Forest Swords
Forest Swords
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Forest Swords - Ljoss
Views 210K6 years ago
Forest Swords - Onward
Views 65K6 years ago
Forest Swords - An Hour
Views 89K6 years ago
Forest Swords - Gathering
Views 46K6 years ago
Forest Swords - The Plumes
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  • phasehalide
    phasehalide 3 hours ago

    Its all the Greek signs from the 90's that got me surprised. Didn't expect the Onassis Cultural Centre to have helped with some of the art. Nice love the song to and the look, i grew up in cement cities like that in Athens.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 hours ago

    That's a good one.

    STYREX 20 hours ago

    i dont know how i got here but i fucking love it

  • Crispy Ghoul
    Crispy Ghoul 22 hours ago

    Corporate espionage music

  • NorCal Rider
    NorCal Rider Day ago

    Where is this filmed?? Which city??

    DiMAR KLAMMER Day ago


  • TerraNova
    TerraNova Day ago

    well if you have to live in ShadowrunHongKong.. you can be happy that 1in 5 neigbours is growing ganja on their balcony..

  • Drabkikker
    Drabkikker Day ago

    This needs an extended version. Is there an extended version? Please tell me there's an extended version.

    • unlikeaboss
      unlikeaboss 21 hour ago

      Just play it 100 times like I did. Lool.

  • Quixote
    Quixote Day ago

    Where in the world is this hellish cityscape?

    • Drabkikker
      Drabkikker Day ago

      It's CGI. One way to tell is the air conditioning units: Most of them are exactly the same, including the positioning of the propeller blades.

  • Eli Lilly
    Eli Lilly Day ago

    лайк, если знаешь русский и Г.ПЕРВОЛАРАКНЕ :)

  • David Kadidze
    David Kadidze Day ago


  • Balázs Pardy
    Balázs Pardy Day ago

    When ur house looks like shit cause u spent all ur money to have 2 AC-s in every room

  • M K
    M K Day ago

    I'd love to live there!

  • Carl-Fredrik L

    Makes me think a little bit of Psygnosys and Shadow Of the Beast

  • parcos79
    parcos79 2 days ago


  • Luka Devic
    Luka Devic 2 days ago

    Im the 92000 like

  • Lundbeck Office
    Lundbeck Office 2 days ago

    Отличная музыка.

  • tavias guckenberg
    tavias guckenberg 2 days ago

    id hate to be the repair man

  • Aden APopp
    Aden APopp 2 days ago

    Post-Apocalyptic Solitude

  • frans le noble
    frans le noble 3 days ago

    outstanding achtiggg

  • the Scoundrel
    the Scoundrel 3 days ago

    Please do recommend something similar. I really liked this concept of futuristic, melancholic and melodic techno...

    • Richard Safinn
      Richard Safinn 20 hours ago

      Might like some of these Clams Cassino - Blast Shlomo - Apathy

    • Travelling Enigma
      Travelling Enigma 2 days ago

      Try some Andy Stott, a little darker at times

  • P Murphy
    P Murphy 3 days ago

    Death stranding vibes

  • Evaldas Žamba
    Evaldas Žamba 4 days ago

    Hmm... That part from 0:21 till 0:40 remind me something else but i don't know what... STRANGE FEEL... 🤔👍

    • Brady
      Brady 2 days ago

      Asha logos?

  • A A
    A A 4 days ago

    Remote viewing. Year 3040. Dimension 6. Bacteria infestation. No life reported. Wait...i saw something...move out of the corner of my eye. The tree in the window is moving!!!!!!!!!...retreat!!!!!!!

  • Ума Крылов

    Where is it???

  • Falk Gutting
    Falk Gutting 5 days ago

    thee are areas in china who really look like that. some people like dystopian settings, maybe they should visit china

  • 720reddog
    720reddog 5 days ago

    I don't know about you but i get chills and feel cool asf while i listen to this.

  • Patryk Górecki
    Patryk Górecki 5 days ago

    Cyberpunk is here!

  • Михаил Качура

    Страшно и красиво...

    CO MICS 6 days ago

    future slum KITbash >D

  • ew Cash
    ew Cash 6 days ago


  • TheDragunov84
    TheDragunov84 6 days ago

    This new Mirror's Edge looks amazing

  • Кирилл Успешный

    Why they have so many conditioners?

  • Pervinder Singh
    Pervinder Singh 7 days ago

    people who realized this video meaning are still silent !!!

  • FOAMgiant
    FOAMgiant 8 days ago

    Sure feels lonely

  • Trebor Robag
    Trebor Robag 8 days ago

    Long time ago People need only small sheet in forest or cave. Now you need a car, two smartphones. Four walls, and air conditioning... No children because of no time and money for that.

  • OneTruth
    OneTruth 8 days ago

    does anyone know any other songs/albums similar to this?

  • Willz __
    Willz __ 10 days ago

    Somewhere in China, India, or Russia.

  • hongkyu park
    hongkyu park 11 days ago


  • legion999
    legion999 12 days ago

    This is Greece?? I though this was Kowloon

  • E State
    E State 13 days ago

    Class mix!

  • Vladimir Kravtsov
    Vladimir Kravtsov 13 days ago

    מה הוא לובש שם? גבינה צהובה?

    • Thiago F
      Thiago F 8 days ago

      Tem algum BR de olho no q esse cara ta falando aqui?

  • Scott Baron
    Scott Baron 14 days ago

    something similar?

  • matrixluk
    matrixluk 15 days ago

    Amazing place, and visualisation CG. Good job! Nice place for cyberpunk ;)

  • No name Craft dinner

    You know how hard it is to roll a joint on a iPad ain’t easy while listening to music 😛

  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross 15 days ago

    this actually sounds like some Wumpscut tbh

  • gninja92
    gninja92 15 days ago

    1:42 trying to squeeze tens of millions in a small city for the sake of a competitive capitalist economy.

  • Pro Toss
    Pro Toss 15 days ago

    There are place like these (i think china) ...but that one was CGI graphics. Good music for work.

  • insolife
    insolife 16 days ago

    могут еще !!! все ушло в подполье и это замечательно для музыки =\)underground dark side !!!

  • xxx
    xxx 16 days ago

    Where's the building ?

  • Sougz
    Sougz 17 days ago

    Extinción Humana

  • Jorge Hugo Guzmán Garces

    Exelente musica

  • Glenn Barnette
    Glenn Barnette 18 days ago

    Such a cool video! Wonder what they’re alluding to? 😂

  • Kit Mooney
    Kit Mooney 18 days ago

    Ah, my hometown of Hong K.......wait, this is CG, because where are all the clothes hanging out of the windows?

  • Schwarze Sonne
    Schwarze Sonne 18 days ago

    When you play Cities Skylines with no high-rise policies in your districts

  • Mister Code
    Mister Code 18 days ago

    а я считаю, что сила в кондиционерах. у кого их больше тот и сильнее

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 19 days ago

    I would, for dome reason, like to be there

  • Matthias Bärlocher
    Matthias Bärlocher 19 days ago

    that version of airconditioner is a of the most dangerous objects among topic orbit around sun rotation, damn non-human - human lifetime descent corpses with cap on at to surface "door" Author Matthias Bärlocher

  • ThorsStone47
    ThorsStone47 19 days ago

    To me, personally, this represents the trials, battles, and willpower of Thor. This style of dance with a limp body that's struggling to move and keep shape, coupled with the dark musical tones and thumping bass, is representative of an unwavering will to survive. It's as though Thor himself is striking Thunder into the dancer's heart to keep moving and stay alive. Truly a beautiful piece of art. As someone who's actual birth name means "Thor's Stone" I appreciate this representation. Legend tells of a battle Thor had against the Giant named Hrungir. During this battle, Hrungir launched a large stone at Thor, which shattered against Thor's forehead and one small piece of the stone remained lodged in his face until his death at Ragnarok. Additionally, hundreds of years ago when Vikings were still around, they'd go to the tallest mass of rock formations and perform ritualistic animal slaughters in the honor of Thor. This location is now known as Thor's Stone or Thor's Rocks in Thurstaston Common in Northwest England.

  • Arkadiusz Wojno
    Arkadiusz Wojno 19 days ago

    Hong Kong ?

  • Wolframium_ In_Corde_Meo

    И надписи не то на Греческом не то на Русском?))

  • keenicusxxx
    keenicusxxx 21 day ago

    Makes me think of Akira

  • King Speedy
    King Speedy 22 days ago

    This video is my night mare.

  • Drink Water
    Drink Water 22 days ago

    Song is as good now as it was the first time I discovered it! Really has 'that' feeling to it! Combined with the imagery that feeling is truly enhanced!

  • SiraMuL INste
    SiraMuL INste 22 days ago

    This song is pure awesomeness oh my god I need to dance it.

  • George Reynolds
    George Reynolds 23 days ago

    How incredibly stable that drone is. Amazing.

  • thirtythreeflavors
    thirtythreeflavors 24 days ago

    this is the opposite of getting a butterbeer.

  • hipnoticheadnotic
    hipnoticheadnotic 24 days ago

    I bet cockroaches love those stuffy dwellings

  • poppedweasel
    poppedweasel 25 days ago

    Enjoy beautiful socialist landscape gardening.

  • Alex Trujillo
    Alex Trujillo 25 days ago

    Gosh this track here is pure feel. Something peculiar about it. Deep 🙏

  • Pablo Pileci
    Pablo Pileci 25 days ago

    Hola , donde queda este lugar ? Gracias !

  • ibrahim asiltürk
    ibrahim asiltürk 26 days ago


  • Andrej Mazurek
    Andrej Mazurek 26 days ago

    What a fantastic album this is!

  • 150 Abonennten ohne Video Challenge!

    I dont know something is truly fascinating about the song and the Video!!

  • Younes 0660260032
    Younes 0660260032 27 days ago

    w les climatiseur kifah 😲😵

  • PolarStrand
    PolarStrand 28 days ago

    Αθήνα circa 2067

  • KayserEin
    KayserEin 28 days ago

    is no one getting the The Fall sample outta this bad boy?!? Great track btw.

  • Brandon Chilton
    Brandon Chilton 28 days ago

    This is CG btw

  • Michael Corvis
    Michael Corvis 29 days ago

    а где было снято видео? Audio and vid fckn awesome <3

  • The Fede Gamer
    The Fede Gamer 29 days ago

    My wayy... you never let me goo (this is what i understand )

  • Jeno Javory
    Jeno Javory Month ago

    Hasta Luego!!out of sight.

  • Jacques B
    Jacques B Month ago

    This real or just digital art.

  • Xanath Rojas
    Xanath Rojas Month ago

    I'm so in love of Forest Sword's music , hope he realase a new album!!

  • Chris kall
    Chris kall Month ago

    holy shit signs are in Greek

  • endor fiene
    endor fiene Month ago

    damn this is good!

  • Bully Dully
    Bully Dully Month ago

    Hard to smoke weed on your balcony over here.....

  • salik usmani
    salik usmani Month ago

    Who watched the video really carefully

  • Makz
    Makz Month ago

    Damn, I think I gonna invest in airconditioners.

  • Chris Doran
    Chris Doran Month ago

    has to be in cyberpunk 2077

  • Limit
    Limit Month ago


  • Bercerk
    Bercerk Month ago

    it oddly looks peaceful

  • sojbdor or
    sojbdor or Month ago

    bg music +100

  • sojbdor or
    sojbdor or Month ago

    bg clip

  • Alexsan
    Alexsan Month ago

    Ukraine ?

  • Rass Tie
    Rass Tie Month ago

    Where i know it from? Sounds really familiar...

  • Disaster
    Disaster Month ago


  • MusicSlaveAlien
    MusicSlaveAlien Month ago

    For those wondering, the place does not exist. It's a puzzle of many photos of buildings in the center of Athens.

    • Java Monsoon
      Java Monsoon 29 days ago

      I did get flashbacks of my youth in Hong Kong though.

  • Selice
    Selice Month ago

    This is every middle class people in the future. Stack em and pack em in these brick prisons in cities where they can bike and walk to work cuz middle class ppl cant afford cars. No houses or property nature and freedom.

  • ginlizer
    ginlizer Month ago

    Thank you, Lucie

  • Сергей Иванов

    Bladerunner 2049