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  • Bryan Frederick
    Bryan Frederick 4 minutes ago

    All the time you got to do your research with the price of New trucks an what it cost to rebuild a truck it all boils down to money lotta insurance companies will sell a truck clean to recap thier losses it goes to aunction they get sum money outta junk an some Shady shop buys builds it an Sells it for a Clean Truck We are all just Marks my friend good catch Jon 😎

  • Bob Hog
    Bob Hog 6 minutes ago

    Bro don’t be cheap finish what you started and get the carfax so we can have the knowledge...

  • bobby jackson
    bobby jackson 10 minutes ago

    nah that's fucked you should of sent the pics to him and said something

  • Brett Benson
    Brett Benson 11 minutes ago

    If you do a Google search with the hin VIN then click the image tap, I bet the first couple photos will show that vehicle. It's a free and real easy way to look through the history of a vehicle. Good job passing up that vehicle.

    GR8 LAKES CRUSADER 18 minutes ago

    WOW Bro extremely in-depth informative video! Mad respect on all the research you did prior to making this video. Love your breakdown of how you do things. I really like how you share too much info(your secrets) much love homie!

  • CIP marion
    CIP marion 20 minutes ago

    Keep up the work

  • Jon's Moto Garage
    Jon's Moto Garage 24 minutes ago

    Jump to 6:44 to see what truck looked like before. Watch entire vid to get whole story, and let me know below if you've ever encountered something like this.

  • Edward mac
    Edward mac 2 hours ago

    Pretty affordable?.....30,000 for 100 mile range? shut up! But it is an awesome bike and crazy power...however not affordable

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 18 minutes ago

      Lol. Yeah, I was definitely being sarcastic about that. Maybe affordable for Bill Gates. Hahaha!

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 2 hours ago

    If you consider the manufacture, maintenance, replacement and disposal of the batteries, the green/ environmental argument for these bikes really shrinks. I guess I am not interested in subsidizing HD'S research by contributing $30K for one of these.

  • Joshua Hellis
    Joshua Hellis 3 hours ago

    Desert wind life 🤘🏻

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 3 hours ago

    Them are e lictilk? Yukyuk , be weary of the world, but cool

  • Baby-Shark GTO
    Baby-Shark GTO 3 hours ago

    If they're not getting rid of anymore why they demoing them?

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 17 minutes ago

      I was surprised as well. But new articles from today report they're back in production. Apparently it was a single isolated incident, but they wanted to make sure before moving forward. Still not sure what that "isolated incident" was though. Lol.

  • Ragimund VonWallat
    Ragimund VonWallat 3 hours ago

    it could go 700 mph and everything you want and i would still prefer a 883 to it....i just like gas engine, always have always will

  • Lewis A.
    Lewis A. 4 hours ago

    Bro you have a lot of motorcycles , give me one v':


    HD has declining sales because they are ass. They should be doing better, they should make affordable bikes. But they won't. They will go out of business.


    29k..... you say it's a good sticker stop smoking broken windows foo

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 15 minutes ago

      Hahaha! I was definitely being sarcastic there. Lol. No way I'll be dropping 29k on a vehicle any time soon.

  • Adam Kreuz
    Adam Kreuz 6 hours ago

    Fast Eddie is the man!

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 15 minutes ago

      Heck yeah! He's the one who inspired it all! I'm not sure this is what he had in mind though. Lol. (me running circles in my front yard)

  • Randy's Rides
    Randy's Rides 8 hours ago

    Right tried one !! I think you'd get a kick out of the Zero a bit more....and they're 10 grand cheaper. Fun stuff, though, hey ? Electric for the win....hahahahaha

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 7 hours ago

      Heck yeah! They're definitely on my radar! You were about 5 yrs ahead of the trend! Lol

  • Todd Schultz and Kaysar

    So form now on nobody will know weather to believe you or not..good job..

  • JdLee Stirring The Pot!!!

    OVER priced 2wheel golf cart piece of shit

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 14 minutes ago

      Hahaha! I have to say I'm a bit surprised by your reaction to this machine. Lol. Jk.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin 8 hours ago

    Something for me of not hearing even a basic rumble it’s just odd I know it’s electric and it’s gonna be torquie but no motor sound is just weird guess I’m just an old guy that needs a motor rumble I mean I guess you could ride with some guys on v twins straight piped so I don’t hear that electric whine lmao Also if it’s anything like when I worked at a dealership we would turn a blind eye to stuff like that as long as people weren’t going to kill them self’s lol it was the same when we would go to factory events as long as you didn’t act like a complete a-hole they let you beat on them I mean how can you tell people what to expect if you haven’t pushed it a bit lol

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 12 minutes ago

      I hear ya. I think the dude on the bagger who was leading the pack made us all feel a bit more comfortable with his loud exhaust leading the way. Lol. And that's good to know for the next time I do a demo ride. No ultra crazy stuff, but just enough to have a little fun. I like it.

  • Planet2A
    Planet2A 9 hours ago

    Im 6-4, with a 34in inseam, hiw uncomfortable will this be? Can it be modded cheaply to accomomidate taller riders

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 11 minutes ago

      I know lots of guys add on highway pegs. Not sure on exact price, but pretty sure they're not too expensive. I think that would be your best bet for stretching out the legs on longer rides.

  • Edward Lorentz
    Edward Lorentz 10 hours ago

    Then check out the ZERO

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 11 minutes ago

      Heck yeah! I've started looking into them now. Pretty rad!

  • saddlebag
    saddlebag 10 hours ago

    You can pick up an electric bike for reasonable coin. They're made by Zero. $8,995

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 10 minutes ago

      Now that's more like it! You updated your profile pic? Nice! I had to do a double take at first. Hahaha!

  • Mike Harrington
    Mike Harrington 10 hours ago

    I think electric cars and bikes are things people SAY they want.....But will never buy.

  • Wayne Adams
    Wayne Adams 10 hours ago

    You said it well, "It's just like Jumping on a Scooter". I'd hate to spend 30k on a "motorcycle" that got ruined because my buddies lab hiked his leg and pissed on the motor.

  • william terrill
    william terrill 11 hours ago

    Brother you got enough speed and power on that thing you could just out speed the police shoot and if you're a good driver you got the combo right there good driving skills can out drive the police and if you cannot speed them shoot you got it made

  • DWJ Hotel
    DWJ Hotel 11 hours ago

    In Malaysia, reason no. 6 is the opposite bro. There's no such thing as chick magnet or dude magnet here bro........

  • Todd Schultz and Kaysar

    Looks like the preppy biker need those little bitty back pacs on..they have to keep circling the block in case the battery goes dead..this is the bike that needs made in china with pride..this ain't no Harley

  • Алекс Пар
    Алекс Пар 12 hours ago

    Пашолти на хуй!

  • Todd Flowers
    Todd Flowers 12 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing .

  • bobby jackson
    bobby jackson 13 hours ago

    I don't think they will be cheap if yo want nice it isn't gonna be cheap look at Tesla maybe 30-50 years they will be cheap but in 5-10 I'm just hoping they have the technology all the way down and then plus some

  • Lmjesus
    Lmjesus 13 hours ago

    Damn every video you put out is a new bike I want to eventually add to the collection lol.

  • Mike Harrington
    Mike Harrington 14 hours ago

    $30,000 is "affordable“???

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 8 minutes ago

      My dry humor/sarcasm gets the best of me sometimes. I was definitely being sarcastic regarding the price. However, not about riding with those guys. They were a cool bunch for sure.

    • Baby-Shark GTO
      Baby-Shark GTO 3 hours ago

      Then he said he couldn't afford it. I think he's practicing his sarcasm? Had me confused throughout the video. Like did he really enjoy riding with those guys or not?

  • Francisc Varga
    Francisc Varga 19 hours ago

    i would buy this bike if it would be between 13-15 k as a second bike just to go to work and back and some local errands

  • omarrrxo
    omarrrxo 19 hours ago

    Just noticed this was at Desert Wind!

  • Kowabunga Dude
    Kowabunga Dude 20 hours ago

    Would you pick the DRZ or the FZ07 for your first bike?

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 7 minutes ago

      That's a tough call for sure. I think the drz is more user friendly for the new rider. Plus, it's more versatile. However, the fz07 is such a blast on the road. The drz isn't so great at higher speeds. I think it'll come down to the rider and what they want out of their bike. Great question!

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson 20 hours ago

    Cool vid bro looked like fun .

  • A A
    A A 22 hours ago

    Maybe in a few years harley will have there electric bikes figured out.

  • A A
    A A 22 hours ago

    29000 is way to much money for that thing. Lightning motorcycles makes some bad ass electric sport bikes for a better price.

    • A A
      A A 22 hours ago

      The lightning is the fastest sport bike in production right now. Faster than any 1000 cc super sport.

  • Nick Ricketts
    Nick Ricketts 22 hours ago

    Always been curious about electric motorcycles. I want to try out the cake kalk&.

  • Rocket Number 9
    Rocket Number 9 22 hours ago

    I think drive belts are awesome.

  • Simon Clark
    Simon Clark 23 hours ago

    You are the Bomb , Mr Jon :-)

  • Rocket Number 9
    Rocket Number 9 23 hours ago

    “Issue with the in-home charging system” is corporate speak for, “OMG, we’re so embarrassed. We’re so, so sorry. What were we thinking. Just bring them back and we’ll forget the whole thing ever happened.”

  • DeMonte' Lackey
    DeMonte' Lackey 23 hours ago

    Front turn signals are hideous. Bike looks good though!

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 6 minutes ago

      No kidding! I didn't mention it in the video, but I noticed the wires aren't even tucked away/hidden on those front signals. Not sure if that's just on the demo bikes or on all of them. Not exactly the quality one would expect for $30k. Lol.

  • Dat Greedy Mouse

    So, why did they stopped making v rods again?

  • Mike Jordan
    Mike Jordan Day ago

    Getting nearly 50mpg on a normal bike is just way too much, we need electric bikes.......🤔?

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 Day ago

    $27,799 is for the black, $30149 for the color ones. I give Harley credit for trying to bring in new buyers, but they lost twice before. Harley riders want a Harley, and Harley can't be something for everyone. Now there are carbon fiber options you can add if your wallet is not done bleeding. Look at the bikes they offer for under 30 G's, and then this big electric scooter for city runs. You can buy three 1200 Sportsers for 30 G's, and the Softails run between 18 and 20 grand. Even the entire touring lineup is under 30 grand, and starts at 19,000.

  • Jason Robertson

    Hardley a Davidson. It is doa. HD leadership is dumb. Buy a Indian.

  • Central Ohio Dipper

    The H-D Tron Bike.

  • David & Elizabeth

    Maybe in another 10 years. We shall see... 👍 👨‍👩‍👧 ❤

  • Frank Blevins
    Frank Blevins Day ago

    On my test ride I was alone. U can wheelie it in sport mode. I would buy the zero before buying the HD it does 200 mph the top of the line bike. They have three diff levels. The top of the line is 20,000

    • Frank Blevins
      Frank Blevins 2 hours ago

      Jon's Moto Garage yeah there’s a couple here in Washington u can pick up around 11,000 which isn’t too bad

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage 4 hours ago

      Dang! Lucky dawg! Lol. There was no way I was gonna get away with anything on that short demo ride. I'm definitely gonna look into the zero bikes. I knew of them, but had never looked into them before.

  • John
    John Day ago

    I like that bike even if they sort out the issues and resume production I'd definitely not buy it from that Harley dealer.

  • TheJake In78
    TheJake In78 Day ago

    Half the fun of a Harley is the noise it makes. If I was in the market for an electric bike I'd get a Zero for a fraction of the cost.

  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal Day ago

    I rode Project Live Wire...

  • FranBunnyFFXII

    That buzzing you feel on the Livewire at idle, that's their haptic system that tells the rider "hey im here, im on" since ofc Emotos dont have an idle. My current bike is an electric. Certainly is different from a gas engine, not as fun, but that livewire looks fuckin DOPE.

  • GivesNoFux FPV

    (Blinker hanging) “Beautiful! Like nothing ever happened!”

  • Sully
    Sully Day ago

    Can I just say BS Jon before the intro even finishes haha!

  • Sully
    Sully Day ago

    Great buy Jon! Those bikes check all the boxes when it comes to a muscle looking cruiser, price, reliability and cool factor. Though i'm not a huge fan of the muscle fad in the 00's but back then, when I was in my twenties I thought they were the Bee's knees.

  • just Shane
    just Shane Day ago

    I will most likely never EVER get used to this, I'll stick to combustion engined bikes only! Thanks but no thanks. Imagine an EMP blast going off somewhere, this bike will be dead, yet my 1995 gas powered, 100% analog Ninja will still keep on truckin'. ^^ Nice video amigo. Congratz on the wife's 25th B-day btw :) Ride safe Jon. Greetings from a cold and rainy Netherlands.

    • just Shane
      just Shane Day ago

      @arkindomino Well I problably have to stop and turn the engine off and on again, and my battery will problably be drained but since its practically mostly analog and mechanical (apart from the battery and ECM) it should still be rideable, but I'll have to push it to get it started as my electric starter will be fried yes. Also I'll have to change out the fuses too, but for the rest I should be fine.

    • Adonaiyah Teemann
      Adonaiyah Teemann Day ago

      Most likely still has a cdi... But you could build and emp proof box to keep the bike in, or get a emp proof box to keep a backup cdi and harness in.

    • arkindomino
      arkindomino Day ago

      just Shane LoL! An emp will take out al bikes bro. The battery and ECM will go.

    PYROLYSIS 212 Day ago

    Cut the price in half and double the effective range and I would get one. Definitely prefer the rumble of a V twin but could rock an electric with that kind of performance no problem. Hope they get the issues straightened out and the bike becomes successful.

  • Adonaiyah Teemann

    My mom has a Prius, she said she might give me it when its payed off, id rather have a hybrid than all electric.

    • Adonaiyah Teemann
      Adonaiyah Teemann 22 hours ago

      @Bunnyshooter 223 i have an 04 fxd, 08 china 150, 00 jetta tdi, and a 98 nissan frontier, the frontier is the worst mpg, and gets around 20mpg, and thats pretty good for a truck.

    • Bunnyshooter 223
      Bunnyshooter 223 23 hours ago

      Adonaiyah Teemann also consider motorcycles some models get amazing mpg

    • Adonaiyah Teemann
      Adonaiyah Teemann 23 hours ago

      @Bunnyshooter 223 they sell remans for 1500, it gets 52 mpg with the ac on low, im capable of swapping it...

    • Bunnyshooter 223
      Bunnyshooter 223 23 hours ago

      She means when the batteries shit themselves and its worth 0

  • flyusmc1
    flyusmc1 Day ago

    Seems Like a cool group to ride with, but yeah, TONS of stop and go is a no nogo and soblows...the fact you still liked it is pretty cool. Did you dig the sound?

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L Day ago

    If HD let Jon wheelie the Livewire on a demo, I would buy one.


    Almost 700 thousandths valve lift, a little over 11 to 1 calculated compression in my Dyna versus the sound of a harbor freight lithium ion drill.......hmmmm I'll go with my Dyna. No soy latte's either.

    • Adonaiyah Teemann
      Adonaiyah Teemann Day ago

      What top end are you rocking? I got a second hand screamin eagle cnc kit with 10.5 to1 pistons, im tempted to get the thin gaskets, and have the head milled, i want to get a woods knight crawler... I need mine to thump different than most.

  • Michesgqlle Dobbiln89

    You traded a Harley for a "JAP" bike? What an idiot! No, I shouldn't say that, to each THIER own, I guess. LOL

  • Sully
    Sully Day ago

    Super rad to try one out but not my cup of tea and let me explain mi amigo. EV batteries are around $800 per kilowatt hour and while Tesla was able to bring that price down to $120 and Chevy's Bolt $230, Harley will never be able to mass produce these to even touch those numbers. For example, do you remember Brammo? Probably not because the "Empulse" was bought by Polaris and died with Victory but before Polaris tanked the project, only a couple hundred sold a year while HD averaged 230K combustion engine motorcycles last year. Just like the wider motorcycle world, Harley’s path to success in an electric future is full of contradictions. It needs to sell affordable e-motorcycles, but in order to make you want an affordable electric motorcycle, it has to not sell you an expensive electric motorcycle first. If you want a LiveWire, but can’t afford one, then Harley has succeeded. Check out "Lightning" motorcycles with an electric motorcycle that has a top speed of 218 mph for 38g's, now that might be worth it lol...just trying to drop a gem on ya brother

    • A A
      A A 22 hours ago

      Yeah lightning makes some bad ass electric sport bikes. I have ride 2 and 3 for xbox 1 and they have the lightning bikes in that game .

  • Easy Rider
    Easy Rider Day ago

    The sound just doesn't get it. Electric can be very fast though.

  • WhiteSpider125

    Harley should put cell phone vibrators in the handlebars so you can't see anything in the mirrors when stopped. Just for that classic HD feel! (Jk) 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bunnyshooter 223
      Bunnyshooter 223 23 hours ago

      I think vibrating deel dos would match the electric drive better

  • Bikes Boats Bivouacs

    Not sure the electric bike is worth the money. I'll stick with the Switchabck and the Sporty Low

  • B Rad
    B Rad Day ago

    If I had the money, I would definitely buy 1 of these as my 2nd bike for commuting around the city!

    MAKSTR Day ago

    H D should put a 1200 cc motor in them.

  • Sully
    Sully Day ago

    First...but behind 1 video

  • Jacob James
    Jacob James Day ago

    wheelie that bitch

  • AndrewD666666
    AndrewD666666 Day ago

    6 weeks ago I bought a Vegas low 2008 with only 4900 miles on it, for $4,900. It has 8500 miles on it now 6 weeks later and I absolutely love it and I have not had any problems with it.

  • Torgrim Ellingsen

    great vid, dude.....

  • Jason Nunya
    Jason Nunya Day ago

    Best muscle bike? Based on what? Power? Not even close. The Yamaha Vmax smokes the Boulevard.

  • Mr Cyclee
    Mr Cyclee Day ago

    Shit 30k tho?

  • Carpe Noctem
    Carpe Noctem Day ago

    Dang that is one gorgeous bike. Another one to the wish list. Love the candy apple red looking color.

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      Right!? I think they did a great job. Definitely turns heads.

  • Adam White Sr.

    well a football game is way more important then selling a motorcycle! we all know that! i speak for everyone

  • james bennett
    james bennett Day ago

    I was thinkin “WHAT THE ......! , unsubscribe.”

  • Kevin Yu
    Kevin Yu Day ago

    fxdls 85201 ...

  • Philip The Rider

    Damn you have 6 bikes?

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      One for every day of the week, except the Lord's day. Lol. Jk. I buy/sell on the side so some come and go.

  • GI Jones
    GI Jones Day ago

    Seriously!? In no way does this bike pale in comparison to cheaper options, it exceeds in every way. The new LRS is an absolute beast. Stock, i shit on a stage 1 Dyna LRS. After swapping bikes from a dyna, the 2020 Low rider S killed in the corners and straights. The price was about the same as my Dyna LRS and it was absolutely worth every penny. I'll update my thoughts after the stage 1 and dyno. Love your channel bro, keep em coming! Not bashing your opinion, i just disagree with your closing statement.

    • GI Jones
      GI Jones Day ago

      Ok, got cha. Yea, this M8 LRS is a beast, i can't wait to get these break in miles knocked out, it's the worst part about new bikes.

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      No worries. I hear where you're coming from. That statement was in reference to non harley fans who argue that you can get a lot more performance out of less expensive bikes such as super sports, street fighters, sport tourers, and even other performance cruisers etc. Obviously very different bikes, but from a performance aspect, they're technically right. I'm a fan of the new softail/m8 myself.

  • Brandon Browning

    Man they cut my hours too 2 days or even 1 a week lol im just going to the parks for free :) but that bikes nice what do you think of me financing one? Im trying to build credit

    • theone2be33
      theone2be33 Day ago

      @Brandon Browning so find a used bike for cheap and build your credit on that. Don't go for new. Do your homework

    • Brandon Browning
      Brandon Browning Day ago

      @theone2be33 yea but atm i have 0 credit

    • theone2be33
      theone2be33 Day ago

      @Brandon Browning you probably have better luck going to a credit union other than your bank or the stealership for financing.

    • Brandon Browning
      Brandon Browning Day ago

      @Jon's Moto Garage yea thats probably whats its gonna come down too im thinking about a vulcan 650s and putting at least 1800 to 2k down on one

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      Dang, cutting hours! That's wack! I dont think financing is necessarily a bad idea as long as you can afford the payments and get a decent interest rate.

  • Jourdon Gulick

    Definitely a good problem to have haha. Not a big fan of the Stryker look 🤷‍♂️

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      Hahaha! Yeah, it's a cool custom looking bike, but unless it can pop up on one wheel, it's not for me. Lol.

  • Animals and friends

    Dude, Yamaha does not still make a Stryker.

  • Latino Biker
    Latino Biker Day ago

    I miss my Stryker, sometimes I wish I didn’t sell it.

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson Day ago

    How much was it

  • Guanyan Chen
    Guanyan Chen Day ago

    I tried 2014 GROM from my friend and I loved it! I said: can I trade my R3 for your GROM. He said : NAYYYYYYYYYYY... This bike is so much fun!!!!!!! I am going to buy one someday!!!

  • WhiteSpider125

    Remember, every manufacturer out there makes a +100hp 1200 (including Indian). Well every one except HD. So yeah, the Stryker would feel hella strong compared to a Sporty.

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      HD used to make the vrod, which pumped out around 120 hp if not mistaken with the 1130 and then 1250cc engine. Ok, not really your standard hd. Lol.

  • Robert Hicks
    Robert Hicks Day ago

    When you was young how many times was you told don't do that and get down from there.

  • Wes Jacobs
    Wes Jacobs Day ago

    Bought my 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour in March of 18 & best bike I've had. Loads of power and pretty reliable and I just love it. Was my dream Bike and I could finally afford it.

  • MartyMcFly700
    MartyMcFly700 Day ago

    LOL, I was about to comment There is no way that you would be getting a live wire unless Harley was paying you to get it. Harley would do much better if they started building dual clutch generations don't wanna learn manual....and it would bring new riders that don't wanna learn manual.

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      Hahaha! I wish harley would pay me to ride on. Lol. That would be rad!

    MAKSTR Day ago

    Check out the Honda Rune.

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      I've seen em a time or two, but a bit out of my budget. Lol. Definitely unique bikes.

  • Stephen Megel
    Stephen Megel 2 days ago

    People that are saying they'd never ride an electric, everything is probably going to be electric before long. Environmental stuff aside - EV is better than ICE. It's such a more simplistic machine. So many less moving parts that can fail. Dirt cheap to power and crazy torque. Loud pipes save lives but also damage your hearing...Once the battery tech increases, the range and charging gets better and prices go down. Then it's off to the races. That said, If I'm buying a V twin cruiser I want a Harley. I'm willing to pay more - I want the "real thing". They have that market cornered and have for a long time. If I'm buying an EV sport bike I'm not paying 10k extra for a Harley badge. That is pants on head retarded. Do these assholes really believe they can enter a new market and charge a 10k premium for their brand? It appears so. So their plan to attract new riders that aren't interested in their brand is to in fact charge a crazy premium for their brand? What? We will see with the next wave of more entry-level E bikes. If they have no interest in trying to compete on price Harley is doomed.

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      I'm definitely curious to see what's available 5-10 yrs from now with the electric bikes. I'll get one eventually for sure.

  • theone2be33
    theone2be33 2 days ago

    Raider or Stryker?

  • Mike Jordan
    Mike Jordan 2 days ago

    The Honda Furys arch rival 👍😎 Badass machine !

  • Lance Stone
    Lance Stone 2 days ago

    Imagine spending 30k on an electric motorcycle just to find out it doesn't charge properly lol

  • Russell Buchanan
    Russell Buchanan 2 days ago

    What's up with the blue bagger?

    • Jon's Moto Garage
      Jon's Moto Garage Day ago

      I'll get some vids out on it eventually. Lol. It's a kawasaki Voyager.