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Sindh Waasi Acho....
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Dukh Daadho Theendo Aa
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What is Dengue???
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Horrible Picnic Accident..
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Two Muslim Presidents
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Reality of Life
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  • Kurram Agency kpk
    Kurram Agency kpk 2 months ago

    Arabs bhe Arabs ko nationality nahi dyty...Saudi ...uae ke nationality nahi ly sakta..Omani Saudi ya dusri GCC country ke nationality nahi ly sakta. Yeh bhe batayn

  • pakistanki maaki bhosda pakistanki maaki bhosda

    Allah o fuckbar hahahahah

  • Rap_God YT
    Rap_God YT 3 months ago

    IDK Why Indians Are Barking Here?? While India is Number 1 in Rape Cases!

  • Abid Zeb
    Abid Zeb 5 months ago

    first of all it's totally fake news, if you think it's true than who is no1 in making, they are doing Pakistan is watching, in india in every 8 minute 1 girl rape by Indian according to Google itlest Pakistan is only watching,😆😂🙄🙄🙄

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 6 months ago

    Wow....fuckistan is number one in the world for porn.....yaaaaaarrrg

  • 187 .Jeddah
    187 .Jeddah 6 months ago

    We are baloch I have bahrain passport

  • Nguyen Duc
    Nguyen Duc 8 months ago

    nobody comment "from Pakistan" LOL

  • tahir agha
    tahir agha 9 months ago

    Fuck you all, wrong news

  • D C
    D C 9 months ago

    Pakistan is country of animal lovers . I knew it

  • Vincent Gomes
    Vincent Gomes 9 months ago

    100% right. He is the man....

  • Raj Uniyal
    Raj Uniyal 9 months ago

    ye bhi Almi Saajish.... wah......bas ye innocent hain..

  • Saleem Khan
    Saleem Khan 10 months ago

    Allah paak janat me ala muqam ATA farmaye

  • JN Kaushik
    JN Kaushik 10 months ago

    Pakistan & other such countries need Reformation under the guidance of truly literate teachers in the light of modern Scientific knowledge & the community must stop their wards from attending conservative Institutions, mostly headed by 'Kathmullas' ! Otherwise, such a community would largely be a misfit among the developed modern world !

    • Ash
      Ash 9 months ago

      It doesn't matter what the world thinks or how pakistani society devolopes or compares with rest of the world, porkies are OBSESSESED with India. It is always Indias fault or India is worse. If Zainab gets butchered its ok because 4girls got killed in India, if pakistan watches porn its because India watches Sunny Leone!! You can cross check those comments here by porkies. EVERYTHING is because of India!!

  • Shahzaib Baloch
    Shahzaib Baloch 11 months ago

    Lion Of World Shehzadae Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto

  • Shahzaib Baloch
    Shahzaib Baloch 11 months ago

    Bar Lanat Zardari Beshumar

  • Shahzaib Baloch
    Shahzaib Baloch 11 months ago

    Zardari Ji Pedaish Ty Lanat

  • Shahzaib Baloch
    Shahzaib Baloch 11 months ago

    Zardari ji Nasal Ty Lanat

  • farhan bin hasan
    farhan bin hasan 11 months ago

    India is bollywood, high rape rate,people like salman khan and ranveer singh believe freedom is adultery,women wearing short clothes

  • RealDeal441
    RealDeal441 11 months ago

    you know this Hasan Nisar is anti-Pakistan when you see 1 million Indiots in the comments section who say they love him. Pakistanis haven't forgotten how Saudi and UAE gave them free oil in the 1971 war against Hindia and how Indiots created Bangladesh. So Indiots can NEVER be friends of Pakistan. And in fact it is Indian culture that is drowning Pakistanis and caused things like fall of East Pakistan.

  • Farooque kaloi
    Farooque kaloi 11 months ago

    jeyy sindh

  • Prashant Dutt
    Prashant Dutt 11 months ago

    Hasan nisar is intelligent

  • j c
    j c Year ago

    I am a Sindhi ,I have told them bitter truth but they have misunderstood me - so called mahatma know as Gandhi ,bloody liar

  • Ihsan Paswal Paswal

    میں اس بات پر حسن نثار کے ساتھ بہت متفق ھوں میں نے یورپ میں بہت وقت گزارا ہے اب دوبئی میں ۔۔کیا بتاوں

  • Riyaz Ali
    Riyaz Ali Year ago

    Jeay sindhi

  • Baghi Asad
    Baghi Asad Year ago

    Jea Sindhu Desh Mahan

  • Mughal Life
    Mughal Life Year ago


  • Guru Ki Ladli Fauj Nihung Manpreet Singh

    It is said to know that max sindhi hindus , sindhi sikhs and other nanak panthis are converted (Forcefully) in islam

  • Tal Ha
    Tal Ha Year ago

    It is not true if pakistan is no 1 in this so who is no 1 on making this porn video tell us

    • Pyro Mania
      Pyro Mania Year ago

      Those people are making it for pak to watch.

  • Sunny Khan
    Sunny Khan Year ago

    rather than looking inward and reforming our own society, our this so-called journalists are shifting blame on other.. so shameful

  • Dhani Bux
    Dhani Bux Year ago

    Graeat information proud to be a Sindhi

    NAVEEN GURJAR Year ago

    Suar kahi bhi rahe gand falaynge

    • ki ik
      ki ik Year ago

      Teri maa bhen hogi suar

  • zakki javed
    zakki javed Year ago

    hassan nisaar zindabad

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar Year ago


  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar Year ago

    Nice video nice song

  • Trip dishcoverer

    My grandfather's name is Kishinchand Hemraj Jethwani and his father's name was Hemraj Jethwani...we had a big building with laundry house at Mitho dar,Karachi....does someone heard abt them...wud love to hear more abt them...sad to know everyone who knew them are old or may have died...

  • RealDeal441
    RealDeal441 Year ago

    To all the Indians/Indiots who are praising this asshole Hassan Nisar (probably born in a temporary muta shi'it(e) marriage where his mommy dunnno who is his daddy) - pls. use your fake democracy to grant him Bhindian citizenship and let him live in India. After all, garbage belongs in the garbage bin!

  • CodeTech Anish
    CodeTech Anish Year ago

    I am sindhi and i am from al-hind

  • RealDeal441
    RealDeal441 Year ago

    Bastard Hasan Nisar: what has Pakistan done for Pakistanis??: corruption, nepotism, no education or justice for the common man and citizen, exploitation of the poor, no proper roads, electricity, water supplies, drowning in Indian culture, India cuts Pakistan in half in 1971 and you son of a bitch have the audacity to talk about what other Arab countries that helped Pakistan giving it free oil in its wars against India??


    Doubble word used in sindhi language watch video on my channel


    watch sindhi all types of video on my channel

  • The Fact
    The Fact Year ago

    That's a wrong news and what proves it a wrong news I describe below.. Mostly people in Pakistan are poor , they can't afford food how can they afford internet to watch porn ? Tell me how they can? That's again a plan of international media of dishonouring Pakistan and nothing more . .....

    • Apurva Kumar
      Apurva Kumar 10 months ago

      Per person search

    • Pyro Mania
      Pyro Mania Year ago

      This is basis what the people, who can afford internet, have searched. This data includes u also, as u have internet. International media will not waste time in Pakistan unless this is a genuine news.

  • Dev B
    Dev B Year ago

    Here in Indore Almost Ten Thousand Sindhi Hindus r Living...why u people leave ur Original land...they r applying for Indian citizenship....n dont want to go back....same in Gujarat....Ahmedabad, Surat etc...... And i read how Karachi was rich in prepartition era mostly Sindhi Hindus...but when mass migration happen during 1947....they r Forced to leave Not by the Local Muslims but by the Muslims who migrated from Delhi, Up,Bihar etc...

  • Shahnawaz Chachar

    what happened to documentary ?? did you guys produced the same film or not ?

  • Samy
    Samy Year ago

    Ek Gadha fit kar de. Ha ha ha. Kya Bikhari desh hain.

  • Jesus's Son
    Jesus's Son Year ago

    بہت خوب سچائی ہے بات میں

  • Abdul Fatah
    Abdul Fatah Year ago


  • miss X tips n tricks

    Google z spreading wrong information.shame on google,50 perent of our populattion are forniers.e.g especially chinese,american army and afghani(migrants).pakistanio ko tu porn ka pata he sunny leaon k baad chala say pehlay 2004 2007 n 2011?it was the time of peak loadshedding n poverty. E.g musharfs n zardari era. Kia hum ye sub search krnay ma lagy thy?study itni muskil say hoti thi. Belive me guys i studied four years at university mujhy nahi pata chala k what is porn i finished my graduation 2012 n joined job in 2013 i know about jism 2 n then about sunny leone n then porn.n i was 23 years of age then n meray pas mobile 13 years ki age say wrong info pehlana band karo google.planet earth tum logon k baap ka nahi ha k khuch b bakwas karo gay tu sun lain gain.what is the proof that its true.disinformation phelana koi muskil baat nahi .humari mulk ki auratain aisay sapoot paida karain gein ju ghazwa e hind karain gein n un k hukmaranun ko jaggar kar laen gein n hazarat ibrahim elehesalam k saith dajjal ka muqabila karain google k fake facts humara khuch bigaar nahi saktey.i am a pakistani n i know this info z wrong.n i dont expect turkey to confess it idiotly!!!!

  • Kamran Ali
    Kamran Ali Year ago

    I am very happy that I m a sinshi

  • Azad Lakho
    Azad Lakho Year ago

    Proud to be a Sindhi Jeay Sindh ,,, SINDH SALAMAT SATH SALAMAT

  • ali 9627774
    ali 9627774 Year ago

    Fake news. Pakistanis majority is a poor nation thus can't afford internet. Again, conspiracy of international media against Pakistan.

    • Pyro Mania
      Pyro Mania Year ago

      This data is based on people who use internet. Example this data includes u and not the poor who cannot afford.

    • Jancy Varghese
      Jancy Varghese Year ago

      ali 9627774 they probably steal phones!😂

  • sunnder lal
    sunnder lal Year ago

    Ye baatien Arabo Ko samjhana hogha ham bhi to muslman hai agar o hamara saath nahi denge also dalak rahenge to inline west hi karegha ek din

  • wajeeh Rehman
    wajeeh Rehman 2 years ago yaar meri video ka link apni description me daal do

  • only truth
    only truth 2 years ago


  • Shahzad Aslam
    Shahzad Aslam 2 years ago

    According to this link Pakistan is the No one country which has the highest bounce rate. For idiots that means visitor comes on the website and within seconds go away. Second Pakistan is t he No 1 country that has shortest average time on sex sites. Again for the education of idiots that means people from Pakistan spend least amount of time on these website. Also Paksitan is No 1 country that host least number of sex sites in the world. Thanks Pakistan you make me proud

  • Pranit Wath
    Pranit Wath 2 years ago


    • Gamer X
      Gamer X 2 months ago

      @Bhakt Hunter Lol... What made you think that I would waste my time in searching for 2hr to make you look stupid... Nobody gives a fuck about Pakistan... Everyone knows your country is a shit hole.. I don't give a fuck about you or your stupid ass country....go back and think about your shit hole won't find any good thing to say about your country dude...

    • Bhakt Hunter
      Bhakt Hunter 2 months ago

      @ayyappan chithambaram go look at the top 10 list there is no pakistan or even islamic countries on top 10 mostly it is western countries like uk usa canada australia india and so on

    • Bhakt Hunter
      Bhakt Hunter 2 months ago

      @Gamer X where did you get that source from? go read actual sources not some fake source which you probably found after searching for like 2 hours

    • ayyappan chithambaram
      ayyappan chithambaram 2 months ago

      @Bhakt Hunter Population? I mean 1 billion

    • Gamer X
      Gamer X Year ago

      @Bhakt Hunter lmao what the hell are you smoking dude..... Nvm check this out 👇👇

  • Riaz Dahri
    Riaz Dahri 2 years ago


  • Kamran Bhutto Sindhi

    im SINDHI speaking proud to be a muslim jaye SINDH PAKISTAN zindabad

    • Haseeb Rehman
      Haseeb Rehman 2 years ago

      Kamran Bhutto arey tawhaan kaathy ja Bhutto aahyo ?? Asan bhi Bhutto aahyun sukkur ja

  • Aryan Ravi Yadav
    Aryan Ravi Yadav 2 years ago

    SINDH WAS THE IMPORTANT ANCIENT PART OF HINDU INDUS VALLEY CIVILZATION . A REAL HINDU AND ARYANS.....BUT NEHRU GANDHI JINNAH DID A BLUNDER MISTAKE ...WHY they Agree with Stupid demand of Stupid radical jinnah. IN india Muslim live more than pakistan so wht is benefit of partition for Hindus?

    • Inter-Services Intelligence
      Inter-Services Intelligence 7 months ago

      Indian Muslims chutia hain simple😁

    • Naif khan
      Naif khan 2 years ago

      Aryan Ravi Yadav bhai yahi to prblm h india ka batwara nai hota ager jinnah ka bat man leta nehru jinnah chahta tha india ka PM banna lekin wo nehru nai chahta tha isi liye desh ka batwra krwa diya inn madherchodon ne

  • adeel baber
    adeel baber 2 years ago

    actual re presenter of sindh was move in india only thief and his children was leave here and looting the nation bhanchodh..

  • Shakeel nice maya Solangi

    We proud we are sindhi

  • Himanshu Bhatt
    Himanshu Bhatt 2 years ago

    Indus Valley Civilization of Sind was one of the greatest in the world's history. IVC residents worshiped Shiva in both his Pasupati and Shivling forms as found in the valley.

  • Sindhbaad 1
    Sindhbaad 1 2 years ago

    watch sindhi vedio dubbed

  • Sindhbaad 1
    Sindhbaad 1 2 years ago

  • Shaikh Talha
    Shaikh Talha 2 years ago

    i from Karachi.(Sindh)

  • coin master tricks
    coin master tricks 2 years ago

    Maderchod ager phela sab sindhi ek ho jaate na.. tho sayad hi mullo ,jinnah ,gandhi ki gand me dam hota ki hum waha se alg ho jaate .. humera buzarg kayar rahe .. mother humeri zamin chor di

    • Romantic Tunes
      Romantic Tunes 2 years ago

      Love Chawla tuje jyada pta hai chutiya sharam kar le mujy lg rha h tere dada kaayar the shayad par hum nhi hai kayar hamare sindhi purvajo ne veero ki tarah saamna kiya tha mullo ka

  • Bb Zey
    Bb Zey 2 years ago

    Get rid of the hatred. Pakistan India and Bangladesh should reunite and become a super power. Like if you agree.

  • fatima ayesha
    fatima ayesha 2 years ago

    where is the documentary?

  • Dj doy
    Dj doy 2 years ago

    Hahaha... Lol

  • kitto sing
    kitto sing 2 years ago

    Arabs are the biggest hypocrites. ..and PAKISTAN is in complete REVERSE. GEAR since Zia ul haqs regime...

    DEXTER'S LAB 2 years ago

    Anyone please answer Allah is male or female

    • Anirudh Sehdev
      Anirudh Sehdev 11 months ago

      @ki ik Allah jannat me 72 randiyo ka dalal hai aur mohammad ticket collector aur uski biwiya bhi ussi 72 randiyo me se hai.

    • Anirudh Sehdev
      Anirudh Sehdev 11 months ago

      @ki ik mohammad hijra tha iseleye uski biwiya arab ki maha randiya thi.

    • ki ik
      ki ik Year ago

      Khrisna gandu tha aur seeta meri raand

    • ravail ghulam
      ravail ghulam Year ago

      Allah khuda ba. Aur khuda kabhi insan nahi hota

    • jimmy mozart
      jimmy mozart 2 years ago

      DEXTER'S LAB was hanuman gay

  • Mashooq Hussain Bughio

    Any sindhi hindu know that God sent him as sindhi on land of sindh with stamp, if yes so where is that spotted, give me some answers of my questions, there was saying and i heard by my elders that was sindhi hindu aamils, sindhworikies, deewans, what they did for sindh and sindhi language, either could they gave alphabet to language, or any great poet or such big leader or any scholar, no never sindhi hindu were traders and only knew to have interest from poor people, if any thing had done for sindhi and sindhi language those where british people who gave alphabet, and muslim sindhies, the poet is SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI, there is no match with him in poetry and leadership of G M SAYAD, if any one want to discuss come and discuss with me.

    • THE NUN
      THE NUN Year ago

      Abe chutiya mohammed bin kasim ke randi ki paidaish ab aise log batayenge ki sindhi log kya kare aur kya nhi kya kare bolne par tu india aa terko dikhata hu madarchod terko dekhna hai sindhi log kya kiye hai sale tum to bhaga diye to waha ke liye thodi kuchh karenge bhosadk gandu chutiya converted mulla urdu speaker muglo ke sath sone wali randi ke bachhe tere se bahut kuch kiye hai hindu sindhi log samjha sala katuwa poet farzi poet panjabistan ki gand

    • Dakshu Talreja
      Dakshu Talreja Year ago

      Mashooq Hussain Bughio you got your answer..My friend gave you great answer...And you fucking muslim don't try to identify urself as a sindhi It is disgracing my community..

  • Ali Asgar
    Ali Asgar 2 years ago

    shai bola hasan nisar saab main indian hu aapka har interview dekha bhot mst hai

  • M S
    M S 2 years ago

    Ankr chutiya lagra h

  • abhishek jack
    abhishek jack 2 years ago

    godh Mai baith ke unki daadi keechte Hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 awesome by Hassan nisar sahab Truth about Pakistan revealed

  • Ronnie Hossain
    Ronnie Hossain 2 years ago

    Islam in Pakistan is way different than other Islamic countries. They eat halal food but do all the haram work. Fraud, cheating, stealing etc. LOL

  • nimra habib
    nimra habib 2 years ago

    salute to this men.

  • david lyod
    david lyod 2 years ago

    this is deeply miss leading.ITS FAKE NEWS .in pakistan less than 20% of people HAVE INTERNET ACCESS how it can be in top 10 THE CORRECT LIST IS 1. US 2.UK 3.CANADA 4.INDIA 5.JAPAN 6.FRANCE 7.GERMANY 8.AUSTRALIA 9.ITALY 10.BRAZIL CHECK

  • Ronnie Hossain
    Ronnie Hossain 2 years ago

    I love you man.

  • Ronnie Hossain
    Ronnie Hossain 2 years ago

    Very good man. You are telling the truth. God bless you.

  • sumitadvo1
    sumitadvo1 2 years ago

    anchor aur amir liaquat ka muh dekhne layak tah puri taqrir ke dauran...

  • lutfar rahman
    lutfar rahman 2 years ago

    you are right Sir

  • Punjabi Vlogs
    Punjabi Vlogs 2 years ago

    Hassan Nisar is speaking true

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 years ago

    perfect and well said hasan nisar.

  • Kazim Hussain
    Kazim Hussain 2 years ago

    Friends actually i also supporting that, would that Sindh was the apart of india, since centuries, sindh and hind are touched, but unfortunately, incidently, a bastard Punjab state established as Pakistan, since then, Sindhis & Balochis suffering a lot of troubles, we hate Bastard Jinnah, Liaqat and all bastrds, we still suffering , untill non sindhis not leave the sindh, Sindhi and Balochi cannot feel himself indpendent, our land is forcefully encroached, by Punjab Mulla and Muhajar

    • Inter-Services Intelligence
      Inter-Services Intelligence 7 months ago

      Kazim Hussain raja dahir ki olaad

    • Yash Sharma
      Yash Sharma 2 years ago

      Kazim Hussain You told the truth !

    • fatima ayesha
      fatima ayesha 2 years ago

      instead of seeing the weaknesses in oneself and reforming them, we all waste time in judging others, name calling and other despicable acts.STOP IT AND GROW UP HUMANKIND

    • Syed Jahanzaib
      Syed Jahanzaib 2 years ago

      omg you people are the reason why we are fighting each other why are you all racist against punjabis

  • a k
    a k 2 years ago


  • AB Sindho
    AB Sindho 2 years ago

    Great sar

  • zahid nice dahri
    zahid nice dahri 2 years ago

    جیعی سندهو دیش

  • Tiger K
    Tiger K 2 years ago


  • Tiger K
    Tiger K 2 years ago


  • shankar kumar
    shankar kumar 2 years ago

    I think it's also behind India

  • Anil Rajora
    Anil Rajora 2 years ago

    क्या ढोल बजाए हैं शुरू में

  • AFGHANI Tiger
    AFGHANI Tiger 2 years ago


    • Junaid Ahmed
      Junaid Ahmed 2 years ago

      Tiger K please have some respect. This is public forum and it reflects your virtues.

    • AFGHANI Tiger
      AFGHANI Tiger 2 years ago

      @Tiger K lay delete kar diya....bwahahahahahahaha

    • Tiger K
      Tiger K 2 years ago

      Bhagwan suwar moodi kutta TEREY MOON ME PESHAAB BHI ARAB NAHI KARTA

  • oooy my target Indian airport.

    mantal I love suadi

  • your love
    your love 2 years ago

    Sindhis still in Sindh Pakistan and they still celebrate their traditional ceremonies.

  • Farzana Mageed
    Farzana Mageed 2 years ago


  • mohd Muskuran
    mohd Muskuran 2 years ago

    Supar songs

  • Ashish Shukla
    Ashish Shukla 2 years ago

    sand me on my WhatsApp number 8840970674

  • Tapendra Singh
    Tapendra Singh 2 years ago

    very nic song

  • Ajay Jangre
    Ajay Jangre 2 years ago


  • Samoan Manchu Banners

    Thank you for the upload. Very interesting