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  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Hour ago

    This reading resonated more than ever

  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Hour ago

    Camino de Santiago in Spain

  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Hour ago

    Camino de Santiago in Spain

  • Rickus Kruger
    Rickus Kruger Hour ago

    Well I grew up with a dad who had typical Virgo traits like being critical, perfectionistic and neat-freak, so that makes sense even though he is sun in sagittarius

  • theoryofeverything
    theoryofeverything 2 hours ago

    Haha, they was sleepin’ on me... 💤😏

  • Justine Ortega
    Justine Ortega 3 hours ago

    Born on July 22 (Cancer - Leo cusp) watched both videos and they both related to me 😌 Thank you

  • Dee Vee
    Dee Vee 4 hours ago

    Scorpio is death and the 8th house not leo

  • S Strett
    S Strett 7 hours ago

    Thank you Raina. This reading is matching my financial situation.

  • jennifer barnes
    jennifer barnes 7 hours ago

    Moon and mars in leo🤘🤘🤘

  • Lucia Gonzalez
    Lucia Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    That’s a fitting title because the 7 of pentacles always looked like George Harrison to me😀

  • Amanda Collings
    Amanda Collings 9 hours ago

    really resonated and spot on, investigating a lie, darkness, my demon inside mr not outside me but I developrelationship with someone i not meet yet but the connection is so strong for me , I th lihght to his dark and he the datk to my light

  • Dianne Wilson
    Dianne Wilson 10 hours ago

    very insightful .love your readingsthank you

  • Ayana Smith
    Ayana Smith 10 hours ago

    This is really deep👀 I love the way you interpreted the reading. Very much resonated with my situation🙏✨

  • Vivian Lemieux
    Vivian Lemieux 10 hours ago

    The corporate world is the same way.

  • Kerrie Fryer
    Kerrie Fryer 11 hours ago


  • puppies
    puppies 11 hours ago

    Focus Wheel..?? www.thelawofattraction.com/add-oomph-to-your-intentions-with-a-focus-wheel/

    PSYCHE DELIC 11 hours ago

    Im getting married on Oct 5th yay.!

  • Ash2theB
    Ash2theB 11 hours ago

    I just switched to my new job over months ago; so I guess all the aqua's are still leveling up; which makes whole lot more and is in the field I graduated in. The only bad thing which to me is normal for being in a city is the commute but there are alot good looking guys here plus I need the change from my quiet slow old job. I just need my other half to manifest bc I don't want juggle trying to go back to school and dating.

  • Mechael Culbreath
    Mechael Culbreath 11 hours ago

    98% is true!

  • Michael meditate medicine shipibo Cranen

    and I want to tell you something we aquas are for from predictable ,its more unpredictable

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 11 hours ago

      I understand that YOU are. I just think that as a fixed sign you can be set in your own ways.

  • Angel
    Angel 13 hours ago

    My money is on point. Love life kinda on hold. Thanks

  • Rising Vibrations
    Rising Vibrations 13 hours ago

    If you follow Vedic...Saturn is still transiting Sag and Jupiter doesn't transit until November 2019. The fact that I thought the same...where is Jupiter in Sag ... It's medicre... now I start to study Vedic astrology because it seems more accurate.

  • W.L.L
    W.L.L 13 hours ago

    Taurus Sun cancer moon, mars in Gemini n venus in aries. I'm a mess!

    • Toader Iulia
      Toader Iulia 3 hours ago

      I know how it is...

    • Toader Iulia
      Toader Iulia 3 hours ago

      W.L.L i m taurus sun pisces moon with venus in aries

  • 03LisaJade
    03LisaJade 14 hours ago

    Thank you Raina♥️♐🌟

  • Angantyr
    Angantyr 14 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Essi
    Essi 14 hours ago

    0:13 Well that started off well 😂

    • Essi
      Essi 7 hours ago

      lemurian chick You should’ve been like “That’s all Folks!” 🤣

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 13 hours ago

      😂 Starting off on a good foot! 😂

  • Dean Rebinsky
    Dean Rebinsky 14 hours ago

    I recently retired and have a rental suite for extra income. Looking forward to a new life. Travel more and do things on my terms. Thanks for the reading! :)

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 14 hours ago

      Congratulations, Dean! You made it! Whoo hoo!

  • redolentone
    redolentone 15 hours ago

    Sometimes the truth is ugly. Thanks...I do tarot but when someone else does it is always so truthful...."-)

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 14 hours ago

      Wow...no words can suffice such a test. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you all the best with healing. As an Aries you are demonstrating the courage to move forward in spite of such a hard situation to face. I am in awe of you.

    • redolentone
      redolentone 15 hours ago

      And this reading was so right on. Last month my 38-year-old son took his life. Horrid and terrible as that is what has happened in my screwed up family all came to a head and I have decided that I can't do it anymore with their toxic behavior...like all of them, my ex, my sister my other son and daughter....sad as ______. It is unbelievable what they think you can go through when you have lost your son because they think they are the only ones with loss and you just need to be there for them. Made me sign up to go to a grief counseling group and the first time is today....I am going to heal and I know it is going to take some time. Thanks for the reading you did it well.

  • E U P H O R I C c o n c e p t s

    INCREDIBLY ACCURATE. My work life. Ty ❤️

  • Nobody
    Nobody 17 hours ago

    Yup Leo crosswatcher ❤☺ We are linked. You are awesome ❤❤

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 14 hours ago

      Thank you for watching and for the kind words.

  • E U P H O R I C c o n c e p t s

    My ♉️ mother is very ill Raina. Ur ♐️ (me) and ♏️ (my stepdad ) and ur ♋️ ♏️ (daughter) and grandfather ♍️ are really emotionally going thru it 😔 I’m always trying to inspire her. Thank you. 😘 ♐️♊️

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 14 hours ago

      Ah...such a difficult situation. Healing vibes to your mom. Seems like a lot of stuff going on out here! Take care!

  • Modern Mystic
    Modern Mystic 17 hours ago

    OMG! I'm dealing with a narcissistic boss who targets me and constantly criticizes me. I'm having a meeting with my GM and her tomorrow

  • ana,s lifee
    ana,s lifee 17 hours ago

    Sag sun Yeah I left my aries ex cause he was dealing with Gemini behind my back so moving forward with new beginnings ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ maybe with leo❤️

  • ana,s lifee
    ana,s lifee 17 hours ago

    New here Sagittarius sun Pisces moon Venus Scorpio Mars Aquarius ❤️ yes leo!!!! Come on!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Idk too much for cancer

  • The Divine Feminine
    The Divine Feminine 18 hours ago

    I wrote a children’s book that just came out. My dad didn’t rise me he was in and out my life but we speak and I just left his house out of town to go see him. He shared my post I made about my book but he won’t say nothing to me about it. He told his wife “ she over cane a lot in life and did what she had to do”. But he never said anything to me it’s been a month my book has been out. I sent him a Amazon picture with my book being on Amazon to buy it took him weeks to apply he sent me this (👌🏽👍🏽) That all he said to me. I am hurt.

    • The Divine Feminine
      The Divine Feminine 17 hours ago

      lemurian chick yes, I am because he judge me for my mother. She was in and out my life as well. When I told him about the book, he asked “ is it ghetto?” I’m thinking like.... He feels like my mom and family on my mother side are trash, but he’s not different he just has a little bit more money but carry himself as an ghetto man. 🤷🏽‍♀️, I have more respect of myself than he does from himself. He thinks no nobody can be better than him and I truly feel like he feels that, oh she went thru all this stuff in life. Why is she where she’s going. I understand you, I believe he no longer thinks highly of himself because I’m an author and he think people are less than him, he worked at an job. Not saying nothing wrong with that.

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 18 hours ago

      That's very tough. I don't know how old you are but as you get older you start to realize what people are capable of. Some people are simply incapable of showing love. And in some cases they are deliberately withholding affection, which is pretty messed up! But it happens because of their own experiences, past, mental health, etc. At some point you won't need his validation and I mean that truly. You won't need "proof" of your okay-ness with him praising you. You won't even need to let him know what you're up to because you're truly your own person. But right now you're in the stage where you're still trying to get him to give you that pat on the back.

  • Lori Lepore
    Lori Lepore 18 hours ago

    God called me at 14 years old. I’ve been going through a faith crisis lately like God has left the building. But..... I feel He is calling me to step out in faith only. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all!!! I have been through it all and at the end of the day I am left with my Lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 He has gotten me through the worst parts of my life. Yes with a Virgo who loves me but I feel that’s not what’s good for me. Yes would love a personal relationship 😂

  • jessciss0rhands
    jessciss0rhands 18 hours ago

    Thank you...

  • mizrahi chick
    mizrahi chick 18 hours ago

    😢 Thank you, Miss. My best friend of 36 years died August 23 & it feels like a thousand years already. I was desperate to know she is with me. Carm, I miss you more than I can say. Be at peace, dearheart.

  • Tintin Tin
    Tintin Tin 20 hours ago

    Oct 13 full moon

  • Scorpio Goddess
    Scorpio Goddess 20 hours ago

    This is so true it resonate I do plan on moving to another state.I do have a new love in my life who I just met we've been dating for 6 months so I do plan on moving here pretty soon.I have released my pasts relationships I have let go of people that did not mean me no good.I have cut people off family and friends I'm just ready to move on no more drama for me or the b******* it's dead

  • Channel Hub Tv

    Sadly, spot on. I’ll be mourning and looking inward for strength. Best wishes!

  • Tweatie Connally

    Thank you Raina! Love your readings

  • Mila Mila
    Mila Mila Day ago

    Talk to much

  • E U P H O R I C c o n c e p t s

    Thanks Raina! Pinterest as a vision board is a fantastic idea! Thank you❣️

  • 92stone
    92stone Day ago

    Thanks.. Keep up the flow~~~~~~~

  • Scorpion Wzrd
    Scorpion Wzrd Day ago

    I need help :/ i feel like nobody cares it's so cold

    • Jill feys
      Jill feys 12 hours ago

      Thank you for this reading. It resonated with me and gave me some good ideas to cope with what I’m dealing with.

    • Sunny Peiris
      Sunny Peiris Day ago

      Scorpion Wzrd sending you love & light from Australia ☀️💜💚☀️

    • Scorpion Wzrd
      Scorpion Wzrd Day ago

      @E U P H O R I C c o n c e p t s thank you ❤

    • E U P H O R I C c o n c e p t s
      E U P H O R I C c o n c e p t s Day ago

      Sending you SOOOOOOO much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Luv, the Queen of Wands 🥰🌻😘

  • Elaine Walsh
    Elaine Walsh Day ago


  • devonrexcatz
    devonrexcatz Day ago


  • William Ellis
    William Ellis Day ago

    Thanks Raina virgo -merc/sun& venus

  • Lee Fitness, Spirituality &Tarot and Astrology

    Raina the 6 of penticles is also a Karma card what goes around comes around but I never hear anyone use that interpretation

  • Blessed Bee
    Blessed Bee Day ago

    Thank u ❤️

  • Holly Me
    Holly Me Day ago

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you are a very wise person. I always enjoy when you read the cards.... You dissect situation so well.🥰🤗🌈🍀💫🐳🐠🎈🐬

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick Day ago

      Holly Me 😍 Thank you for watching and for the kind words, Holly!

  • Laura Hydle
    Laura Hydle 2 days ago

    Sun sag/ moon Virgo/ Rising Gemini.... I loved this thank you! I’m a painter and artist, I write a lot too understand what I’m going through as well. And what you said with attention to details is definitely my forte. I think I’m very positive and humble, I feel like I can always learn more from people. I have had problems of self sabotaging myself :(((

  • Loess Rube
    Loess Rube 2 days ago

    Goddam women this blew my mind apart in a million pieces like a shot gun blow to the head... Love how it just changed and in my current life ....mmm yeah..and the sex....I love all of these men....😏.. This was fucking insane man.....

  • Shawna Toft
    Shawna Toft 2 days ago

    I really did enjoy the reading ...

  • Ke'yanna Landry
    Ke'yanna Landry 2 days ago

    Omg my mom is born Sept 30. She is Narcissist. It's sad I left my own mother alone . I EXPOSE the truth so she tries to destroy me. She uses me and all tht I'm done... truth is she has other kids & want ask them for anything.

  • Vivian Lemieux
    Vivian Lemieux 2 days ago

    Yes i am very hard working but you are right not ambitious.

  • Chelle
    Chelle 2 days ago

    You have to check this out!! You are absolutely fantastic and correct! I wonder who the lov is? lol Nothing always happens-bring on the alignment!! Done waiting! Yes Patience and cautiously. Thanks, optimistic (check out my facebook page & website.) I hope you enjoy the validation and it helps clear it up. I always wonder how it works out when clients don't update you till the next session I'm left wondering in awe and anticipation how it goes..lol Luv & Light

  • keesh37
    keesh37 2 days ago

    Hello, I am a Taurus female with a Capricorn male. When we met, I felt as we knew each other. Like in another time. Our chemistry is fire. We both could not understand what it was. We love each other but our relationship started out crazy.

  • AMA
    AMA 2 days ago

    I'm a virgo sun, Sag moon -I never thought of that...being hard-working but not ambitious...do you think ambition is more related to ego? It's an interesting thing to ponder!

    • AMA
      AMA Day ago

      Thanks for sharing! I always considered myself "ambitious" but I definitely have learned freedom is what I really want. I also seem to resonate more with my Sag traits as I become older. After hearing your thoughts, I don't know that I am overly ambitious? Maybe just a hard-worker, it's hard to tell! lol My ego is not attached to my academic pursuits, that is for sure, but I recognize that perhaps at one point it was and that is when I was probably more "ambitious" -very interesting discussion!

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 2 days ago

      Actually, having the opposite of yours (Sadge Sun and Virgo Moon) I think it is a spiritual bent. In other words, the Sadge energy sees the bigger picture, which makes one really think about WHY they are so obsessed with success and the Virgo part wants simplicity in life. I don't want a complicated life plus I want FREEDOM and maybe you do too. If you're working 10 or 12 hours a day, to me it's no life. You can't do other things. The mutability of Virgo and Sadge want a lot of change and options and not to be tied down to something to that degree. At least my two cents!

  • Kerrie Fryer
    Kerrie Fryer 2 days ago


    CAP GIRL 2 days ago

    My god this was accurate and extremely helpful. You’re simply awesome.

  • crcr1
    crcr1 2 days ago

    Love the idea of talking to the artists about what their creative choices intended for the deck! Great interview topic for a podcast. Love the golden sparkle on the gilding, too!

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 2 days ago

      That was the word I think I was looking for--gilding!

  • Contrary Mary
    Contrary Mary 2 days ago

    It's MY family and the instigator is my mother and or eldest sisuter both have narcisitic characteristics. I have reflected l need good mentsl health so ....

  • Santha Kelly
    Santha Kelly 2 days ago

    L O V E

  • Caroline Jones
    Caroline Jones 2 days ago

    Thanks for your brilliant reading x

  • Ad Ad
    Ad Ad 2 days ago

    Sounds about right

  • Norma Hernandez
    Norma Hernandez 2 days ago

    Your reading is write on point... trying to decided on going in to a different type of job!!! I am so ready to make a change!!!

  • Norma Hernandez
    Norma Hernandez 2 days ago

    I am so ready to move forward, Gemini’s don’t do patience well. Lol !!! Nice Card’s. Excellent reading Thank you!! 🍀

  • Mike Willed
    Mike Willed 2 days ago

    Aquarius sun Venus in Capricorn

  • Christopher Alejo
    Christopher Alejo 3 days ago

    Virgo sun Virgo moon Leo ascendant/rising

  • Pam's Given
    Pam's Given 3 days ago

    Amazing reading thanks very much for your lovely reading true word what you are saying love light and blessings thank God I don't have any weans and it's stay that way because of health problems epilepsy Depressing X enjoy your wkend XXX love ur reading ❤😊

  • Arlene B
    Arlene B 3 days ago

    Love love love the song Adia! In terms of forgiveness....I literally just watched an Abraham Hicks video on forgiving ourselves or others. It was very inspiring if anyone wants to know what your Inner Being thinks of forgiveness ❤ Search Abraham Hicks on forgiving.

  • Jodi Dillree
    Jodi Dillree 3 days ago

    I so hope things turn out fantastic in the later part of September. I need something great to happen in my life....or good to happen in my life....or anything to shake up my life lol I feel like I am in a rut

  • Mami Chula
    Mami Chula 4 days ago

    Thank you for this information . SUN in ARIES ♈ MOON in ARIES ♈ MARS in SCORPIO ♏ VERY passionate ,driven and yes its either black or white NO GREY area and I have AMAZING detective 🕵 skills that shocks ppl . I can read right through ppl and I have a very intense but reserved and very private personality .

    • Kit Kat
      Kit Kat Day ago

      It's interesting how you say you have a private personality because you are an Aries. I am an Aries Sun with a Scorpio Mars and I also have Venus in the 8th house in my Pluto conjunct my ascendant which is very Scorpio and I can say I'm very private to and come across as like I don't want to talk to people. I really do like people but I'm very guarded. I too can see through people sometimes almost too much LOL

  • Fairy from the Moon

    One vegan activist sag here :) ... I can so so so relate to what your saying around 9:00 <3

  • Buttahflyin' N2Mi
    Buttahflyin' N2Mi 4 days ago

    Amethyst is for Aquarius..... EyE am Sagittarius with Aquarius rising and Taurus moon.... EyE love purple in all shades, especially the lighter shades. Unfortunately my Venus is in Scorpio. EyE always feel guilty, even about stuff that has nothing to do with mi. SMH With my Jupiter is Virgo, EyE don't have the luck of other Sagittarius. It's as if no matter what EyE do, EyE get a universal kick and am pushed back three steps and have to deal with nine other things before EyE get back in track. It hurts like hell. EyE truly need for this heavy NerG to get up off of mi. EyE'm ready to enjoy life and be successful. All EyE ask for is for someone to love mi and give to mi what EyE give to everyone else. EyE go out of my way for my husband, my children, my family, my friends and even strangers. However, when EyE need someone, EyE'm standing all alone and they try to make mi look like a crazy person when EyE snap. EyE have isolated and cut off many people, including family. Their negativity is killing mi, literally. EyE need help, EyE feel incapable of tears, EyE don't know what love feels like. EyE feel used up and drained. ThAnkh you for sharing ❤️

  • E U P H O R I C c o n c e p t s

    😊 I’m rewatching this video one year later than originally watched it. STELLAR explanation! Yes, very analytical mind here. I’m a few months away from my MBA-HCM. Numbers, numbers and more numbers, charts upon data charts Thank you sgain❣️

  • SuperPK
    SuperPK 4 days ago

    watched your moon in virgo video and then this. i love these deep dive analytical talks. you don't find much of it on youtube but these are great.

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 4 days ago

      That makes me so happy that someone appreciates it! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • ara biya
    ara biya 4 days ago

    this color trigger something in my memory i just cant know what it gives me feeling of past life :/

    • Angie Gross
      Angie Gross 4 days ago

      Purple paeonia 💜

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 4 days ago

      I just looked up the Art Nouveau movement and it was at its height from 1890-1910. Apparently a European thing--obviously French because of the title but maybe that was one of your lifetimes...

  • Michaela Jones
    Michaela Jones 4 days ago

    Wow! Is like you read my mind! I am amazed! Blessings, love and light! Thank you for the reading!

  • EggNoggDreams
    EggNoggDreams 4 days ago

    thank you dear, im sooo in love

  • King Capricorn
    King Capricorn 4 days ago

    This went from venus in Aquarius to everything but that

    • King Capricorn
      King Capricorn Day ago

      @lemurian chick I apologize, I accidentally skipped through. It was great. Thank u

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 4 days ago

      I recorded this two years ago so I am not sure what you are referring to. In all these types of readings I discuss how the combination of Sun and Venus signs influence how the person behaves in love and their attitude towards love. It will be different depending on the Sun sign. It's to provide additional info instead of being superficial. I do discuss the different traits of each placement--I know I did this because that is the first priority. Just a little tip for you so you can become more gracious in life if you are in the position of providing constructive criticism--here is a better way of articulating your idea: "Thank you for your reading. I was very interested in the traits of Venus in Aquarius itself and would love more details." Have a nice life.

  • eve_evis
    eve_evis 5 days ago

    Sun in Cancer, moon in Aries, Capricorn rising. my husband Capricorn sun moon in Aries and Virgo rising.

  • Tay Off The Top
    Tay Off The Top 5 days ago


  • Paul vigil
    Paul vigil 5 days ago

    Stop guessing

    • Paul vigil
      Paul vigil 3 days ago

      So how do I get a personal reading

    • Paul vigil
      Paul vigil 3 days ago

      @lemurian chick to be honest I was wondering if you or other people respond to there comments. I was 🤭 embarrassed and Happy you did

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 4 days ago

      Of course. When you say about guessing, I am trying to a general reading relevant to many people. I'm also doing something in that moment. It's not always immediately clear to me.

    • Paul vigil
      Paul vigil 5 days ago

      @lemurian chick I mean cuz many posts. On different people. Your the only one that has responded

    • Paul vigil
      Paul vigil 5 days ago

      @lemurian chick can the readings be about our children our loved ones. Not just exes

  • Gatuveda
    Gatuveda 5 days ago

    I’ve always believed in miracles and have had many happened to me. I can think of at least three big ones that occurred recently. It could have only been Divine intervention, I know it was Spirit helping me💖

  • Al Terego
    Al Terego 5 days ago

    Holy moley... Yes to the farming connection. I'm Earth, he is the Scorpio and on a farm. So true on this connection bringing lessons, transformational for me. And whether we connect again or not in this lifetime, I will always love them. I saw myself in him. 🙌🏼🙏🏼💙

  • crcr1
    crcr1 5 days ago

    What a beautiful deck! Elements of Tarot Mucha and the Impressionist deck as well! Thank you.

    • crcr1
      crcr1 5 days ago

      I should have checked first but I think there are two, the Impressionist deck each card looks like a painting. Love it! And then the Mucha all of them are in his style, very arte nouveau. (I can't read tarot but love the decks! ) xo

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 5 days ago

      I didn't know there was an Impressionist deck. That sounds way cool. Off to check it out!

  • Stephen Stone
    Stephen Stone 5 days ago

    Thanks and much love!

  • William Ellis
    William Ellis 5 days ago

    Virgo sun merc venus/ pisces asc at 21 degress..Thanks Raina!

    • William Ellis
      William Ellis 5 days ago

      @lemurian chick my leo is in sag and its my 1st saturn return..saturn in the 7th/9th and 10th..it's a heavy time.Best of luck with everything Raina and most sincierest thankyou for your work, Elyce

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 5 days ago

      Oh, I see! Well, that is very interesting nonetheless. We'll see how it affects us all! My Sun is at 22 Sagittarius--I just realized it's in closer proximity than I first thought.

    • William Ellis
      William Ellis 5 days ago

      @lemurian chick using my husbands account ..we share,sorry :) no,apologies for the confusion I have pisces at 21 exact degree as my ascendant

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 5 days ago

      William, are you ssaying that you have that exact degree with all those placements?!

  • N Rivera
    N Rivera 6 days ago

    Libra sun. Scorpio venus, mars, and pluto

  • hearts lessons
    hearts lessons 6 days ago

    I think the train in the background fits with the reading. Moving forward.

  • stregadisalem
    stregadisalem 6 days ago

    I idealize how far my money can go, to my detriment. But I’m not a typical Sagittarius when it comes to “always staying positive”. I’m either pessimistic and cynical or delusional.

  • Al Terego
    Al Terego 6 days ago

    hmmm. So deep. Always love the build up to Full Moon energy and its prompted me to start building towards my dreams this week. Jupiter is my only placement in Pisces, but my Moon Conjunct Neptune, both in Scorpio are really happy right now. Thanks again!

  • Al Terego
    Al Terego 6 days ago

    Hi Raina, came to your channel for the New Moon video I received a notification for but had to watch this first. :) Lots of interesting insights. I'm a Virgo sun, whose been single most of my 50+ years . I'm discerning for sure, little things get to me but I've had relationships with all types of people. My Scorpio moon needs the deeper connection and my Libra in Venus (which I just shared about on IG) is such a romantic. I'd simply rather be alone than with someone I don't fully connect with on a deep emotional, and more and more, spiritual level. I had children with and married a Scorpio sun, Virgo moon. Was meant to be with him for sure, if only for <10 years. I've since learned so many life lessons, around addiction, trauma and learning to heal and reparent my inner child. I am open to receiving more Love in my life, I've always known I had it to give but feel I've had to learn to give it to myself first. Looking forward to the next in these series. Thank you.

  • Tina Lee Johnson
    Tina Lee Johnson 6 days ago

    OMFG triple Pisces here! I haven’t done well AT ALL with the earth stellium. I sure hope things lighten up!

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 6 days ago

      All those oppositions...Well, the Libra placements are in the 8th house so lighten up? If you say so! 😂

  • mahoganydaughter
    mahoganydaughter 6 days ago

    These are excellent and relevant tips. I Fully resonate with every last one. Thank you

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 6 days ago

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback! :)

  • Crystal Steward
    Crystal Steward 6 days ago

    I have Virgo moon and rising and I agree about what you said on the “criticism” aspect

    • lemurian chick
      lemurian chick 6 days ago

      I'm glad you can back me up on that, Crystal. I really try not to be too critical because I know how much I hate it (you probably do too!) and so I try and just say things in a way that is very low-key if I want my partner to change. But I do tend to analyze everything that comes across my path! 😂 There is this book called "The Presence Process" that I have only started and it talks about this tendency to find a need to evaluate things constantly, which is judging their worth, and how it is unnecessary and a barrier to happiness (I hope I am paraphrasing this properly!). So you might want to check that one out if you haven't done so yet. Thanks for watching!

  • Mother Nature
    Mother Nature 6 days ago

    Woop Woop Cap Virgo here! 🌹🌹🌹