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    Black Howling 9 minutes ago

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    Samujjal Choudhury 14 hours ago

    What a match!!! They are taking wwe to the cleaners

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    honey singh 15 hours ago

    Horrible editing

  • Sebin Joseph Sebastian

    omega is great!!!!

  • Sebin Joseph Sebastian

    seth the beast slayer...

  • Sebin Joseph Sebastian

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  • Sebin Joseph Sebastian

    Seth rollins is SUPERSTAR...mannn.....nice match.... But he nearly got out of the monster among men..


    thanks sir

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    Ruchita dudhatra 10 days ago

    In the last question you have mentioned that tifr - 2017 but your video is published in dec 2016 !!! And in exam we don't have time to make formulas.😂

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    Himachali spark 14 days ago

    Bro please provide PDF of this question paper

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      Sayujya 6 days ago

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    Mohini Khare 16 days ago

    Where will I get all year question paper for physical science

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      Sayujya 6 days ago

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    Thank you

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    thank you so much 🤗🤗

    RITAM KUNDU Month ago

    Please give some problems which can be done only by applying DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS..... PLEASE

      RITAM KUNDU Month ago

      Can I get any email id of Elixier Physics?

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    Details main Nahi atta hai to vdo kyun dalte ho bhai

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    Alapan Das Month ago

    You yourself have not the concept clear.

  • Cherlyn want Kookies

    Am i deaf?

  • Laila Laila
    Laila Laila Month ago

    Ansr for 1st qn is wrong. Moreover 1st 2 options obey the same dimension..just try to bring more clarity in ur tricks

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    Saravanan Om muruga 2 months ago

    Simple and useful.. Let god bless u my brother or sister

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    Anju Bhagat 3 months ago

    How much marks should I HV to score for getting aiims Patna (OBC) category??

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    Shakthugi Wane Noisidi .....Meenaising

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    shrey jain 3 months ago

    Abbey bhsdk handwriting to ache se likhta...bc Kya likh Raha tha lavda samaj ni Aya chodu bhagat

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    HARENDRA BOHARA 3 months ago

    radius will increase by a factor root 2

    P K MUNPRIA 3 months ago

    Good luck sir

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    meena ranot 4 months ago

    thanks sir

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    tum shi ho yr... wwe ho ya Physics ho sb daal rhe 😁😁

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    The Moon Manga Vines 5 months ago

    Grt intro man

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    Karthik Karthik 5 months ago

    Dont draw the catoons in the middle

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    Raksha Jindal 5 months ago

    Content khas nahi hai Time waste jyada hai Kindly take care of it

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    Vaibhav Vashisth 5 months ago

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    iit me iss tarah questions nahi poochtha

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    Wasting time

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    Pradip Kumar 5 months ago

    This is not for NEET aspirants..

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    This becomes useless why to show the drawing part simply wasting time

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    Jithu king 5 months ago

    In neet exam this type questions are rare

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    Sayujya 5 months ago

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    Anilkumar T 5 months ago

    👌👌👌. Thank you so much . Waiting for more videos

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    Gaurav Arora 5 months ago

    thanks but why always the fake accent.....plus u don't do it as good as u think u do

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    numan sameer 6 months ago

    Backwass videos Kyu lagate

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    malle priya 6 months ago

    Nycc video. Thanks bro

  • deepak kumar
    deepak kumar 6 months ago

    its not lens law its lenzs law at 1:43

  • chhayana bhakhan
    chhayana bhakhan 7 months ago

    In the solution of questn 61.. there is an error..how option 4 is correct ?? Option 3 also satisfy questn ..please clear dis doubt..if u can

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    Samie_1 8 months ago

    Tuji ayichi music kashala

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    Bohot jyada drama Kar Diya he...

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    S Vishnupriya 9 months ago

    Pls send physical science question paper June and dec 2018. Plz bro

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    Menprakash Sahu 9 months ago

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    Sanyog Mane 9 months ago

    Add voice

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    Pooja Moun 9 months ago

    I want tricks to solve gate physics

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    Umme Haya 10 months ago

    good video .☺

  • Gagandeep Singh
    Gagandeep Singh 10 months ago

    For the problem on WKB approx(time=19:48), right hand side of phase space equation is (n-1/2)h(pi) rather than (n+1/2)

      VIKRANT CHAUHAN 5 days ago

      There will be no Pi I think

    • Gagandeep Singh
      Gagandeep Singh 10 months ago

      I am referring to page 344, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by D.J. Griffiths (2nd edition) for the formula.

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    Ashish Kumar 10 months ago

    Sir 2019 ka Imortant chapter for aiims

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    Dear my problem is this I can't solve mcqs I don't know why bcz of this my marks are decreasing it's a big problem of my life

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    Please Explain well Nothing Understanding

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    music so bad

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    tanushree ghosh 11 months ago

    21.15 how did the power of lambda change from ¼ to ⅓ ???

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    Laxmi Narayan 11 months ago

    Sabse chutiya post h behan ka lund poster madarchod lordu chutiya admin behan k lund behan k lund x 200000

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    Kya chitiyapa faila raha h 😑

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    I didn't understand ur explanation not gives ans sry to say this... waste of time😡😡😡😡

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    Sangha Balkhande 11 months ago

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    M Kumar 11 months ago

    Sir, some videos of the IIT JAM Exam for MSc admission for Physics

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      Sayujya 5 months ago

      This channel will help u, ru-clip.com/video/3FZAxDOLMfw/video.html

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    #Very nice no time pass# but spoken words are not clear to our ears

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    I can't solve even a single problems of physics without solutions I am feeling afraid that I can't score good in jee mains what should I do in order to improve myself

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      @The Dark Knight exactly

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      The Dark Knight 11 months ago

      Same here my friends but don't all we have to do is practice :)

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    vikash Mandal Year ago

    yar koi aoor method se chek kro yaar

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    vikash Mandal Year ago

    are aar lekin csir answer Key me answer 4diya hai.

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    Is dc pandey good fr mcq

  • H. Tomasz Grzybowski

    Type "H. Tomasz Grzybowski" in Google, get to the Research Gate page, click "Contributions" and read my article "Compressible Droplet Atom Structure Theory" and some others, if you care about truth in Physics. My email: htg@interia.pl

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    Faisal Kabir Year ago

    u derived Time Dependent Schrodinger Eq but 'x' was still being derived from it. Show us derivation for pure TDSE, in terms of P Si.

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    Thankuuuuu so much sir really helpful😊😊😊

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    At 3:05 it is Euler's identity not De Moivre's theorem

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    Question ke and to Bata do

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    Speak a little louder..

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    make more videofor CSIR NET PHYSICS . becoz its study material not easly avellable.

    • Sayujya
      Sayujya 5 months ago

      This channel will help u ru-clip.com/video/3FZAxDOLMfw/video.html

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      Preetikalonia Kalonia Year ago

      Go to the app unacademy learning app you find all material about csir net and other exams

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      This channel will help u, they provide csir net physics online class ru-clip.com/video/3FZAxDOLMfw/video.html

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