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A Week in Korea
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Boseong Tea Fields
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  • DitraLids
    DitraLids 26 days ago

    M8 that wasn't 200

  • Sanam Singh
    Sanam Singh 3 months ago

    If I would have been in place of his father. I would have tortured the baby so much that no one can ever think about.

  • centralpark404
    centralpark404 3 months ago

    Cutest baby ever God bless this baby

  • Farzana Sharmin
    Farzana Sharmin 3 months ago

    She is adorable and precious! I wish I had a lil baby

  • Farzana Sharmin
    Farzana Sharmin 4 months ago

    Awwh! Whaf a cutie

  • Kae Freeman
    Kae Freeman 5 months ago

    💗🏵🌸She is so pretty🌸🏵💗

  • Herry Ibing
    Herry Ibing 6 months ago

    The baby is soo chubby that her eyes are gone😄

  • k cc
    k cc 9 months ago

    호떡=기름 넘심하다

  • mariana morrone
    mariana morrone 10 months ago

    como hiciste fue rapido caro yo vivo en argentina

  • jfl11
    jfl11 10 months ago

    This brings back so many memories from Korea!! Mr. Jung was the shit!!!!!!!!!

  • B. Free.
    B. Free. Year ago

    So cute !!!!! 😍

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Year ago

    She’s cute but don’t know what the grandma saying really cue

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Year ago

    To cute I’m going to die

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Year ago


  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Year ago


  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Year ago

    Very cute !

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Year ago

    She’s so chubby 👶

  • Annabelle Acuna
    Annabelle Acuna Year ago

    Oh my gosh she is so beautiful...🇰🇷🇺🇸🇰🇷🇺🇸🇰🇷🇺🇸🇰🇷🇺🇸

  • Louise Booth
    Louise Booth Year ago

    999099 p vbvbvvb

  • yanping huang
    yanping huang Year ago

    Thank you for sharing !

  • rough rough
    rough rough Year ago

    im vegan for my health reason not for animals when you drink water your stealing fishes house and when you eat veggies and fruits your destroying insects house and yet most people live in a house thats made out of woods so please stop with the animal shit

  • José Q
    José Q Year ago

    Stop praising this fake nun. People who know real Asian Buddhist's dish and professional chefs will find that she has no knowledge and experience on devoted food at all. This fake nun cann't even cut vegetables properly and prepare ingredients. Only stupid Western vegans praise her here. Ignorance of Vegans makes evil prevails readily..

    • Miscellaneous Me
      Miscellaneous Me 8 days ago

      I like the way she cuts her veggies. It's beautiful. I didn't know we all had to everything the exact same way

    • 88 88
      88 88 6 months ago

      You are too extreme, but right on something, she is a bit overrated, also David Cheng said it indirectly, meaning that she cooks just like any other Korean nun specialized in cooking. Noting more or less, that's why in Korea no one cares about her. No knowledge ?!?think again she has such deep insight on fermentation, food preservation and cultivation

    • E Smith
      E Smith Year ago

      Someone needs to teach you a lesson you ignorant low life. Talking ugly about this amazing woman tells me you are a jealous ignorant wannabe. Just a low life filled with hate and jealousy. I don't even feel sorry for you.

    • Diana Frida
      Diana Frida Year ago

      José Q bullshit

    • José Q
      José Q Year ago

      She's just a swindler. You should learn true Buddist's dishes made by Thai or Japanese monks. Idiot.

  • Lush Palms
    Lush Palms 2 years ago

    That foreigner should wear socks. His feet so close to the food was barbaric and senseless. It interfered w/ the aura of that moment.

  • Jerry Lynch
    Jerry Lynch 2 years ago

    Mr. Jung has served me hundreds of beers, but never a B 52 151 I taught English in Korea for many years and this bar was my favorite ever.

  • real country
    real country 2 years ago

    She is like Yoda.

  • Batnasan Erdene-ochir

    where you buying it ? how much it's price ?

  • Emma Gottlieb
    Emma Gottlieb 2 years ago

    Nice chubby Asian cheeks!

  • Mido Gang
    Mido Gang 2 years ago


  • Ruth Aguirre
    Ruth Aguirre 2 years ago


  • Susumu進
    Susumu進 2 years ago


  • Mill Burray
    Mill Burray 2 years ago

    Korean food is about harmony. One perfect example is Bibimbap. Bibim means mixing. We mix different ingredients to feel, smell, and taste in a different way. Harmony is the most important virtue in Korean culture. Even our flag "Taegukgi" is about an ultimate harmony of yin and yang, sky and earth, and the moon and the sun.

    • Wynn Horton
      Wynn Horton 10 days ago

      whatever, dude. I don't think of Koreans or their food as harmonious at all. it is overly-seasoned, too strong-tasting...too much meat...not pretty...Korean PEOPLE are often very attractive people and i like their high cheek bones a lot...but, your food and clothes are not great, your men hit women more than the other East Asians, the Korean soldiers in Vietnam are said to have been as nasty as the Japanese soldiers were in China and Korea. Your people distrust people who smile and Korea has a high suicide rate. You are delusional.

  • Tina
    Tina 2 years ago


  • Harlan Rose
    Harlan Rose 2 years ago

    Subscribe to my channel

  • FlamerzZz
    FlamerzZz 2 years ago

    Most monk in asia aren't vegan they're vegetarian, They have unfertilized eggs and milk. But then they're forbidden to eat chives, garlic and onions. Its weird huh...

    • Mill Burray
      Mill Burray 10 months ago

      Malik Rahman No, they are different. The one in India is because of religious reasons, but one in the West is not. Mimicking the tastes of meat with veggies that the western veganism and vegetarianism frequently do cannot be considered as religious.

    • Malik Rahman
      Malik Rahman 10 months ago

      @Mill Burray half of India are vegetarians. Now last time I checked, India isn't in Europe.

    • Tina
      Tina 2 years ago

      sorry to say, but you're wrong. Vegetarianism is very old. It has it's root in ancient India and also ancient Greece, Italy, etc. Please read about the Vedic teachings, the early Buddhism, the Jainism and so on. For Yogis (Hinduism) vegetarianism always was and still is mandatory as it is the principle of non-violence toward animals.

    • Mill Burray
      Mill Burray 2 years ago

      Veganism and vegetarianism are Western ideologies.

    • Tina
      Tina 2 years ago

      it's not forbidden to them, it's the philosophy of the energy contained in the food. She explained it very well in the Netflix series "Chef's Table", season 3, episode 1. She said garlic and onion contain a lot of spiritual energy. This energy leads to diversion when monks meditate.

  • aarrar B
    aarrar B 2 years ago

    저거 맛있던데 16384이 최대고 32768은 없나

  • Dawn Lee
    Dawn Lee 2 years ago

    This is so helpful~ My crush was telling me about it and I had to google search lol

  • sakamuras s
    sakamuras s 3 years ago

    dude, how come ur vids get practically no views?

  • marb
    marb 3 years ago

    I subed you, maybe you sub me back :)

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  • dekatos filos tne
    dekatos filos tne 3 years ago

    nice man

  • vandy kh
    vandy kh 3 years ago

    how much brother

  • Desolo SubHumus
    Desolo SubHumus 3 years ago

    This video brings back memories. The tea was great, but I was still a bit worried that the birds might aim for the tea cups. I know ... crazy Miguk covering up the cup with a napkin between sips.

  • Maui Goodbeer
    Maui Goodbeer 3 years ago

    Awesome words of wisdom from a great leader and visionary. Watch Part 2. Yevo is changing the world and the way we consume food. Its not just food its better.

  • Juleen Forbes
    Juleen Forbes 3 years ago

    Looks delicious, I luv eel

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 3 years ago

    Come Eat Korea with us at Delectable Travels www.delectabletravels.com

  • Rebecca Pierce
    Rebecca Pierce 3 years ago

    Great video! Liked and subscribed! This is very helpful. I just moved to a new city here in the U.S. and there are a lot of koreans in the community. My husband and I recently walked into a korean restaurant and we had NO IDEA what to order but hey, we were wanting an adventure. This place did not disappoint. The staff spoke little english, the tv was set to a korean channel, the free newpapers on the front counter were also in korean. It was awesome! But I was surprised by the many little side dishes that came with our meal (we ordered the pork and kimchi and it was delicious)! We had no idea what we were eating but, like I said, it was an adventure so we just shrugged, popped it in our months and enjoyed it.

  • Rj lives
    Rj lives 3 years ago

    yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;) so yummy yo

  • Nishi Patel
    Nishi Patel 3 years ago

    can u please tell me the exact address..

    KRUZ8ER 3 years ago

    Being from America hearing you say you paid 1.2 MILLION made me chuckle just a little, but in a nice way ;)

  • 瑩 瑄
    瑩 瑄 4 years ago

    He's so cute!!!

  • araina Nair
    araina Nair 4 years ago

    you are brave

  • Simply Mamá Cooks
    Simply Mamá Cooks 4 years ago

    She is beautiful baby! Congrats :)

  • Joe Hong
    Joe Hong 4 years ago

  • Joe Hong
    Joe Hong 4 years ago


  • 이문선
    이문선 4 years ago

    호떡은 적은 기름으로 굽는건데 지금은 많은 기름으로 튀기네요

    • 맑이
      맑이 Year ago

      ㅇㅈ 저건 완전 기름덩어리 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 4 years ago

    Cute Baby Video! Just what you need to get through the rest of the day

  • Ismael Vera
    Ismael Vera 4 years ago

    Can somebody translate this?

    • Toxodos
      Toxodos 4 years ago

      @Ismael Vera he does it himself, listen close, strong accent, but he repeats (appearantly) most stuff in english

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 4 years ago

    MERS, Soju and other tomfoolery.

  • Bob Bunch
    Bob Bunch 4 years ago

    I enjoyed it and learned a lot - Thanks

  • James Strange
    James Strange 4 years ago

    Good looking Chicken!

  • James Strange
    James Strange 4 years ago

    I was wanting to go in June but may have to go latter.

  • canavaro2012
    canavaro2012 4 years ago

    I like you chef...

  • vathana tep
    vathana tep 4 years ago

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 4 years ago

    yeah, seouleats, zenkimchi, etc. I'm in the process of updating mine to make it more accessible to find places you want to eat at. stay tuned

  • James Strange
    James Strange 4 years ago

    Are there any good websites to help find restaurants?

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 4 years ago

    Full Metal Chopsticks: Finding the Korean Alpha Restaurants.

  • James Strange
    James Strange 5 years ago

    Looking forward to more videos in this series.

  • James Strange
    James Strange 5 years ago

    Military stew is one of my guilty pleasures with soju of course.

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 5 years ago

    Do alot of dishes contain pork?

    • Daniel Gray
      Daniel Gray 5 years ago

      not all, but quite a few of them. There are soups that are beef and fish based. You can make dishes like kimchi stew with fish instead of pork as well.

  • Mary Grace Iwayan
    Mary Grace Iwayan 5 years ago

    prefer to make it less oil..

  • turkan0907
    turkan0907 5 years ago

    Hello, We are doing project about Makgeolli. I saw your video. I would like to know the result of the research :) Thanks

  • danny_smileZ
    danny_smileZ 5 years ago

    they are drowning in oil omg O ~ O

  • γιαννης χατζηφωτιαδης


  • 펭귄ㅋ
    펭귄ㅋ 5 years ago


  • Christine Hong
    Christine Hong 5 years ago

    +demmylowther thats aisia but this food is korean my country wait why is maanchi commenting

  • Stephen J Hall
    Stephen J Hall 5 years ago

    A wine taster whom I know rather well tasting Max - A Korean light beer.

  • malik H
    malik H 5 years ago

    Where are these guys staying? In wich city? :)

  • 29diannad
    29diannad 5 years ago

    I love the ones filled with Chapchae instead of sweet ^^ !

  • jlfood119
    jlfood119 6 years ago

    핫도그전문 유통 소시지 jlfood.co.kr

  • Harajukafist
    Harajukafist 6 years ago

    Obviously you never ate fries.

  • Kim Schaffer
    Kim Schaffer 6 years ago

    I was lucky to go to Jeonju with Daniel Gray. He is the best tour guide!!! Knowledgeable and so much fun. We loved the trip and we love Dan!! Dan made the trip fantastic, if you are going to South Korea, you must do it with Dan!

  • psyjax2
    psyjax2 6 years ago

    Man, thats pretty impressive. They got their routine down in like 4 diff. Languages. Pretty cool.

  • TheSquishyMonster
    TheSquishyMonster 6 years ago

    AH, I miss the fried chicken there so bad! + the radish =)

  • nia dan
    nia dan 6 years ago

    Nice camera by the way :D

  • nia dan
    nia dan 6 years ago

    korean food is yummy

  • cccpppasa
    cccpppasa 6 years ago

    호떡이 아니고 도넛 이라고 하는게 맞을듯... 호떡을 기름에 둥둥 뛰우네 굽는게 아니고 튀기는 수준이넹 .....ㅎㅎㅎ

  • Aileen Jeong
    Aileen Jeong 6 years ago

    He told her that it was so delicious and he thanked her for it

  • Bartrobbe1
    Bartrobbe1 6 years ago


  • oMref1
    oMref1 6 years ago

    I'm fuckin fasting

  • dylia mink
    dylia mink 6 years ago

    he said ajumma,he was talking to the woman dat sells hoddeok.

  • incubusman421
    incubusman421 6 years ago

    It may not be "healthy" but I bet it's better for you than the processed crap we Americans eat as snacks...

  • lazyjoe99
    lazyjoe99 6 years ago

    Lol HAJIMA!!!! I remember learning Korean from the little kids that would run around telling dong muk uh! Hahahaha

  • Asma E
    Asma E 6 years ago


  • 1000000000000000000g

    donut pancake

  • julie corpuz
    julie corpuz 6 years ago

    this is the first time i saw hotteok swimming in pool of oil grrrrr

  • Sarah Li Piano
    Sarah Li Piano 6 years ago

    obviously you don't want one...all the more for me

  • Sarah Li Piano
    Sarah Li Piano 6 years ago

    that looks so amazing far out

  • LaindiaC
    LaindiaC 6 years ago

    I just ate and this makes me hungry all over again ...Post more like this

  • Mirari Escobar
    Mirari Escobar 6 years ago

    Do you make this? :D

  • iris lee
    iris lee 6 years ago

    Hi Daniel, Can I ask you where this restaurant is?