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The Hard Work of being Lazy
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'I Am Going to Die!'
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  • yeshalloween
    yeshalloween 3 minutes ago

    I was never good enough for my dad. He died and never made it right. I fight everyday with the voice inside me that began with him, telling me as he did, all my flaws, what I can’t do, that I’m not worth the time and energy, that I can do all I can, exhaust myself trying to prove I’m worth loving, and never feel like I really am. Parents are so important. Fathers matter. Mothers who put their kids first are everything. I didn’t have that and every part of my life has been impacted as a result. It’s a constant struggle. The self-loathing began in my childhood home

  • Txivi pensamientocrítico

    Que bueno

  • Dana Soriano
    Dana Soriano 11 minutes ago

    What should I do if I know I am depressed and have been for almost 2 years but I lack of a diagnosis so I can’t have meds and my mom won’t take me to therapy because she believes she can help me.. but she cannot?? Please I just need an answer, where I live actually no one understands me and I really just seem like a ungrateful person but I just can’t live happily I just feel empty.

  • CTG_AverageJoe
    CTG_AverageJoe 18 minutes ago

    Thanks RU-clip recommendations

  • Eli Sterling
    Eli Sterling 20 minutes ago

    It’s not like we have a major teen suicide problem

  • ell cab
    ell cab 21 minute ago

    So nice 🥴

  • John Mariani
    John Mariani 26 minutes ago

    There is so much wrong with this - huge generalizations and one-size-fits-all answers when misery comes in a great multitude of forms. There are so many factors and aspects of what he calls "love" that he didn't even touch on. How about the role of biology? How about selfishness? And really? When people criticize their partner you can make a sweeping assertion that they have good intentions behind it? Because people never use criticism to hurt...riiiiight. Can't believe people think this is wisdom...

  • Jo Kesonu
    Jo Kesonu 27 minutes ago

    Well that explains it...1 week late

  • Civics Review
    Civics Review 28 minutes ago

    These animations are very montypythonesque. Holy hell, did my autocorrect almost do suicide with that word. Anyways, love it!

  • Claire Fox
    Claire Fox 35 minutes ago

    It seems like a false choice

  • Diane Gill
    Diane Gill 51 minute ago

    I've seen so many parents engaged in their phones. Too busy to look at their children. Whether the parents are home or out, it's the same everywhere.

  • Emilio Eloy
    Emilio Eloy 53 minutes ago

    It was not meekness, it was kindness. And I am thankful.

  • LordDeliverUs
    LordDeliverUs 58 minutes ago

    I wish I could go back in time and pick up and hug my horribly abused and neglected mother. I would tell her she is a wonderful child, that she is loved and adorable and that from now on she would come to live with me and everything will be alright.

  • indigochild79
    indigochild79 Hour ago

    I also effects our relationships and empathy skills a lot

  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor Hour ago

    One-on-one is what I call being sociable - three or four people at most. More is just noise and not really getting to know anyone. I love getting into a conversation with one person at a bus stop, in the checkout line or some random setting like like that way more than a contrived pre-planned situation like a party.

  • Juan
    Juan Hour ago

    Each individual should have the right to apport and opinion about the rule of their respective society , anyway it should be at least obligatory the education on politics; its essential as read or write, and those who dont care about learn it,dont let them vote.

  • Christina B.
    Christina B. Hour ago

    I wouldn’t say it going to kill me but surely I think it’s going to hurt me or someone else. Maybe failing ok but only if someone else fix it. Or your learn a easy fun to fix the problem It shall to shall pass no it keeps on happening I agree it’s truly best to have these panic attacks i them meltdowns I have autism

  • ChillyToes
    ChillyToes Hour ago

    This was hard to watch. It made me feel so sad for that baby. You could just feel the baby's confusion and sadness. Pretty telling.

  • Beth Harrison
    Beth Harrison Hour ago

    We are adequate, and living for simple everyday pleasures is admirable, and doable. These videos are great!

  • Alejandro Olivas

    i love when i hear the maracas at the beginning ... i lost my right leg in may and ever since i discover this channel i ve been listening to all the capsules that are posted but the one that i enjoy the most is this one... thank you

  • KimKouzine7777
    KimKouzine7777 Hour ago

    Why not just too be?

  • Maverick _13_
    Maverick _13_ Hour ago

    School of Life, your work is so mind-blowingly great.What a more connected and interesting world it would be- if we could all talk about this stuff with each other. School of Life or Alain de Botton, you tap into the truth of being alive and that's a comfort that's so huge. We need to know that we're all NOT alone at all in our experiences of living And you do that. Thank you. Don't ever stop.

  • requiemsama
    requiemsama Hour ago

    I just don’t get it. We are so obsessed with how shitty our parents are that we make the answer, “give your baby more love!” There are even jerks who then say, “if you can’t deal with it, don’t have children.” But how can lying about how you feel in order to give your baby attention be a good thing? Life is too complicated for such a sentiment. We need to find an answer acceptable for everyone, not just the infant.

  • Phoebe Cole
    Phoebe Cole Hour ago

    Don't wanna be silly here but need to say... The imagination they have for the drawings is impecc!! 😅😅

  • Steve Gerardy
    Steve Gerardy Hour ago

    I have always felt sorry for kids that have a Narcsists Mom. :(

  • Born in Providence

    While I loathe Taylor Swift I agree with all the rest of this. Healthy assertion is niceness all grown up.

  • Noseefood
    Noseefood Hour ago

    who came here after watching amor fati?

  • Venice Waves
    Venice Waves Hour ago

    If I dared to be more selfish, I would eventually invent all that I could with eyes wide open to the universe’s wonders.

  • alisson knell
    alisson knell Hour ago

    What happen to the graffics tho

  • Chloe Lattin
    Chloe Lattin Hour ago

    It's so hard to have a simple life with electronics and having FOMO. I need to work on having chill time and sleeping better because my sleeping routine is all over the place. Currently it's 2am and I'm wide awake, need to sort it out ASAP.

  • Cameron Cowan
    Cameron Cowan 2 hours ago

    Bold of you to assume that parents don't tell you everything that is wrong with you. Sometimes on the daily......for years.....leaving you with no self-confidence whatsoever.

  • PB -
    PB - 2 hours ago

    4:45 Kraków - Poland 🇵🇱

  • Abbey Road
    Abbey Road 2 hours ago

    Sad homie hours 🤧

    ZAKATTACK ! 2 hours ago

    Man I just want a hug

  • Swiggity Swag
    Swiggity Swag 2 hours ago

    Cynical = realist

  • Ally 123
    Ally 123 2 hours ago

    I was literally just fucking crying what the hell

  • David Thomspson
    David Thomspson 2 hours ago

    Its not true.I am exceptionally nice to any woman I like.Even if they are mean.I used to be mean.Then I discovered what it was like to be on the receiving end from my ex...and others.Love is kindness.

  • Zero Neutral
    Zero Neutral 2 hours ago

    This isn't how unrequited love works at all. Learning more about someone we love leads to loving them more... The unrequited bit is the bit where they don't feel it back.

  • Pat J
    Pat J 2 hours ago

    Lol, you just had to put Trump in it, didn’t you? I’m glad I watched this though. I read a little bit of his work many years ago. Looking back it seems it has shaped my thought process to some extant. And look at me: I’m nowhere near the ideological left! His ideas is unfairly and incorrectly being attributed to Marxism by many scholars, whether they be proponents of the philosophy or antagonists.

    IDONTCARE 2 hours ago

    I’m 64 and don’t have much more time to get this right. I’m screwed.

  • Doja Moor
    Doja Moor 2 hours ago

    Her titties are tiny 😭

  • BODGMaster OBST3R98
    BODGMaster OBST3R98 2 hours ago

    Just had one. It's not the first

  • Alex Povolotski
    Alex Povolotski 3 hours ago


  • Simon Garrett
    Simon Garrett 3 hours ago

    I bloody love these, thanks Alain and whoever else is behind these, the animations and art picks are wonderful too and I laughed my ass off when he broke down the evening meal with partner 😂

  • Floor Encer
    Floor Encer 3 hours ago

    What is worse than than Still Face is the treatment of a 5 or so year old boy who plays with "girl" toys. The mother is instructed by the psychiatrist to take her son into a room with "boy" toys, and "girl" toys. The son plays with the toys, but is oriented to the Barbie's over the construction trucks. The mother plays with the son when he has truck type toys, and has been told to be indifferent, shunning and remote with dolls(not action figures). This could teach the child, or confuse the child. He did note understand why when he was with playthings he preferred his mother ignored him. She did as she was told when a crying boy tries to climb on his mother to stop her being cold to him. Needless to say, that didn't work out well. The son reached adulthood and I believe ended his life, and the mother regrets following the psychiatrist's directions. On a related note..."A quote from CSI: "Some men can only love their mothers. Others never had a mother that loved them" "

  • Kiarash the magnificent

    How can I get enough of school of life? HELP!

  • Tyne Stewart
    Tyne Stewart 3 hours ago

    I got really excited until I realised it wasn’t ‘homie’, then got re-excited about the actual nature of this video and here I am

  • Christiana Miravalle

    Could Socrates be classified as a “practical failure “ because he was killed for being virtuous?

  • Edison Todorov
    Edison Todorov 3 hours ago

    You killed me right there!

  • Batgirl P
    Batgirl P 4 hours ago

    Try positive affirmations as you are drifting off to sleep. Bless us all.

  • clarence spencer
    clarence spencer 4 hours ago

    Camus was "extremely handsome"??? Who cares? This is not a sex forum. It is his mind and ideas, not his looks (which by the way, reminds me of goldfish/guppy by his bugged eyes). Get control of our urges

  • MrPavu4ok
    MrPavu4ok 4 hours ago

    Agrred :) Adopted this skill the hard way )) Thanks for summing it all up, thou )

  • othaner38
    othaner38 4 hours ago

    We, in Brazil, know very well this problem. In Brazil, people who doesn´t even kown to read are elegible to a legislative mandate. The result: Lula, Dilma and Bolsonaro and 20.000.000 unemployed people..

  • Brandon Foster
    Brandon Foster 4 hours ago

    What programs did you use to make this video

  • Ha Phuong
    Ha Phuong 4 hours ago

    I was criticising myself all the time when I act selfishly. Just now, I was feeling so bad thinking how selfish I was and then I saw this video. Thank you School of life.

  • Brandon Foster
    Brandon Foster 4 hours ago

    There are only two emotions, fear and love.

  • Annabell A
    Annabell A 4 hours ago

    Zoned out completely 😂

  • Emma McBeath
    Emma McBeath 4 hours ago

    the last baby jesus painting makes baby jesus look more built then I am wtf

  • Zoë
    Zoë 4 hours ago

    The book The Four Agreements can be very helpful in letting go of the self-criticism as well as external criticism. I read it continually.

  • HeatRayz Video
    HeatRayz Video 4 hours ago

    Dunno but I can get you pure OCD, £20 a gram

  • MandyJMaddison
    MandyJMaddison 4 hours ago

    One of my favourite books, in childhood, were The Magic Pudding, illustrated at 0:50, showing the three very different riends, Sam Sawnoff the Penguin, Bill Barnacle the Sailor, and Bunyip Bluegum, a Toff, in happy retirement in their little tree house. The other notable book was written for much younger children, but, unlike The Magic Pudding, it did not start with any sense of humour or optimism. Although written for very young children, Barnaby in Search of a House began with tragic loss. Barnaby, a mouse, lives in his beautiful tidy little home, high in a hole in a huge oak tree. Just as he is sitting down to tea, men begin to chop the oak tree down. The tree shudders and Barnaby looks in horror as his pretty teaset shatters on the floor. Soon the huge oak is felled and Barnaby is flung to the ground. The story has a horrible reality about it that is the complete antithesis of opening of The Wind in the Willows. I knew, from the age of about three, that life really could be that hard, that enormous change could happen, and that people frequently had to part with the belongings, the places, and the people that they loved. Norman Lyndsay's final illustration to The Magic Pudding shows just how good a minimal style of existence can actually be.

  • Jodiann Walker
    Jodiann Walker 4 hours ago

    Yes, having good intentions for everyone doesn't get you anywhere. You can't be kind to everyone and everything. There is such a thing as being too kind. There is such a thing a thing as being too nice. Many people in Jamaica, especially people living in the country, don't understand this. Sociopaths don't believe in right or wrong. They believe in what's right for them at a particular time. If it's no longer right for them, they don't do it anymore. You see, the country that I have been brought up in believe in doing right just for the sake of doing right. So, when they meet up on sociopaths, especially American sociopaths, they don't know what to do. They can't relate to evil, especially evil like that. They don't have any frame of reference when it comes to that sort of thing. They just have to get over that. There's a lot of things that they need to understand. It's not everybaddy nice like ah yuh, yuh nuh! Is not everybaddy nice like ah yuh! Sociopaths don't believe in being nice. They believe in appearing nice so that they can get their own way. You have to know how sociopaths think (or unthink) so that you can defeat them. You need to find strategies to defeat them so that they can know their place. Well, mi nuh nice to dem! Mi ah guh cuss dem off, and cuss dem off raw, too! An mi naah play nuh hypocrite an gwaan like seh mi like dem an mi hate di grung weh dem crawl pon! They're a menace to international society. An mi ah guh be nice to people weh naah hoist dem up an mek dem look good at fi mi an oddah people expense an naah undahmine mi an oddah people because ah it! Dem tink seh because dem nice, yuh nuh, sociopat' sinting ah guh jus' stop suh an lef' dem alone an stop trouble dem! All dem do is behave worse! Dem fraid ah dem an intimidated by dem suh till dem ah undahmine people wid good sense. If dem cyaah manage certain tings, yuh nuh, dem mus' stap do it! Dem cyaah ah tek ovah everybaddy wuk till dem tun bun engineer, wata engineer, butter engineer an crackahs engineer an behave fraidy fraidy an ah duh wuk inna secret! Mi might be tempted fi allow dem fi do fi mi wuk, yuh nuh! But mi see an undahstan certain tings bettah dan how dem a see an undastan dem! An if dem have heart problem an cyaah manage certain tings den mustn't do dem whole heap ah sitten deh!

  • QPDS
    QPDS 5 hours ago

    Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."

  • QPDS
    QPDS 5 hours ago


  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus 5 hours ago

    Got the idea of Dostoyevsky. But dostoyevsky considered it dangerous idea Nitsche tought we should embrace it

  • Myrandia Mullowney
    Myrandia Mullowney 5 hours ago

    I like to watch his videos when I have anxiety

  • Katja Sandek
    Katja Sandek 5 hours ago

    You just described every single relationship I've had spot on. I'm working on myself as an avoidant and connecting with my feelings and how to communicate them better. Everything's a progress and you can always learn something new and improve if you truly want to!

  • LMAO Zedong
    LMAO Zedong 5 hours ago

    Through reading his book I learned much of the pin crafting industry.

  • QPDS
    QPDS 5 hours ago

    Capitalism is a bit of a snake pit. But of course snakes are not immoral or out to profit at any cost, so this is an unfair and stigmatizing comparison for reptiles... Reptilian theme in Vigelandsparken Park, Oslo Norway

  • Durzo
    Durzo 5 hours ago

    This seems extremely one-sided. Human connection comes from sharing a balance of experiences, not just sharing your worries and vulnerabilities all the time. I've seen so many people who make a friend, then destroy the friendship because all they do is constantly vent their anxieties and depression and personal issues. Eventually the other friend feels trapped and emotionally exhausted from playing personal therapist all the time, so they distance themselves. All things in balance. Sharing vulnerabilities builds trust, but that has to be counter-balanced with reward. If you care about that person, you'll want to add to their happiness, not just take turns soothing each other's misery.

  • Shaho Ali
    Shaho Ali 5 hours ago

    الترجمة العربية رديئة جدا مع الاسف

  • William Menard
    William Menard 5 hours ago

    You always based your videos as it was explaining the man of 2019 There is a reason why men are looking for affairs...and to need to get back 200 000 years ago

  • MandyJMaddison
    MandyJMaddison 5 hours ago

    Well, what can I say? Jake lay on the kitchen floor and yelled blue murder when he was told to take the garbage out. Danny set fire to the shed when he was told not to play with matches. Sophie sulked, swore and slammed doors when she was told to tidy her room.. Teddy downloaded "unsuitable material" onto his step-father's work computer. Benj broke his arm doing parcours off the roof of the Primary School. Then they all turned into loving, responsible adults.

  • Bernard Whittaker
    Bernard Whittaker 6 hours ago

    If everybody opened up like Ruby, re: mental their mental health, there wouldn’t be a problem. Lots of people suffer in silence and it shouldn’t be that way. TALK!

  • Skibyl Dog
    Skibyl Dog 6 hours ago

    BS Sheep

  • gbmpyzochwfdisurjklvanetxq

    Why can't this guy "school of life" his hair back into existence?

  • Xaris Xeros
    Xaris Xeros 6 hours ago

    20 Signs You're Emotionally Mature => these 20 signes of course can be taken into account if you satisfy first the primordial condition of having a dick between your legs combined with a minimum of testosterone.

  • Kelsey Dawson
    Kelsey Dawson 6 hours ago

    Age 11, I noticed I was getting really sad every day and wasn't sure why. This was also when my mom bumped into her ex boyfriend and they started dating. Age 12, they were both strung out day in and out and pounds of methamphetamine were going through our basement. I was sad often. I was bored always. I was tired. I was confused. I buried my nose in books to escape the real world. My mom hardly paid attention to my sister and I. Her boyfriend slept all day or blamed us for all of her stress and sadness. Age 13, I knew what was wrong with me. I had come across a movie that explained something called 'depression,' and I could check yes to all of the symptoms and more. I walked through the hallways in school dreaming about ditching, dreaming about sleeping my life away. My only solace was my friend Devin, but he would end up moving away shortly after. Age 14, I'm up every night writing suicide notes. I'd fall asleep an hour before having to wake up for school. I was months behind in my school work. Hated myself. Hated my appearance. Hated the people around me. I locked myself in my room and blared music until I felt numb again. My mom had dumped her boyfriend long before and was doing better. But she was still drowning herself on bottles of beer every night. She paid more attention to us though. She beat herself up daily for her neglect. Age 14, I decide to go to a mental facility. I'm forced to do a verbal evaluation and suddenly, 5 different suppressed memories come to the surface. My head is spiraling and all at once, I devise a plan in my head to get out as soon as possible and numb those memories away again. I come to terms with the fact that I was sexually abused. I come to terms with the fact that my earliest memory will always be my father choking my mother. I come to terms with the fact that I am damaged. I am broken. And I am a tear in humanity's oh-so beautiful fabric. I get out of the hospital, all of my scars healed and razors thrown away. Things are okay for a bit. Age 15, my mind spirals again. This time, I have no answer. I accept defeat and wallow in my sadness for another year. Many things happen, but they brush over me like they're nothing. I've tried so many antidepressants, I feel I'm nothing but a shell of the person I was meant to be. Nothing hurts. Everything sucks. All is numb. All is grey. Age 16, I'm off all antidepressants. I hide my illnesses away and put on a brave face. Another few suppressed memories come to light. And I'm drowning by myself. I realize my ptsd is more prevalent than ever. I self harm again. Age 17, I meet my first love. I'm happy. I feel safe. Im ready to give this person everything. And suddenly, he leaves. I'm positive I've been cheated on, but I miss him nonetheless... Two months pass. I'm at my first job, starting to forget him and his touch. Everything. He texts me out of the blue. And again, I'm falling. He comes back and I'm in love again. I'm happy. My pain from the first time has been resolved. And suddenly, he is in another relationship. No explanation. Just gone. I lose it. I break my finger punching the fence, I sprain my foot kicking the dashboard of our car in. I cry for days and consider self harm again. My mom starts becoming suffocating. Fights with my sister are increasing in intensity. Everything seems to be falling apart in all the same ways for the millionth time again. All I want is to die. Age 18, I self harm again. This time, my mom has pushed me into it. Terrified that I'm becoming an adult, she clings that much harder. Picks that much deeper. My ex comes back again. This time, I really do give him everything. I believe this is the best night of my life. I give him my trust, my love, my body. He makes me feel happier than i can even remember. I feel loved. Two days later, I catch him sleeping with another girl. A week later, he's in a relationship with her. 2 weeks later, I find out he slept with someone else the entire time anyway. And I find out he's spreading a rumor that i slept with my friend, and I lied to him about being a virgin. I lose my shit. Get blackout drunk. Cry until I'm dehydrated and soaked in sweat. I crack my phone, break a knuckle, contemplate hurting myself. But life goes on. Age 19, even more has happened. My mind is spinning too much to even recount it all. I'm still scared. I'm still lost. I'm so hurt, I can't even comprehend it. I know I'm fucked up. I know I'm not doing enough to fix it. But I don't know what to do. My adolescence will forever fuck with me. I know it.

  • Dorothy Baskin
    Dorothy Baskin 6 hours ago

    Made me so mad

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman 6 hours ago

    What Satre misses is that most ppl use money as a scapegoat, an excuse for when they dont actually want to do something.

  • Inspired Life
    Inspired Life 6 hours ago

    Wow that's a wonderful way to present this topic. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reem NourEddin
    Reem NourEddin 6 hours ago

    loved it!

  • ShadoFoxx
    ShadoFoxx 6 hours ago

    Thank GOD I grew up with a loving and nurturing mother. She was a single mom (bio dad was a bitch) and I can only IMAGINE what my life would've been like if I'd only even raised by someone like my bio dad or stepdad. It makes me sick to my stomach...

    HACHEM AHMED SALEM 6 hours ago

    His voice make me feel thirsty and hungry

  • Aliquid Gaming
    Aliquid Gaming 6 hours ago

    Know yourself and know your enemy(ies) is one of the best pieces of advice Makeoveli and Sun Szu gave. Also "you are your own greatest enemy " goes hand in hand with the previous

  • Tammy Ruggles
    Tammy Ruggles 6 hours ago

    As a retired child/adult protection social worker, I worked with many individuals and families embroiled in physical, emotional, and psychological abuse. Words seemed to hurt them more than physical injury. If not dealt with, children carry criticism into adult relationships, and even expect it

  • loubna I.A
    loubna I.A 6 hours ago

    The simulation is on point with these video suggestions.. I am having a breakdown

  • HettesKvek
    HettesKvek 7 hours ago

    What's the second marshmallow for a person in an abusive marriage?

  • yoncalla44
    yoncalla44 7 hours ago

    Too bad we can't choose our biological families... - Tony Arioli

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 7 hours ago

    Sartre: Hell is other people.

  • kana dop4
    kana dop4 7 hours ago

    Now compare this to the prophet of Islam, who in a similar situation, waited when the woman gave birth and breastfed the baby and then ordered men to stone her to death. And muslims present this as gesture of unbelievable mercy. Can you see the difference in understanding of what is MERCY in these two biggest religions? They are completely opposite to each other.

  • AntonDoesMusic
    AntonDoesMusic 7 hours ago

    Me: Has crush on aro-ace best friend Also me: *Watches relationship/romance videos hopelessly*

  • Love of God Love is everything

    Hi I'm a homeless man divorced age 40 I've been suffering greatly 😔 over the last 3 years I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and my car got shot up.. I'm okay Aside from suffering with PTSD and anxiety issues, but what was worse for me was I didn't have God in my life and my family wasn't there for me and my wife divorced me because of my depression and anxiety... I've tried to find help and support through United way 211 Catholic charities I even tried the government route state in county there's no help out there...nothing out there with help for me I feel so helpless☹️ but though Jesus 🙏 on most days I don't feel hopeless.. I'm looking for work and also a place to stay.." somewhere safe to sleep"never a shelter to many ex convicts and drug addicts.... because it triggers my PTSD... I was thinking about doing Peace corps are joining a Charity overseas somewhere but they want you to have a college degree.. If I could find a job where I could make enough money to afford an apartment I would be all set.....but in My city you have to make 3 times your income to qualify so if it's $1000 a month I would have to have a full-time 40 hours a week job at a pay of $18.75 or more ...... My life has been a never-ending series of struggles and I keep experiencing the traumatic events over and over and over again like that movie groundhog day.. I really just need a few months of help and some form of support.. I'm planning on trying to leave the country and go to China or Vietnam to become an english teacher but I'm so worried because there not Christian countries.... I don't want to die 😭😫😔 sleeping in 35 below zero weather in Minnesota was so dangerous for me tears Frozen my eyes shut on so many nights... My Hopes and dreams is to become a RU-clipr and make Christian Music and travel all over the Philippines and use the half of all the money ..if I was or would be successful help feed the hungry in the slums of the Philippines while sharing the message of Jesus... I'm very blessed growing up in the dangerous neighborhood I don't have any addictions issues never have never will.. I don't have any criminal record never have and never will.. I have excellent credit and zero debts always been responsible.. always have and always will... I just can't recover on my own Please Jesus 🙏 answer my prayers I do struggle with "sin" but I'm doing so much better than I ever was before.. I met a recovering alcoholic beautiful woman who shared Jesus message with me 🙏 and honestly when Jesus came into my life he softed my hardened heart..and brought me so much patience And inner peace .... that was only a few months ago at the start of summer... What should I do???? My ex-wife will help me with a flight or a down payment on an apartment... But I don't have a job...I can't hold down a job until I have a safe place to sleep... I will sleep on a floor I will get a job at McDonald's..I can't live this way another day ... I can feel that cold in my bones coming soon.... Does any good Christians have any good advice for me about Life or can offer some support 🙏

  • v205
    v205 7 hours ago

    Why should men play this game and risk #metoo? #mgtow is the natural end result of 3rd wave feminism. 3rd wave wage gap waaah while other women around the world are thinking... wait what... Women get paid?? :P

  • Soul Shade
    Soul Shade 7 hours ago

    This is a result of overpopulation which will end in our doom. We as a species are spoilt for choice so we chase the ultimate risk free relationship and end up in the psychiatrist's chair. We are sitting on the self destruct button as we don't value reality and rather live in the fantasy world. The end is near...

  • whytho why
    whytho why 7 hours ago

    this was such an aesthetically pleasing video

  • realpqleur
    realpqleur 7 hours ago

    Until the word "whore" is put back in language and used to identify and describe, these emotional problems will only increase....whores should be sterilized. The word "mother" is deceitful now due to most not being able to see past their nose so how can a child really matter. Fact is the upright in general needs serious control when progenizing. Alarms for cars telling you there is a child in it is really the last straw here. Of course I am a man so I'm either going to be crazy or stupid or both when the whores read this....

  • Dave
    Dave 7 hours ago

    Fred’s an a-hole

  • S. C.
    S. C. 7 hours ago

    Makes up for lost time and cures the common cold.

  • Trace 921
    Trace 921 7 hours ago

    Home is where them fuckers ain’t 🤷🏼‍♀️