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First Year On YouTube!
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Q & A | 15k Special!
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Lvl Up Expo 2019
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My Worst Concert Experience
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The 1975 | Fan Album Creation!
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HELLBOY | Trailer Reaction!
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  • Maxwell Okamoto
    Maxwell Okamoto 34 minutes ago

    He has a new album coming out in February! You should listen to untitled and projector, They are two songs from that album that he released already.

  • Asylum.?
    Asylum.? 57 minutes ago


  • Luz Mendoza
    Luz Mendoza Hour ago

    Thank you for being so open minded! They are way more diverse than people think!! Can’t wait for your next BTS reaction

  • Nur Bashirah
    Nur Bashirah Hour ago

    Plz React to bts mic drop mv

  • BTS forever
    BTS forever Hour ago

    They're artists who inspire a lot of people 👌 and they're the biggest group in the planet and most successful Korean act 👌

  • Madelineee uwu
    Madelineee uwu 2 hours ago

    I don't think he understood that Orange Juice is about eating disorders

  • urmila wright
    urmila wright 3 hours ago

    Thank you for taking your time to react to a BTS music video. This ARMY appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 👏💜💜

  • Caitlin B
    Caitlin B 3 hours ago

    Its My Party By Lesley Gore and was either out in 1963 or 1964

  • 안녕하세요안녕하세요

    English is the universal language so many countries teach people in the country English but the reason they had English in make it right is because that was a remix feat Lauv an American singer the original has less english ++also boy with luv and make it right are dedicated to their fans ARMY. The meaning behind them is very dead esp for the MIR vid I would recommend searching for explanations abt it it’s very interesting story and very sweet

  • omni nait
    omni nait 3 hours ago

    boy if you listen to salvatore you'll literally die

  • Gabbie Guthman
    Gabbie Guthman 3 hours ago


  • diana ramirez1289
    diana ramirez1289 5 hours ago

    Please listen to either Crash or Start/End from his album Vertigo. Projector is a new song from his upcoming album, and I’ve been listening to it non stop. Hope you like them!

  • aimée-charlotte
    aimée-charlotte 6 hours ago

    it’s independent rock baby not rap

  • JamlessJoonie
    JamlessJoonie 6 hours ago

    This was literally only two of their very few pop songs... they have songs of different genres.

  • lizzi sullivan
    lizzi sullivan 6 hours ago

    I genuinely love your reaction! This is pretty much me every time I listen to Eden

  • Terry Hudson
    Terry Hudson 7 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your reaction to these videos by BTS with us! I really enjoyed watching your reaction, and I have subscribed in anticipation of seeing more great reactions! 💕🤗💜

  • Chloe Myers bts
    Chloe Myers bts 7 hours ago

    Army ( bts fans ) thanks you for watching are boys. 🙏

  • Anmol Imran
    Anmol Imran 7 hours ago

    Now days all the youtubers are reacting to bts like now they know how to earn viewers and we army click everything where there is BTS I know its his first reaction but there are many more youtubers

  • The One2K17
    The One2K17 7 hours ago

    Butterfly on your right (Left?) Shoulder by Len Kagamine is pretty cool.. Just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Aya Ss
    Aya Ss 7 hours ago

    make it right is a collab with Lauv the first one to sing was him , they also have their own mv for the song . you should react to 'fake love' 'blood sweat and tears' or just watch mma 2018 .

  • Diana Davila
    Diana Davila 8 hours ago

    Finally you reacted to them! I promise their music is very varied and has different genres, you need to listen to Outro Tear, Spring day, Lie. Keep reacting to them because they are a very interesting group.

  • Harshit Arora
    Harshit Arora 8 hours ago

    Try some real music , Somehow by Tom Odell. Dont thank me , just try.

  • Екатерина Заведеева

    I love song Birds from this album

  • Gabriela Stepanovaite


  • Connor Craft
    Connor Craft 8 hours ago

    why so many cuts in the song?

  • ZaraNia BtsVKook
    ZaraNia BtsVKook 8 hours ago

    First,before you react to the MV you have to react 'Who BTS' u not confused anymore..thanks..

  • C-here P
    C-here P 9 hours ago

    I'm glad you dig them. BTS are huge. Like selling out several stadium concerts in hours all over the world. They are very talented, hard working and versatile. I hope you'll react to more from them. I suggest MIC Drop (it's a response to their haters and people who looked down on them for coming from a small label) and Fake Love. 💜☂️

  • StanKingSeokjin
    StanKingSeokjin 9 hours ago

    react to FAKE LOVE and Mikrokosmos!

  • Yen -
    Yen - 9 hours ago

    Can u react to Micdrop? And maybe fake love? Thanksss

  • Yoon Jin
    Yoon Jin 10 hours ago

    Mic drop pls.. live one in saturday night live pls

  • Yen -
    Yen - 10 hours ago

    Ursoo jotah ,is korean expression of excitement. Like “oh yeah!”

  • Siddhika Patil
    Siddhika Patil 10 hours ago

    You should react to not today, dope, fake love by bts...

  • Baguio Fk
    Baguio Fk 10 hours ago

    Please React to bts jimin promise, bts v stigma, bts jungkook euphoria and bts light

  • Max Würfel
    Max Würfel 10 hours ago

    Jo, which Headphones are You using? :D5

  • A - L - L - Y
    A - L - L - Y 10 hours ago


  • Mo Na
    Mo Na 10 hours ago

    more bts please

  • Vanessa Angel
    Vanessa Angel 11 hours ago

    Cherry, west coast, dark paridise

  • imani_ chim
    imani_ chim 11 hours ago

    Please react to bts mic drop and not today

  • samantha peel
    samantha peel 11 hours ago

    If you want to know who they are please react to who is BTS the 7 members of bangtan

  • Sonia P12
    Sonia P12 11 hours ago

    Finish the joke...go ahead...,☹️

  • bryce goh
    bryce goh 11 hours ago

    Check out crywolf

  • Kim_ Kardel
    Kim_ Kardel 11 hours ago

    I recommend Mashrou3 leila 💜

  • Alia _STM
    Alia _STM 13 hours ago

    You should react to BTS live performance for hold me tight and rain at the red bullet 💜🙃

  • Audrey Maxine
    Audrey Maxine 13 hours ago

    Your reaction was so genuine Edit: ur eyes are pretty as shit.

  • hhaahhaa momo
    hhaahhaa momo 15 hours ago

    i should go to jingle bell this year for the BST experince. and try to watch BTS make it right'' feat lauv.

  • Eimear Mccloskey
    Eimear Mccloskey 15 hours ago

    The transcend sooo many genres. Check out Save me, Blood sweat and tears, fake love and Mic drop

  • Stan GOT7
    Stan GOT7 16 hours ago

    React to GOT7 next, they’re new song “call my name just came out

  • Jacqueline Forrest
    Jacqueline Forrest 17 hours ago

    BTS has a lot of content and you can really fall down a rabbit hole, so don't worry about being confused right now. Just enjoy reacting to their wide variety of songs, then watch some fan made introductions, and get ready for a whole new world.

  • Jonathan Suelen
    Jonathan Suelen 17 hours ago

    Finds a person who hasn't listened to EDEN and it just makes me remember when I first heard that drop on XO. Bout to cry rn man.

  • DD디디앤미
    DD디디앤미 18 hours ago

    BTS IS KING 🤗😍💜💜

  • amour luxure・゚*
    amour luxure・゚* 19 hours ago

    This is my favourite reaction video I’ve ever seen. You talk the perfect amount lol

  • materidouska286
    materidouska286 19 hours ago

    Uncut videos are always fun. Thanks for lovely reaction. BTS can do very broad range of genres. Honestly, this is my least favourite song of theirs - too poppy, too sugary, too cheerful and too western for my taste. You can check others recommendations bellow or go year by year from the day they started. It is so fun to see them so young and then grow, transform, evolve. To gain confidence and become stronger and stronger. It has been a long journey, RM ( their rapper and groups first official member was signed to BigHit already in 2009). If you go to BH Entert. there you find all of their videos. Live concerts and dance practices are pure gold too. Enjoy! ( BTS is very different from all the rest in Kpop industry, nothing came to them for free, as they had very humble beginnings and the rest of Korean pop industry was against them. If you really want to know what these guys are all about, what they have been through, so that intricate content of their MV and lyrics will start making more sense to you as they sing and rap about their real life experiences which makes their music so much more extra and relatable, then you should watch short summery films about them as people - “Who is BTS”, “BTS contribution to music”, “From nobody’s to legends pt 1&2. “ Sorry for elaborate post😜😎

  • chim chim mochi
    chim chim mochi 19 hours ago

    The point where u said that it was them singing in English in the last song (make it right) you didn't realize it was a feature song and lauv who is an American artist is featured on it is singing , so it's natural for American artist to sing in English lol , next time please do check whether it is a feature song or not.

  • Bree Bryant
    Bree Bryant 20 hours ago

    I didn't believe in sound-gasms until now 😂

  • ツAlex
    ツAlex 20 hours ago

    Alleyways pls :c

  • Kylee West
    Kylee West 20 hours ago

    That all look like skittles... except for him. What a mood.

  • Luna Black
    Luna Black 20 hours ago

    React to the videos all 13 are made and you have to watch in order cry baby is 1 the birth till the last 13 mad hatter where she excepts being crazy is ok

  • moonchild :/
    moonchild :/ 21 hour ago

    PLEASE react to half•alive, i love most of their songs and they are pretty underrated (I recommend: Runaway , Still feel and Breakfast)

  • moonchild :/
    moonchild :/ 21 hour ago

    PLEASE react to half•alive, i love most of their songs and they are pretty underrated (I recommend: Runaway , Still feel and Breakfast)

  • etika persada
    etika persada 22 hours ago

    Make it right in this MV is not original, this is remix ft Lauv

  • caio cezar
    caio cezar 23 hours ago

    You are so cute ❤

  • Giuly V
    Giuly V 23 hours ago

    could you react to "134340" , "Home", "Run" , "Mic Drop" , "outro:tear" and "Butterfly" They are songs of BTS. They have old-school hip hop roots however throughout their career they have experienced several musical genres 🍃💜

  • Alexa catalan
    Alexa catalan 23 hours ago

    Yesssss, we want the second part react to SPRING DAY, FAKE LOVE and MIC DROP

  • Em Hale
    Em Hale 23 hours ago

    eden billy and the neighborhood on a song pls

  • Evan Jameson
    Evan Jameson Day ago

    I don’t like EDEN and billie eyelash in the same sentence

  • Paloma Claverol

    12:18 Ok so now you need to watch the "Idol explained by a Korean" video by DKDKTV to fully understand the meaning of the song, the cultural references and the wordplay

  • Yennifer Poo Correa

    Cool! Please react to You Calling My Name by GOT7!

  • iulia taeyong
    iulia taeyong Day ago

    please, react to SuperM - Jopping. Is korean pop too

  • Ashish Pawar
    Ashish Pawar Day ago

    Dude, please smoke up n then listen! 😅

  • _ NJYHJTJ _
    _ NJYHJTJ _ Day ago

    Plz react to BTS HIP HOP TRACKS if you aren't into too much pop-y music..BTS debuted with Hip Hop tracks & then keep experimenting lots of genres. Plz react to BTS MIC DROP MV. Keep reacting to BTS. We are here to love you. 💜 💜

  • saturn speedpaints

    Listen and react to man down if you haven't seen it If you liked these 3 you'll love man down

  • carolamagb
    carolamagb Day ago

    am i the only one who thinks he is high af?? loved the video tho

  • Moka moka
    Moka moka Day ago

    More bts please

  • KaylinnN
    KaylinnN Day ago

    More reaction to BTS 💜💜💜

    ROD GEN Day ago

    BTS is not just a typical boy group they have something more to offer. Their music is amazing their lyrics is very powerful their choreography is perfection their personality is very adorable in short BTS is great artist. You better check : Who is BTS: The Seven Members of Bangtan to know them individually.

  • Carel Riffel
    Carel Riffel Day ago

    Highest than the highest

  • Pavlos Georgiou

    Listen to EDEN - "End Credits", and "Rock + Roll"

  • Tucks Rabbitry

    if u like their style listen to gooey by grass animals

  • Tucks Rabbitry


  • Tucks Rabbitry


  • Tucks Rabbitry


  • amani games
    amani games Day ago

    I know you've done this not too long ago but please react to the neighbourhood again i rlly love ur reactions to it and watch it all over again lmao

  • 2muchalex
    2muchalex Day ago

    so glad this was on my recommended

  • Victor Snake
    Victor Snake Day ago

    Could you please listen to Eden new song? that song is crazily good. BTW the song is Projector, 909 is another new song also really good too.

  • Tucks Rabbitry

    all time favorite band fr it’s a spiritual experience

  • Lou Vx__.
    Lou Vx__. Day ago

    I think you will not really fall in love with Bts listening to their most popular songs but looking to the lyrics of songs like magic shop, their solos, their story and the live performances wich are sûr-real like MAMA 2018 Bts who are you. You will see how much they’re versatile in their music. Because songs like idol or BWL are great but it’s popy songs you listen to it and walk away. If they have such a great fan base who love them so much is mostly because of the members themselves their talent and the values they share.

  • kenjen.
    kenjen. Day ago

    React to trilogy please.

  • Berli Tyas
    Berli Tyas Day ago

    React to my video of me dancing to EDEN's choreography talking about anxiety ahhaha

  • Berli Tyas
    Berli Tyas Day ago

    2:46 my reaction to every EDEN songs

  • Berli Tyas
    Berli Tyas Day ago

    EDEN is basically one band in one person. Full package.

  • Ricky Ariansyah

    Give this guy a "MIC DROP"

  • Jas Jaseela933

    i felt honest reaction... if u watch more videos without any prejudice mine then u will end up liking them ...Good luck

  • JittsGFX
    JittsGFX Day ago

    At the end of Wake Up, the background vocals are melodies from the other songs on the album.

  • Stefi
    Stefi Day ago

    Idol is a lot, you have to understand the depth to it to really appreciate how much was put in. There are explanation videos for it. bTS has the largest musical range in their discography that I've seen.... Possibly ever. You can find pop, hip hop, rap, r&b, I've heard takes from like reggae/dancehall sounds, slow ballads. It's lot.

  • hessa rudevik
    hessa rudevik Day ago

    With BTS you must always dive into their albums....that's where all the good stuff is. I'd suggest listening to their latest map of the soul:persona and love yourself:tear and then'll be surprised by how not pop it is. The three rappers of the group they're the ones who produce most of the music along with their friends...their underground rap/alternative influences is very apparent in the albums

  • Sari Riyanti
    Sari Riyanti Day ago

    Mic drop BTS ft Steve Aoki , NOT TODAY BTS, FIRE BTS , please 🙇

  • xXElisabedXx
    xXElisabedXx Day ago

    React to their song Dionysus please

  • Zinckles
    Zinckles Day ago

    "IDOL" basically, was created to roast all their haters who told them they couldnt do certain things, telling them IDOLS were not real Artists. So this video BTS made to show the haters they could do whatever they wanted. Hence, the Bright and bold Colors, Costumes and Bad Cgi was done on purpose. BTS Writes, Produces, Raps and Dance and they play instruments too! All their songs are different in Style and Genre and have a deep meaning. Thanks for the reaction.

  • Oushu x
    Oushu x Day ago

    Jon Bellion !!!! More specifically, "Conversations with my Wife" or "Maybe IDK"

  • V
    V Day ago

    In the beginning of Make It Right sounded very english because it was Lauv singing, not BTS. If you like songs like this I recommend reacting to Mikrokosmos, Best Of Me and Pied Piper. Those songs are really beautiful and calming, but they dont have music videos, so you could react to a live performance perhaps. :) Nice reaction.