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Vintage Thrifting Haul
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Friend Mail November 2019
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  • Vicky Sheets
    Vicky Sheets 9 minutes ago

    I love your eye for things. :)

  • dianna holgate
    dianna holgate 3 hours ago

    I will never look at a salt shaker or cookie cutter the same way. Lol

  • Mimi's Treasure Cottage

    Both are absolutely adorable! You and I are so much alike....we create in a similar fashion, I think.

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson 5 hours ago

    Wow that lace making kit is a piece of history! Many homemakers and children made extra money bu making lace at home to sell.

  • Lisa Whiteley
    Lisa Whiteley 8 hours ago

    Love both of your crafts so clever. I hope you show us more if you do more.

  • Sue7777000
    Sue7777000 12 hours ago

    THOSE ARE SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diana Jemison
    Diana Jemison 14 hours ago

    Great ideas! So cute! 🎅

  • Colleen Elizabeth
    Colleen Elizabeth 17 hours ago

    Ohhh, they are them...🎄...🇨🇦

  • Thrifting Adventures
    Thrifting Adventures 17 hours ago

    Sooo cute 🥰

  • Natalie 82
    Natalie 82 17 hours ago

    They are so perfectly adorable! The cookie cutter works so well because the little handle is shaped just like a Christmas light! I love them :)

  • Cindy Pate
    Cindy Pate 18 hours ago

    Oh, how I adore these sweet figurines you designed. 🎄🎄🎄

  • Willow Coulter
    Willow Coulter 18 hours ago

    They are adorable!

  • Draytons 1833
    Draytons 1833 19 hours ago

    Adorable!!! Love them both!!❤🎄🎅

  • sunrise 13
    sunrise 13 19 hours ago

    So cute!! Love those. You have the talent. One of a kind vintage decoration. Priceless...

  • JODI Sampson
    JODI Sampson 19 hours ago

    Oh my goodness! I love them both!

  • Wendy Lafferty
    Wendy Lafferty 19 hours ago

    Very cute!

  • Moss Stone Story
    Moss Stone Story 20 hours ago

    So creative!!!!! Great use for the hugger! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kay Apostolas
    Kay Apostolas 20 hours ago

    Wow, so wonderful and happy!!

  • Lucky Sweetheart Vintage

    O my gosh! His hat! His little hat! I can’t! He’s so cute! Great job with the cookie cutter Santa too!

  • mygirl25041
    mygirl25041 21 hour ago

    You are so creative and talented. I may add very inspiring. I want to make one for my kitchen. Thank you for sharing.🥰

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 21 hour ago

      mygirl25041 thank you and I hope you make one.

  • Batman Washere
    Batman Washere 21 hour ago

    Adorable ....I just don't have the patience.....your creative mind has no boundaries. Love It.

  • Suzanne Meyer
    Suzanne Meyer 21 hour ago

    I love your ability to see beyond the expected!

  • Sweet And Simple Home

    I love the salt shaker guy! They both are too cute but the topper as a little hat? Genius!

  • Kim Porter
    Kim Porter 21 hour ago

    Oh I adore the Santa cookie cutter , it's so nice , very creative.

  • Textures and Treasures

    They are both so cool!! The shape of the shaker top is perfect.

  • Judy Marshall
    Judy Marshall 22 hours ago

    Aweeeeeeeeee so cute!!!! Great job. 🎅🎄❤🎅🎄❤🎅🎄❤

  • Adele Wareyko
    Adele Wareyko 22 hours ago

    Hello, Too cute for words. So ingenious 👏🏼👏🏼❤❤. God bless you all.🙏🏽

  • moladh do Dhia
    moladh do Dhia 22 hours ago

    I love what comes from your creative mind, only you can come up with these adorable unique ideas.

  • Cosy Curated Cottage
    Cosy Curated Cottage 22 hours ago

    Well those are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen. x

  • Joanne Coudakis
    Joanne Coudakis 22 hours ago

    Very cute!!❤️

  • Brad Holland
    Brad Holland 22 hours ago

    The snowman is AWESOME!

  • Doug Grimes
    Doug Grimes 22 hours ago

    Adorable! You are so creative and talented!

  • Marcela Espinosa
    Marcela Espinosa 22 hours ago

    Que hermosas cosas felicidades como consigue todo eso tan hermoso

  • TheThrillofTheThrift
    TheThrillofTheThrift 23 hours ago

    Wow 😮 you are sooooooooo creative! I just love the things you make. They’re so unique and just beautiful! ♥️

  • Dontpayretail _Thrift
    Dontpayretail _Thrift 23 hours ago

    Such cute little guys, a nice break from my basement cleaning

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson 23 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful. The salt and pepper snow men are on my to do

  • Michelle Adams
    Michelle Adams 23 hours ago

    I LOVE the snowman cook. When you have a minute, can you give us a little tutorial on mercury beads (ie- history & maybe how to recognize them)?

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 23 hours ago

      Michelle Adams They are just glass beads, like glass ornaments. Silver foil in the inside and some color on the outside. If you find glass beads you’ve found “Christmas mercury glass”

  • Marjory Masterman
    Marjory Masterman 23 hours ago

    Very clever. I love both of these!

  • Lynne Hampton
    Lynne Hampton 23 hours ago

    Oh my Gosh they are just too cute . i justvlove how you used different items. You are so creative.

  • LoveMyHomeLife 2
    LoveMyHomeLife 2 23 hours ago

    So adorable, love them!!!

  • Dontpayretail _Thrift

    The November figurine 😍😍

  • Antiques & Hollywood

    I love the night light angel so much!!!

  • Vintage Vinny
    Vintage Vinny Day ago

    Great Stuff.

  • Textures and Treasures

    The Wilton books are so cool. Great friend mail! I have a couple of things I would like to send you. Do you have a PO Box?

  • Dream Vintage with DJ

    What a nice package! Great stuff.. I need to keep a look out for those Wilton books..

  • Jackie wale
    Jackie wale 2 days ago

    You could add tiny Christmas packages on to the figurine and some faux holly to the hat perhaps. Then remove it and use her for another season . So many beautiful things .

  • a work in progress
    a work in progress 2 days ago

    Oh goodness, that Lefton light is just beautiful. Such wonderful friend mail. Hugs, JOanne

  • shhitsalibrary
    shhitsalibrary 2 days ago

    @angelaclayton collects the Florence figurines if you wanted to know more about them. I love the Santa napkin holder and the angel lamp ♥️

  • Diana Jemison
    Diana Jemison 2 days ago

    The icing gun, I am almost positive, is a cookie press to make yummy spritz cookies. Perfect for Christmas!

  • Jaynene Ewing
    Jaynene Ewing 2 days ago

    I love the figurine of the girl in the green dress. Such a sweet face. What a terrific package of friend mail.

  • aco52672
    aco52672 2 days ago

    My mother used to have one od those old style record players. I think she got rid od them years ago. Who knows; you miggt have the one SHE had! The world is such a small place!!

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      aco52672 what an interesting thought! And how cool would that be?!

  • Nowaydude
    Nowaydude 2 days ago

    For us newer viewers..what do you teach?

    • Nowaydude
      Nowaydude 2 days ago

      MsStoneHome aw ok fun☺️my high school art teacher was my fave💙

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Nowaydude art

  • Nowaydude
    Nowaydude 2 days ago

    Aww so crazy that santa die cut brought tears to my instantly brought back memories of xmas growing up in the 80's. That santa was the opitome of the coloring books back then..the good ol days💙😍😢

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Nowaydude they were the good old days!

  • Natalie 82
    Natalie 82 2 days ago

    So many treasures, I especially love the Santa die cut, it's so charming! Also that little miss curly card is just beautiful! I was surprised when you read the date, considering what great condition it's in! I wanted to add that your hair looks so beautiful with the soft waves! Thank you for sharing!

    • Natalie 82
      Natalie 82 2 days ago

      @MsStoneHome Well it's just gorgeous! I love watching your friend mail videos!

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Natalie 82 I was so surprised about the condition and date too.

  • Adele Wareyko
    Adele Wareyko 2 days ago

    Hello, Your hair looks so pretty. Well you know I love the Angel light so fantastic and to think my sister worked there and never bought one ( she is the minimalist adopted for sure lol). God bless you all🙏🏽❤

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Adele Wareyko you crack me up!!!😉

  • My Blessed Nest
    My Blessed Nest 2 days ago

    That little Santa napkin holder is adorable! Love the Halloween Pom Pom garland and the Halloween lantern! The ghost is adorable! Oh that jack-o-lantern is perfect! Love the Santa diecut... hoping to find some of those someday! ❤️❤️

    • My Blessed Nest
      My Blessed Nest 2 days ago

      You’re so sweet! ❤️❤️

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      My Blessed Nest if I come across some Santa’s I’ll pick them up for you.

  • Batman Washere
    Batman Washere 2 days ago

    Wonderful items. Love the Angel toe shoes vase and the Wilton magazines. Oh BTW your hair looks great !

  • Kelly Downey
    Kelly Downey 2 days ago

    ❤️all items how fun😊

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson 2 days ago

    Love the little Lefton night light angel.

  • Carol Tavares
    Carol Tavares 2 days ago

    What a wonderful box of goodies.🙂 I love the Christmas card from 1948, such a great find.

  • Nicole Northgarden
    Nicole Northgarden 2 days ago

    The Santa napkins holder is fantastic and I’ve never seen one!

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Nicole Northgarden Ive never seen one either. Not at any sale or in a video!

  • Rickey Donald
    Rickey Donald 2 days ago

    You could do Dicken’s Christmas on Main St. We used to have that in Louisville, KY. It is such a fun theme forgotten about.There was always a version of a Christmas Carol on stage somewhere. Just a different cultural twist. That lady figurine reminded me of those memories.

  • Thrifting Adventures

    Wow what a amazing friend mail package. Love the vintage figurines.

  • Doug Grimes
    Doug Grimes 2 days ago

    The Lion and the bird plastic ornaments are referred to as Carnival Animal ornaments. They were made in bright colors- blue, pink, orange, green, yellow, etc, as well as yours which are glow in the dark. I think they date around the 1950's, but I don't remember for sure. The hanger hook is often broken off as the old plastic is pretty fragile. They can be pricey depending on the color and the animal as some are more rare than others. I just found a few for the first time at an estate sale a couple months ago. Lots of great treasures packed in that box!

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Wow! Great info. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah K Stitches
    Sarah K Stitches 2 days ago

    Hi pretty lady! Nice friend mail!

  • Patricia Gesner
    Patricia Gesner 2 days ago

    Such a wonderful gift! I couldn’t help noticing the wire “tree” behind you.... I have one and I hang my antique ornaments from it and keep it in my craft room all year. Do you by any chance know anything about them? I picked mine up at Goodwill a few years ago for $1.99. I haven’t been able to find out much about the tree. You and I have a lot in common sometimes I think I am watching myself😳 Thanks for sharing your beautiful things, beautiful children, artistic flair and your knowledge of things from bygone days!

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Patricia Gesner I don’t know anything about the tree but I love it and want more so I can display more collections. I think it’s older but I really have no clue. Thanks for watching.

  • TheThrillofTheThrift

    What a beautiful figurine (Linda) and so many vintage things! So great 😄

  • Jason Bold
    Jason Bold 2 days ago

    I love the mushrooms on your tree behind you. Is the video still up, on how to make them..

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Jason Bold it should be up. I think I filmed it in the Spring

  • Moss Stone Story
    Moss Stone Story 2 days ago

    That was such a wonderful package! I have never seen one of those lamps as well. I bet you it is darling lit up.

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 2 days ago

      Moss Stone Story there were a lot of cool things that were firsts for me in this box.

  • Cosy Curated Cottage

    You look lovely today! I love the little elephant pin! x

  • Jennie Marquardt
    Jennie Marquardt 3 days ago

    Your hair is beautiful in this video

  • Mimi's Treasure Cottage

    Your hair is so pretty! I love everything, but I really like the St. Patty's bell, the leprechaun, and the Santa die-cut. Those little shoes are great, too.

  • Leah Roe
    Leah Roe 3 days ago

    Awesome! We all need friends like that!!!

  • LoveMyHomeLife 2
    LoveMyHomeLife 2 3 days ago

    The seals from 1944 came new in the package! That's how I knew they were from 1944. Also, the lion and bird (plastic) ornaments are in your Christmas book! ☺ I just hope you can use everything. 💗

  • Cathy Helmuth
    Cathy Helmuth 3 days ago

    Your hair lookS gorgeous!

  • Fat Bird Finds
    Fat Bird Finds 4 days ago

    Prismacolor pencils were a steal! I really like the ceramic Santa, I think he will be perfect to mix in with your mugs!

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson 4 days ago

    Fun friend mail. I would love to pour over the magazines.

  • Mimi's Treasure Cottage

    Loved it all. Great idea for the curtains. I live the little elf ornament and pipe cleaner snowflakes.

  • Adaline Proulx
    Adaline Proulx 6 days ago

    Great finds!! The 2 spun heads at the beginning look german. I love them!! Cant wait to see your sculptures 🤗

  • Thrifting Adventures

    Oh, the horse head reminds me of a scene from the godfather Love all your craft finds.

  • Carol Brunn
    Carol Brunn 7 days ago

    What a great haul. I love the little lanterns! Oh my, your finds make me so happy! You have shown me so many neat things to use my vintage things I have saved over the years. I,m 71 years old and have many small things that I have kept over the 70ty years of my life! My daughters call me a hoarder but they love all the things I have made with them over the years. I trim a tree every year with all of those dolls, including those Strawberrycake dolls and evev thier mittens and baby shoes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • B B
    B B 7 days ago

    I have that same top you're wearing 😊 mine is in a brownish green color.

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson 7 days ago

    Fun fun fun.....the little lanterns are quite beautiful and make me think of a Dickens type scene.

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson 7 days ago

    Those cut out coins are intriguing I have never seen anything like them. The clock face tells its own story.

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson 7 days ago

    Oh my Junk journaling heart is going pitty patt!!! I love old price tags as well.

  • Marcela Espinosa
    Marcela Espinosa 7 days ago


  • Marcela Espinosa
    Marcela Espinosa 7 days ago

    Hermosos articulos y accesorios es fabuloso que otra persona pueda vivir la experiencia que yo no puedo comprar y conservar tantas cosas bonitas

  • Antiques & Hollywood

    Those lanterns are adorable!! Oh wow I love that pink tree!

  • Doug Grimes
    Doug Grimes 7 days ago

    So many fun treasures! Love the elves and those little lanterns!

  • Marcela Espinosa
    Marcela Espinosa 8 days ago

    Muchas gracias por leer mi comentario 🙂

  • TheThrillofTheThrift

    Love the lanterns ♥️ oh wow, what a deal on the colored pencil set!! Amazing. Those are expensive! I love the Santa candy holder!

  • Mimi's Treasure Cottage

    Another great haul! I loved the little ornaments you showed at the beginning. The Santa candy holder was another favorite. I enjoyed seeing your display.

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 8 days ago

      The first ones are my favorites!

  • Dream Vintage with DJ

    A quarter? 10 cents?? I’ve never seen those prices! Anywhere! I love the pricing in your neck of the woods 🌳 🌲

    • Dream Vintage with DJ
      Dream Vintage with DJ 8 days ago

      MsStoneHome yes! Agreed

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 8 days ago

      Some people have "junk drawer" boxes at sales. It's t too common but I love to dig in them because its the perfect stuff for crafting

  • melissa eastwood
    melissa eastwood 8 days ago

    The three piece bunny set is listed on ebay for $59!!

  • biolameieri
    biolameieri 8 days ago

    Wow, your tree is so cool! I've never seen anything like it

  • Natalie 82
    Natalie 82 8 days ago

    You get the best deals! I've seen similar ornaments to the little elf type ( they usually have a pine cone body?) But I've never seen any for a quarter! Love that kooky tree too, never seen anything like it. I'm having to restrain myself from starting decorating yet lol

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 8 days ago

      I faint when I find them for a quarter. They want $5 at antique stores and $12 on Ebay.

  • Draytons 1833
    Draytons 1833 8 days ago

    Love the tree!! WOW😍 first time seeing that one!!!! I have a larger lantern exactly like the broken one. I didnt know there were tiny versions out there!! 🤗

  • Dontpayretail _Thrift

    That little fish is adorable, btw I just tagged you in my "get to know me better" questions video 😊

    • MsStoneHome
      MsStoneHome 8 days ago

      Your video is in my que for tonight's watching pleasure!

  • Kay Apostolas
    Kay Apostolas 8 days ago

    Good haul! The decorating WOW so happy!

  • Kelly Downey
    Kelly Downey 8 days ago

    ❤️your tree and Decor 😊