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Small Pool | Go + Gear VR
Views 1.7K4 days ago
Cloudlands 2 | Oculus Quest
Views 1.3K24 days ago
Road to Tokyo | Oculus Medium
Views 3.4K3 months ago
Oculus Quest | Bogo
Views 11K4 months ago
Oculus Quest | First Steps
Views 9K4 months ago
Defy Reality | Oculus Quest
Views 24M4 months ago
Oculus Rift S Basics Tutorial
Views 118K4 months ago
Oculus Quest Basics Tutorial
Views 224K4 months ago
Facebook Reality Labs
Views 10K5 months ago
Final Assault | Oculus Rift
Views 2.4K6 months ago
Apex Construct Trailer
Views 15K5 months ago
I Expect You To Die
Views 13K5 months ago
The Exorcist: Legion VR
Views 16K5 months ago
Introducing Oculus Rift S
Views 213K6 months ago
Wrench | Rift
Views 4.7K6 months ago


  • Karl Morrison
    Karl Morrison Hour ago

    5:27. Windows.

  • VR Essentials
    VR Essentials 6 hours ago

    Really cool, and great team behind it too!

  • Brian Idk
    Brian Idk 6 hours ago

    How do you adjust the height?

  • Metaverse Adventures

    This is such a great app. It looks and behaves just like AAA club equipment all for $20!!! Going to be some great new DJs discovered because of this.

  • not guil
    not guil 10 hours ago

    my nigga got some moves

  • Neptic Zipcal
    Neptic Zipcal 13 hours ago

    this game looks awesome

  • armydude65
    armydude65 14 hours ago

    I remember when this was cool

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ?

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ??

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ?

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ?!

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ?!

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ?!

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ??!

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ?!

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ???

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest ?

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator for quest???!!!

  • FabsiRW
    FabsiRW 23 hours ago

    When come vacation simulator on quest???!!!

  • Booter Brod
    Booter Brod Day ago

    carmack really doesnt get marketing hahah, what people do with products and what they buy products for isnt the same thing. he should really know that while he is a very logical guy, most people are emotional animals.

  • Doughy
    Doughy Day ago

    Getting mine christmas this year. I'M SO HYPED.

  • Suzan na
    Suzan na Day ago

    I suggest Oculus have a CD installation inside the box, because until now I can not install the driver, always stuck at 7 GB something. Please help me....I trying this all days still the same issue.

  • Tech Wiz Master

    Fkn hell that's lame... :o( WTF oculus?

  • phonologic
    phonologic Day ago

    Is it possible to use the controllers independent of the headset in a Windows desktop environment?

  • Pietro Bernardi

    One of a kind

  • Vux
    Vux Day ago

    maybe im being dumb but looking at pictures of it, i dont see any earphone or audio devices, how are you supposed to hear the games???? am I missing something?

  • Splash
    Splash Day ago

    Wow, I defied reality for a good month and a half, before my quest broke down randomly

  • The Man Of Somthing I dunnno


  • Theodore Irelan

    Slow Down!

  • Bartsim23
    Bartsim23 2 days ago

    what the hell

  • mick76
    mick76 2 days ago

    no teleporting....good news

  • a nerd on the internet

    amazing also free headset pleas

  • Lil Lincoln
    Lil Lincoln 2 days ago

    How to check pin

  • Bgecko104
    Bgecko104 2 days ago

    I want this!!!

  • Shöggy
    Shöggy 2 days ago

    first ha

  • Magic VR
    Magic VR 2 days ago

    If you want to know how this game works and strategies , My channel is built around this game ! Best multiplayer game you will ever play in your life !

  • Not your typical weeab

    Now we're talking

  • swedish ghostbuster

    why does brendan look like rick grimes from the walking dead xD

  • jerrel2811
    jerrel2811 2 days ago

    Pleaseee bring sports bar vr to oculus quest

  • ali English
    ali English 2 days ago

    First ha

  • ali English
    ali English 2 days ago

    Can you do android chat and ioschat

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas 2 days ago

    first ha

  • EiinGeeeL - A. Ángel

    The unspoken

  • The Beat Saber Enthusiast

    First ha

  • Bio21
    Bio21 2 days ago

    first ha

  • RSTM Animates
    RSTM Animates 2 days ago

    first ha

  • Ameen bashar Bashar

    Hey I wanna know why every game on the oculus is for money is not fair they so expensive

  • Skreylys230
    Skreylys230 2 days ago

    First ha

  • Lennart Heerink
    Lennart Heerink 2 days ago

    first ha

  • BHBalast
    BHBalast 3 days ago

    first ha

  • PsychopomP
    PsychopomP 3 days ago

    WOW! tequila works? I love tequila works ru-clip.com/video/uM9AraUH6uU/video.html

  • Dryued
    Dryued 3 days ago

    O... kay?

  • VR Bytes
    VR Bytes 3 days ago

    Great Game. Easy to learn, but hard to master.

  • Allu
    Allu 3 days ago

    first ha

  • JC Maldonado
    JC Maldonado 3 days ago

    PSVR gets an Iron Man game and Oculus summons Dr. Strange

  • JackWhite974
    JackWhite974 3 days ago

    First ha

  • Frityet
    Frityet 3 days ago


  • 360 Entertainment
    360 Entertainment 3 days ago

    These games all suck. Where is the call of duty and grand theft auto of VR? Everything is wizards and puzzles!

    • User6468
      User6468 2 days ago


    • Snozz McBerry
      Snozz McBerry 2 days ago

      "Where is the call of duty" www.roadtovr.com/respawn-vr-game-reveal-demo-oculus-connect-6/

    • Lightbringer
      Lightbringer 3 days ago

      Agree, all these games suck, they need to make REAL games for VR.

    • Василий Бархатов
      Василий Бархатов 3 days ago

      Ikr, they keep spilling out all the same tech demo games ~

    • JC Maldonado
      JC Maldonado 3 days ago

      Just wait a couple more decades...

  • Red Shirt
    Red Shirt 3 days ago

    Minecraft on the quest please :)

    • Emily Goodwin
      Emily Goodwin 3 days ago

      Red Shirt ikr I want a legit way to play Minecraft vr

  • Red Shirt
    Red Shirt 3 days ago

    Can you clowns work on getting minecraft on the quest already? God damn

    • Theodore Irelan
      Theodore Irelan Day ago

      Could you imagine if Quest came with Minecraft preloaded?

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 2 days ago

      You only came to VR just for Minecraft and nothing else! Go on. Accept the truth Minecraft fanboy!

    • JackMakeMore
      JackMakeMore 3 days ago

      I've seen a thousand comments saying the same thing, honestly I agree but I don't think it's ever gonna happen.

  • aberen
    aberen 3 days ago

    Seriously! how is this on the Quest platform and the vinyl reality developer is having a hard time getting his software on the platform?! You need to work on your developer relations Oculus. Vinyl reality is such a better product, way more polished. And you keep denying the developer to get his software out on the Quest. Why?

    • vtid's VR
      vtid's VR 18 hours ago

      Yeah Vinyl Reality is in it's own league and always has been. Nothing can touch it.

    • vtid's VR
      vtid's VR 18 hours ago

      @TJ Studio Why would you interpret what @Aberen said as that?! They are 'saying' exactly what they wrote. There's nothing further to read into it.

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 2 days ago

      Are you saying you will not support Oculus and that you prefer HTC Vive over them because of this?

  • Jorge Viley Tadei Serpa

    Holy fuck does this shit looks good

  • TechScout
    TechScout 3 days ago

    Man I would love to play this but I GoTTA REpLaCe MY RiFT s For THe SeCOnD TiME

  • ahmed349
    ahmed349 3 days ago

    Gandalf approves this game

  • maximus
    maximus 3 days ago

    We need skyrim...

    • Sztrovacsek81
      Sztrovacsek81 22 hours ago

      Try it out with ALVR (experimental v6) & 30+ Skyrim VR mods. It's awesome.

  • Bee & Amber
    Bee & Amber 3 days ago

    First ha

    TYOPSUH 3 days ago

    Give me a oculus quest free since I’m second XD

  • Bee & Amber
    Bee & Amber 3 days ago

    First ha

  • identity fruad
    identity fruad 3 days ago

    again, how do you upload 2 videos in the same second

    • ericbazinga
      ericbazinga 3 days ago

      Upload them in advance and schedule for release

  • AnGuuh Play VR
    AnGuuh Play VR 3 days ago

    Muito bom o game

  • identity fruad
    identity fruad 3 days ago

    how do you upload two videos in the same second

    • identity fruad
      identity fruad 3 days ago

      @Michael Sowerwine I've been using RU-clip for like 6 years my guy

    • Michael Sowerwine
      Michael Sowerwine 3 days ago

      Scheduled uploading. You new to youtube?

    • Emerald Alolan
      Emerald Alolan 3 days ago

      They uploaded four illuminati confirmed

  • Denvers random stuff

    Is it also on go or quest

  • // TheUnluckyGamer //

    Question: Are we forced to add a payment method?

    • Oculus
      Oculus 3 days ago

      You'll need to add a payment method if you want to purchase something from the Oculus store. You can learn more here: ocul.us/2NpcO4d.

  • NA
    NA 4 days ago

    Bought the game. It's absolutely unplayable.

  • LightningFlash
    LightningFlash 4 days ago

    I really want an Oculus Rift S but our computer doesn't have a display port and we only have HDMI. Does the mini display port adaptor make this combination work. If you can, can you please give me the answer whether it is Oculus or a person who has bought an Oculus Rift S.

  • manssimba
    manssimba 4 days ago

    i wish i could afford a quest, ive dreamt of it since i heard of vr, but couldn't afford a good pc, but now the quest came and i still can't afford it. i can't stop thinking about the quest. D :

  • MasonMinePlayz
    MasonMinePlayz 4 days ago

    Oculus Quest Vivecraft PLZ

  • Riley Nichol
    Riley Nichol 4 days ago

    Looks crazy

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 4 days ago

    Genius. He should work for Tesla.

  • Karina De La Cruz
    Karina De La Cruz 5 days ago

    I just ordered a rift and I’m so exited

  • paul pot
    paul pot 5 days ago

    I have it connected to a msi gs75 stealth using a third party adapter because I don't have a displayport or mini and It works great.

  • Tom Riddler
    Tom Riddler 6 days ago

    Zimmerman’s data glove is what VR needs.

  • TTV G H 0 S T
    TTV G H 0 S T 6 days ago

    It won’t let me use the app it open then I press sign up and it does not work please help

  • Emmanuel Harris
    Emmanuel Harris 6 days ago

    Plus put Steam on oculus quest

  • Kyle
    Kyle 6 days ago

    for the love of god please make this available for the rift.

  • Miles Axelberd
    Miles Axelberd 6 days ago

    that dash tutorial shows someone using a rift 🤔

  • Maxim Brouwers
    Maxim Brouwers 6 days ago

    Oculus. The oculus quest is an amazing device, don’t want to sound selfish but this is what I think. It would be better if you guys start developing the cpu for more POWER and the battery to get more juice out of it, (it’s just that I want to play a bit more complicated game’s on my quest, but keep doing what you doing) #love the quest

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 7 days ago

    Cool video but she is embarrassingly bad at this game.

  • electronization
    electronization 7 days ago

    .....do people not realize this is a commercial so it’s not going to be a 100% play through...?

  • Lowlandpanda2 _
    Lowlandpanda2 _ 7 days ago

    Looks underwhelming

  • Dawood Afzali
    Dawood Afzali 7 days ago

    I have rift but doesn't work 😥

  • Jimmy Anderson
    Jimmy Anderson 7 days ago

    instead of “you wanna swing through new york like spidey?” it should be “you wanna get your powers taken away and then get removed from the mcu?”

  • marsha tucker
    marsha tucker 7 days ago

    Does it work on a windows 10 Dell pc? When I get one I want to make sure it works perfectly.

  • Lance Salamanca
    Lance Salamanca 7 days ago

    My guardian setup does not let me select the center point and direction. Was this feature removed from the guardian setup?

  • Kingcheese man
    Kingcheese man 7 days ago


  • 99th Shindaki
    99th Shindaki 7 days ago

    The character models were better in DC3. The models here is just bad. EDIT: The environment is also bland and boring unlike DC3 where the whole stage is literally a blast!

  • alex könig
    alex könig 7 days ago

    Motion sickness in 3.. 2.. 1...

    • alex könig
      alex könig 2 days ago

      @TJ Studio I don't hate them. I can't play most of them because of MS. Sadly...

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 2 days ago

      Sounds like you hate VR racing games for the rest of your life because of motion sickness!