Primitive Survival Tool
Primitive Survival Tool
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  • rosa xd
    rosa xd 55 minutes ago


  • Xenium Yt
    Xenium Yt Hour ago


  • Cassandra Maynard
    Cassandra Maynard 2 hours ago

    they have cheap tools but expensive cameras

  • Cookie Kay Kay
    Cookie Kay Kay 3 hours ago

    Watch there be an avalanche

  • Cookie Kay Kay
    Cookie Kay Kay 3 hours ago

    Aight imma head on out to da forest

  • Maria Silvina Peratto

    Un genio total!!! Tan feliz con poquito 😍

  • T - T
    T - T 4 hours ago

    Does it not hurt your feet?

  • moazomar osama
    moazomar osama 4 hours ago


  • Roy Zhao
    Roy Zhao 5 hours ago

    Dang how long did this take?

  • Basic Boy
    Basic Boy 5 hours ago

    I'm impressed with their endurance

  • Kevin Eleven
    Kevin Eleven 5 hours ago

    3:12 I heard someone's phone?

  • Kaua zika33
    Kaua zika33 5 hours ago

    o veio como que eles posta esses vídeos onde eles arrumam internet

  • كنده ابو عليا


  • Jennie Kelly
    Jennie Kelly 6 hours ago

    Oh man!!! I wanted to see the inside!!!

    JOKER 6 hours ago

    2020 ?

  • Cohen Hall
    Cohen Hall 6 hours ago

    This looks better than my Minecraft House

  • Kevin Eleven
    Kevin Eleven 6 hours ago

    When you play to much minecraft

  • Young Drip
    Young Drip 6 hours ago

    1 like equals one shovel for him

  • HenryNguyen
    HenryNguyen 6 hours ago

    ‘’Finger looking good, but it’s better on a stick’’

  • ej makraena
    ej makraena 7 hours ago

    two gays !!!!!!

  • Timira Williams
    Timira Williams 7 hours ago

    I would love to do things like this 😩have so many acres of land but it would require so many permits and possibly increase property taxes smdh

  • FE2R
    FE2R 7 hours ago

    Tres cosas: 1. Con esos materiales, me molesta mucho que no hayan hecho ni una sola canaleta. 2. El césped se les va a secar. 3. Son unos genios de todos modos.

  • Dylan Tranter
    Dylan Tranter 8 hours ago

    you are sick at this

  • Скури Нап
    Скури Нап 8 hours ago

    ахуенно, но они ёбнутые)))

  • Roo Tube
    Roo Tube 8 hours ago

    oh my gosh i wish i was as good as you at building liked all your vids and subed!!

  • C S
    C S 9 hours ago

    133 Million views but only 23k comments

  • илья завьялов

    пиздец вы сука аборигены кому нахуй это надо

  • Jaime Villa
    Jaime Villa 9 hours ago

    I want to see these guys on "Naked and afraid" or some kind of survival challenge..

  • 艺术家艺术家 Oshi Karioshi

    I would start this and then never finish it cause that looks like work. just take me woods...

  • Clean Air Green Tour

    Real labor here, this looks like fun except for the anaconda in that house.

  • Barbi Nha
    Barbi Nha 9 hours ago


  • Jiaxuan Lam
    Jiaxuan Lam 10 hours ago

    How did day care

  • Jefferson Ferreira
    Jefferson Ferreira 10 hours ago

    Brazilian repction 《《 eu chupo pênis 》》

  • todayszero
    todayszero 10 hours ago

    It would go for 2.2 million if it was in California.

    DANE ENGSTROM 10 hours ago

    greatr content keep up the good work!

  • Blake Heath
    Blake Heath 10 hours ago

    you are good at building:)

  • fatima trujillo
    fatima trujillo 10 hours ago

    me struggilng to turn on the stove him bilding a pool

  • Game Groove
    Game Groove 11 hours ago

    This is what pewdiepies actually doing on his break...

    SHOCKER 11 hours ago

    Ахуеть ебать

  • Xavier Beltran
    Xavier Beltran 11 hours ago

    what about when it rains 😂

  • MissTChan86
    MissTChan86 11 hours ago

    A good teamwork with no word.

  • war demon
    war demon 12 hours ago

  • Rubi Pedra
    Rubi Pedra 13 hours ago

    EVELLYN 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • ابراهيم ااسيد


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    Assaf Hauser 16 hours ago


    WORLD'S TOP 5 17 hours ago

    wow .wonderful .

    ITS A NORTEÑOS WORLD 17 hours ago


  • Michailee Honrado
    Michailee Honrado 18 hours ago

    I wonder how big they can build a house

  • Existenial crisis
    Existenial crisis 19 hours ago

    if only they knew what a shovel was

  • Gabriel Jennings
    Gabriel Jennings 20 hours ago

    And so if more black people where like this there would be no slums it's the most I've seen and black man do such potential 😂👌

  • Hien Nguyen
    Hien Nguyen 20 hours ago

    When Minecraft pros go into the wild:

  • Alexis Urbaez
    Alexis Urbaez 21 hour ago

    Que hermosa creacion q creatividad wuau👍👍

  • Konkurzziplayzz
    Konkurzziplayzz 21 hour ago

    Girls asmr: depression help whatever lol Boys asmr:

  • Konkurzziplayzz
    Konkurzziplayzz 21 hour ago

    When mum says go outside:

  • Liz
    Liz 22 hours ago

    I like how they just built that house without even speaking a single word to eachother

  • Cuuk_ Chan
    Cuuk_ Chan 23 hours ago

    Nossa você e bom fazer casas assim na floresta.

  • Om Akram
    Om Akram Day ago

    هههههههه اشو احنه مسبحنه كلف علينه ١٠٠ مليون ويومين يالله ينترس مي

  • Tiffany Johnson

    historians: This is from a 17 century colony these men: built 4 years ago

  • In Vino Veritas

    Th ducks thought the crocodiles got them.......

  • In Vino Veritas

    Eat,drink and be merry for life is short !!

  • Tyler Hamilton

    Everybody: save the trees the trees are going extinct Them: cuts down the whole bamboo forest for this one vid

    • skip sisson
      skip sisson 6 hours ago

      You do know bamboo is a weed don't you? A big weed but still a weed.

  • Tyler Hamilton

    have they ever talked in their life

  • Rosa Rose
    Rosa Rose Day ago

    Nota mil vale mais que uma mansão na cidade

  • Ariana Lopez
    Ariana Lopez Day ago

    ta wenardo

  • Hunter 270
    Hunter 270 Day ago

    im curious as to who gets all the money<.<

  • Faatma Abukar
    Faatma Abukar Day ago

    It's like mincraft😂

  • Youngboynaz
    Youngboynaz Day ago

    It sounds like when you get hit in Minecraft over abs over again, but it’s very impressive all with wooden sticks and baskets

  • Roy Zhao
    Roy Zhao Day ago

    Their sticks got an upgrade!

  • Lukas Gamer
    Lukas Gamer Day ago

    Minecraft in real life

  • Nindosha /NINDO PLAY

    Русские, Украинцы есть?



  • mazzingaz mazzinga

    Ma questi abitano nella città del DAS? Li farei vivere a Carrara....

  • Brilaapjes
    Brilaapjes Day ago

    why do i watch this

  • Stephanie Morgan


  • Gabriel-Bassoon Joshua Von Applebottom-Smith II

    ok but did anyone else get mad that he walked through the pool and got his shorts wet to get to the weird circle to fill up?? like idk why it just triggered me

  • Sam van Bercum

    you can better make one big pool with a bridge next time man!

  • Joélia joelia

    Não é menosprezando a criatividade deles não, mas como esvaziam essas piscinas depois.?

  • Krabs
    Krabs Day ago

    @22:32 looks like bondi rescue

  • Мини Гений

    ЭТО ВСЕ ПИЗДЕШЬ ТАМ БЫЛИ ЗВУКИ ТРАНСПОРТА,КТО ТО КРИЧАЛ,КТО ТО РУБИЛ,Это не они все делали да даже в басеине где дырки и откуда он там шлину взял там дерево,и плюс вода балтыхается когда они просто стоят в бассеине

  • Bharat Mahato
    Bharat Mahato Day ago

    Pahele say hi bandh ke rakha tha

  • Gemma Fe Tuazon

    i love your video😊😊😊 i like its the way its look like

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown Day ago

    This would take so long if I were there

  • Kuliah Psikologi

    WOW your camera has a long lasting battery.. aku tunggu bekasnya 😭😭😭😭😭

  • one44two45s
    one44two45s Day ago

    How much do they charge an hour?

  • Zalera
    Zalera Day ago

    Man.. what if they were forced to do this? Like, maybe all the other comments like this have been deleted or something.

  • hobojoebro255
    hobojoebro255 Day ago

    bro look at the trust

  • Damiriyanna Banks

    I like this 👌👌👌😊😊😊😊😊😊👌

  • foxxie jester
    foxxie jester Day ago

    I told my science teacher I never saw this I just remembered I did I lied haha

  • owen rivera
    owen rivera 2 days ago

    como se llama ese pack de texturas que bonito se ve el minecraft así

    APK ISAC MATHEUS 2 days ago


  • Thundercat68
    Thundercat68 2 days ago

    its like minecraft

  • Amanda Cruz
    Amanda Cruz 2 days ago

    Como quiciera uno asi en mi casa

  • Amanda Cruz
    Amanda Cruz 2 days ago

    Hola soy amanda me re encata sus trabajos muy hermozo ya vi muchos de sus trabajos y son lindos muy lindo

  • Виола Сафронова

    никто: абсолютно никто: я в ночь перед экзаменом: смотрю как какие то индусы строят бассейн из прутьев и палок

  • Marta Mora Corrales

    this minecraft's graphic mod is lit

  • Felipe Cordeiro
    Felipe Cordeiro 2 days ago

    Só eu brasileiro nessa porra

  • Tatiana Fedorova
    Tatiana Fedorova 2 days ago