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  • Proud Boy
    Proud Boy 2 hours ago

    Saturated roids are some of the safest roids we can do. What that means is saturated roids arent as helpful to looking big as regular roids are to looking amazing but some of the other HGH can make your muscles look marbleized.

  • Aman Ali Shah
    Aman Ali Shah 3 hours ago

    I fucking love you sir.

  • Lonnie
    Lonnie 3 hours ago

    This dude scares the shit out me..

  • Andy Salmon
    Andy Salmon 3 hours ago

    Gotta say a 14 hour fast and a 10 hour eating window seems to work quite well, what do you think about using HMB during a fast?

  • Apostol Marinov
    Apostol Marinov 3 hours ago

    I feel totally wierded out when I take zinc...

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin 3 hours ago

    I can never make it past 48 hours

  • Freegan Girl
    Freegan Girl 3 hours ago

    LOVE ALDIS for clean Keto

  • Prins Ricky
    Prins Ricky 3 hours ago

    Hey Thomas, even for an athlete, I should take fat intake higher then my Protein Shakes? Pls advice cause I am a bit confused here..tks

  • wm ahay
    wm ahay 3 hours ago

    Is there a specific brand of urine strip for nitrogen balance that you can recommend?

  • Sam Angeles
    Sam Angeles 3 hours ago

    Test decca dbol for OP

  • Rachel Walsh
    Rachel Walsh 4 hours ago

    Can we have your "Pumpkin Seed Butter" Recipe please @ThomasDeLauer

  • Kwabena Amanfoh
    Kwabena Amanfoh 4 hours ago

    Hey Thomas, Have you looked into Bone Broth Protein? Can you advise if it’s a useful protein to consume?

  • Malissa Cease
    Malissa Cease 4 hours ago

    Thomas! I need your advice on keto and if it’s safe to do while breastfeeding 😁 thank you!

  • nn oo
    nn oo 4 hours ago

    I’ll take these tips for myself!

  • Abcdedghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    I got a banana split at Dairy Queen and asked for extra pecans because I am doing keto. “Clean keto”

  • Laurel Greene
    Laurel Greene 4 hours ago

    What if your ketones are high in the am?

  • Gabriel Dulong
    Gabriel Dulong 4 hours ago

    so no more desert chocolate cakes, cookies or anything sweet :'(

  • rc12188
    rc12188 4 hours ago

    you should do a study about myostatin inhibitor or follistatin

  • Sérgio Martins
    Sérgio Martins 5 hours ago

    Can you share the studies that say that black coffee is fine ?

  • Texas Cajun
    Texas Cajun 5 hours ago

    What can you use if you can not eat any coconut? Very allergic to all tree nuts as well.

  • marie boschman
    marie boschman 5 hours ago

    What's the opinion on chia seed pudding? My niece and 2 nephews love it.

    MARK SMITH 5 hours ago

    Thomas I normally love the way you explain very complicated systems in our bodies but unless I missed something in this video which you started not saying it will be simple. How is 1 slice of wheat bread 75 but 100 slices still 75. In your example eating 2 slices at 75 surely the load is 2x75 so therefore 150? Then I can see the load. Or have I missed something that you assume we know. Also there is a great misunderstanding with the GI acronym which I know you didnt use but could of been included.

  • DTNV
    DTNV 5 hours ago

    Can you get a sixpack from fasting tho?

  • Scott St Ores
    Scott St Ores 5 hours ago

    Thomas, I'm New here. I'm just starting out on keto and I just started MCT and I'm wondering if you can help me with this. Ever since I was a kid I would get really sick and week feeling when I played hard and didn't stop to eat. My second day of taking MCT I've went hours with out eating and I seem to be fine. Guess I've needed this All along? Also no sugar and only a small amount of carbs. And I feel good. Thanks for the info on the way this works.

  • Ammerly hernandez
    Ammerly hernandez 5 hours ago

    Hi, I recently started the Keto diet although maybe I’ve been doing it without even knowing. I’m the kinda person that don’t really do breakfast because of work schedule but when I’m on vacation I do like having breakfast and it consists on scrambled eggs with olive oil, spinach, avocados, and blueberries. Also drinking black coffee with chia. No sugar or milk added. But the first thing I always do in the morning is drinking my ginger tea with lemon before anything. I also do heavy training and noticed I was loosing a lot of fat which was very pleasant to me. But most of the time, I only eat once a day and since I started the Keto diet, I only drink my bulletproof coffee in the morning and my main meal after working out. To b honest, I have to have a big meal in order to feel satisfied since I train 2-3 hours a day. I’m very lean. I consider myself in great shape but I’m just concerned that I see people having very small portions of meal after working out and I assume that maybe they eat many times a day and they don’t have to fill a big meal like myself after a heavy train. So I’m thinking to have a regular breakfast, a bulletproof coffee as a lunch replacement and a small meal portion at night after working out. I just feel so hungry during the day if only eat once day even when I drink the bulletproof coffee. Do you have any suggestions. I weight 130 lbs and I’m 5”6 thx .

  • Meg Pierce
    Meg Pierce 5 hours ago

    I grew up on biltong in South Africa. :)

  • SweetSmilinSteph
    SweetSmilinSteph 6 hours ago

    I have a question maybe for a future video: why do we crave inflammatory foods? Sugar, starch, dairy, peanut butter. Seems so weird to me. Almost like the body “likes” the state of inflammation in the “ooo this is nice” parts of the brain but the body is crying help! Hopefully that makes sense...why do we crave what our bodies are intolerant to?

  • Philipp Hoffmann
    Philipp Hoffmann 6 hours ago

    Hey thomas Can you please make a video about the dangers of fasting too long too frequently (48hrs 2 times per week for example). I did this and I got somewhat of an anorexia which i am currently recovering from. Can you give me and the community some tips and insights on that, please Thank you ^^

  • PhatBoyPoker
    PhatBoyPoker 6 hours ago

    THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS ??? I am thinking if your doing the 16/8 or an extended fast then you cant drink this whilst your fasting... I am right in thinking this would break the fast right ? @thomasdelauer

  • Sadie Long
    Sadie Long 6 hours ago

    I kept apples and oranges for my son when he was little. He would eat an apple before a candy bar always. At 27, he still loves apples.

  • Me me00
    Me me00 6 hours ago

    I'm strict keto and IF everyday for 18-20 hours; and with low BMI. I had a procedure done at the hospital and the doctors and nurses were concerned my body temp was so low, but I didn't feel cold. I think it was 35 degrees. They kept throwing blankets on me.

  • Emily Mabry
    Emily Mabry 6 hours ago

    Sodium in cottage cheese!😞😞

  • literally Hitler
    literally Hitler 6 hours ago

    Gonna turn the music down, music gets louder.

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 6 hours ago

    That Kerrygold cheese is sooo good, but not sure how it lines up.

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 6 hours ago

    That Kerrygold cheese is sooo good, but not sure how it lines up.

  • jackattack212
    jackattack212 6 hours ago

    Is Oatemeal with Almond Milk and seeds ok? Are seeds ok with oatmeal? Are bluberries and raspberries ok with oatmeal to end intermittent fast ? Thanks for video

  • Darren Whitfield
    Darren Whitfield 6 hours ago

    There are loads of info on working out your macros but just cant work out how to translate that into my meals! Any advice??

  • Aaron Schwarz
    Aaron Schwarz 7 hours ago

    If you "ask" for permission from the Store Manager ahead of time, you can avoid being kicked out! FYI :)

  • Amanda Bousheley
    Amanda Bousheley 7 hours ago

    I went ahead and re-started my keto diet following this plan almost to the letter. And hooray! I've already had success! I've been keto for nearly two years, mostly on but once in awhile I go off. I want to be keto for life, but cycling in and out seems to make my spirit happy! lol I don't like counting (macros or calories) so I usually eat dirty keto, but this time around I'm really trying to go completely organic and grass-fed/cage-free/dairy-free/organic. Thank you for this simple, easy to follow plan! (Yay! Still no counting!) It really wasn't all that expensive for me, but I've made a couple swaps and was curious about your opinion... I did not have regular access to dairy-free cream cheese at my local shop, so I swapped it for feta cheese. I don't eat fish, so I've been having the salad for lunch and burger meal for dinner. Can I swap out the side dishes for the scampi noodles? I just know the burger is going to have plenty of fat so I'm not sure if it's good to also eat the ghee and coconut oil in the scampi sauce?

  • Celina K
    Celina K 7 hours ago

    Dyskinesia and epilepsy

  • Misfits
    Misfits 7 hours ago

    I grew up on hotdogs, ravioli/SpaghettiOs, fried bacon sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches, eggs sandwiches and many other things.... Excellent video, Thomas, I still see you are under the weather a bit. Feel better soon. #ForwardThinking

  • Ehud Benjamin
    Ehud Benjamin 7 hours ago

    I love biltong! The first I had was from Beej Jerky Outlet, then internet, then stryve @ Walmart and even made some. It's really easy and very good. It's an old African meat preservation process.

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali 7 hours ago

    More videos of this kind please!!

  • RightEyeRaptor
    RightEyeRaptor 7 hours ago

    Thank you for this video and for typing what you say in the description. My hearing isn't excellent and there aren't any subtitles, so it means a lot. ❤

  • Manuj Madan
    Manuj Madan 7 hours ago

    But contents of my ghee pack says "milk solids" should I not take it?

  • Hankyu
    Hankyu 7 hours ago

    Is there a way to get rid of the glycated LDL or will it roam in there and cause issues forever?

  • Cool Guy Cal
    Cool Guy Cal 7 hours ago

    can you please make a video on PCOS and the keto diet? i have pcos and i’ve been doing keto for 3 months and suddenly starting gaining weight.. please help!

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 7 hours ago

    Thomas you’ve been killing it with the content lately bro!!!!!!💯

    • mkleng
      mkleng 6 hours ago

      Thomas DeLauer Thanks, man.. it’s really great you come up with content for toddlers as well! I have a 1.6 year old and eating is a real challenge! He’s choosy!

    • Thomas DeLauer
      Thomas DeLauer 7 hours ago

      Appreciate it! thanks for watching!

  • sweetpea2200
    sweetpea2200 7 hours ago

    I do not understand why the lady took a hateful tone. A simple friendly conversation would have simply told her that you were actually sending them business, or she could have tagged along. If you factor out all the controversy with Walmart, their lack of customer service is why I do not shop there as a general rule. Walmart is on the way down, I give them kudos from changing things up to keep up with their competitors. But, if they cannot bring their customer service up, it will not matter. I wish I knew the Walmart to write the manager. Thank you for sharing this budget videos, Aldi is my favorite and will be visiting one some.

  • Carbage Man
    Carbage Man 7 hours ago

    I fried a pound of brussels sprouts in ghee once and kicked myself out of keto.

  • Joe Silkwood
    Joe Silkwood 7 hours ago

    He said for him 36hr is the upper limit before he starts to lose muscle..... Watching all your fasting videos gives a really clear solid picture of how to approach it... It's best to watch all the videos.. each one has something slightly different & helpful you don't want to miss

    KONAN KONAN 7 hours ago

    you can start making intros with your son like " mattdoesfitness" channel !!!

    • mkleng
      mkleng 6 hours ago

      Thomas DeLauer Make it happen!!

    • Thomas DeLauer
      Thomas DeLauer 7 hours ago

      haha! Him and is son have that down! They are great at it.

  • Candid X
    Candid X 7 hours ago

    Great info, thanks. It's often stated that fried potatoes are not cool. I've recently added small yellow potatoes to my daily diet. My favorite it is to fry them in a non stick pan, turning or flipping them until cooked through, along with some chopped white onions, powered garlic and ground black pepper.. Then I add a little olive oil and fry them another few minutes. Delicious! it indulges my old french fry craving without the bad stuff. Or am I wrong about that? I do get the part where you talk about including other food with it, and I sometimes add organic beans, meats, green salad, eggs etc.

  • Maraja
    Maraja 7 hours ago

    AMAISING! 😊 Thank you so much! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Tipsword
    Jennifer Tipsword 7 hours ago

    Can you take salt pills instead of drinking salty water?

  • Reum Pipes
    Reum Pipes 7 hours ago

    We are planning to have kids so I appreciate this video a lot, also I can start getting in the habit of having these type of snacks now to just help our own healthy lifestyle, thanks man!

  • Dave Peterschmidt
    Dave Peterschmidt 7 hours ago

    Awesome video Thomas! I knew most of this already having read some of Dave Feldman's work, but you put it all together in a very understandable way. Great work!

  • viktoria vak
    viktoria vak 7 hours ago

    love how deep you dive. Thank you for taking your time to explain in depth. Reminder; Take your wife out. Go on vacation, Live a little. You serve us well, But she needs you most.

  • Jennifer Tipsword
    Jennifer Tipsword 7 hours ago

    How long do we fast? Is this something we do everyday forever? Or a week, month? Also do you still take medicines (antidepressants, statins, thyroid meds, metforman & insulin)?

  • nickma71
    nickma71 8 hours ago

    LDL carries nutrients to the brain. Guess what happens if you take a drug to block that? The ones I know personally died from Alzheimer's. The left wing governments that want to redistribute income no matter the cost, let the drug companies do this. And they refuse to connect the dots.

  • Sabu Uncia
    Sabu Uncia 8 hours ago

    What about sunflower seed butter?

  • stayfitanywhere
    stayfitanywhere 8 hours ago

    So much junk out there. I grew up on wagon wheels and twinkies. Especially strawberry coconut twinkies. So happy I know a lot more now and those aren't entirely out the door but much more rare. I do want my kids to try out some of my nostalgic foods even though it's not 100% nutritious and healthy. It's part of life but most our food is non processed and made from scratch.

  • Danielle P
    Danielle P 8 hours ago

    Awesome video! TY!!! 👍🏼❤️

  • Ingrid Rodriguez
    Ingrid Rodriguez 8 hours ago

    What about organic coconut sugar?

  • Carine Keza
    Carine Keza 8 hours ago

    I blend ginger and keep everything in a big jar in fridge. My first morning is 1cup of ginger +cinnamon +turmeric + honey. Amazing tea😊

  • nickma71
    nickma71 8 hours ago

    It doesn't matter if it is high. The body produces what it needs. The creator is smarter than these asshole drug companies.

  • Donatella De Patre
    Donatella De Patre 8 hours ago

    Which is the best for sport?

  • Jennifer Tipsword
    Jennifer Tipsword 8 hours ago

    Doesn’t stress also produce cortisol that causes belly fat?

  • Donatella De Patre
    Donatella De Patre 8 hours ago

    Paleo is the best 👍

  • Saliha Eats
    Saliha Eats 8 hours ago

    Thanks for this informative video. I e been on keto over a year lost 35 lbs, but now in a stall. Can I drink Coke Zero?

  • drzrider911
    drzrider911 8 hours ago

    I like how sometimes you have some random russian stock videos, lovely to see some familiar letters)

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 hours ago

    Thomas - if I fast for 16 hours to get the benefits(autophagy), and then eat 5 calories of protein just because, does it take 16 hours to get back into the benefits or how long before the fat burning and benefits get back to where they were before the 5 calories?

  • Aaron Schwarz
    Aaron Schwarz 8 hours ago

    Super practical & super informative, I shared it with my wife & mentor directly & on twitter :) Thank you buddy!

    • Aaron Schwarz
      Aaron Schwarz 8 hours ago

      Your a Hero Thomas DeLauer. Thank you so much for making a direct teaching video about how to shop clean keto on a budget! Cheers & Blessings!

  • Carmen Duncan
    Carmen Duncan 8 hours ago

    My kid loves seaweed thins which is a great snack

  • Raj Johal
    Raj Johal 8 hours ago

    If people got acid reflux can they do 12 hours or more please answer thanks

  • themblan
    themblan 8 hours ago

    Speaking of children, what do you think of Halloween? Should we give them food, and if so, what should we give them? I am morally against giving children conventional candy.

  • Natalie Strydom
    Natalie Strydom 8 hours ago

    45 - 50 GLs per day. 😀

  • rickid rocks
    rickid rocks 8 hours ago

    How can I fast and not lose any more weight. I went from 195 to 155 in three months. I don't want to lose more but I want the benefits of interval fasting.

  • Margie McK
    Margie McK 8 hours ago

    No way?! I am totally lethargic, have fever and my muscles ache all over! There is no way what so ever I can do Cardio! I want to die!!! I’m on day 2...when will this be over? My kidneys feel like someone keeps kicking them over and over😵.

  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar 8 hours ago

    Cauliflower Foods is clean? Really? They use low quality cheese to in their products. Its made from commercial dairy which you very well know is bad.

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore 8 hours ago

    You shouldn’t fast. It’s a silly fad that really has no merit.

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore 8 hours ago

    Omg do not poison your kids with this shit...

  • m w
    m w 8 hours ago

    Wish all this was known back in the day.... so much better to start out on the right path then trying to 'reverse' things later on. Thanks TD!

  • Tom Berryhill
    Tom Berryhill 8 hours ago

    Nope. Chickpea is a xenoestroghen.

  • Jason Julaton
    Jason Julaton 9 hours ago

    Is it bad doing a 36 to a 40 hour alternate day fasting diet until I hit my idea body weight? I decided to go for broke and have lost 22 pounds since September 8, 2019. I’m on the keto diet and do make sure I health and at a good calorie level. The question is doing a 36 to a 40 fast then feast then repeating, diminish the fasting benefits? Thank you!

  • Tom Berryhill
    Tom Berryhill 9 hours ago

    I love Suzie's Good Fats bars!

  • Vickie Kurtz
    Vickie Kurtz 9 hours ago

    will drinking kombucha break the fast?

  • Kelly Enlow
    Kelly Enlow 9 hours ago

    I read the labels on those bars as Good Farts.

  • marie boschman
    marie boschman 9 hours ago

    Funny thing is I always have raw pumkin seeds around the house to munch on

  • WhiteMale
    WhiteMale 9 hours ago

    don't eat whole fish like sardines, they got lots of microplastics in their guts

  • Little Voice
    Little Voice 9 hours ago

    But Suzies Good Fat Bars have added sugar in them as well as palm oil. 😪

  • rdvgraaff
    rdvgraaff 9 hours ago

    16 Hours, Monday - Friday. Last meal around 8:00 p.m. Fast all the way through until noon the next day. Have lunch and then something at dinner, no later than 9:00 p.m. Only coffee, rooibos tea and water. Some apple cider vinegar capsules. No fast on weekend, eat when I want. Down 60 pounds at target weight 165 pounds. I don't care with measuring ketones. No sugar, no carb, no seed oil. No fasts longer than 16 hours,

  • Heather Perrin
    Heather Perrin 9 hours ago

    Yes! More info please!

  • Judy H
    Judy H 9 hours ago

    Okay, I am now totally confused! I have watched your videos since Aug 28, 2019 and I thought I could use Bulletproof coffee and it wouldn't break my fast, and eating butter, heavy cream and other fats is ok. Now I hear from this video that eating fats and carbs together is wrong. Steak with a pat of butter? 1/2 cup strawberries with 1 T heavy cream not ok? Isn't that fats and carbs together. So totally confused!

  • Brett Charles
    Brett Charles 9 hours ago

    Ah yes, for "kids" and not "struggling adults".

  • Monica Santos
    Monica Santos 9 hours ago

    Can you only get MCT from a bottle? Is MCT available as a whole food?

  • Carisa Jenner
    Carisa Jenner 9 hours ago

    Yeah, I hit 2.9, highest yet. I'm usually. 7 to 1.5.... I've only had coffee today

  • Rishi Dhingra
    Rishi Dhingra 9 hours ago

    that video was MAGIC.

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez 9 hours ago

    Good work Thomas. This will help new & future parents. ✌🏾💙🤙🏾🌟🔥

  • nissi0507Z
    nissi0507Z 9 hours ago

    You are a lifesaver!! I’m Type 2 Diabetic,trying to reverse that with Keto and IF. I always think about how I can make better choices to offer my 4 year old and 14 month old so they don’t suffer from this disease that can be PREVENTED! Love your content! God bless you and your beautiful family❤️ Kristina

    • nissi0507Z
      nissi0507Z 5 hours ago

      mkleng I highly suggest the book by Dr.Jason Fung “The Diabetes Code” Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally.

    • mkleng
      mkleng 6 hours ago

      nissi0507Z Preventable? Really? How?