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  • Vincentius Chandra
    Vincentius Chandra 7 minutes ago

    Waiting for I-401 Submarine documentation's episode as well

  • Ng Yy
    Ng Yy 8 minutes ago

    IGN: Puborkid Server: Asia

  • Sean Embry
    Sean Embry 27 minutes ago

    Can someone explain how naval main guns are rated? For instance, I hear 16 inch 45 caliber - well, a .45 caliber is what a Colt 1911 is chambered for, and I don't notice a period in front of the naval gun, so... 45 inch? I think the caliber was 16 inch? Confused and Mr. Google Pants isn't helping.

  • Fr4gm3ntation
    Fr4gm3ntation 37 minutes ago

    IGN: Fr4gm3ntation Server: NA

  • MRZMAN 228
    MRZMAN 228 41 minute ago

    This new update sounds interesting. IGN: ZRanger2717 Server: NA

  • stwright84
    stwright84 45 minutes ago

    IGN: StWright84 Server: NA

  • Rick Winters
    Rick Winters 59 minutes ago

    Ingame name: RickyWolf04 Server: NA

  • Shadow Caster
    Shadow Caster Hour ago

    I’ve had the privilege of knowing this ship since I was a little kid. My grandfather brought my dad here when he was a child. I just visited her today and it was absolutely wonderful to see that the boy scouts were having an overnight visit on her. It was true magic to see hear the scouts say “WOW” in response to witnessing this beast in the flesh. This beauty kicked some serious ass and will continue to. What a exquisite Battleship. Please Wargaming, for us console players, here’s a tier 7 everyone would buy. After all, hasn’t anyone been curious why the Jean Bart wasn’t so successful?

  • Serious Freak
    Serious Freak Hour ago

    i love Dasha. 😍

  • Will B
    Will B Hour ago

    Just want to say that the Taranto port is now easily my favorite. Nice relaxed music in the background and a good looking port has me just leaving the game open to gaze at it even when I'm not playing! LOL IGN: Altwar Server: NA

  • Whidbey Hiker
    Whidbey Hiker Hour ago

    True story, one summer in the yards me and a guy named BTFN Humphrey crawled through and swept out the stacks from #2 Fireroom, number three boiler on the USS Lexington. I spent 5 years on that ship working in both forward firerooms. Over the five years, I managed to explore most areas of the ship including the magazines that were located under the forward elevator, most of the island structure, all of the engineering spaces and shaft alleys. Truly amazing time of my life. Those 8 boilers, learning to operate them has given me one hell of a career.

  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin Hour ago

    Da, weak Yamato need Stalingrad to support to win ))) AAO got rekt

  • cvillefarmer
    cvillefarmer Hour ago

    IGN Killerpeck Server NA

  • larry ferrante
    larry ferrante Hour ago

    Travnor...shut your sound so childish..let Andy talk you asshole

  • Jacob Cooper
    Jacob Cooper 2 hours ago

    In Game Name: BeatleFett Server: NA

  • Jurassic kiju Shark
    Jurassic kiju Shark 2 hours ago

    R u gunna add it to world of war ships blitz ?

  • Jurassic kiju Shark
    Jurassic kiju Shark 2 hours ago


  • Fly Delta777
    Fly Delta777 2 hours ago

    My account is linked I get drops but I don't have the port or the achievement

  • Jays Gaming
    Jays Gaming 2 hours ago

    I wish they'd bring this to "WOW: Blitz".

  • Abel Cloa
    Abel Cloa 2 hours ago

    IGN: Cruel6161 SERVER: Asia

  • Jonathan Woodcock
    Jonathan Woodcock 2 hours ago

    NA server oneJwoody

  • Admiralbone
    Admiralbone 2 hours ago

    Admiralbone NA

  • Erik B
    Erik B 2 hours ago

    Ingame name: Mako_Rei Server: EU

  • Minh Quan Vo
    Minh Quan Vo 3 hours ago

    Wargaming just open a new pizzaria in WOWS

  • Nitro Nic
    Nitro Nic 3 hours ago

    Ing: pampe3 Server: EU

  • Jc Rielo
    Jc Rielo 3 hours ago


  • darkwater1967
    darkwater1967 3 hours ago

    IGN: Bonfor Server: NA

  • Ruzz Mobile
    Ruzz Mobile 3 hours ago

    I always use the uss Midway aircraft carrier

  • Jc Rielo
    Jc Rielo 3 hours ago

    don’t forget the USS MISSOURI🇺🇸

  • Merlin 2013
    Merlin 2013 3 hours ago

    IGN: merlin2013 Server: NA

  • hoshang salmani
    hoshang salmani 3 hours ago

    hoshang_salmani EU

  • Patrick Willian Oliveira

    Muito bom aqui no Brasil nós temos um navio da classe flet o nosso navio museu Bauru

  • Dynamic Duncan
    Dynamic Duncan 4 hours ago

    Italian cruisers look interesting OwO IGN: WXDuncan Server: NA

    THUNDER GAMING 4 hours ago

    Now what I want to know is how I can speed my kaiser and to dodge torpedoes by going in between of it I do the technique but my ship is too slow to do it

  • Donald Lang
    Donald Lang 4 hours ago

    Nick name ingame is DonLang

  • Johnny Baker
    Johnny Baker 4 hours ago

    Way to much talking and not nearly enough action. Boring.

  • Adnan Alhabsi
    Adnan Alhabsi 5 hours ago

    Bismark best batlleship of all time design

  • Andrew Morgan
    Andrew Morgan 5 hours ago

    themanchuck North America

  • Norma Garcia
    Norma Garcia 6 hours ago

    Bring this Italian beauty back!!

  • CodePhantom
    CodePhantom 6 hours ago

    I got 40 containers and got basically nothing so give me more EU CodeChatBannedPhantom

  • Sean Waddell
    Sean Waddell 6 hours ago

    IGN: sean51978

  • Greg Falling
    Greg Falling 6 hours ago

    IGN Greg_Falling NA server

  • Faisal
    Faisal 6 hours ago

    IGN :Vinidoanker Server : NA

  • sinoskopya sky
    sinoskopya sky 7 hours ago

    I got Genova in the first random bundle

  • Franklin Pike
    Franklin Pike 7 hours ago


  • Horatio Griffin
    Horatio Griffin 7 hours ago

    IGN: RussianPuffin Server: NA Also please add zara, fume, pola, and Vittorio Vento

  • Joe Danker
    Joe Danker 7 hours ago

    In-game nickname: beatty_10

  • Sakurai Shana
    Sakurai Shana 8 hours ago

    Try be hard choice Will use HE shells or AP Shells Italian Navy : "why not fusion those two" IGN : Firli_Nagamasa Server : Asia

  • DAZ
    DAZ 8 hours ago

    IGN: war_waffle_ Server: NA

  • The Bismarck
    The Bismarck 8 hours ago

    Love WOWS IGN:Longusername150 Server:NA

  • Blake Thomason
    Blake Thomason 8 hours ago

    IGN:M2avenger SERVER NA

  • squid meat
    squid meat 8 hours ago

    Squid_Meat N/A server

    I_NAMELESS_I 8 hours ago

    Ofc you could buff reload of this ship because it is premium but for some reason you can not buff reload for IJN DDs where they actually need it more ...

  • Lovelacebeer
    Lovelacebeer 8 hours ago

    EU server Lovelacebeer

  • Kruge
    Kruge 9 hours ago

    Italian cruiser look good, I'll see if they play well too. IGN: HikikomoriKruge Server: NA

  • Mehmet ÇÖMLEKÇİ
    Mehmet ÇÖMLEKÇİ 9 hours ago

    Akinci2035 (EU)

  • Erik Hoffmann
    Erik Hoffmann 9 hours ago

    ElEriko (EU)

  • Popupkiller
    Popupkiller 9 hours ago

    IGN: Popupkiller Server: EU

  • Michael Corpuz
    Michael Corpuz 10 hours ago

    crossing my fingers for an Italian cruiser mission! IGN: Herr_Clippy Server: NA

  • hammerdem65
    hammerdem65 10 hours ago

    IGN: Donald_65 NA server

  • Astrīda Celmiņa
    Astrīda Celmiņa 10 hours ago

    Nice video. I like this game.(MEGAshark_19) EU

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando 10 hours ago

    The narrator was way cooler than these joke attempts.

  • rcjordan44
    rcjordan44 10 hours ago

    Italian ships look great. SAP has its drawbacks. IGN: I_Am_Kaiser Server: NA

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando 10 hours ago

    Can we go back to Sea Smackdown?

  • Michaelandobi Filmz
    Michaelandobi Filmz 10 hours ago

    The 297 people who disliked this video are facist beasts. We shall send them to the gulags

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando 10 hours ago

    These videos are getting kindda wierd.

  • Bobafe Bobsledder
    Bobafe Bobsledder 11 hours ago

    anyone know the song at the start?

  • Heribertus Aji
    Heribertus Aji 11 hours ago

    it's look interesting methamef_2000 asia

  • RoadCaptainEntertain
    RoadCaptainEntertain 11 hours ago

    IGN: SmilinBob_fighter Server: N.A.

  • Number 9
    Number 9 11 hours ago

    Put the comments in the spreadsheet wg... maybe then you will notice that the ship needs more love

  • Myrtasz 10
    Myrtasz 10 11 hours ago

    It's so satysfying how torpedoes leave the launcher

  • Achim R
    Achim R 11 hours ago

    IGN: steelgrinda Server: EU

  • Mon
    Mon 11 hours ago

    IGN: Bot_Leader Asia Server

  • Kelvin Valde
    Kelvin Valde 11 hours ago

    Kel_winner NA server

  • Frodo Beutling
    Frodo Beutling 12 hours ago

    you are really more bad than wot. you can really put all noobs on 1 side vs players all over 55% ? never seen anything so bad in matchmaking.

  • White-Dragon
    White-Dragon 12 hours ago

    Oh dear, "Robovoice"...

  • Atsushi Kumagai
    Atsushi Kumagai 12 hours ago

    IGN:bear_mu Server:ASIA

  • Ries O
    Ries O 12 hours ago

    IGN: Ries_O Server: EU

  • radu vicolov
    radu vicolov 12 hours ago

    Ingame name:amiralul_sup Server:EU

  • Domonkos Mester Csíki

    In game name: rozsaszincirkalo Server :EU

  • Joris Van de walle
    Joris Van de walle 12 hours ago

    ingame name: silent_hunter_2015 server: EU

  • Markus Teder
    Markus Teder 12 hours ago

    _XIXO_ eu

  • Dean Barton
    Dean Barton 12 hours ago

    IGN: =Maelstrom_US Server: Europe

  • St_Cuthbert
    St_Cuthbert 12 hours ago

    C R A P !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ernest Jonathan
    Ernest Jonathan 13 hours ago

    IGN: The_Maus Server: ASIA

  • Farhad Amon
    Farhad Amon 13 hours ago

    love the show , Sanbad, euserver

  • Cameron McDaniel
    Cameron McDaniel 13 hours ago

    Oilybusiness NA

  • Nermin Mlivic
    Nermin Mlivic 13 hours ago

    Nick: Nirrc84 Server: EU

  • redtails 1942
    redtails 1942 13 hours ago

    1:01 that is the last thing you want for a submarine, cavitation will easily give the ship’s position away on sonar

  • Legionnaire
    Legionnaire 13 hours ago

    Italian ships have such nice designs. So nice to look at IGN: DeadEye43 Server: EU

  • ttotman99
    ttotman99 13 hours ago

    IGN:g_racer Server:NA

  • Jonas Pepe Führer
    Jonas Pepe Führer 13 hours ago

    Ingame name: farty_potatoson Server: EU

  • Isaias Paiva
    Isaias Paiva 13 hours ago

    italian cruisers so far are not strong, but add some flavor to the game.. Ign: grajau Server: na

  • Marjun Daet
    Marjun Daet 13 hours ago

    IGN: Vagary_destroyer Server: Asia

  • Ammar Shakir
    Ammar Shakir 14 hours ago

    Username: RUSTWHARF NA server

  • Linda Frans
    Linda Frans 14 hours ago

    Please tell me that the submarine will come in 0.9.0 >~<

  • przewitu
    przewitu 14 hours ago

    IGN: przewituPL Server: EU Good luck all!

  • Ethereal Nightmare
    Ethereal Nightmare 14 hours ago

    The reflections on the glasses are destroying my immersion :(

  • Filippo Spica
    Filippo Spica 14 hours ago

    Ing: fijspica Server: EU

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 14 hours ago

    Tolandruth139 (EU)