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  • Sincere Seals
    Sincere Seals 42 minutes ago


  • Ardissia Thompsom

    That is inexcusable to wish death on people for the year they were born in. Wtf is wrong with these folk.

    CRAPTASTIC 2 hours ago

    The greatest generation it was said

    SEX MONEY DRUGS 2 hours ago

    about 2:00 that guys whole diatribe was stupid

  • Chew Tobacco
    Chew Tobacco 2 hours ago

    Boomers never experienced this.

  • jorge Gonzalez
    jorge Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    When u have to go to a safety brief on ur day off for a 96 ur gunna be working on yup loving it....

  • gourmet cavewoman
    gourmet cavewoman 2 hours ago

    I can relate to everyone in this video

  • gourmet cavewoman
    gourmet cavewoman 2 hours ago

    The end of my family life 💔 was something I will never get over. It changed my life 😭 and I had to find ways to survive. Today I am still a socialist but even more extreme

  • gourmet cavewoman
    gourmet cavewoman 2 hours ago

    I miss them too

  • Chew Tobacco
    Chew Tobacco 3 hours ago

    The scrubs of the 60s won't die, they are like cockroaches, you can kill one and 100 crawl out of the cracks.

  • Albert Cobo
    Albert Cobo 3 hours ago

    The problem still is the first half. Boomers love erasing history and destroying what the 19th century innovators passed on to you.

  • Ramirez Monica
    Ramirez Monica 3 hours ago

    Yup there is a difference between THE COUNTRY and the government! Man, they didn't know how right they were

  • Oscar Goodwin23
    Oscar Goodwin23 3 hours ago

    I can't help but think about how the children of Millennials will be affected by the veterans of the War on Terror.

  • Son of Ode
    Son of Ode 3 hours ago

    Why suddenly I imagine smelling a swamp grass?? Hmmm... Thats weird. Beautiful music.

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib 3 hours ago

    TV has destroyed our culture. Hardly anybody gets together with friends and family to play music together any more, now we all watch TV (or play video games).

  • Jay Donagh
    Jay Donagh 4 hours ago

    You can really tell this guy's entire demeanor feels 1950s-esque.

  • Lois Gibson
    Lois Gibson 4 hours ago

    The girl with the big smilelooks like Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird. I know it's not her, but look a like.

  • Thomas Linehan
    Thomas Linehan 4 hours ago

    Till they went to Vietnam and died

  • Steven Campbell
    Steven Campbell 4 hours ago

    3.43, Right there is the Dimple Darlin' of all America. Back country, good folks, home made music, all of the old folks settin' to listen, the young un' kicking up and stomping down a storm, the fine old fiddle showing the way, the caller making the way.

  • Helen Johnson
    Helen Johnson 4 hours ago

    This is so good! You are so good.

  • Kevin Gowen
    Kevin Gowen 4 hours ago

    I hope to see the clip depicting them again after three decades

  • Thinkand van Watch
    Thinkand van Watch 4 hours ago

    Those are not looking as school kids

  • Jerome C
    Jerome C 5 hours ago


  • jeloeb
    jeloeb 5 hours ago

    Thank you for posting the various clips from the Earl Scruggs documentary. I remember seeing Earl Scruggs Family and Friends once upon a time. I don't remember where or when but the whole film was so memorable and special that these moments are still fresh in my mind. I was particularly struck by how Earl, at this point, towards the end of his storied career, was still reaching out and exploring all different styles of music. I love bluegrass, Doc included although he is so much more, it's almost all I listen to and pick these days. And it really bothers me when bluegrass purists get down on Earl for exploring other styles. The way I see it, everyone in bluegrass acknowledges Earl Scruggs as a major influence and innovator, right up there with Bill Monroe. Well, he was an innovator because he was searching for new sounds all along - and I don't understand how you can get down on someone who continues to do what made them so great in the first in the place. You gotta support people like that - they are too rare and far between. p.s. these videos are a special treat, not only for the great footage (and surprisingly good sound for the time) but also because of you, as the filmmaker, providing your insight. Thanks again! These guys are not here physically but they live on in millions of us who pick and/or enjoy their music so much. It's a heartfelt music.

  • Unicorn TV 123
    Unicorn TV 123 5 hours ago

    Beaten. Behave. World War Parents. Not spoiled. At all.

  • EnergyDot
    EnergyDot 5 hours ago

    This is actually really good.. the son's arguments actually make sense

  • Dude Fest bug outs
    Dude Fest bug outs 5 hours ago

    Back when people were had some type of sanity.... and everyone wasn’t a little bitch

  • whoo else
    whoo else 5 hours ago

    Jim crow was in full effect in the deep south. And lets not act like it wasnt happening all over the country also because it clearly was, just under different pretenses.

  • whoo else
    whoo else 5 hours ago

    Where's all the "whites only" signs & klan robes? That was very rampant in the 50s as well. I dont know why some folks like to conveniently forget that racism has been deeply embedded in american history since its inception.

  • christopher cook
    christopher cook 5 hours ago

    The narrator cannot say mariner and the crew more effective if they ann7nciated correctly, especially with no margin for error steer left right.

  • MyTwoCents
    MyTwoCents 6 hours ago

    Humans don't change. Technology does. Unless Humans evolve, things will remain the same.

  • jorg nebel
    jorg nebel 6 hours ago

    The best part is that niggas were not around!

  • Refiner Similitude
    Refiner Similitude 6 hours ago

    Wow, you were right there for that. How special! I was fortunate enough to see Doc perform twice a few years before he passed. What an exceptional person.

  • Clifftonic Studios
    Clifftonic Studios 6 hours ago

    Well apart from this PC which is hidden, I live everyday 1950s with my wife. car clothes everything even TV Im only 35 I hate everything about this generation, Fake dopey celebs, stupid duck face no dignity.

  • EdgE WyzE
    EdgE WyzE 6 hours ago

    Cops are my peoples

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 6 hours ago

    I love your country music videos. They have given me a taste for old country and bluegrass.

  • Clifftonic Studios
    Clifftonic Studios 6 hours ago

    Cnom where al the racism shit. the man says he played outdoors with black kids. That's why I hate this damm world Im called racist just because I like the 50s., its sad.

  • 91750fast
    91750fast 6 hours ago

    "lifes not about fun when you're 16" lol beg to differ

  • julie wolf
    julie wolf 6 hours ago

    No name. Oh dear! It seems that you misunderstood me. Like that's never happened before. Or will ever happen again! You bet that I am so profoundly grateful that I was able to stay home and raise my kids full time! And my kids, now all successful adults, express their gratitude too! My point was that in the 1980s and 90s, especially in the 80s, I had to be a rugged individualist to stay home with my children. The social pressure in those days was to have it all and do it all. Now! We made a lot of material sacrifices to have a parent at home with the children. And sacrifices that weren't material too. Like I wasn't successful at reviving my career 15 years later. Part of the reason was due to a serious health problem I developed. Another sacrifice was the social isolation I experienced while going against the current social norms. I'm sad for young parents nowadays who want to be there for their kids full time but can't. Today's economy doesn't make that feasible for most people. About ten years ago when I was working as a teacher p/t in the public schools I knew many parents of young children who had to work 3 jobs between the two parents just to make ends meet. Not fair! It's what motivated me to become involved as a volunteer in politics.

  • ivydude13
    ivydude13 6 hours ago

    Wow! Doc Watson. I remember "Keep on the Sunny Side of Life" from the movie Convoy! I loved it as a kid! What year was this?

  • Clifftonic Studios
    Clifftonic Studios 6 hours ago

    Well apart from this PC which is hidden, I live everyday 1950s with my wife. car clothes everything even TV Im only 35 I hate everything about this generation, Fake dopey celebs, stupid duck face no dignity.

  • Black Willow
    Black Willow 6 hours ago

    Thanks Mr. Hoffman! Very cool video.

  • Tim Brady
    Tim Brady 6 hours ago

    Do it today .

  • Jelton Inc.
    Jelton Inc. 6 hours ago

    Damn David, you really opened a can of worms with this one!!! I just want you to know I love your boomer self. This is coming from a millennial.

  • Clifftonic Studios
    Clifftonic Studios 6 hours ago

    Well apart from this PC which is hidden, I live everyday 1950s with my wife. car clothes everything even TV Im only 35 I hate everything about this generation, Fake dopey celebs, stupid duck face no dignity.

  • Allan Cerf
    Allan Cerf 6 hours ago

    What's a "real-life" documentary?

  • Tipsy
    Tipsy 6 hours ago

    "Peggy, of course i can't go swimming! You know I've got THE CURSE."

    ANDREW H 6 hours ago

    Thank you for kindly uploading this music. It is very important that this music lives on and gets more important as the rest of the worlds Hollywood inspired music gets worse.. Thank you from deep in my soul ..

  • Brady
    Brady 7 hours ago

    Bostonians baby southie or charlestown.

  • aundrea dalrymple
    aundrea dalrymple 7 hours ago

    thank you! an early boomer too.

  • Ed Hill Masters Roofing

    Way more young men need this in our broken culture...thanks to progressives for trying to destroy our culture

  • George Pratt
    George Pratt 7 hours ago

    makes me wish I would have joined

  • Liber8tor
    Liber8tor 7 hours ago

    How did the bankers and corrupt politicians, manage to take such a huge surplus, squander it on useless wars, and destroy a strong country in such a short time?

  • Dave Siler
    Dave Siler 7 hours ago

    David, thanks for this superb treasure!!!

  • Logan Cranston
    Logan Cranston 7 hours ago

    Yeah things might have been great here then but what about the millions of people starving in extreme poverty in the rest of the world?

  • Rachel Aung
    Rachel Aung 7 hours ago

    Teens were addicted to the telephones instead of iPhones damn ...

  • Liberty Forever
    Liberty Forever 7 hours ago

    Doc Watson and Earl Scruggs were in that last generation where making music was *the* primary source of entertainment in the rural areas. Live music was fun. A gift at days end. Musicians weren't seeking fame and riches. They received pleasure by giving others pleasure.

  • Robin Riebsomer
    Robin Riebsomer 7 hours ago

    I got news for everyone. I am an RN and my sister is a teacher. Those are REAL professions.

  • AmericaNeedsWeed
    AmericaNeedsWeed 8 hours ago

    I watched it....then heard what you said and had to watch it again

  • NBT 3
    NBT 3 8 hours ago

    These men find such pride in their accomplishments. It makes me sick. To fight for evil is to murder and not think of the underlining disgusting smell of death.

  • angry ranger
    angry ranger 8 hours ago

    I know this is an older documentary, but there is no Navy on the Planet that can touch the U.S. Navy. Thank you for keeping us free! U.S. Army 1987 to 2008.

  • Nikki Dee
    Nikki Dee 8 hours ago

    Sadly, my grandparents lived their entire adult lives in a loveless marriage. They had 6 children, all Boomers born in the 50s. My family was poor so didn’t exactly have the middle class social upward mobility that many boomers experienced. My grandfather was the breadwinner and not faithful or very nice to my grandmother and I believe had she had the ability-the freedom to self actualize and a means of supporting herself, she would have left. Subsequently, their miserable marriage is what created a “single mother” out of my mom. A rejection of her upbringing, she refused to take ANY BS from my dad, and divorced him early, and sent her (us) into a poverty spiral of a different kind. It’s all sad to me when I think about it but the most sad to me is thinking about how trapped my grandmother must have felt. I have a weird relationship with the word feminism. Even as a woman, I don’t believe in all of the concepts or attitudes to say the least, but I can’t help but think had certain social freedoms been more acceptable during my grandmother’s time here, perhaps she would have had a chance at happiness.

  • Ronaldo
    Ronaldo 8 hours ago

    My dad was a Green Beret. My dream is to join the Corps as a 0341.

  • Our Future: The power is the people

    All of this was no accident. It was designed by very powerful people. Just as we are being designed now. Designed to give our country and Constitution away. To trade it for a lie. Easier fun times. I argue with my brothers about our country's future. They both say the same thing, "I just want to enjoy my kids and let them have a great life." I say back, "What kind of world will this be when my 16 year old is my age(47)?" And they along with most in my generation think I'm the crazy one. They trust the system without reading the fine print.

  • Nelson's Rudolph
    Nelson's Rudolph 8 hours ago

    Wow, I was in Northern Norway also in the marines in 1984.

  • buddy moore
    buddy moore 9 hours ago

    I was raised by boomer children, I survived, the rest of the world needs to stop crying about everything and except their life is their to challenge! life is not easy, no one gives you a damn thing unless they want something in return. I didn't grow up wanting to work hard but I also wanted to have a car, a stereo and a girl friend, that's what was important when I was growing up. everything else I did with my life started with those three things, lol I don't think any generation is truly responsible for their children, any more than children are responsible for there parents action. I think social engineering is to blame, these people were all victims, the guy in the beginning said it best "we didn't know what we were doing" the education system is to be credited with changing America so many time in several generations, now we are going thru another with the current culture war. I guess this is what people do, can we ever just get along?

  • Very Jolly
    Very Jolly 9 hours ago

    In today’s world the left owns the media and now they want to take your guns, you can see what the devil is trying to do.

  • Parks Family
    Parks Family 9 hours ago

    The things the boomers, my parents, taught me that destroyed American society, were “you don’t need a man to raise children”, “women should be out working and not focused on being home with their children”, “working is more important that caring for you family”, “every woman should go to college”, “go out and consume to be patriotic to your country” “if you work hard you will succeed” “you must rely on government as a safety net” “I want my pension”

  • Parks Family
    Parks Family 9 hours ago

    This guy from Salon wrote a book about boomers and called them sociopaths. Unbelievable!

  • Jessica April Shepherd

    Cindy French saying that teachers, flight attendants, nurses, and secretaries don't have real jobs. smh

  • KJ k
    KJ k 9 hours ago

    RADIUM CLOCK What about the ones who came of age in the early '80s?

  • Rational Guy
    Rational Guy 9 hours ago

    All he that thumb down this video shall be smiteth to the nth degree sayeth i

  • Mojo Komodo
    Mojo Komodo 9 hours ago

    ciondy French complains she can not go into law or medicine, now she has the freedom to and chooses flight attendant......

  • xXDimonGuy xX2135
    xXDimonGuy xX2135 9 hours ago

    damn so no one finna talk about his poor heartbreak at the end where had had no one to go to?😔

  • Andrew Gonzales
    Andrew Gonzales 9 hours ago

    Wow times have completely changed it seems😂 it’s nothing like this now. The corps back then seemed so wholesome.

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W 10 hours ago

    The term "kick down the door" is an understatement with this film. Perhaps "the floor" should be substituted! A pleasure to watch! A+

  • Sharon Crawford
    Sharon Crawford 10 hours ago

    If you dont know Jesus, you dont know real love or peace. I grew up in those days. Nothing to brag about, believe me.

  • Sharon Crawford
    Sharon Crawford 10 hours ago

    Look at San Francisco now. That's the product of your hippy generation. I grew up in 60s and early 70s. Alot of things were better then, then now. But it wasn't the hippy movement. Hippies were commies and still are.

  • bulldozermbm
    bulldozermbm 10 hours ago

    I was 8 yrs old and absolutely no worries. Had plenty of fun, making up our own games, Hopscotch, skip rope, marbles, neighborhood picnics, local baseball teams, hola hoop (girls only). No hips on me. Home made corn dogs, real pop corn, chemical free food. Milkman, paper boy. Foot Loose and Fancy free. Saturday morning 6:00 am to 12:00 noon, cartoons on all three channels (ABC,CBS and NBC) Civil Defense Sirens, fire drills at school, church every Sunday, what a life. For me in St. Paul, MN snow, snowball fights, sleds, toboggans, hockey skates. I loved every minute, growing up. I never want to do it again, it will NEVER be the same. I also have bad memories, losing both my Grandma's and Grandpa's before I ever went to school. Morality tv shows, Ozzie & Harriet - twin beds, no cussing, respectable shows on tv. Lawerence Welk, Liberache' Sunday night movies, these thing I miss. Most importantly , when the tv shut down at midnight, the air show with the prayer, then flip to the Indian

  • 1 2
    1 2 10 hours ago

    Ah, yes. the 1950s. When any white man in the south could legally kick another human being out of a restaurant/water fountain/bus seat/sidewalk or... you know... murder them without consequence. Make America "Great"... like that... again.

  • Sharon Crawford
    Sharon Crawford 10 hours ago

    Years of rebellion. I grew up in the 60s and early 70s. They didnt have the answers. It was a very selfish generation. Do what you want, do what makes you feel good. All about self. I know, I was there.

  • Pukeko Blue
    Pukeko Blue 10 hours ago

    I'm sick of people whining about how sweet the Baby boomers had it . I was born in the early 60s . It wasn't all that sweet . Those were the days when parents and teachers could BEAT and THRASH the living daylights out of you .And it was just called good discipline The days when we had no real protection against bullies .It was stick up for yourself even if the bully was much bigger than you. We didn't all have money . My parents had to leave us alone under the age of 7 to go out and find work . Yes those were the days when it was legal to leave very young kids alone in a house for hours overnight . The later generations have it pretty damn sweet too in other ways .

  • Sharon Crawford
    Sharon Crawford 10 hours ago

    Funny how the hippie generation was suppose to be about love. I was born in 1956. My memory of the hippies was that they seemed arrogant to me. Those drug movies scarred me away from drugs. Tried pot a couple of times or so, never liked it. Thank God.

  • Sam Solo
    Sam Solo 10 hours ago

    Don't have words to explain the joy of watching this post! And your narration of the background those gentlemen and the post event information...Dear Sir, salutes to you! Each of your work brings a bygone era in all it's bright sun shine! We sincerely wish and pray that God gives you a healthy, long life! Love from India!

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman 7 hours ago

      Thank you Sam. David Hoffman - filmmaker

  • Mister Jayy
    Mister Jayy 11 hours ago

    Give him one...

  • Brian Price
    Brian Price 11 hours ago

    Dancing on that beautiful handmade wood floor. Nice.

  • Victor EO
    Victor EO 11 hours ago

    Loving the new video style David :)

  • eternal fire
    eternal fire 11 hours ago

    lol a shitload of the comments on this video sound fake. if anything, maybe we were the bad guys.

  • iskandertime747
    iskandertime747 11 hours ago

    David, thanks for the commentary and back ground. I've loved this clip for years.

  • John Harrington
    John Harrington 11 hours ago

    Left out of these conversations are a few inconvenient facts. For one the great jobs in the 1950s that you didn't need a college degree for were union jobs. Second, the top marginal tax rate was in the 90s. Women couldn't get credit. They couldn't vote. They couldn't serve on juries in most states. If you think political correctness is oppressive now, you should get a load of what it was like in the 1950s. You couldn't even show a bedroom with a single bed for a married couple. Television censorship was tightly controlled. To give one example, one of Rod Serling's scripts for Playhouse 90 that started out as a drama about the Emmett Till slaying had to be completely rewritten until every trace of connection was removed, including any line that suggested the people in the drama were Southern. Black people couldn't drink from the same water fountain as white people. Black people couldn't live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same schools, swim in the same pools, attended the same country clubs. Black people were prevented from voting. Most of the improvements in life for women and minorities we owe to liberals. Most of the decline in living standards we owe to to conservatives. These are all facts.

  • H. Johnson
    H. Johnson 11 hours ago

    Thank you for this wonderful video.

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W 11 hours ago

    "The Hills come alive" again.

  • Tyler Imp
    Tyler Imp 11 hours ago

    Anyone have the name of the full doc?

  • Larry Hagemann
    Larry Hagemann 11 hours ago

    Very heart-warming, David. A precious moment in musical history.

  • James Bobo
    James Bobo 11 hours ago

    YEET that shit bang and the way doc didnt let scruggs get the final riff xD lmao

  • Kasper Hauser
    Kasper Hauser 11 hours ago

    Lovely to see a country so unified, though I believe it was messy later on.

  • nero bua
    nero bua 12 hours ago

    terriffic moments catched forever, so many are lost, sorry for them!

  • IBEW70
    IBEW70 12 hours ago

    The things that most people cherish were created by boomers, It tickles me to hear millennials complain about them

  • Xuramaz
    Xuramaz 12 hours ago

    eeyyyy i just started listening to doc watson a month ago. his album memories is absolutely amazing.

  • Will Grissom
    Will Grissom 12 hours ago

    Thank you for the great work you’ve done From a thankful Tennessean