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By the way.
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  • Titanino
    Titanino 4 hours ago

    i agree with dan but he underpays his employees so nah water is wet

  • dirty instagram refugee

    8:56 Oh wow.. that aged liked cheese.

  • Just nothing Bro
    Just nothing Bro 4 hours ago

    Dan.exe has stoped working 4:35

  • alpaca wizard
    alpaca wizard 4 hours ago

    Smells like some lies :/

  • mirmir 02
    mirmir 02 4 hours ago

    so, is this the end of DanPlan or is Dan gonna try and make this work if it’s possible ?

  • Austin Galambos
    Austin Galambos 4 hours ago

    Hoeing Gary’s it right at the beginning

  • Callie Morales
    Callie Morales 4 hours ago


  • - callmejoji
    - callmejoji 4 hours ago

    omfg- i was there that day- i noticed the shirts but was like "cool, fellow fans-" OMFG I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS STEPHEN ;-;

  • Anneleighsme
    Anneleighsme 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Danplan : CAN YOU SURVIVE APOLOGY VIDEO???

  • Pen Cholez
    Pen Cholez 4 hours ago

    I’ve also lost a couple friends due to a lot of hard feelings from both sides. This happened because of a lack of communication about intent, and a lot of assumptions about what the other person feels. No one person is at fault, because everyone involved had valid concerns but didn’t do enough to make them heard to eachother.

  • The Introvert
    The Introvert 4 hours ago

    Me in 2019: Nothing can ever go wrong with DanPlan *Stephen posts his video* *Jay posts his video* *Dan posts this video* Me now: Oh no it all went wrong

  • Zero Your Hero
    Zero Your Hero 4 hours ago

    I believe some of the things Dan says, because I do love this channel, but both Stephen and Jay have discussed that Dan isn't the best team player. I think there are faults on everyone's side, but there is a two against one situation so it makes some of Dan's points seem a little less correct.

  • kathy saenz
    kathy saenz 4 hours ago

    Damn i haven't seen this much drama in youtube since's James charles and tati 😰

  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith 4 hours ago

    I also feel bad for Stephen like really bad I mean I like really really for bad for stuff

  • Accorn Strange
    Accorn Strange 4 hours ago

    DONT TRUST HIM, watch Jay's video!!

  • Mr. Who
    Mr. Who 4 hours ago

    So he quit then when he announced it you finally came and made this? if you cared about him leaving you would announce it before him.and these stories are all fake there is no correlation.

  • Melinda Smith
    Melinda Smith 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry you had to go through that it's just I don't know how to feel about this just Steven said not to attack you and everybody went and attacked which I don't appreciate that them for doing but I understand that there man that Steven is sad I just like the picture of the caption for huh The video cause he was leaving and there was hair Fake hair cause apparently he has either dark brown hair or black hair I Also don't know how to feel about Hosa joining the military I don't Hosa is the most sweetest thing in all of them and house it was just the nicest 1 and are you a sociopath or are you a psychopath But Sorry I'm doing this on a voice thing and it's messing up my words and I don't plan on changing my words

  • Libi owo
    Libi owo 4 hours ago

    He WaS mAkInG PlUsHiEs ,,,,, I wanna cry so badly

  • Billie Hart
    Billie Hart 4 hours ago

    I feel that Stephen was a huge part of fan plan because I watched only for Stephen and Jay (ofc) lmao

  • Lgbtq Emerald
    Lgbtq Emerald 4 hours ago

    "Hi~ You're neck looks very nice to stab!~ I hope we meet again someday" "StEpHeN! IF You're gonna say that to everyone, They're going to kill you first!" "HELLO!" "Oh my-" "I just moved here and i must say you two look *R a v i s h i n g* !"

  • PMG
    PMG 4 hours ago

    Can someone tldr this for me

  • Jhunmar Yunzal
    Jhunmar Yunzal 4 hours ago

    What about stop doing danplan for a while maybe a month or a year. Maybe dan stop calling channel a company too offen I know it kind of is but It doesn't work its kind of sketchy. No one in this platform use that word on their own channel

  • Just A Random Person

    Here's a horror story! Danplan falling apart....

  • Maxan Tube Gaming
    Maxan Tube Gaming 4 hours ago

    I don’t even know what side to pick... and you know what? Im not gonna. Stephen has left and hes not coming back. What Dan does with this channel now is up to him. I do however feel really bad for Dan after this, He got attacked and he didn’t even deserve all of it

  • Cheri -Red
    Cheri -Red 4 hours ago

    I said this once and will say it again I hope and I really do that you guys can find a common ground and you can put this aside And on both sides in his story and yours it's a perfect example of an abusive relationship and I dont know who to believe. You both dont sound like you're lying but I feel like there's truths on both sides and lies on both.

  • Yaelianis Ortiz
    Yaelianis Ortiz 4 hours ago

    I wish you all the best Danplan was amazing, funny, and nice I loved it and all of your fans loved it, but when it comes to friendship being torn apart I can’t it just makes me sad. And I still support Danplan, and actually Stephen and everything else, but I can’t choose sides so I don’t know what to do. And I’m sorry for all of your troubles ( I know this is long but it had to be said 😔) ❤️

  • baby wipes
    baby wipes 4 hours ago

    its not gonna be the same without them

  • Col Icey
    Col Icey 4 hours ago

    Can't believe this... My child hood... All the group gaming/friend channels are falling apart... If not gone for good...

  • Gustavo Antonio
    Gustavo Antonio 4 hours ago

    10%room service 60%stephen killing everyone 10%them dying 20%soseg and toast 90000000000000000000%funny

  • - callmejoji
    - callmejoji 4 hours ago

    am i the only one (a bit before 7:16) heard hosuh say "oh- Stephen where are your pants?"

  • clfleesin GT
    clfleesin GT 4 hours ago

    Dan say strong

  • Ohi Elite
    Ohi Elite 4 hours ago

    *Yeah so I already started watching jays exposed video*

  • 404 Perry
    404 Perry 4 hours ago

    Honestly what would be better is if Dan and Stephen actually talked to each other and resolved the situation. Posting videos on the topic I guess is good for us to know but still. I'm not saying that if they talk DanPlan will come back but at least if they can come to an agreement and slowly build up their friendship would be better. Also, poor Hosuh before he goes to the military the last thing he may ever remember is his too friends fighting.

  • Heheboi
    Heheboi 4 hours ago

    I am literally going to kill myself

  • Yen Sayson
    Yen Sayson 4 hours ago

    Seriously dan...FIX THIS NOW were worried about hosuh and the other interns and anne and jay and FREAKIN EVERYONE!!!

    • Yen Sayson
      Yen Sayson 4 hours ago

      Sorry I meant animators not interns...

  • Leann Cox
    Leann Cox 5 hours ago

    Dan, you probably might not read this but this is from a fan of you since 2015. I'm commenting on here so you know that you gotta be strong, I didn't know anything about this until I got onto Instagram then I had to watch this for myself. But for the hate you have been getting just so you know that there are fans who care about you, You're amazing and I always came here to be happy and get a good laugh from you, stephen, and hosuh, along with Jay and Ann. But you guys always made me happy while watching your videos, so seeing Stephen leave and hosuh go to the millitary, it just hurts my heart to see all this is going on. But just so you know You gotta be strong, don't listen to the hate comments cause those don't help at all. again, if you don't respond or read this then that's okay, all that matters to me is YOUR happiness dan.

  • arie
    arie 5 hours ago


  • Twisted Fox
    Twisted Fox 5 hours ago

    Send us the link tho

  • Twisted Fox
    Twisted Fox 5 hours ago

    This must be a prank right? Its almost april plus dan dan! You can just make a vlog chanell

  • Josh Westmacott
    Josh Westmacott 5 hours ago

    I really can't believe what dan is saying after Jay and Stephens video

    • TheJFamily5 Reviews
      TheJFamily5 Reviews 4 hours ago

      Honestly we can't believe anyone right now, who knows who might be lying we can't just take sides right now. (This is just my opinion btw)

  • EeveeMaster573 & Axom

    Im so sorry for everything thats happening to everybody | I told everybody this but STAY STRONG ANIME KING DAN... what was the name again?

  • isk
    isk 5 hours ago

    i’m giving both sides the benefit of the doubt however, i feel like dan’s video seems a bit manipulative?? there’s no actual evidence to back up his statements except himself while stephen has a shared view with multiple people involved in the channel. idk i feel like a lot of things weren’t covered in this video

  • Kaleb K
    Kaleb K 5 hours ago

    I AM THE SPY 1:34 3:47

  • Humaira Isha
    Humaira Isha 5 hours ago


  • An drea
    An drea 5 hours ago

    “my friend” shush

  • Sweetie Cookies
    Sweetie Cookies 5 hours ago

    *By the way.*

  • Spirit WOLF01
    Spirit WOLF01 5 hours ago

    I um am confused like is like everyone came onto this like vultures to get views like dan is the only one that needed to respond to Stephen’s video like the rest really didn’t need to do anything now I kinder think I am on no ones side like even Jay’s video seemed like he was over exaggerating and making it worse to make it more interesting for views like i said dan is the only one that needed to respond publicly after Stevens video

  • Rainy gaming
    Rainy gaming 5 hours ago

    Screw you danplan 😐

  • Yura Pawluk
    Yura Pawluk 5 hours ago

    OMG actual situation seems so much like a freaking prank! WTF

  • ShadXZ
    ShadXZ 5 hours ago

    Bash the zombies teeth out so it cant bite you

  • tacoknight aka thestrangeman

    After watching all three videos its hard to believe from 3 prospectives some lied about what they said

  • Roxana Lemonari
    Roxana Lemonari 5 hours ago

    What about jay too

  • Megan Turner
    Megan Turner 5 hours ago

    I wanted to watch everyone's side of the story before Dan got a video out, and Jay's was one of the ones that I feel opened up a whole other side of what happened behind the doll house that was Danplan. I have a hard time believing what Dan said about Stephen, when we have two people (Stephen and Jay) saying the same thing. I'm not picking sides in this. Honestly, I hope when this all dies down, that both sides see their faults and apologize. Hosuh, I hope you return home safely, and that others working on danplan are ok as well.

  • Blueassassin YT
    Blueassassin YT 5 hours ago

    You betrayed him. You’re complaining about being betrayed you don’t even care about your employees not even your employees your friends. You use them as disposable you can just hire new ones and you’re the one feeling betrayed. You’re actually sick.

  • Sweetie Cookies
    Sweetie Cookies 5 hours ago

    By the way, I didn't even notice until I saw a comment about it..

  • Joseph Holmes
    Joseph Holmes 5 hours ago

    Dan is so fake

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 5 hours ago

    He thought of u as a friend

  • Yura Pawluk
    Yura Pawluk 5 hours ago

    2 years ago...

  • •Madison•
    •Madison• 5 hours ago

    "But if i do come back,it will be with a smile, thank you so much for watching bye bye 👋." it was his last sentence...

  • Elf-Senpai
    Elf-Senpai 5 hours ago

    If only they knew..

  • Aida Ortega
    Aida Ortega 5 hours ago

    Get your merch before the channel is gone

  • Ludvig Frithiof
    Ludvig Frithiof 5 hours ago

    By the way, I forgive you.

  • music Creator jammer pro

    Friends come and go but the mark they leave can last forever

  • filthyTrash
    filthyTrash 5 hours ago

    still didn't pay your animators Dan

  • Ashley Roche
    Ashley Roche 5 hours ago

    Love eachother again, thanks.

  • lukas lukas
    lukas lukas 5 hours ago

    serious when I heard steve and jay say you abuse them I was confused because I was a newcomer not really because I was a sub and 2017 and it was so good you all do animated and I say it was very heartbreaking then after hear dan it change my mind what to think off and one thing maybe you are wrong at the beginning to interact with him because steve says he was manipulated by dan and come to say it not manipulated but the wrong action in the wrong place and then this drama started because of one little wrong words because not to acuse both or every animator human always be very emotional being that explained to this youtube channel and yeah dan say stop this and move on we can't change past but we learn from it just lets hope every animator have a successful product and move on in what that just terribly happened and I say this is a life experient be great full with it and just hope you and another animator can settle this done and be nice to each other and befriend and no more acuse with the drama again

  • Yasin Taha
    Yasin Taha 5 hours ago

    Tomorrow is the adversity of this video

  • Live for fun
    Live for fun 5 hours ago

    It’s really sad to see that the trio fell apart. I recently looked back at some of their best moments and they always seemed like they were having a lot fun. Maybe in another time, everyone would be ok but now, we’re probably going to have to say goodbye to this channel.

  • Elizabeth Aries
    Elizabeth Aries 5 hours ago

    I hate my life so much....

  • Nick dont know
    Nick dont know 5 hours ago

    Ok...stop...so..i want to ask something....HOW DID THE SERIAL KILLER GET HIS PHONE NUMBER........?

  • Chickn Gamer
    Chickn Gamer 5 hours ago

    What if Stephen had a superpower? If so what would his power be? A. Killing Hosuh. B. Knives. C. Power sarcasm or D. Power optimism whats the right awnser?

  • クロ教授
    クロ教授 5 hours ago

    I would believed this but, not being bitter about it. After hearing stephen and jay story this must be planned out. I have a serious trust issue problem, must be why but think about it... the other stories

  • Pickle Tacos
    Pickle Tacos 5 hours ago

    This is exactly what happened with Hosuh too. 💔😭

  • Kitsune Yuri
    Kitsune Yuri 5 hours ago

    Only if we could hear Hosuh’s side

  • T_2wo
    T_2wo 5 hours ago

    Mom, Dad, Pleas stop fighting.

  • the cat that wanted a little bit of salami

    K I have a question why the hell are we watching to grown men arguing over money

  • Banana Bonbon
    Banana Bonbon 6 hours ago

    Give them fair pay

  • Sullivan Heying
    Sullivan Heying 6 hours ago

    You are just acting upset, and act like a victim, but you are just trying to get people to get on your side.

  • crystalglitch the artist

    I hate to be a hater because poor Hosuh and honestly I would work for yall either way but I am also here like omfg stephen is gone but I dont like how it's a public affair.

  • Gaming WithJeffery
    Gaming WithJeffery 6 hours ago

    Can anyone leave a timestamp cuz it's to long

  • Flayvurs XD
    Flayvurs XD 6 hours ago

    Wait a sec but Daniel didn’t talk about Stephen changing his personality in the videos before he left🤔

  • Emma Nicolaou
    Emma Nicolaou 6 hours ago

    Why not just ask "am I dead?"

  • savage stop motions
    savage stop motions 6 hours ago

    Trash xhannel

  • Sauce k!!!
    Sauce k!!! 6 hours ago

    "28 elements.." Aren't there 118?

  • SarahENX Plush Time
    SarahENX Plush Time 6 hours ago

    Dan you have to learn think before you speak

  • Ghost Lobster
    Ghost Lobster 6 hours ago

    Danplan season 1 finale

  • Killy Cookies!:3
    Killy Cookies!:3 6 hours ago

    Oof I fkkldbs!bs!bcmbdjb ok I feel better now TvT well what I have to say it that how someone made mistakes don't go and treat them like a piece of garbage.Daniel might have been rude to Daniel,but that gives you aka the subscribers ANY right to send hate a death wish or anything to them at all.All I just wanna happen is that samples no I !Dan DANIELson make up for his mistakes and try to fix it more of he has.not and better to treat and take care of his aniamaters (did I spell it correctly?) and find a better way how to pay them.Just IF I was on danplan I would be so happy until..I see you treat someone like Stephan,I'm not pointing hate it's just sit i think.but if that started to continue i would talk to them and just leave...I mean for me that's the best way of how to deal with a problem.Dan...All of us...we wanna have Dan plan again.Some might dislike 👎 it but I do know that some people are trying just to get Dan plan back and see all the funny videos that YOU GUYS made...I hope to do see how I put my heart into this comment that it won't do any good...but it just want danplan back,I want Dan back. Pls think of this...pls just think and make the right decisions.ok....

  • nick bruh
    nick bruh 6 hours ago

    I feel like there’s definitely mistakes on both sides, but everyone makes mistakes especially people that are young, these people have 2 mil subs and are in their twenties this is to be expected

  • Ashley Pilsner
    Ashley Pilsner 6 hours ago

    You feel betrayed i feel betrayed your evil man i still like your channel but stephen was always funnier

  • Gaming universe
    Gaming universe 6 hours ago

    Stephens superpower now doesn't have a defect

  • Trash626
    Trash626 6 hours ago

    I had a dream last night that Danplan was back to normal.

  • Greenus Freyaus
    Greenus Freyaus 6 hours ago

    The animation was so different then.

  • Galaxy_moon Midnight

    U should prank hosuh by ignoring him do that!😅🙂

  • isabella last name
    isabella last name 6 hours ago

    I kinda want a animators point of view

  • Vulpix Hi
    Vulpix Hi 6 hours ago

    Good luck

  • Tortoro Studios
    Tortoro Studios 6 hours ago

    Please don't part! I love you guys! A lot! Me and my 2 other friends tried to be like you guys...I told me 2 friends I was going to dye my hair purple for steven. My 2 friends got the nicknames Daniel and Hosa. I got the nickname Steven. But once I saw Steven's video I was crushed. I tried to persuade myself that it was not real. BUT IT WAS. I was devastated... And I still am...

  • Timmy Stitch
    Timmy Stitch 6 hours ago

    Then you were paying less then 25$ if it wasn’t more then a hour your at this on you and why aren’t you going? If it’s mandated

  • Aubrie Werne
    Aubrie Werne 6 hours ago

    I'm sorry I can't choose they both have good reasons one could be lying, for now, I wish hosuh lick come back safe

  • Etheryial
    Etheryial 6 hours ago

    So anyway i start dancing to despacito

  • Annoying And Affectionate

    Dude, the planning of Stephen plushies proves nothing. All it shows is you want more money