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  • katafalk12
    katafalk12 14 days ago

    Fucking snakes and hot 🔥

  • Petit Gateau Filmes

    8 yrs later and still gold :)

  • sonu sud444
    sonu sud444 3 months ago

    I am using youtube since last 7 years haven't given anyone like yet but i couldn't resist myself tabbing like button..just loved it .. stay blessed...

  • info NOV
    info NOV 4 months ago

    Прикольно, но Рябит.

  • SB Hopper
    SB Hopper 4 months ago

    Just watched for the first time - incredible.

  • Konner Krieger
    Konner Krieger 5 months ago

    where can i find sheet music for this song?

  • andy rich
    andy rich 7 months ago

    I've been still with this short film seversl years

  • Louies Parkash Abella
    Louies Parkash Abella 7 months ago

    This is still my most favourite travel advertisement of all time! 👏🏻✨

  • Alain
    Alain 11 months ago

    interesting the less

  • yanny
    yanny 11 months ago

    I love this movie

  • TONO Viaño
    TONO Viaño Year ago

    My MOVE. Inspiring :)

  • Bertrand Schmidt

    reims et verzenay 😊

  • Naruto Queen
    Naruto Queen Year ago

    One day this will be ME

  • Heath Harrison
    Heath Harrison Year ago

    Awesome video but poor pigeons :(

  • Pavlos Elenis
    Pavlos Elenis Year ago

    beautiful video great advert serves the purpose

  • meme11110
    meme11110 Year ago


  • Rifki Maulana
    Rifki Maulana Year ago

    Best travel vide ever

  • Irgi Fahrezi
    Irgi Fahrezi Year ago

    1 million footage

  • Dj A
    Dj A Year ago

    Life od not fair

  • Rahman Ullah khan

    is this full movie? where can i find this movie?

  • Sophie Jane Joy
    Sophie Jane Joy Year ago

    Amazing edit!

  • Anh Chây Kây
    Anh Chây Kây Year ago


  • Mike & Lydia's Travels

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  • Super Famous
    Super Famous Year ago

    love the first sequence in the beginning. Can anyone give me any insight on how this was created? Seems fairly simple and I'm pretty sure I know how -but would love to hear if someone has tried. Thanks!!

  • Simonas Dailidė

    I wish about this...

  • Pola Magdalena
    Pola Magdalena Year ago

    What's the song???

  • Paulina R.
    Paulina R. Year ago

    Ryan from h2o !! Cool video

  • Rico Sun Diego
    Rico Sun Diego 2 years ago

    Cool edit!

  • Maz Dela Cerna
    Maz Dela Cerna 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for posting :)

  • Maz Dela Cerna
    Maz Dela Cerna 2 years ago

    Glad I found this!

  • Paulo Bianca
    Paulo Bianca 2 years ago

    My Instagram account is inspired by this video @PauloBiancaOK

  • Nur S
    Nur S 2 years ago

    Прошло 7 лет, как я увидел это видео. Супер вещь. Классно быть молодым, здоровым, богатым и бродить по миру!

  • Doğan Film
    Doğan Film 2 years ago

    my eyes was tired!

  • ごん
    ごん 2 years ago


  • out겨
    out겨 2 years ago


  • out겨
    out겨 2 years ago


  • Shields F
    Shields F 2 years ago

    STA I love your video, can I use it for a student project?

  • CramZ
    CramZ 2 years ago

    One of the best edits I have seen so far 👍👍

  • Junsuke Ando
    Junsuke Ando 2 years ago

    What is this BGM??

  • Junsuke Ando
    Junsuke Ando 2 years ago

    What is this BGM?

  • 逯林豹
    逯林豹 2 years ago

    HI, NIKON D7200 can do this? What should we pay attention to when shooting? you use GO PRO?

  • Kidzeegames
    Kidzeegames 2 years ago

    thank you

  • Kelley McLain
    Kelley McLain 2 years ago

    How were you able to measure how far away you needed to be to walk?

  • 3em3
    3em3 2 years ago

    Always awesome to watch your channel! You're doing just great!

  • R António
    R António 2 years ago

    That is the purpose of travel !

  • Real Adventure Group


  • Tutus Thomson
    Tutus Thomson 3 years ago

    omg this is fantastic!

  • Javi BrandAccount
    Javi BrandAccount 3 years ago

    I like it

  • Langkah kakiku
    Langkah kakiku 3 years ago

    Great video

  • Aeidy Thomerson
    Aeidy Thomerson 3 years ago


  • Dude Explore
    Dude Explore 3 years ago

    nice 😊

  • Mel and Jona - Travel & Van Life

    Fab video! Britain really is a beautiful place to live 💕

  • inca jane
    inca jane 3 years ago

    hi, what software or app do you use in editing? thanks:)

  • Oli's Travels
    Oli's Travels 3 years ago

    Woh beautiful!!! Amazing shots!!!

  • Daniel Alvarez Vlogs

    Excelent video! Which camera do yoy use while you're traveling?

  • Dede Charles
    Dede Charles 3 years ago

    does anyone know how to make video like this?

    • Flora Roy
      Flora Roy 2 years ago

      just record the man walking in front in different places. After, in post-production, cut the videos, each party in a position of man closest to the camera.

  • Pjhmmm12656
    Pjhmmm12656 3 years ago

    Wow, So beautiful!

  • Pjhmmm12656
    Pjhmmm12656 3 years ago

    Wow, so beautiful!

  • Pjhmmm12656
    Pjhmmm12656 3 years ago

    Wow, so beautiful!

  • Ignacio
    Ignacio 3 years ago


  • Danny Romero
    Danny Romero 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what the effect is called and how to do it? It's amazing!

    • Ekhymosis
      Ekhymosis 3 years ago

      +Danny Romero just record the man walking in front in different places. After, in post-production, cut the videos, each party in a position of man closest to the camera.

  • stilinskiXmalec
    stilinskiXmalec 3 years ago

    Here bc The Originals

  • Marcos Mediavilla
    Marcos Mediavilla 3 years ago

    Amazing edition with amazing shots... but!! It is impossible to see the places where this guy has been!

  • Jerry Baguisa
    Jerry Baguisa 3 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of this cinematography (i think that's what it's called)? I'd love to do this but I don't know where to start?

  • Eduardo Rojas
    Eduardo Rojas 3 years ago

    I remember watching this a long time ago! glad to have found it again! Amazing edit! I've been doing travel videos for quite a while now, love visiting places and filming them in a very personal way, hope whoever sees this takes a visit to my channel :)

    • Life Lapse
      Life Lapse Year ago

      You can easily create videos like this with out free app for iphone, Brene :)

    • Bene Bertocco
      Bene Bertocco Year ago

      I want know, what is the cam used to make this videos? Go Pro? Sony Mirrorless? Canon DSLR??

  • Capt Eric Bergeron
    Capt Eric Bergeron 3 years ago

    Great video and the editing is awesome.

  • Karolína Čižmárová

    Is there a wielczka and Machu Picchu? please

  • 아쭈나이스
    아쭈나이스 3 years ago

    대박 개쩐당 몇번을봐도 멋지다

  • DrosoFilm
    DrosoFilm 3 years ago

    great video ! Which kind of camera and gears did you use ?

  • Reginald Finley
    Reginald Finley 3 years ago

    That looked fun. :-)

  • sia Kiong Kiong
    sia Kiong Kiong 3 years ago


  • Eastan li
    Eastan li 3 years ago

    Great, Amazing.

  • Urban List
    Urban List 3 years ago

    After all these years, this is still one of our all time favourites!

  • Twinkiess
    Twinkiess 3 years ago

    Hey he's Lucien Castle from The Originals O.O

    • Nina Lindsay
      Nina Lindsay 10 months ago

      Twinkiess, thank you!!🙈 I thought it was 😂😂😂

  • Maryland
    Maryland 4 years ago


  • Maryland
    Maryland 4 years ago


  • Joshua Snowden
    Joshua Snowden 4 years ago

    This remains my all-time favorite video.

  • 徐栋
    徐栋 4 years ago

    what is the song?

    • Kleber
      Kleber 3 years ago

      +徐栋 Kelsey James - Play On

    • Megan L
      Megan L 3 years ago

      +徐栋 I am pretty sure I saw somewhere that someone wrote it for this video.

  • benjaminwithacamera
    benjaminwithacamera 4 years ago

    One of my favourites! It was uni tutor who first showed this to me years ago, and the dream of travelling the world was so far away. Now look at me! I'm writing this from my hostel in Siena before i go grab my train to Orvieto.

  • Wandergasm
    Wandergasm 4 years ago

    Ohh STA the love of my life...taken me on so many adventures!

  • Badru Ahmed
    Badru Ahmed 4 years ago

    Could anyone please tell me the name of the music used?! Thank you :)

  • Archeage Kooncoon
    Archeage Kooncoon 4 years ago

    awesome <3

  • BelliFulminatinelBosco

    Good video...

  • 이정규
    이정규 4 years ago

    이거 만드는 팁좀 주세요 제발 .ㅠㅠ

  • 이정규
    이정규 4 years ago

    Wow!! I love this Video ! it's one of the most good sights for me ! I wanna make my special Video similar this video really.. who give me a some tip for making like a this video about walking on the street P;lzzzzz

  • lydia violet
    lydia violet 4 years ago

    amazing i love the editing looks like a lot of work but it payed off

  • What Doesn't Suck?
    What Doesn't Suck? 4 years ago

    So cool! Where next on your travels?

  • Hetis Nurkhasanah
    Hetis Nurkhasanah 4 years ago

  • TheTravelCrush
    TheTravelCrush 4 years ago

    Absolutely love this!!! Travel is everything! x

  • TheTravelCrush
    TheTravelCrush 4 years ago

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I travel. x

  • Trip in México
    Trip in México 4 years ago

    Great video and great idea :D

  • Backpacking Bananas
    Backpacking Bananas 4 years ago

    This still gets me everytime

  • Tony Kane
    Tony Kane 4 years ago

    great commercial..

    TITO LOUNGE 4 years ago

    Literally the best travel video I've ever seen

  • Mr. Q
    Mr. Q 4 years ago

    Can somebody tell me the song they use for this one plz

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim 4 years ago


  • 김보선
    김보선 4 years ago


  • peaceful_lights
    peaceful_lights 4 years ago

    I want to die

  • dollarstorejulie
    dollarstorejulie 4 years ago

    Hi. I want to attempt a very amateur rendition of this type of video for my summer vacation. can someone give me some key words or search for where I can learn a little of the basics for how to set up the shoot for this type of video? thanks

  • Liu Louis
    Liu Louis 4 years ago

    Great video, what the background music is that ?