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  • Robin
    Robin 2 months ago

    AS SAID ALBERT EINSTEIN (The human stupid has no limit) the politicians of london are a shame, they speak of the freedom of expression, and they criticize Russia but they are much worse and they deceive the citizens coming from the country where the journalistic rights are respected and the free dam ... example JULIAN ASANGE.

  • mandy singh
    mandy singh 2 months ago

    Nice toor

  • mandy singh
    mandy singh 2 months ago

    Bhai koi to like kro

  • Gidon Skop
    Gidon Skop 5 months ago


  • Yitzhakhazak
    Yitzhakhazak 8 months ago

    No. It has never been one. Read about King Salomo's wisdom and you will understand.

  • asaf g
    asaf g 8 months ago

    Yohanan can't shut up, Amir was the only interesting one there

  • Ruby Management
    Ruby Management Year ago

    In other words.....after Jewish soldiers died liberatating the West Bank in 1967.....give half of it back to Jordan......unreal....G-d save us from professors and their insanity

  • sellbullion
    sellbullion Year ago

    frightening his iq

  • sellbullion
    sellbullion Year ago

    He was so prophetic

  • king J
    king J Year ago

    As a Christian Iranian i have to say that She looks at the world is very childish!! No change in the world would happened if expert people have this level of education. Reality is different than what we think we got! Bring some expert if you need respect not a kid that talks about her feelings instead of reality. THATS WHY WORLD ALWAYS LOSE AGAINST IRAN--- WRONG ANALYS

  • Nyyankee718
    Nyyankee718 Year ago

    bad audio

  • Free Soul
    Free Soul Year ago

    You are right, Reema.

  • Action Voice
    Action Voice 2 years ago

    im a saudi and this man is super wise ... i hope this presentation will find the right ears 🤣

  • starshiptrooper071
    starshiptrooper071 2 years ago

    Cant hear!! again..

  • starshiptrooper071
    starshiptrooper071 2 years ago

    cant hear it at all

  • Kimberley Kincher
    Kimberley Kincher 3 years ago

    Thank you Moti Kahana and the Jerusalem Press Club for posting this video! May G-d bless you as you work to alleviate some of the suffering of the Syrian people!!

  • starshiptrooper071
    starshiptrooper071 3 years ago

    wow terrible sound cant even understand the speaker, i noticed that in the last video also. You need a better room this one has too much echo. Why tape if no one can understand or hear

  • starshiptrooper071
    starshiptrooper071 3 years ago

    the air noise on the microphones sure make it hard to understand his words. wish better quality could be done cause this is interesting but hard to hear it all.

  • Boruch Hoffinger
    Boruch Hoffinger 3 years ago

    M. K. Isaac Herzog, and friends, STOP BEING SO WEAK! Warn your enemies to be peaceful, if they won't comply, tell them to leave, if they won't go, drive them out or eliminate them.

  • Yosi Malul
    Yosi Malul 3 years ago

    איזה יופי שליטה מלאה בספרדית

  • Daughter of Jerusalem

    כל הכבוד, נפתלי. Great speech, Naftali, very interesting. Your English is very fluent I just want to point out that the past tense of the verb "seek" would be "we sought", not "we seeked" I truly hope you are Rosh HaMemshallah, נפתלי בנט לראש הממשלה, בקרוב בימינו!! שלום מארצות הברית...אנו אוהבים אותך על חומותייך עיר דוד הפקדתי שומרים כל היום וכל הלילה.