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Reaction to SB19 - GO UP
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  • tai danh
    tai danh 35 minutes ago

    Great..great REACTION Dear 🌹💖

  • seno onna
    seno onna 36 minutes ago

    It was all live singing

  • Ly Ly
    Ly Ly Hour ago

    Reaction : GENE - binz ft touliver

  • Teh Aili
    Teh Aili 2 hours ago

    EXO ko ko bap ,electric kiss,call me baby and the eve,look live is cool

  • Kit G
    Kit G 2 hours ago

    Hi Marcel! Thank you the reaction to JJ Lin! This song is a very personal song for him, as many have already told you, its a song written to express his regrets and pent up emotions from the loss of a dear friend. When the plane crash happened he was still a teenager, he has got no way to express his feelings, be it anger, remorse or grief. As a teenager how do you deal with a sudden death of a cherished one? Furthermore be it one that kept a photo of him by her side, one whom he could not reciprocate her feelings. Thus this song is a song, that gave him the chance to express himself, to finally slowly let go, accept it and share this experience with others, not to forget but to cherish as a memory. Just like in the music video, if you watch the micro movie you will understand the program that JJ Lin created, to be able to see and touch your deceased loved ones through virtual reality, is not a program created to encourage people to wallow in their grief, but for them to come to peace with themselves. Hope to see another JJ Lin reaction from you! Appreciate it!

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment Hour ago

      You are welcome. Thanks for sharing that, he really seems to have a painful past.

    • Jen LL
      Jen LL Hour ago


  • 扑倒那个叫王源的男孩


  • Katie Ahn
    Katie Ahn 5 hours ago

    I feel exo L will love your reaction❤️

  • Katie Ahn
    Katie Ahn 5 hours ago

    Haha!!! At that time 8, but original member is 9. Thanks for reaction exo👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Tú Nghê
    Tú Nghê 6 hours ago

    Bài hát này tôi nhớ ko nhầm là do Thanh Bùi, một nghệ sỹ Vpop sáng tác😘

  • foreverPHS
    foreverPHS 6 hours ago

    Thank you ^^ Please react at Christmas. 141227 - 박효신(Park Hyo Shin) - 해피 크리스마스 (Happy Christmas)

  • Music is my life I love kim jisoo


  • Pink Feather
    Pink Feather 7 hours ago

    Try checking these out too from the individual groups from SuperM!!! Taemin "Move" EXO "MAMA", "Call Me Maybe" and "Tempo" NCT 127 "Chain", "Simon Says", "Superhuman", "Regular" (English and Korean version) WayV "Regular(Chinese version) and "Take Off" 😍😍😍

    EXO IS FIRST LOVE 8 hours ago

    Thanks for your reaction ❤love shot is awesome 😎😎🔥

  • Newton Wong
    Newton Wong 8 hours ago

    I can tell you had not experienced losing a close family member. If you had, the moment you realize will put you back so deep in sadness you won't be able to speak or smile.

  • Hans Meiser
    Hans Meiser 9 hours ago

    Der Clip wurde in Island gedreht.

  • Ovi Ulia Dwika
    Ovi Ulia Dwika 11 hours ago

    Can you react to love shot in live version at SBS ?

  • Samin bbh
    Samin bbh 12 hours ago

    EXO have 9 members: baekhyun, chanyeol, kai, sehun, suho, Do, Chen, lay, xiumin. But lay isn't in mv.

  • shine life
    shine life 13 hours ago

    You liked rap part in monster. And this too. So.. That was Chanyeol.

  • Гульмира Миманова


  • shevira parkbyun6104
    shevira parkbyun6104 14 hours ago

    This link to exo dance practice Love shot :

  • shevira parkbyun6104
    shevira parkbyun6104 15 hours ago

    Please react to EXO Dance practice ☺ EXO Electric Kiss : EXO-CBX Blooming Day :

  • Endang Misrawaty
    Endang Misrawaty 15 hours ago

    Thank you for your reaction for EXO..🙏🙏🙏 I like it..👏👏👏 Please react more for them..😍😍

  • Jude L
    Jude L 15 hours ago

    We always say the MV storyline is not important.However they will dance together.😂😂😂

  • Lalita Lovefocus
    Lalita Lovefocus 15 hours ago

    Reaction to mv / i'm 😞 i want to see reaction to live performance or dance practice of them 😊😊😊

  • zoza zoza
    zoza zoza 16 hours ago


  • Milinda Wilson
    Milinda Wilson 17 hours ago

    EXO has 9 members (they originally had 12 members), however, their Chinese member, Lay is not in "Love Shot." So there are only 8 members here. Lay is one of the most famous celebrities in China right now, so everyone wants to work with him. He owns his own record label in China and he produces his own music, as well as music for other artists. Plus, he is, or was, a youth ambassador to China appointed by the government, which means he has a lot of obligations in China. He is considered China's national producer. He is also an actor and he is a spokesperson for a lot of Chinese products and causes -- he is the EXO member with the most endorsement deals. He is also a host of reality programs and is appearing on numerous variety shows in China, so this all keeps him very busy. He is one of the most sought after celebrities in China so he spends a lot of time living in China and away from the other EXO members. Because of his super busy schedule and because of some issues between the Chinese and Korean government, Lay has not been a part of EXO activities for more than 3 years now, other than his cameo appearance in. the Korean version of "Tempo" MV and his brief vocal part in the Mandarin version of "Tempo" MV and song. His hiatus from EXO is not something he has chosen, but its something that has sort of been forced upon him by the government. So he has recently been working hard to find ways around those restrictions, which explains one reason why he has been releasing so many English songs lately. By producing songs in English for the U.S. market it allows him and SM to do collaboration projects which give him a chance to keep his connection to EXO, without actually breaking any rules, and it allows SM to connect the stories in his MVs to EXO's storyline. Now I am no where near an expert on the topic, and I admit that I only understand a very minor part of what is going on between the Chinese and Korean government, but as I understand it, part of the reason for the ban on Chinese and Korean workers between the two countries is that China is refusing to align itself with the U.S. or South Korea to protect themselves with deployment of the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea. North Korea and China want to get rid of the rocket system that is meant to shoot down a nuclear missile if North Korea were to launch one at South Korea or the U.S. Another reason why China doesn't like the THAAD system is because China and the U.S. don't have the best relationship, so if the U.S. and China become on even worse terms China is afraid the U.S. could also use THAAD against them. China says the THAAD system is just provoking them to actually start a nuclear war, and until they remove it or at least move it back from the South Korean boarder, they will continue their ban on Korean products, workers and the Hallyu wave from working in China and for its native Chinese citizens from working with Korean companies. China feels like the Korean government is taking away its native commodities by allowing Chinese people to work in Korea. The issue is even more complicated than this, but that is one part of it. And now, with the recent conflict with the Chinese government and Hong Kong, more political tension has continued to make it difficult for our Chinese Idols to work with their Korean companies and groups. With many Chinese Idols recently coming out in support of the Chinese government and publicly supporting "One China," this has made it once again even less likely that Lay will be able to work with EXO in the near future. With Lay's deep ties to the Chinese government and with the fact that he is one of the most popular celebrities in China right now, he can't afford to be blacklisted by the Chinese government. He needs to be able to work and live in China as freely as possible. So, regardless of how he might feel politically on a personal level, he has to come out in support of the Chinese government publicly, which puts him at odds with many other counties views on the subject. With pressure from the Chinese government, it may have been difficult for him to stay neutral, or at least not make his opinion public, so unfortunately he is now receiving some backlash from people outside of mainland China. But no matter what, Lay always makes sure to find a way to show fans that he is, and will always be, a member of EXO -- he is always supporting his EXO brothers even from afar. Most recently we were able to see Lay back together with the rest of EXO when Lay came to Korea to be there for the day that D.O. enlisted in the military. And in most of Lay's solo work we have nods to EXO and how the stories in his solo MVs are connected to EXO's storyline. He always works hard to remind everyone how important EXO and EXO-Ls are to him. Lay is known as one of the hardest working artist in the industry because he is such a perfectionist and he pretty much does it all himself.When it comes to his solo work Lay is known for writing and composing the songs (including the rap sections), as well as producing them and he takes a large part in coming up with the choreography and producing the MVs as well. When it comes to his solo work, he pretty much has a hand in all aspects of every part of every project, there is pretty much nothing he can't do. I think people misunderstand Lay (Zhang Yixing) sometimes when they first see him because he often comes off as kind of aloof and standoffish and super serious, but what more people need to understand is that, if you get to know him, you will soon find it's because he is very dedicated and committed to what he does and he always wants to show his best self at all times. In reality he is kind of shy and doesn't like to have a lot of attention on himself. When you hear Lay's song "Sheep" you will discover that he is our "China Sheep -- the lead sheep in China." So he has two sides to him and that's what makes him a sheep -- soft, kind and cute, and powerful and dedicated. He is an all around personality that really is the whole package. 🤩 And he is one of the kindest, nicest, sweetest, hardest working people you will ever meet, and all he wants to do is take care of people. 😍 And this is also why Lay's EXO superpower, being the ability to heal everything, is perfect because it fits his personality well.

  • Milinda Wilson
    Milinda Wilson 17 hours ago

    If you want to understand the story in EXO's "Love Shot" MV it might be easier if you just look up a theory video or go to a fan site where it explains the theories behind what and why things are happening in the MV,. Because out of all of EXO's MVs, "Love Shot" and "Tempo" have so much going on that you probably won't even understand unless you take the time to get to know the complete backstory behind it all. The story behind what is happening in "Love Shot" and "Tempo" is so complex that I don't even think I have enough room in one comment box to explain everything I KNOW and that's only a small part of the story. I am sure there is tons that I am missing as well. :D As with most of EXO's songs and MVs, the song and the story in the MV are two separate things. There are two messages that the story tells in the MV. Yes the lyrics are loosely based on the story in the MV, but the main point of the MV is mostly to tell another part of EXO's story and to help explain what they are doing here on Earth as part of their mission. To be able to understand anything about EXO you first have to understand that everything EXO does -- and I literally mean everything -- is connected to EXO's origin story and storyline. So, when you watch EXO you have to keep in mind that they are aliens from Planet Exo, who have been sent to Earth on a mission to find and protect the Tree of Life from the Red Force. Each of the members have a superpower that is unique to them and you will see them referencing their powers in almost everything they do. You also have to know, that while here on Earth, they are fighting against the Red Forces' control, while also trying to fix all the bad things that are going on in the world -- which is thought to be caused by the Red Force -- and stop or prevent the Red Force from causing further corruption, etc. EXO's story is part Si-Fi and part based on real life events and worldly phenomenons that are really affecting the real world. (Check out both versions of their "Mama" MV for an introduction into EXO's concept and storyline. You have to watch both the EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin) version of their "Mama" MV to get the full story.) In "Love Shot" I'm not sure why they first ended up at the service station or the cinema, but the story in this MV is all about how the Red Force is trying to corrupt and control them. You really need to look up fan theory's of this MV to understand what is happening in "Love Shot" because, for example, supposedly, most fans agree, that Xiumin may have been captured and cloned by the Red Force. If you notice Xiumin is squaring off with someone in a mask, when the mask is removed you see that that person is Xiumin. And when Chen is sitting in the theater watching the film, you see what fans agree is probably Suho, as the leader, trying to protect the members and prevent Chen from watching the film which is thought to probably be the Red Force trying to control EXO with whatever is playing on the screen, etc. The members are fighting to discover who has been corrupted by the Red Force and who may not be who they say they are, etc. so they are very suspicious pointing their guns -- which are filled with alcohol -- at each other. (Get it? the song is called "Love Shot" so it has a double meaning: Love Shot like a gun and Love Shot like a shot of alcohol. :D) This whole MV is part of EXO's origin story and it is a big part of their storyline which is all about how they are trying to battle against the Red Force, etc. The story in their "Love Shot" MV is pretty complex and hard to understand unless you understand EXO's backstory and what lead up to everything that has happened in EXO's storyline so far. The flowers have two purposes, one is they represent Love and EXO is collecting love, but also the flowers are a big part of EXO's storyline and how the flower theme has been continued throughout all of EXO's MVs. The flowers are thought to be something that EXO is collecting and trying to get rid of to prevent the Red Force from being able to control people, etc. As one of the lines in their "Monster" song says, "We don't need no money." EXO doesn't need the money, so they aren't robbing banks for money, but they are stealing the flowers for a later, unknown purpose we have yet to figure out. Some of what happens in this story is explained by past MVs and will also, hopefully, be explained as the story continues in future MVs. But you should also know that no one really knows for sure what is happening in any of EXO's MVs. There are well known theories and storylines that are accepted within the fandom which we think might explain what is happening in each MV. And there are theories about how each MV is connected and where each falls within their larger storyline,, but nothing is set in stone. It's all just fan theories. Everything that has to do with EXO is just one big mystery that SM has been crafting since the group's conception, more than ears ago, and its our job as fans to try and piece it all together. We only hope that someday SM will reveal what it all means so we know whether our theories were anywhere close to being correct. So far, its been 7 years, and we still have no idea where the next MV will take us. So if you enjoy a mystery and want to join us as we explore EXOs concept and storyline please continue watching EXO and really pay attention to everything EXO is involved in from their teaser trailers, to their MVs and song lyrics, as well as their live performances and choreography, because absolutely everything EXO does has something to do with their larger storyline (even their sub-units and solo work, and now SuperM as well). :D To help you pinpoint the powers being used in their MVs and live performances here is a list of the members and what their special power is. EXO-K 💦 Suho (Kim JunMyeo) is the leader of the group and he is a lead vocalist -- his power is the ability to control water (Fun fact: did you know that Suho in Korean means guardian, as in the guardian of EXO? That's why as the leader of EXO, his stage name is Suho) 💡Baekhyun is a main vocalist and his superpower is the ability to control light 🔥Chanyeol is the main rapper and lead vocalist -- his power is the ability to control fire and his spirit animal is the phoenix. 🌏D.O. (Do KyungSoo) is a main vocalist and his power is the ability to control earth (dirt) which gives him strength/force ☄Kai (Kim JongIn) is a main dancer, lead vocalist and sub-rapper and his power is teleportation 🌪Sehun is the youngest member of the group and he is a lead rapper, lead dancer and a vocalist -- his power is the ability to control wind EXO-M ❄Xiumin (Kim MinSeok) is the oldest member of the group and he is a lead vocalist and lead rapper and his power is the ability to control snow/ice (frost) 🦄 Lay (Zhang Yixing) is the Chinese member of the group, he is a main dancer, lead vocalist and rapper -- his power is the ability to heal anything. 🌩 Chen (Kim JongDae) is a main vocalist and his power is the ability to control thunder/lightning/electricity (As you can see, Xiumin and Chen were given stage names that sounded more Chinese so they would fit in better in EXO-M because they are the Korean members of the Chinese group) The Chinese members who were not in this MV because at this point they had already left the group (but its important to take note of their role in the group, so if you watch any of their older MVs and performances, you will be able to follow what is happening more easily): 🐉 Kris was the leader of EXO-M he was a main rapper and vocalist -- his power was the ability to fly and his spirit animal was a dragon 💭 Luhan was a main vocalist and his power was telekinesis (The ability to control things with his mind) ⏰Tao (Ztao) was a lead rapper and vocalist and the martial artist of the group, so he did the flips and stunts in the group's routines. His power was the ability to control time

    • Milinda Wilson
      Milinda Wilson 15 hours ago

      @Marcel Entertainment A little of both. I took parts of comments I made to other people and in other videos to help explain EXO, over the years and pieced them together to answer your questions and explain some things, plus I also added some new comments and thoughts. :D So really I wrote it all myself, but not all at this moment. But its usually modified every time I post a comment.

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment 15 hours ago

      Wow, did you type this just now or you saved it and shared it? hahaha let me read that all.

  • Lee Asya
    Lee Asya 17 hours ago

    There is no love shot dance practice but maybe u could watch any love shot live performance :). I like ur reaction 👍💙

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment 17 hours ago

      Thank you, great idea. (: I will check out 1-2 more music videos and dance practices, then I planned to get into some live performances as well.

  • Don Wotulo
    Don Wotulo 18 hours ago


  • dwi merry
    dwi merry 19 hours ago

    please check out nct 127 - cherry bomb , superhuman , regular , simon says and black on black you will like it hehe😁

  • fi
    fi 19 hours ago

    Reation krazy

  • Faiza Aura
    Faiza Aura 19 hours ago

    please react to exo - electric kiss dance practice

  • SUPER kai
    SUPER kai 20 hours ago

    Exo has 9 members, Lay is doing solo in china but he's still part of Exo, and Two of them is in Mandatory military service just this year..they will be back after two years... now only 6 of them doing the exo concert, and recently two of them baekhyun and kai Is also debuted in US as SuperM last October 4.. but they are still part of EXO.. thank you for reacting to exo..i really like how you react on small things u see on the means a lot to us EXOLs..

  • Lavender Exo-l
    Lavender Exo-l 20 hours ago

    Actually I like the way you think You focusing on many little shots in the MV and this is something special

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment 19 hours ago

      Thank you. (: I try to analyze videos as much as I can also to explain it or learn something from it.

  • An Amelll
    An Amelll 20 hours ago

    the exo is 9 members, but there is 1 member (lay zhang) works in China, and now there is 2 member (D.O, and Xiumin) militer

  • miezue
    miezue 20 hours ago

    Did you know every EXO comeback lines up (including solo and sub-unit) exactly with recorded and predicted total solar eclipses date? Example. There was solar eclipse occurred on 13th December 1936 and EXO - Love Shot was released on 13th December 2018 There was total solar eclipse on 10th July 1972 and Baekhyun - Un Village was released on 10th July 2019. Lee SooMan, SM founder and director have a book about EXO discography and fans have found an evidence that EXO was planned by him since 1976! and on 2006 (6 years before EXO debut), fans saw "EXO" names on an old SM entertainment picture (i don't remember who is in the photo) EXO concept is aliens who come from EXO Planet, right? Actually EXO Planet is real, it's outside of our solar system and it was confirmed by NASA. Mind blowing isn't it?

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment 20 hours ago

      That is fascinating. Thank you for sharing that, so those solar eclipses are some sort of lucky charm? I need to google more about it. (:

  • Oro The Nymph
    Oro The Nymph 21 hour ago

    Had to work up to watching this and your reaction to Y Si Fuera Ella, but I almost managed not to cry, so I guess I'm adjusting? I streamed the concerts and sobbed through all of them. Have the dvd too - still haven't watched it. As always, thank you for your reaction. ♥ 5HINee forever ♥

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment 20 hours ago

      You are welcome. It is not easy to stay cool in this one (: SHINee forever. <3

  • Oro The Nymph
    Oro The Nymph 21 hour ago

    Had to work up to watching this and your reaction to Y Si Fuera Ella, but I almost managed not to cry, so I guess I'm adjusting? I streamed the concerts and sobbed through all of them. Have the dvd too - still haven't watched it. As always, thank you for your reaction. ♥ 5HINee forever ♥

  • Jieza Garcia
    Jieza Garcia 21 hour ago

    Can you please react to KEN cover location by khalid and sejun cover darling by taeyang. You see how talented they are ☺

  • Ida Selfia
    Ida Selfia 21 hour ago

    This is EXO. But the member, Kai and Baekhyun, is member of SuperM too

  • Cotton X
    Cotton X 21 hour ago

    Next EXO tempo

  • Lys Leilla
    Lys Leilla 22 hours ago

    S plllz next *EXO "Tempo"* , merci

  • Wita Aulia
    Wita Aulia 22 hours ago

    The exo is 9 members, but there is 1 member (lay zhang) who works in China

  • Zahi shobah
    Zahi shobah 22 hours ago

    EXO in ceremony olympic 2018 is so Spectacular

  • ihda R
    ihda R 22 hours ago

    9 members, but 1 (lay zhang) member in china

  • galaxy enjoy
    galaxy enjoy 22 hours ago

    Thank you for react EXO

  • Hermilyn Ochea

    Thank you :-)

  • Destercq Sylvia

    Magnifique se dimash love💖love💖love💖le meheurrrrrr🌹🌹🎶🌹🌹💋🇧🇪belle reaction👍👍👍

  • Мария Колючко

    This is a cover of a 1988 song. Video and recording quality is very poor. But you can still see how good the song has become in the performance of Alice.

  • Mazita Mirandha

    You should react to 'From Now On' from this concert 😭😭😭 and all performances at this concert is so LIT ❤😍

  • Quan Manh
    Quan Manh Day ago

    Hoang Thuy Linh cover Fergie's "London Bridge" too, she can rap and sing in English you should watch this video:

  • jeffrey larbio

    You underestimated a filipino singer? Haha they sang it live.

  • Hang Cua
    Hang Cua Day ago

    Reaction Son Tùng MTP live Hay trao cho anh🙏🙏

  • rock X kpop
    rock X kpop Day ago

    Thank you so much for reacting to SHINee. Love from Shawol Philippines 💕

  • untiled desx
    untiled desx Day ago

    removed by channel The XFactor. Oh no 😢😢😢😭

  • Zquad Quỳnh Như

    9:13 the guy with some yellow, that's Andree😀. And the "interesting" guy u talk about, that JustaTee. U should check for him😁

  • Chi Vu
    Chi Vu Day ago

    His spiritual chid!

  • jwllzbldc qtyy

    they don't do lipsync they dance and they sing ittt!!!

  • Silvia Sillia
    Silvia Sillia Day ago

    United nation 😁

  • Holly Helmstetter

    Marcel, this video is the only Dimash video that I don't like. Oh, yes, there is one other one---the bloody version of "Tired Swans." I really dislike it very much, and I think Igor Krutoy has gone too far with his dark, edgy ideas. I don't think this is appropriate for Dimash and I don't think the Dears are going to like it very much. The music is okay; just this video is too negative for my taste. I hope Dimash has some other mentors who will encourage him to stay more on the bright side of things. Well, that's the opinion of an old fan who prefers happy thought.

    • Holly Helmstetter
      Holly Helmstetter 23 hours ago

      @Marcel Entertainment Marcel, you are so right. If artistic geniuses did only the things that they were sure everyone would like, we would have little change and little innovation in our lives. I responded from the viewpoint of someone who has gotten used to finding comfort and joy in Dimash's work. This new stuff challenges the mind, instead of comforting it. And we do need to be challenged. However, I still think Igor bears watching. I know he loves Dimash and wants the best for him, but I don't know if Dimash would speak up if something made him uncomfortable. I also wonder whether there is someone who makes sure that Dimash gets enough rest, and takes good care of himself. It seems like he drives awfully hard. He said he doesn't want us to worry about him, so I just have to focus on how happy he looks. We all love him so much, but that doesn't mean we have a right to control him. We just have to trust him to use good sense. (Please, Dimash, take good care of yourself!) Marcel, thank you for important points about the changes in Igor's compositions.

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment Day ago

      It does give some gloomy vibes also from the bit of darker colors used in it. I see where you are coming from with your feelings about that video. I feel like if artists try out something different it happens a lot to their fans that sometimes they dislike something while others like it more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. (:

  • Restu Arum Safitri

    I was so surprised you gave a reaction to Diamond Sky. please reaction FROM NOW ON, LOVE, and THE WORLD WHERE YOU EXIST after this. I always cry every time I watch From Now On live. -From now on (very recommend) -Love -The World Where You Exist (sorry for this song I didn't find English subtittle) these three songs are ballad songs. try to focus on their expressions when singing and enjoy the music. they really like singing for Jonghyun not for concerts, their expressions are not acting. they are truly professional and hold their emotions. considering that this concert was held two months after Jonghyun died :(

  • Samin bbh
    Samin bbh Day ago

    EXO is the best... They are kings of kpop. ✨

  • shine life
    shine life Day ago

    Can you check From Now on live. But you have to ready to cry😞

    • shine life
      shine life 12 hours ago

      @Marcel Entertainment when Jonghyun passed away it was hard. But I watched all vedios and faced the pain. Because I didn't want to leave them. So yes. It's better when you try😊

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment Day ago

      Oh no. ): I hate to cry but I guess I will give it a try. (;

  • shine life
    shine life Day ago

    Thank you for those words.❤️ his music is still there. You r right ❤️

  • Holly Helmstetter

    Marcel, I usually don't watch any videos except Dimash; Only because you're the one playing it. You are a big favorite with me. Oh, in answer to your question about the word "Okay," it comes from someone in the Revolutionary War (in the U.S) someone sent a note through the battle lines. He couldn't write very well and he said everything at his battle station was "Oll Korect", spelling it wrong. Other people started imitating him by using "O.K." to mean, "All correct."

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment Day ago

      So there it comes from. Thank you for sharing that. It has some interesting history behind it. Thank you, I appreciate you. (:

  • YUEN Christie
    YUEN Christie Day ago

    The people in the MV are Mayday

  • hani
    hani Day ago

    thank you for this reaction, and yeah u should check out [English Lyrics] From Now On - SHINee World Best of 2018 ... It's the last song for the concert... Lot of love from us SHAWOL...

  • Just a little light..

    Thank you Marcel.. 💓

  • Ika Okta
    Ika Okta Day ago

    Thank you for always support 5HINee..👌 the hole is like a diamond shape..the concert is in have to listen LOVE song FROM NOW ON CONCERT

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment Day ago

      You are welcome. (: SHINee will soon be back I hope. Can't wait to see them again.

  • ziuma,com
    ziuma,com Day ago

    Isyana Sarasvati Jadi Korban !!! Aksi Horor Dari The Sacred Riana Di AMAZING 17 HUT GTV !!

  • Milinda Wilson

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    • Yen R.
      Yen R. Day ago

      Marcel Entertainment Also, try watching their performance of 'Replay' in this same concert. The fans gave them a touching surprise. This was in Tokyo Dome by the way 🙂

    • Yen R.
      Yen R. Day ago

      Marcel Entertainment i feel the same. This hiatus will be longer since Taemin will most likely enter after the 3 finished theirs. Hoping they could do a comeback before Taemin enters though. I really wanted Taemin to enter at the same time as his hyungs so the hiatus will be shorter, but I don't think SM would allow that, they wouldn't want to not have someone atleast represent SHINee in activities. Atleast Taemin has already opened his personal IG acct so we get updates. Anyway, this concert was a really emotional one.. for the members, the crew and staff, and the fans. They sang a few songs with Jonghyun's voice. They did an interview in Radio Star (episode 569--it's available in the Viu app) where they opened up about Jonghyun, and this concert.

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment Day ago

      Yea, I can imagine this to be really difficult as well. ): I am wondering if there are any half finished or pre recorded songs by Jonghyun that can be built into new SHINee songs. Do you know what I mean? Michael Jackson, 2Pac, XXXTentacion and more did have pre recorded songs or unfinished ones. Maybe we will see SHINee songs with some parts by Jonghyun in 2021 or 2022. I am mostly worried now about Taemin, they all serve the military but if Taemin enters 1-2 years later they not gonna be together for a long time.

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      @Marcel Entertainment the concert was already planned before Jonghyun's passing, there was talk about them cancelling it after what happened but they said that Jonghyun's mom told them that they should do it and Jonghyun's sister even attended it , everything was still very raw back then and their first appearance since

    • Marcel Entertainment
      Marcel Entertainment Day ago

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      Thank you again for the subtitles @Xoắn Ốc, you are such a great help. I really appreciate you. <3

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