 27 days ago

      Stephen Babka Hello, as it is a long time ago that I made this film I don’t remember exactly what is the name of the singer but it is indeed a Icelandic woman and I found her on RU-clip under Icelandic music. Since that time I always try to mention the credit of my films. Thank you for liking my films

  • Todd bob
    Todd bob 29 days ago

    I Couldn't imagine Christmas time in summer yuk! no romance...Australia is nice to visit but could never live there.

  • Ritu didi
    Ritu didi 29 days ago


  • The World
    The World 29 days ago

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  • Anju's world
    Anju's world Month ago

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  • Kesha Ladell
    Kesha Ladell Month ago

    Great Video - I needed to view both locations for a upcoming trip with my husband.

  • Joshua Tan
    Joshua Tan Month ago

    OMG with yanni in the background this looks unreal even more .. super love it.. how can i migrate to the island? such a heavenly place :)

  • Bilal Rahim
    Bilal Rahim Month ago

    I am from Pakistan but I love Australia very much. I pray that God will keep Australia settled forever

  • Stefan Chang
    Stefan Chang Month ago

    Wonderful Videos!

  • Petesy
    Petesy Month ago

    Love this city, great memories, lived here in the 80s/ 90s, great people and great beer👍🇮🇪

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    safal chaudhari Month ago

    2019 - Latest Video - Channel -

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  • Gymy Martinez
    Gymy Martinez Month ago

    Hola, con que cámara o celular grabó el video? Gracias

  • النور علم

    احبها حب فضيع يفطر قلبي

    PANCA SARAGIH Month ago


  • Hoan nguyen
    Hoan nguyen Month ago

    Down-rushed of the Niagara Falls, a call we heard and answer in the lateness of the world, primordial bellowings from which the youngest world might spring,

  • Tia Hrp
    Tia Hrp Month ago


  • James W Roberts Jr


  • James W Roberts Jr

    Gross nasty water

  • your future
    your future Month ago

    my gf was live here she sent me video

  • LWL - Love Travel

    Very nice place in Croatia.👍👍🤝🤝😊😊

  • Siri D
    Siri D Month ago

    Washy washy...says the Windjammer crew.

  • iorio oscar
    iorio oscar Month ago

    Nice postcard of the city. Well done!

  • Jézer Gomes
    Jézer Gomes Month ago

    Greetings from Brazil! Here us have The Iguaçu Falls! Pretty paradise call Niagara! 🇧🇷 🇺🇸

  • Fran Duncan
    Fran Duncan Month ago

    brilliant video love the scenery in it and the music is perfect too go with it, have you subscribed to me yet come look at my videos

  • Shaikh Anjum
    Shaikh Anjum Month ago

    Just waoooo🥰🙂 i am want to be there😭

  • igal tucker
    igal tucker Month ago

    iceland with norway are the most unique and beautiful countries in the world

  • Edgars Trankalis
    Edgars Trankalis Month ago

    Check this out from Norway 2019 😍 Amazing video

  • Jaspinder kaur
    Jaspinder kaur Month ago

    Sadi city Melbourne

  • Sonia Mendes
    Sonia Mendes Month ago

    Acho que tenho alguma ligação com este lugar. Me emociono muito com ele. Ainda vou vê-lo. Amo de paixão! Obrigada André Perneel! Sou brasileira.

  • Kounta Mouhamedbecaye92

    Jaime ❤❤❤

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    Jams 24x7 Month ago

    West Sweden 😂