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  • Jeserito
    Jeserito 5 days ago

    Excited for class color day.

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  • Michael Grajeda13
    Michael Grajeda13 10 days ago

    cars 3

  • Jerry Sampel
    Jerry Sampel 10 days ago

    Way to go son your 1st real clip of film and many more to come #RamsPride #HornsUp #2023 #AlanSampel #96

  • Richy Cadecud
    Richy Cadecud 22 days ago

    They don’t read these comments sadly 🥴

  • Ramos
    Ramos 22 days ago

    On the next video can you go to Dusty Depot Fortnite

  • Danielle V.
    Danielle V. 23 days ago

    1: Toy story 2: Thor Ragnorak 3: Fantastic Mr. Fox 4: The Grand Budapest Hotel 5: Star Wars 6: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

  • Jacob Kobus
    Jacob Kobus 23 days ago

    1.toy story 2.avengers 3.Up 4.mary poppins? 5.Star Wars 6.Rocketman?

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales 23 days ago

    For the green screen, yall should be on the bleachers👌

  • TK_Films 21
    TK_Films 21 24 days ago

    Mount Haruna

  • Jimnz
    Jimnz 24 days ago

    The death of woody

  • Michael Grajeda13
    Michael Grajeda13 24 days ago

    travis scott’s ASTROWORLD

  • valeria belen.
    valeria belen. 24 days ago

    Scene 1 is toy story 1 when andy goes looking for buzz so they can go to pizza planet

  • Gaming Theater
    Gaming Theater 25 days ago

    Hey go Cambodia on your green screen

  • Richy Cadecud
    Richy Cadecud 25 days ago

    K-12 Melanie Martinez 💀

  • Michael Grajeda13
    Michael Grajeda13 26 days ago

    Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD

  • Jimnz
    Jimnz 26 days ago

    Can you have a video of miles and Mr.Nottingham 1v1in Smash playing in the background Please with a face cam PLEASE

  • meeech v
    meeech v 26 days ago

    Astroworld 😎

  • Spamer 1
    Spamer 1 26 days ago

    Minecraft village biome

  • perla v
    perla v 28 days ago

    Put me on ram tv! I’m your guy’s biggest fan!

  • JustCvb
    JustCvb 28 days ago

    Lemme be on Rams Tv

  • Lizbeth Alvarez
    Lizbeth Alvarez 29 days ago

    Stay Rowdy Rams

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    JAIMEXIUS 29 days ago

    Congrat 4 1k subscribers 👌

  • Miles Wilder
    Miles Wilder Month ago

    Can I be in the video

  • Michael Grajeda13

    plz let me in a video

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    Gaming Theater Month ago


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    Sunny D Month ago

    7 Y E A R S

  • David 43
    David 43 Month ago

    Creepa Awww Man

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D Month ago

    Nice ("._.)

  • Hayden Sheets
    Hayden Sheets Month ago

    Can I be in a video? 🤷‍♂️

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    CACA GAMER GUY12 Month ago

    Just commented

  • Courtney Hanes
    Courtney Hanes Month ago

    My third period wants to be on the News! :) Stay Rowdy Rams!!!!!

  • Franky Ejy
    Franky Ejy Month ago

    Shoot I wanna be on here btw the real name Francisco quevedo

  • Cosie Roblox
    Cosie Roblox Month ago

    Keep it up guys and you guys are awesome at doing this

  • EJ Lamb
    EJ Lamb Month ago

    My dawg Julian 😂💪🏈

  • Flavio Vazquez
    Flavio Vazquez Month ago

    Viva México!!

  • Valerie Gonsalez
    Valerie Gonsalez Month ago

    Hi theta it is me valerie

  • Jimnz
    Jimnz Month ago

    Honestly a cinematic masterpiece that should be worshipped for decades. The way Victor pounds on the door with passion yet anger at his mother is the perfect balance. Sam is the innocence’s of the story and his fight with Bones shows how cruel the world is. The mixture of characters and morals is what makes this short film. The only thing that ruins this masterpiece is the editing. Honesty right away you can tell it’s on Premier Pro. The sound design would of been perfect if it hadn’t been ran through Premier.

  • Jules Drouard
    Jules Drouard Month ago

    Gd mlk for the win

  • Miles Wilder
    Miles Wilder 4 months ago

    Ayyy let's go

  • Watermelon Floof
    Watermelon Floof 4 months ago

    My brother goes here yeet

  • Skull Shaker
    Skull Shaker 4 months ago

    Hats up to the Rams

  • Daniel Weapons
    Daniel Weapons 4 months ago

    This was produced directed filmed and edited all by Daniel Armas. I think you forgot to mention that.

  • Frosted Flakes07
    Frosted Flakes07 5 months ago


  • itzaes arteaga
    itzaes arteaga 5 months ago

    Thanks for showing the theater I spent endless hours building 😤

  • Diego Wong
    Diego Wong 5 months ago


  • Noah Coley
    Noah Coley 6 months ago

    Love your daily announcements! I teach business in Indiana and will be starting an Interactive Media class next fall. I notice you publish to RU-clip. How then do you push the announcements out to the population? Also, what other platforms do you upload to? Thanks, Noah

    • Noah Coley
      Noah Coley 6 months ago

      @RamTV Thanks so much. I've been showing your show to our students and they are big fans! Appreciate the help.

    • RamTV
      RamTV 6 months ago

      Teachers show the video to their 4th period class. It's also published on our RamTV and Ramona Facebook pages.

  • ups767300
    ups767300 6 months ago

    Me too... fond memories. I want to know what lighting equipment is there now. I was there before the renovation. Old etc console and par cans.

  • jes
    jes 6 months ago

    Bruhhh am I seeing into the future

  • Andrew Guzman
    Andrew Guzman 6 months ago

    Wow who’s that cute cheerleader 😍😍😍

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H 7 months ago

    0:24 omg look it’s mr.drew he still looks the same tho😂

  • killa merkin
    killa merkin 7 months ago

    Hello was wondering if you guys are live streaming Ramona High School vs Sierra on live stream

    • killa merkin
      killa merkin 7 months ago

      RamTV that’s such a bummer wanted to see it

    • RamTV
      RamTV 7 months ago

      No, we are not.

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez 8 months ago

    Why dont u make the shot out of focus while you're at it Miles?

  • Semiah Cunningham
    Semiah Cunningham 8 months ago

    Dang it Miles

  • Official Master Coder
    Official Master Coder 8 months ago

    Whoa, at [1:07] the music is louder than her voice. We need some more training... 😠😱😬

  • Official Master Coder
    Official Master Coder 8 months ago

    I think a new set up is needed.

  • Official Master Coder
    Official Master Coder 8 months ago

    Wow! I cannot see their faces, the lighting has to be better.

  • Dafty21forsena _
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  • Daniel Weapons
    Daniel Weapons 8 months ago

    Miles I told you to turn down the iso

  • Semiah Cunningham
    Semiah Cunningham 8 months ago

    I still love it

  • Coach Hulme
    Coach Hulme 8 months ago

    CONGRATS ON YOUR 100th VIDEO!!! That is awesome!!!! What an achievement!!! Way to keep it ROWDY!!! 🔥🔥🔥🐏

  • Daniel Gonzales
    Daniel Gonzales 9 months ago

    stay rowdy rams

  • Frosted Flakes07
    Frosted Flakes07 9 months ago

    And adriana and alexis

  • Frosted Flakes07
    Frosted Flakes07 9 months ago

    Hey I see andrew

  • David Acosta
    David Acosta 9 months ago

    Like really, she’s great

  • David Acosta
    David Acosta 9 months ago

    Mrs.Campos is great

  • ITZUr_ BOI
    ITZUr_ BOI 9 months ago

    This is epic

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    David Acosta 10 months ago

    Give the people what they want! We want Fortnite!

    DUMBASSMILES 10 months ago

    We want FORTNITE

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  • Semiah Cunningham
    Semiah Cunningham 10 months ago

    I still don’t understand why the Quinn had the broom

  • nayeli hernandez
    nayeli hernandez 10 months ago

    Lauren come back !!!! You and Jenna do the new better !!

  • Seth Steiger
    Seth Steiger 10 months ago

    Greetings from corona high

  • Seth Steiger
    Seth Steiger 10 months ago

    Ayy sick.

  • David Acosta
    David Acosta 10 months ago

    Fortnite background

  • pepperoni dave
    pepperoni dave 11 months ago

    whats the background music you use?

    • RamTV
      RamTV 11 months ago

      We make most of the music ourselves.

  • jasons #1 fan
    jasons #1 fan 11 months ago

    0:10 and thus a school shooter was born

  • Dean T
    Dean T 11 months ago

    Good vid!

  • Jose Duenas
    Jose Duenas 11 months ago

    Hahahaah I dont get it.....................jk

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    Jimnz 11 months ago

    Fortnite Background

    DUMBASSMILES 11 months ago

    Fortnite background

  • Daniel Weapons
    Daniel Weapons 11 months ago

    0:22 enough said

  • Aiden Denault
    Aiden Denault 11 months ago

    Why did the spider cross the rode to get more candy

  • Dafty21forsena _

    Doo Doo mic quality

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    Vinchi Year ago

    Pin me please

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    Big boy Year ago

    Not roudy enough

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    Daniel Weapons Year ago

    1:20 miles corn


    Mustache man is back


    1:16 yay season 2 memories

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    Bye bye man bun 👋

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    1000 subs!!

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    jasons #1 fan Year ago

    Chief said this ain't it

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    I was at Madison for the grand walk btw I’m a student


    Oh yeah fast and furious up in here

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    jospephs lookin like a meal fyi ladies hes single :)

    • jasons #1 fan
      jasons #1 fan Year ago

      Just called chief and he said this ain't it