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Sports & Entertainment Product Review
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  • Wienczyslaw Kowalski

    Did you check max speed function - did it work correctly? In my case right after the first turn of the wheel the max speed shows value of about 60, 70 or 80 km/h and as result it makes this function completely useless on Sunding SD-576C bike computer.

  • iurox
    iurox 5 months ago

    Hi, do you know how to reset the distance to 0 when start a new trip? Thx.

  • Albert Soriaga
    Albert Soriaga 6 months ago

    I purchase the same thing but still don’t know how to use the TM Dn and Up. Its not explained in the manual. You have an idea how to use that feature?

  • Grand Master Ray ONeill

    How do you change teh setting to MPH instaed of KM/H

  • Seem to have Forgotten my name

    Mine came with the language set to Chinese, no chance of a quick vid to show me what menus to go through to change to English? Thanks.....

  • Zenek
    Zenek 10 months ago

    Hej ty. Język ci ujebało?

  • Arindam Biswas
    Arindam Biswas Year ago

    What is the reng of dis

  • Will Bradshaw
    Will Bradshaw Year ago

    does the turning signals operate without the main light being on?

  • İyi biri
    İyi biri Year ago

    22000 lumen lier maximum 1000 lumen or 1200 lumen this lamp.

  • Milli Kar
    Milli Kar Year ago

    What is the cost of the speedometer plz reply me

  • Ian French
    Ian French 2 years ago

    try moving the sensor and magnet further up the fork

  • David Chomiak
    David Chomiak 2 years ago

    Nail...clippers kid...nail clippers

  • Brian Zembic
    Brian Zembic 2 years ago

    Very cute. Thanks

  • Luís
    Luís 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review! I got 2 questions. How long does the battery last with normal daily use? And if the battery dies, will all the data get lost? thanks

    • SUV Tropics
      SUV Tropics Year ago

      Luís L I have a wired sunding. The battery lasted for 3 years.

  • Rohan Arya
    Rohan Arya 2 years ago

    For how much dollars/rupees did u buy them from AliExpress?