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  • nomameswey tengopelo

    Yo fam what is the name of the Chanel of the burger king foot lettuce fungus

  • 高典住友
    高典住友 Hour ago

    Top 10 countries with mass population of ghosts ..... (1) USA (2) UK (3) India (4) Saudi Arabia (5) Japan (6) Malaysia (7) Brazil (8) Indonesia (9) Australia (10) Canada ........

  • Sammy Manning
    Sammy Manning 6 hours ago

    What a load of crap

  • Rita Cassia
    Rita Cassia 7 hours ago

    Que medo é origem de terror quais disparo

  • Rabiul Alam
    Rabiul Alam 10 hours ago

    From where the background music was coming, it was another ghost must be.

  • Tena City78
    Tena City78 10 hours ago

    Bonjour ces la preuve que les djinns vont à la vitesse lumière est peuvent interagir dans tout les sens réel video.

  • I am a Alien from Andromeda

    All are fake...just.set ups

  • Kotapolluru Gp
    Kotapolluru Gp 11 hours ago

    Ghost: booooo👻 Me: do my homework please

  • Shipa Redjepi
    Shipa Redjepi 19 hours ago

    Egg flip wants to smack your butt lol I'm such a little sook" I'd be out of there in a flash haha

  • Kevin Rino
    Kevin Rino 21 hour ago


  • A Simpson
    A Simpson 22 hours ago

    Longest slowest biggest kidnapping I’ve ever seen wtf where was this Russia? Wackos!

  • Maria Josino
    Maria Josino Day ago

    Vidios mais falsos que nota de três reais

  • Victoria Pv
    Victoria Pv Day ago

    The cars flying is hard to believe.

  • Josivan Lins
    Josivan Lins Day ago

    Se é eu ai eu já tinha picado á mula kķkkllll

    • Valda Maria
      Valda Maria 7 hours ago


  • MS Paranormal Group

    New subscriber here. Love your videos. Heres my channel. ru-clip.com/channel/UCeJUpHQjcmQaIpC9XvCjuJA

  • Destro
    Destro Day ago

    👻 no existe

    EARTH BANK Day ago

    NARRATION ムリするな! 逆に NO COOL !

  • Bolko Gapinski

    6:30 to 6:40 i can see a shadow in the middle age of the screen and it is crouching

  • DanielWhiteVans
    DanielWhiteVans 2 days ago

    He’s doing this because RU-clip is being a fucking weenie as usual. Not his fault blame RU-clip

  • Аня Китаева


  • شاهرخ ایرانی

    jgoooo seeeet ai mae kad mame papa 😥😥😥

  • Andrea September
    Andrea September 2 days ago

    When you gona post up more videos?

  • Lil Fun Guy
    Lil Fun Guy 2 days ago

    In the first clip I love the added "stock camera glitch effect.wav"

  • Lucas Tharles
    Lucas Tharles 2 days ago

    Do you use subscriber bot

    • Lucas Tharles
      Lucas Tharles 3 hours ago

      @Dragon Tuber Yes, this video is on youtube and talks about the waves of the sea

    • Dragon Tuber
      Dragon Tuber 3 hours ago

      Hello. Do you know where this video and what is it?

  • Tina Carson
    Tina Carson 2 days ago

    None of your links for the videos are working.

  • yetijoeyetijoe
    yetijoeyetijoe 3 days ago

    Regarding the Belarus bus. www.rferl.org/a/ukrainian_activists_accuse_belarusian_kgb_of_kidnapping_abuse/24429632.html

  • Luciana félix
    Luciana félix 3 days ago

    Boy boy bot

  • 林琇茹
    林琇茹 3 days ago


  • 林琇茹
    林琇茹 3 days ago


  • 林琇茹
    林琇茹 3 days ago


  • 林琇茹
    林琇茹 3 days ago


  • 林琇茹
    林琇茹 3 days ago


  • 林琇茹
    林琇茹 3 days ago


  • 林琇茹
    林琇茹 3 days ago


  • Joseph Vargas
    Joseph Vargas 3 days ago


  • Kawaii Mystery
    Kawaii Mystery 3 days ago

    Earthquakes maybe? 0:30

  • Dragon Tuber
    Dragon Tuber 3 days ago

    I'm just want to know! Where this video?!

    • Dragon Tuber
      Dragon Tuber 3 days ago


  • Dragon Tuber
    Dragon Tuber 3 days ago

    It's not add

  • Dragon Tuber
    Dragon Tuber 3 days ago

    It's not pear

  • Dragon Tuber
    Dragon Tuber 3 days ago


  • Dragon Tuber
    Dragon Tuber 3 days ago

    I'm beg

    • Dragon Tuber
      Dragon Tuber 3 days ago


  • Dragon Tuber
    Dragon Tuber 3 days ago


  • Aman meena
    Aman meena 3 days ago

    Esa bhut he jo saman girata he Or logo ki fati padhi he Kya chutiyapa he yr Itna bhi pagal mt banao logo ko

  • Matt Knibb
    Matt Knibb 3 days ago

    Is there an Oscar for ouija acting?

  • Ioannis
    Ioannis 3 days ago

    All Videos are Fake. You need only some Strings and a friend behind the cam. Why schould He have a cam in the bedroom until He sleep?

  • Target One
    Target One 3 days ago

    I really hate this videos where they show two blurry Images and a clear one in the middle

  • Suirya Senthil
    Suirya Senthil 4 days ago

    At 0:38 to 0:40. PAUSE! You can see a peeking ladys head watching straight to the camera HOLY SHIT!

  • Lisa Farrell
    Lisa Farrell 4 days ago


  • hemant kadyan
    hemant kadyan 4 days ago

    Anybody want solution of this kind of activities & problems in your life.. Contact hear.. ru-clip.com/video/JgySRW0YEV4/video.html

    EARTH BANK 5 days ago

    逝った世からの MESSAGE かもな

    EARTH BANK 5 days ago

    こいつ 自分の 馬鹿を晒す マヌケだな 理解できないなら 逝った 先祖に聞いてみな

    EARTH BANK 5 days ago

    黄金比率国の 経済破綻救助は 損だった

  • mmedeuxchevaux
    mmedeuxchevaux 5 days ago

    so stupid. for one, why wouId someone randomIy shoot an empty room or a bed? gotta do better than that.

  • Vincent Marsh
    Vincent Marsh 5 days ago

    No oscar nominations for this lot!!...next.....

  • bud ekins
    bud ekins 6 days ago

    How can fishing wire pull something that fast in 1.15?? That video might be real.

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez 6 days ago

    Pinches videos pedorros y más actuados no se pueden..


    This is not a fail

    EARTH BANK 6 days ago

    📷発祥は 承知済み  真空管TV持って 浮いてみろ

  • bud ekins
    bud ekins 6 days ago

    In the second video there was a serious paranormal researcher who was in the room when the other guy's cup and saucer moved.

  • bud ekins
    bud ekins 6 days ago

    The picture in 10 moves sideways and Then falls vertically. If there was a problem with the nail behind the picture it would have fallen vertically right from the start.

  • Roberto Tamesis
    Roberto Tamesis 6 days ago

    There was fast shadow blur at desk room , while two cars I agree is fake.

    • Roberto Tamesis
      Roberto Tamesis 5 days ago

      @bud ekins we should ask the mythbuster to make Halloween special, or skeptical organization to debunk those entry. This is not the first time one , the other time was more on quantum physics. I'M professional media expert , I know 3d animation,and FX manipulation in the Media , nothing is impossible , it depends upon the time stamp (the date it was produced).

    • bud ekins
      bud ekins 6 days ago

      Roberto, I have vague memories of reading somewhere that the cars got caught in some industrial wires in China. Nothing to do with poltergeists but they are real cars.

  • roger white
    roger white 7 days ago

    do people still believe in ghost /i have a unicorn for sale, will trade for 2 fairies

  • Chrischi usBludaz
    Chrischi usBludaz 7 days ago

    Boring Fake

  • She's Paranormal x
    She's Paranormal x 7 days ago


  • Stevan Simanjuntak
    Stevan Simanjuntak 7 days ago

    Number 9 anyone? I'm curious to see the whole video. 🆙️🆙️🆙️

  • Scott Runnels
    Scott Runnels 7 days ago

    All looks pretty fake to me...Thumbs down!!!

  • ben net
    ben net 8 days ago

    Aliens and ghost is real

  • ArUsTaFuRjA
    ArUsTaFuRjA 8 days ago


  • Animals Rule
    Animals Rule 8 days ago

    Video number 1 and 4 are the same guy, they are fake

  • amiratte dz
    amiratte dz 8 days ago


  • Cardinal Night
    Cardinal Night 8 days ago

    All deeply fake. Utter BS

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 8 days ago

    Ghosts only ever seem to be filmed on potato quality cameras.....

  • Bushy Ahm
    Bushy Ahm 8 days ago

    Paid actors

  • Heidi Hendrix
    Heidi Hendrix 9 days ago

    The one w the 2 little girls you can't see anything. It just looks like 2 little kids playing with a Ouija board and then start screaming...im sure something DID happen but the skeptics would eat that one alive, I'm afraid....

  • karen pointer
    karen pointer 9 days ago

    Let me just stand in front of this camera and use my phone !

  • karen pointer
    karen pointer 9 days ago

    We have enough demons in our realm without people inviting them in for entertainment

  • karel A
    karel A 9 days ago

    That why there is war. GOOD vs EVIL...

  • микола петров


  • Gizmologist1
    Gizmologist1 9 days ago

    Interesting how there is always a camera in just the right position. All are total BS set-ups.

  • Lori Estrada
    Lori Estrada 9 days ago

    Too bad this video wasnt edited alittle better. Twice u can clearly see wire. Specially after the garbage can in beginning. The bowl has string. It gets whipped up n down i thought was shadow. But nope! Its wire.

  • Mary Fiaola
    Mary Fiaola 9 days ago

    the first video, was that a snake or some type of fish? does anyone actually know? hahahaahaha! drat, i wanted to watch the cop shoot it, and looks like the criminal got away lol !

  • Ashwini Jay
    Ashwini Jay 9 days ago

    7:19 in the room

  • eLow1 one
    eLow1 one 9 days ago

    How you going to be scared of a ghost when your feet are all fukd up? Them bunions ain't no joke though...js🤔

  • Lorenzo Broussard
    Lorenzo Broussard 10 days ago

    Where was #2 recorded and who supposedly recorded it?

  • Rahul Gupta
    Rahul Gupta 10 days ago


  • Pream 125 125Pream
    Pream 125 125Pream 10 days ago

    Power full ghost

  • Rich Richiuso
    Rich Richiuso 10 days ago

    Bull shit

  • Rich Richiuso
    Rich Richiuso 10 days ago

    Don't you have lights in your house

  • Prem Roy
    Prem Roy 10 days ago

    Sale chuteye

  • faux
    faux 10 days ago

    The indians in bed and The last one was the ultimate.

  • faux
    faux 10 days ago

    The doors opening and closing is pretty lame. But all the other footage is some of the best I've seen, and I've been an afficianado for over twenty years. Thanks for uploading

  • Nathan Almeida
    Nathan Almeida 11 days ago

    95% fake

  • Pete Humphries
    Pete Humphries 11 days ago

    If ya believe the cars then your as mad as the fakers!

    • bud ekins
      bud ekins 6 days ago

      Pete, it's not quite that simple. .I have vague memories of reading somewhere that the cars were accidently lifted off the ground by getting caught in some overhanging industrial wires in China.

  • Komal Dewangan
    Komal Dewangan 11 days ago

    u fucking guysss... where is second chair... i will case on you buddy... you fucking buddy do not think that you have publiced ... you guyysss will..... you really dont think i am ???????

  • Juanita Richards
    Juanita Richards 11 days ago

    Brave girl stopped THREE men dragging that man into the car.

  • American G.D.A.
    American G.D.A. 11 days ago

    Love the cloakers in this video! Y'all are plain stupid! All these people are SHEEP! Same Sh*t, Different Day! Do you have any "real" paranormal videos? Let me know, okay? Your channel is just another,run of the mill B.S. channel! Trying to pass off cloakers for paranormal stuff! Dumb and Dumber! I'll bet your subs, just eat this stupid crap up! Do you make money off these crap videos? How does this work? Do you pay the cloakers directly? Or do you pay the agency?

  • Sinistadropbear
    Sinistadropbear 11 days ago

    Send them my way!😎

  • Alisa Hammons
    Alisa Hammons 11 days ago

    Very unhappy sprits who like to scare people

  • Tonya Nicholson
    Tonya Nicholson 12 days ago

    More videos lesz 👄

  • Ramila Damor
    Ramila Damor 12 days ago

    3:51 ghost is having some alone time 😅😅