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  • Chaos The Gamer
    Chaos The Gamer Hour ago

    It's been about 4 months since I started watching your videos I can already hear a ton of improvement

  • High R. Power Music

    Ken I love your reaction videos and your selection of singers! Please react to one of my songs

  • Jane Airth
    Jane Airth Hour ago

    great voice and technique Kati (and Ken)x

  • Rachel Marshall
    Rachel Marshall Hour ago

    Yeah, Ken! Good stuff!

  • Kendrick Lee
    Kendrick Lee Hour ago

    Kennnnnnn I saw you have a Stevie wonder song I assume one of your students sang to “I wish” can you react that song??

  • RocksteadyRuth
    RocksteadyRuth Hour ago

    I'm sure I've seen better footage from this live in '77. Saw them on that tour, Anne was so energetic, beautiful, just out to rock, she overshadowed her sister completely. Anne is still all those things. Agreed her voice did get stronger in time. She brought tears to Robert Plant's eyes at the Kennedy Centre (although I think the choir and the production instigated more of those emotions possibly). A woman who can, the only other additional singer to do STH with the best tone was Lou that guy sang! Kudos to Ken, I love your shirt in this video more than anything. 😉

  • Jane Airth
    Jane Airth Hour ago

    what a classic Ken - you do make me laugh with the stoned look ! - it was before my time being a 70s/80s child but it was still played on the ol' vinyls !!!!

  • Сергей Орлов

    Алиса Супронова - Нана (чеченская) | Арби Цураев/Alisa Supronova - Mother (Arbi Tsuraev), in Chechen

  • AP S
    AP S Hour ago

    🇨🇦 loves ❤️ 😵 On U Too Ken! ❤️

  • fooser77
    fooser77 Hour ago

    Speaking of eulogizing .. Could you please analyze Warrel Dane (RIP) with Nevermore doing The Godless Endeavor (live)? Pretty please! You can use this video too, that I produced myself .. (won't get a copyright strike; already tested) You can try and take a chance on the original official video of same .. (no lyrics provided) Do keep in mind that Dane had 4+ years of opera training in his youth .. Definitely an analysis worth doing .. BTW, Wilson's and Dane/Nevermore both -- from Seattle ..

  • Cade Evans
    Cade Evans Hour ago

    Hey man I was wondering if you could do a vocal coach reacts to Petra or guy penrod their awesome if you want it's up to you

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin Hour ago

    Hey Ken. Sometimes popular opinion doesn’t match our own opinions. You are always respectful when giving your opinion. In my opinion you’re not wrong on this one.

  • Philippe
    Philippe Hour ago

    You are making me discover a great singer. I must avow that I just knew her name but didn't know she was so interesting. Great music too. Thank you Ken

  • Margaret Wilkie
    Margaret Wilkie Hour ago

    I have listened to Heart since their earliest days. This is the one that actually cracked me up from the first time I heard it in 1976. She sounded like a neighing horse on the chorus. And from that day until now, whenever I hear it, I neigh along with her at the top of my lungs. My husband automatically puts all the car windows down when he hears the intro.

  • Chris Couture
    Chris Couture Hour ago

    Ken thanks for bringing don kirshner's rock concert to my was a bit before my time but there is some epic stuff here for this show available on you tube........awesome.

  • Bob Eagle
    Bob Eagle Hour ago

    ann was way prettier than nancy. always has been. in this vid Ann is totally hot. dang.! When I look at her... I mean just look at her!

  • NoizeKommando
    NoizeKommando Hour ago

    I would be curious to have your analysis on some Paul Stanley's stuff (at his peak of course...) "Forever" could be a good choice

    • NoizeKommando
      NoizeKommando Hour ago

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Thank YOU for all the pertinent analysis (and the fast answer ;-) )

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Hour ago

      NoizeKommando Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Mark Shields
    Mark Shields Hour ago

    heart is amazing. no ones perfect.

  • Jet From Holland

    Have you ever heard of the Finnish band Nightwish? They are a symphonic metal band and have a frontwoman. This lady, called Floor Jansen, does a really good version of Alone, from Heart. Her vocal abilities range from opera to growling. She is also, like you, a vocal couch, although, with the success of Nightwish, she will probably not have time to teach much anymore. I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to check her out. She is from my country, The Netherlands. 🌷🌷🌷 This is one of my favourites from Nightwish with Floor I would love, love, love to know what you think. I’m not saying you have do a reaction vid, but I would love to know your opinion, Ken. Love from Holland. By the way, I love Heart❤️!

  • Music Mad Man
    Music Mad Man Hour ago


  • Bob Eagle
    Bob Eagle Hour ago

    well its about damn time you reviewed a heart song.. next I want to hear you sing it. or Alone.

    • Bob Eagle
      Bob Eagle Hour ago

      also. I love your covers they are so good. Maybe you can make a covers album like Eddie Money did. and then piggyback your singing course somehow. because after all most people want to sing along to their favorites songs but cant. But now you can with Ken Tamplin.

    • Bob Eagle
      Bob Eagle Hour ago

      I heard Arnel Pineda from Journey sing Alone.. on stage ... with Ann Wilson!!! Id love to hear you do reaction Arnel vs Steve. You want some views?? hello. Controversy buzzes! Merry Christmas Ken..

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Hour ago

      Bob Eagle . I'll consider that!

  • NGC 660
    NGC 660 Hour ago

    I'd love to see a reaction to a song which means a lot to me, no one's reacted to it on youtube either, Chris Cornell - When I'm Down - Troubadour, January 29 2010 , it's just him and a piano and it's uploaded on his official channel. <3 as always from Sweden

  • Pamela Renee Pinal

    April Wine, Triumph?🎤🎸🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Katie  Blocker
    Katie Blocker Hour ago

    What!!!! 1977 was a long time ago??!!! Feels like yesterday ;) Heart has always been a fav, Nancy's intro on this then Ann..well Ann rules everything she sings to me. Rock on ✌🤘

  • D Yot65
    D Yot65 Hour ago

    Said it before......dont rememeber what video, but give me Ann Wilson any day over Benatar, Joplin, Slick, or any other female vocalists.

  • Kevin Kauffman
    Kevin Kauffman Hour ago

    Have you ever done one on Sam Cooke?

  • Alex L.A.
    Alex L.A. 2 hours ago

    Ann is one of the greatest singers of all time. She is an amazing person too. I’ve talked to her and she shared my fan edit on facebook which made me truly happy as a fan. She really inspired me to sing.

  • I do games
    I do games 2 hours ago

    I love how casual you are after killing this cover. You are truly amazing, keep up the good work. Also, have you thought of pointing your covers on Spotify. I’d love to put this on my playlist.

  • Jode Ville
    Jode Ville 2 hours ago

    Ann became a better singer around the same time she gained weight. The whole world was brutal. I like and dislike heart, A little love, no hate. I believe we would have never heard them do any of this if there were no led zepplin. Heart was very creative, but Even the songs I really liked didn't keep me. I heard hot chocolate..everyone's a winner back in jr. High and I still can't get it out of my mind. When I think heart.... I think "magic man"!!!

  • Paul Divito
    Paul Divito 2 hours ago

    The phenomenal Ann Wilson, It's a dirty song but someone's got to sing it.

  • Steve buckskinner 54

    I like so many loved The Midnight Special. This was one of my favorite performances from that show.

  • Albret Kroule
    Albret Kroule 2 hours ago

    Thanks Ken! I'm not familiar with the work of this band,but the sound was like a musical or a rock Opera.👍🏿

  • Steve buckskinner 54

    I can understand about it sounding shrill to you at time. For me it is Getty Lee of Rush. The guy can definitely hold his own, but it's just to squeaky for me. 😬

  • tetris freak
    tetris freak 2 hours ago

    I love Heart. Good choice Ken

  • Elaya
    Elaya 2 hours ago

    If metal versions of these songs I think I'd like the type of metal that has dramatic orchestra with it. I think vocals could be very varied and still be interesting though. Thankyou for the video. I agree, these songs make me want to sing too. 😊

  • Steve buckskinner 54

    Awwww the days of wearing satin. One of my stage outfits included a red satin kimono. LOL

  • Cade Evans
    Cade Evans 2 hours ago

    Hey Ken I think your an awesome singer as well there's a song I like to hear you sing on one of your albums it's never give up love it

  • The Neuromancer
    The Neuromancer 2 hours ago

    Can you do a reaction to Pat Benatar.

  • joe zumbo
    joe zumbo 2 hours ago

    Hi Ken, Any chance of doing a coach reaction to Heart- stairway to heaven ? Hi five from Sydney Australia.

  • LJ B
    LJ B 2 hours ago

    They play Barracuda a lot at work and it was really interesting to see this :)

  • classic kool
    classic kool 2 hours ago

    Ann definitely has a gift, but your so right, her voice can get shrill when she starts screaming. The band, as a whole, was SO talented back then, not only in their musicianship but at the art of songwriting. Thanks Ken!

  • Christian Casabón
    Christian Casabón 2 hours ago

    Ann is a real legend. The first time I've ever listened to ¨Alone¨ I got hooked. Love your content. Greetings from Colombia.

  • Cade Evans
    Cade Evans 2 hours ago

    My mom loves heart she's an awesome singer and has a lot of power I like what about love but yea this woman can sing honestly

  • Mamy Mimma
    Mamy Mimma 2 hours ago

    Love your explanations!

  • Traylynn Smith
    Traylynn Smith 2 hours ago

    Fantastic Ken thanks for another excellent review. Ann has such a powerful voice, love Heart brilliant.

  • jacobs
    jacobs 2 hours ago

    Ken, I need to set up a studio like yours. Kindly recommend the equipment you have. My email is

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy 2 hours ago

      jacobs . I have a very limited time to process the thousands of comments that appear on my 600+ videos, daily. I would love to give each person personal attention but it just isn't possible. If you have a question you should post it on the forum where myself or one of my moderators can help you out.

  • Lemu100
    Lemu100 2 hours ago

    Ann: (sings high) Ken: (matches frequency by playing around) me: who is really the awesome one here?

  • Nicholas Ovel
    Nicholas Ovel 2 hours ago

    Got the BGs.... And I'm not talking about the band! Hahaha... You're a legend man! Great story! Phil Collins, in the years surrounding this he looked like a hairless baby, chubby and puckering. LOL. AN AWESOME voice. I thought for sure he wasn't going to get to the kit before the solo!!

  • 80s Metal
    80s Metal 2 hours ago

    We want Damn Yankees!!!

  • Woow Moow
    Woow Moow 2 hours ago

    Can you please react to zayn malik.i want to hear your honest opinion about him ..

  • Jonathan Jenson
    Jonathan Jenson 2 hours ago

    Could you please try to consider the Canadian band tragically hip. Gordon (the lead singer) died and they are the staple Canadian folk-rock. Please.

  • Matt Newton
    Matt Newton 2 hours ago

    This song has and always will rock no matter how old it is. Great song.

  • duckman66nl
    duckman66nl 2 hours ago

    Love Ann Wilson and Heart, Dreamboat Annie is a true classic. Not a big fan of the later 80s period songs. But her version of stairway in 2012 (The Kennedy Center Honors ) was fantastic. She still is one of the best! Thanks Ken for the react!

  • the sun
    the sun 2 hours ago


  • Erik S. Lundestad
    Erik S. Lundestad 2 hours ago

    Wow. 1977. You probably think I’m crazy but never heard them before. It’s before my time. Love your honesty. Just like I did not think you’re absolut best on one of the Bon Jovi songs, you lacked some energy that time. But you did an amazing comeback on your next song! So being honest Works the best. I think she strugled a bit early in the song, but WOW, she went crazy crazy amazing from the midle part and out. Can’t belive this is live! 👏👏👏

    • Trust Jesus
      Trust Jesus 2 hours ago

      You should check out the Kennedy Center Honors tribute to Led Zeppelin when Heart did Stairway to Heaven.

    • Erik S. Lundestad
      Erik S. Lundestad 2 hours ago

      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy I will. Thanks 👍

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy 2 hours ago

      Erik S. Lundestad You should check out the Heart archives. She has become better and better and better over the years. A real legend!

  • A O
    A O 2 hours ago

    Why don't you react to Stevie Nicks?

    • A O
      A O 2 hours ago

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy I'm going!

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy 2 hours ago

      A O I have. Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac! Check it out!

  • A O
    A O 2 hours ago

    Number 4!

  • Manuel Tingen
    Manuel Tingen 2 hours ago

    Just started your channel a week ago. Love the songs you pick and love the comments you give and when you talk about youre story’s from the past.. Gonna subscribe right now! Keep doing what youre doing! Greetings from the Netherlands! 👍

  • Manuel Tingen
    Manuel Tingen 3 hours ago

    Hetfield once said that he’s not singing, he’s just screaming in key 😂😂

  • Frisbieinstein
    Frisbieinstein 3 hours ago

    That guitar player has it perfect.

  • JM Arcilla
    JM Arcilla 3 hours ago

    Please react to the band “X Japan”!

  • Angela Comprés
    Angela Comprés 3 hours ago

    Seal is a legend...thank Mr. Tamplin! new subscriber here!

  • Frisbieinstein
    Frisbieinstein 3 hours ago

    Nice groove. Tasteful. It's like the world's best bar band.

  • Kal12012
    Kal12012 3 hours ago

    You are amazing at explaining! Just from watching this one video I could already massively improve the way I get through a song without getting tired, I'm seriously considering getting your course sooner or later.

    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy 3 hours ago

      Kal12012 Thanks for your kind words. My course covers everything you can think of. I'm here when you are ready!

  • jez ramos
    jez ramos 4 hours ago

    Great reaction. Can you do a vocal coach reacts to Arnel pineda of Journey?

  • Diego Sagastume
    Diego Sagastume 4 hours ago

    Super Master ken,

  • Ailish Beth D
    Ailish Beth D 4 hours ago

    Fantastic! Looking forward to hearing more from Alyona. Great work Ken👍🎶

  • Jason Poesl
    Jason Poesl 4 hours ago

    I would love to see her sweet dreams by pasty cline . that would be intoxicating!

  • Julimer Yecla
    Julimer Yecla 4 hours ago

    frankly im not impressed with the voice quality... its just pure falceto.....

  • Mamy Mimma
    Mamy Mimma 4 hours ago

    I like Crazy so much :)

  • MeisseLee
    MeisseLee 4 hours ago

    Would love something on Michael Bolton!

  • Jonathan Jenson
    Jonathan Jenson 5 hours ago

    Amazing singing from a guy who's that high.

  • Gerald Sutton
    Gerald Sutton 5 hours ago

    Floor mic works for me........;-)

    EDMAR CANDELARIO 5 hours ago

    Stellheart shes gone

  • Io
    Io 5 hours ago

    'etcetera' is Bill Ward, drummer idol and John 'Geezer' Butler on bass, responsable for some of the most impressive lyrics in rock and virtually all lyrics to the first 8 sabbath albums.

  • Rosie Goulis
    Rosie Goulis 5 hours ago

    Oh thank you so much !! I like metal but maaannnn George was awesome I LOVE HIM !! Can you please rect to George singing somebody to love ❤️

  • Be11a2496 M
    Be11a2496 M 6 hours ago

    Glenn is a force of freakin nature

  • Richie Young
    Richie Young 6 hours ago

    Waow 🔥🔥🔥 No1 could ever match Chester vocals but this is a close 2nd. Excellent, love it ❤️ Made the hairs stand on the back of my neck hitting that chorus. #makechesterproud

  • Sidney Alburo
    Sidney Alburo 6 hours ago

    hi ken....nice really helps my way singing...thank u

  • Matt Tidswell
    Matt Tidswell 6 hours ago


  • Rae Austria
    Rae Austria 6 hours ago

    Best teacher best vocal coach . ur d best..

  • Batallador1957
    Batallador1957 6 hours ago

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para ti también Ken tamplin felicidades

  • CryptoReality News
    CryptoReality News 6 hours ago

    Boom, nailed it young lady

  • Ohsoskillful
    Ohsoskillful 6 hours ago

    Motorhead= burning both ends of the candle. Never could get into them, love the stories man, " Are you in a band, Well......I used to be." Chomp chomp chomp ohhhh.

  • Tarrell Freeze
    Tarrell Freeze 7 hours ago

    This performance was after Jon hurt his voice. To be fair to him, you should review a pre injury performance(like from Slippery tour). Jon just goes overboard now to protect his voice. It's much more nasally, soft and head voicey and has been for the last couple decades. Vocal coaching has obviously helped Jon protect his voice but the trade off is, he doesn't sound great anymore. He doesn't sound horrible either though. Besides, his fans are mainly there just to see him and share the moment with him. God Bless & Rock On!

  • Dawn Stephens
    Dawn Stephens 8 hours ago

    Idk, Kelly really has a hard time even when she talks anymore. She runs out of breath even speaking.

  • charlie japos
    charlie japos 8 hours ago

    Mori is ❤️

  • Scott Schmitz
    Scott Schmitz 8 hours ago

    Ken, have you seen him do Who Wants To Live Forever with Queen? Obviously there was a substantial key drop but his rendition was unbelievable. Really classy with a full complement of Queen backup singers etc.

  • mikieson
    mikieson 8 hours ago

    he was really short lived in the business. Honestly i think these are his only big songs.Seems he was here and gone but somehow still popular enough that a lot of people know him. Are those 2 songs that great? Whats your take Ken??

  • peter pan
    peter pan 9 hours ago

    1:38 absolutely not. Go back and listen to it.

  • Clem S
    Clem S 10 hours ago

    Wonderful. Beautiful tone color and use of registers... This girl Rocks!

  • Сергей Цыганков

    Отличная реакция! Сделайте пожалуйста ещё реакцию на Диану Анкудинову!

  • Androth
    Androth 10 hours ago

    seems like a jack of all trades, master of none. he may have range, but i just wasn't impressed by anything.

  • Sturmhawke
    Sturmhawke 10 hours ago

    Hi Ken. Great series. Can you please tell me the guitar chord progression you played for the vocal exercises in these videos. Thanks.

  • RedManPower32
    RedManPower32 10 hours ago

    haha i like how you say his an alien, yet you still hit the same powerful note. bravo!

  • RedManPower32
    RedManPower32 10 hours ago

    Ken please sing the 'show must go on' in your own style.

  • RedManPower32
    RedManPower32 10 hours ago

    That is awesome ken.

  • Satril X
    Satril X 10 hours ago

    I think Alotta of us have to realize we have to actually train our voices nd not just watch these types of videos

  • chat rouge
    chat rouge 10 hours ago

    Good afternoon, Ken, if you want to be surprised listen Diana Ankudinova, 15 year - "Wicked Game", "Human", "Реченька", "Dernière danse", project "Ты супер". You haven’t heard that before. 120 million views You Tube in one year under a project.

  • joshua abaring
    joshua abaring 10 hours ago

    What's that song at 0:21