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Goldex - Elevator Pitch
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  • Motór Motór
    Motór Motór 2 days ago

  • kamal chand meena
    kamal chand meena 5 days ago


  • Daniel Roth
    Daniel Roth 24 days ago

    What a shame stupid socialists are fighting against this.

  • Crazy Clown
    Crazy Clown Month ago

    *Watch him he's a fucking snake*

  • Prem Sing
    Prem Sing Month ago

    Good cantari is jambiya

  • Brad Harris
    Brad Harris Month ago

    Dropping fucking loads!!! All over your glasses, eat em you filthy pig !!

  • Syf Almjd
    Syf Almjd 2 months ago

  • mike i like it
    mike i like it 3 months ago


  • Insider
    Insider 4 months ago

    In case if someone looking good profitible investment at gold mining, I have terrific opportunity - undeveloped mining site (greenfield) but with huge proven ore deposit in Central Asia, Kazakhstan. Please let me know if interested,

    EVANS YEBOAH KWABENA 4 months ago

    I need someone to support me to small scale mining in Ghana 🇬🇭

  • hiren kumar
    hiren kumar 4 months ago

    Will be bigger than google

  • jeetu parmar zigar
    jeetu parmar zigar 4 months ago

    O yas

  • Ass hole Name
    Ass hole Name 4 months ago

    The ceo stutters in answering , red flags here ..scam alert ..hello police

  • Bscotland
    Bscotland 5 months ago

    How much money goes into Scotland?

  • Txlca
    Txlca 5 months ago


  • Jeff Ray
    Jeff Ray 6 months ago

    Yes ✌

  • Carlos Ayala
    Carlos Ayala 6 months ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago

    Congrats to all shareholders

  • carforumwanker
    carforumwanker 6 months ago

    Fucking scamming bastards . Now closed down and rightly so.

  • edivaldo boldrini
    edivaldo boldrini 6 months ago

    em qual bolsa concigo comprar as açoes dessa empresa aqui no Brasil ?

  • john albrecht
    john albrecht 6 months ago

    Not even sense enough to put on a jacket for the vid. Almost sold out just because of that.

  • Terry Cairns
    Terry Cairns 7 months ago

    NXGWF will be the biggest thing to hit California ever in the Cannabis business. Five years from now this will be twentyfold where it is now.

  • rebecca hooper
    rebecca hooper 7 months ago

    £53 million of money laundered you mean and tax evaded

  • Jagmohan
    Jagmohan 7 months ago

    This will change the world.

  • tariq rafiq
    tariq rafiq 7 months ago

    Cash for questions crook John redwood remember cash for questions

  • Edin12n
    Edin12n 7 months ago

    It’s a pile of shite now

  • mary s.
    mary s. 8 months ago

    nice, as a shareholder who hold on to your stock, i am happy about your talk.

  • Wendy Nash
    Wendy Nash 9 months ago

    Great work :-).

  • Seek Into
    Seek Into 9 months ago

    MNKD to the moon

  • Amos Nadler
    Amos Nadler 9 months ago

    Would you elaborate on or identify the bluetooth device that provides insulin readings to phone/iWatch?

    • Gerry Roberts
      Gerry Roberts 9 months ago

      Meet BluHale: Afrezza Inhaled Insulin's New Data-Tracking Accessory: Diabetes Mine: Written by Mike Hoskins on March 6, 2018

    • Gerry Roberts
      Gerry Roberts 9 months ago

      MannKind Corporation have created their own device. It is called BlueHale Technology. BluHale® Technology We believe in the simplicity offered by breath powered delivery systems; and therefore, must understand the efforts exerted by patients during inhalation. BluHale® is a wireless pressure sensing technology that mounts onto our dry powder delivery systems, and can then measure the efforts exerted by patients during inhalation. Once measured, BluHale® communicates this information via an application, or multi-colored LED, on a smart device. In addition, the application provides a visual tool that promotes proper handling of the inhalation system. Its small size and ease of use are ideal for capturing patient inhalation profiles, and can be employed with or without dose administration.

    • Amos Nadler
      Amos Nadler 9 months ago

      @Mathias Müller Thank you!

    • Mathias Müller
      Mathias Müller 9 months ago

  • Newrange Gold Inc.
    Newrange Gold Inc. 9 months ago

    Thanks for publishing this new interview, #ProactiveInvestors! From #NewrangeGold.

  • Dave Corbey
    Dave Corbey 9 months ago

    So 8 years later and still nothing mined? Company still losing money...what's going on?

  • Reus 11#
    Reus 11# 9 months ago

    Curious on the comming update

  • Aimhii
    Aimhii 10 months ago

    When are we going to see the share price reward us for our patience?

  • Peter Bell
    Peter Bell 11 months ago

    Hello, please can you enable transcripts? Thanks!

  • Kathryn littlejohn
    Kathryn littlejohn 11 months ago

    That’s my uncle

  • AyeRight YaBe
    AyeRight YaBe Year ago

    has anyone else got shafted by #IXICO & ~#HargreavesLansdown's in Septembers deal? my 41 shares which should be worth over a £1000 have been wiped off, on 27th Sep 2018 the shares less than 100 were dumped and on 29th IXICO announce £9.1m deal and shares rose from .29p to £29.50p!! to much of a coincidence in my opinion, WHERES MY MONEY??

  • chris oil
    chris oil Year ago

    Made 10 times in 2012 on xel good times

  • Mark G
    Mark G Year ago

    Chris always gives a compelling interview. Really makes me want to fly across the county for the main event in December.

  • jlucasound
    jlucasound Year ago

    Battery Grade Lithium, coming right up!! :-)

  • mark Bones
    mark Bones Year ago


  • Milena Verdier-Bigot

    Dégagez de chez nous et détruisez votre propre environnement... L'Arménie ne sera jamais un terrain d'expérimentation et ne remplira jamais vos portefeuilles. Vous avez suffisamment de moyens pour assumer les conséquences dramatiques de ce genre d'exploitation chez vous. Ceux qui veulent être dans le TOP 10 des puissances industrielles mondiales, il vont s'aventurer sur leur propre territoire et c'est à eux d'en assumer toutes les conséquences environnementales que cette initiative entraînera. Nous n'allons pas permettre que quelq'un mette en danger la faune et la flore de notre pays. Donc on vous fera faire un demi-tour!

  • Jemal Hamid
    Jemal Hamid Year ago

    lairs bitch

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor Year ago

  • Viks Vikas Vikas

    Hello sir good company

  • Julia Khodjaian
    Julia Khodjaian Year ago

    Stop killing nature and armenian people. You have to understand that you are corruptet company because you got approval from corrupted government Armenian people will never aggreed to destroy their nature Go home and leave Amulsar

  • Rome Man
    Rome Man Year ago

    Mike is a top-class professional. If he talks with such persuasiveness, then Petro Matada is really on the verge of serious oil discovery in Mongolia. I belivie that it will make PM one of the most prosperous O&G company in Mongolia and perhaps in the world.

  • Don Curl
    Don Curl Year ago

  • Kyn Chan
    Kyn Chan Year ago

    Create shareholder value, really? When did that happen? Scott has never created any value. He takes value, that's why he keeps needing fresh investors. This guy couldn't run a cafe properly. For a profitable venture to get forced to delist from aim and barely survive do you really want him to be responsible for retirement funds. He is a slow talking idiot with no real prospects. So where do you think the shares will be in 2018? The likelihood is down, down and down. The message to shareholders is you're going to get f***ed and I'm going to get rich.

  • Kyn Chan
    Kyn Chan Year ago

    The primary strategy is to rip you off starting with the stupid investors. Hey the money is better in Scott's pockets isn't it. He speaks slowly to put people to sleep.

  • Kyn Chan
    Kyn Chan Year ago

    It does not matter what phase they say they are in. Their aim is to extract your money. If they can spin a story to get a few more million they'll do it.

  • Kyn Chan
    Kyn Chan Year ago

    Lipoxen turns to Xenetic which in turn becomes shit in the UK. The game was up and the investors lost their money. This fraud company then moves to the US. Hope springs eternal. The same is due to happen to the US investors as well - look forward to losing your money as well. Ray Dirks Research notes the group is “unique” in that its largest shareholders are some of the leading commercial biotech companies on the planet - namely SynBio, Baxter and the Serum Institute of India. “The shareholder list is one of the most impressive of all the biotech companies I have seen,” he says. Its portfolio of 15 next-generation drugs, cancer therapies and vaccines means the company is far less reliant on a single hit as most biotechs are, he adds. “Specifically, we think that those who take positions in Xenetic in the 200 to 250 million dollar market capitalization area, have a good chance of seeing their investment advance in price by 5 to 7 times over the next 3 to 5 years,” he argues. Really? One year left guys. You couldn't do it in the UK you're certainly not going to do it in the USA. Where next to get another chump investor? Try China next. Don't trust this conman. The only one getting rich is himself.

  • Wedi Gash
    Wedi Gash Year ago

    Eritrean people always very smart not the same another African countrys ,so that we have strong powerful and knowlage

  • Kev Walker
    Kev Walker Year ago

    I was invested in LEG and trusted this piece of shit with my money. Over 6 years I had invested 30k sterling . This shit bag zafar karim ensured I made no return at all... Yer paid himself a nice amount and spent 300k a year in the expense account. Nice work if you can get it

  • Lew Mearns
    Lew Mearns Year ago

    Eunho Lee is not to be trusted! He is not a good person! His mo is to take out CEO's in companies! Share holders and Agent agreements will not be upheld and takes advantage of them!

  • Janet Moore
    Janet Moore Year ago

    Go home! No fracking Coos Bay!

  • Edo K.
    Edo K. Year ago

  • Gary Young
    Gary Young Year ago

    There are serious concerns over the ecological impact of Amulsar in the region. It is affecting the water resources and pollutes the environment.

  • Asteriya Mabunda

    other s

  • Rucario Ho
    Rucario Ho Year ago

    such a low re-port-ability

  • Adora V
    Adora V Year ago

    awards, photos, videos, conferences, studies, beautiful websites ... the same thing, nothing for patients ...there are years since i hear how researchers describe their study and in the end nothing...silence ... I hope to survive this year as well ....please, it's time now, not over another 3 -23 years, in 2023 you release lupuzor ?? or maybe in 2223 God! ....thank you for your research and interest in treating this condition but please, leave other interests aside and you will have the appreciation you deserve

  • marcus holmes
    marcus holmes Year ago

    Now look at Arian Silver, they are worth peanuts now, Jim keeps taking his large salary at the expensive of the shareholders and he deliveries nothing.

  • SuperBad
    SuperBad Year ago

    Hot off the press

  • Kev Walker
    Kev Walker Year ago

    "I'm on the board, but the management is quite capable". Then why are you on the board taking 60k a year salary if you are not needed. Shareholders LOSS eh?

  • Steve Delcon
    Steve Delcon Year ago

    I have been hearing some very interesting things about this company in relation to the environmental permit

    • Stephen
      Stephen Year ago

      Now is the chance of a lifetime to be considering this investment.

  • Raphael Ziemer
    Raphael Ziemer Year ago

    I finished reading through “Gοsαmwο Jono” (search it on G00GLE), a premature ejaculation treatment, which I then tried. I had advancements swiftly at first, going from less than five minutes initially, to now, a month later, almost 20 minutes of fully gratifying intercourse.

  • Steve Worrell
    Steve Worrell 2 years ago

    What a snake

  • Mark Hobson
    Mark Hobson 2 years ago

    Wonderful. Well done......m

  • manchestercams manchestercams

    see u on BBC Watchdog today? 2-8-17

  • InfiniteUniverse88
    InfiniteUniverse88 2 years ago

    Thanks to Brexit, bovine will now be easier to get approved in Great Britain.

  • Natalie Jones
    Natalie Jones 2 years ago

    Andrew Bell is a CONMAN. Stay well away from him. His hoe history is one of bullshit lies, placings and more lies added with dilution and ever more placings and consolidation.Joke of a CEO, liar, deceiver bullshitter and a complete tosser

  • David Hat
    David Hat 2 years ago

    Mmmm that turned out well for Senior Kohn -not so for shareholders .

  • Matador
    Matador 2 years ago

    This company is going places. Fast!

  • coltsuperocean10
    coltsuperocean10 2 years ago

    .......................and 2 years later....this company is in turmoil. They have proved so much oil, huge reserves.....who is going to pay to get the oil out of the ground???? the share price has gone fuckin crazy the last few weeks. I feel HUR will go it alone, expensive, but it just might work........

  • Victorino García
    Victorino García 2 years ago

    Esto es una burda mentira. Estos señores tropezarán con la oposición del pueblo salmantino, que lucharemos hasta la extenuación contra una minera que solo quiere el dinero que hay en el subsuelo a costa del paisaje, el medioambiente y la vida en los pequeños pueblos de la provincia de Salamanca.

  • Enrique Lipnjak
    Enrique Lipnjak 2 years ago

    vale 300 pesos.....malllllllll

  • Born Blazed
    Born Blazed 2 years ago

    Solar is about too become good enough too compete with coal! Coal prices will drop like a stone! Chinese Appetite for coal is slowing thanks too solar panels they make themselves. Let me repeat that, the Main Consumer of Coal in the world is now producing solar cells for its own market on a massive scale. Buy Silver before silver paste for solar panels send prices threw the roof!

  • Milzi Jex
    Milzi Jex 2 years ago

    The sector needs to have social and environmental responsibility more importantly. A mining company must be environmentally responsible.

  • Alexander Govyadinov

    Nice video, but the advertised "simple price action" does not seem to work. I went through their 45 day trial, which was a disaster: a loss of 400 normalized pips (assuming one lot per trade). I checked their performance over the first 3 months, and it was the same - a loss of 370 pips. Upon asking for a longer term record, I was simply ignored. My advice, do not use their services.

  • shaon mukherjee
    shaon mukherjee 2 years ago

    i'd rather invest my money in buy let via a Ltd Co

  • dick doyle
    dick doyle 2 years ago

    ...and NEW OIL is where now ?

  • Ronaldo Portofino
    Ronaldo Portofino 2 years ago

    Im holding when the rocket blasts off :-)

    • Adrian FC82
      Adrian FC82 Year ago

      I think the rocket blew up before it left the launch pad.

  • Joseph Boudreau
    Joseph Boudreau 2 years ago

    K92 is the jewel in my portfolio. Two thumbs up to the management system.

    • Isoldacar
      Isoldacar 2 years ago

      Too bad it is 72% down from its one-year high at $0.62 CND this day of 5 August, 2017.

  • Sergey Stefanov
    Sergey Stefanov 2 years ago

    keep up the good work!

  • Frederick-Nrunk Kamara

    Shame about the merger, if that even does ahead.

  • Frederick-Nrunk Kamara

    You'd be hard pressed to find any financials about the company. If the company was Sierra Leonean it would be called Sierra Leone Rutile not Sierra Rutile. I wonder whose bright idea it was to float the company on the London stock exchange.

  • HereIam
    HereIam 2 years ago

    When are they going to start making money, looks like they're going to be bust by 2018.

  • FROOB202
    FROOB202 2 years ago

    Nah mate

  • Zoltan Gy
    Zoltan Gy 2 years ago

    Used to work there for 18 months! Never again!I would like to forget about that forever! Don't you even try to think about it to work for them!!!!! tesco and staffline are the same shit!

  • Adrien Ashburg
    Adrien Ashburg 2 years ago

    Exciting! Love all of Craig's videos.

  • Asmeret Seyoum
    Asmeret Seyoum 3 years ago

    I am so happy our Gov. and our Eritrean people deserve it after all this years been working hard.

  • Lloyd C Johnson
    Lloyd C Johnson 3 years ago

    Is Purple Bricks in Perth? if not, why not? Fantastic Idea, which doesn't rip the sellers off! I can never understand when a person's biggest asset is taken advantage off by a real estate agent, and they take a big chunk off that for themselves! A person should be able to sell there own house at a reasonable price.

  • chrixxxtian xxurphy
    chrixxxtian xxurphy 3 years ago

    shareprice 3 yrs later....10p

  • chandra shekhar nayak

    very insightful comments. Hope lot to see such videos

  • Maria Nakayama
    Maria Nakayama 3 years ago

    The prices will probably pick up again soon, but it's unlikely they will be at the same level they were before. China, the worlds largest commodity importer recently, is experiencing slower growth and a shift to services, from manufacturing. If there's no other country stepping in to replace that manufacturing, then there will be no need for commodities, as no goods will be produced. We are beginning to see a slow shift worldwide, away from consuming products and throwing them away, to a need for sustainable products, or services, the latter not using any materials.

  • Kung Fu
    Kung Fu 3 years ago

    oh dear..

  • Kung Fu
    Kung Fu 3 years ago

    James Hunt.

  • inyourgenes
    inyourgenes 4 years ago

    One of the biggest disasters (besides British Biotech plc) in commercial biotechnology - blew £32 million in VC and £67.5 million IPO funding + 200 people's livelihood.....but don't worry.....he is OK.....back in Ireland as Chief Science Advisor to Irish government. Get to the top.....and you become untouchable (reputation, personal wealth, future earnings, pension, lifestyle).....

  • Srihari Manoharan
    Srihari Manoharan 5 years ago

    thevudiya pasangal ungala mari aaluga nala than da nadu eh nasama poga poguthu

  • Daniel Antonio mendoza Dolmus

    Esta empresa ha benido a engañar a mucha gente a nicaragua gente que ha creido en la imbersion de condor gold o ( condor plc ) simple y sencilla mente firman contratos mismos que quebrantan a su gusto y antojo amparados por una firmas de abogados que son especialistas en poner trabas sñores cumplan con los compromisos que tienen con la mestiza s.a de nicaragua degen de chantajear que si no hay eliminaciones de compromisos que tienen con nosotros ustedes no pagan desde ase dos meses no contestan los telefonos ni dan respuesta donde esta el señor jose mario granados que aparece solo para burlarse de las perzonas con escusas absurdas

    • realnicoya
      realnicoya 4 years ago

      @Daniel Antonio mendoza Dolmus Lo mismo de siempre, no importa quienes estan en el gobierno, les regalan los recursos naturales no renovables a las compañias extranjeras, pero tambien es culpa de los estupidos tecnocratas (Ingenieros) del país, tanto a nivel de Universidades, como a nivel de empresas e invercionistas/financieros que en lugar de usar sus oxidados cerebros tratando de fabricar una máquina para taladrar la roca o, para pulverizar la tierra y aprender el proceso para separar el metal, cualquier metal, lo único que hacen es calcular cuanto menos le pueden pagar a sus trabajadores, aunque no sean los dueños de las empresas, para justificar sus, en algunos casos,exesivos salarios, aunque lengan que lamer las bo...s a sus igualmente estupidos ricachones jefes. Otros creen que la política es lo mejor porque pueden robar impunemente.