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  • Ontario Hiking Trails
    Ontario Hiking Trails 13 hours ago

    Very nice. This is a bucket list hike.

  • Harsha Prasad
    Harsha Prasad 28 days ago

    Good best country 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Abdul Rasheed
    Abdul Rasheed Month ago

    I am Staying in Dhairh Dubai 36 Years Fantestic Beautiful Place Dubai Sharjah Mixed

  • Naresh Khatik
    Naresh Khatik Month ago


  • Fran Aslam
    Fran Aslam Month ago

    Enjoyable views from Dubai.

  • Ranjeet Yadav
    Ranjeet Yadav 2 months ago

    Nice looking

  • Ranjeet Yadav
    Ranjeet Yadav 2 months ago

    How are you

  • Ranjeet Yadav
    Ranjeet Yadav 2 months ago

    Hi sir

  • Cherise 1676
    Cherise 1676 2 months ago

    Where did you book your tour

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 2 months ago

      We came from Yogjakarta, that's where we booked our tour. A lot of tour operators are based over there. We paid around € 150 per person.

  • kwsta dimou
    kwsta dimou 2 months ago

    the name of the song 4:34

  • Lucasz pv
    Lucasz pv 2 months ago

    Anúncio de vídeo antigo 🤔

  • Terrell Ford
    Terrell Ford 3 months ago

    Can you tell me the name of the first song that is playing?

  • Mikey Nidea
    Mikey Nidea 3 months ago

    Nice video!! hoping to make a video of my trip to dubai soon too :)

  • Tiza Chowdhury
    Tiza Chowdhury 4 months ago

    O gosh such a beautiful nature 😍😍😍😍

    • Tiza Chowdhury
      Tiza Chowdhury 4 months ago

      Mike Zuidgeest 😍😍😍 I will go there in this December for sure

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 4 months ago

      Yes it's truly amazing! Have you been there yet?

  • khan Bhai
    khan Bhai 4 months ago

    My Dream

  • Charlotte Bakker
    Charlotte Bakker 4 months ago

    The winter weet het reflects the life there


    planning start for next year.2020

  • Line Wald
    Line Wald 4 months ago

    How called the hotel where you was on Nusa lembongan?

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 4 months ago

      Hi Line Wald, I stayed in: Nitya Homestay. Very nice place to stay, with a very friendly manager. I would definitely recommend you to go there!

  • Line Wald
    Line Wald 4 months ago

    Wie heißt die Unterkunft wo ihr wart ?

    BADMOJO 4 months ago

    ADVENTURES IN PARADISE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    ANDI KHALIK 5 months ago

    Nice bro..

  • Zahira Slimani
    Zahira Slimani 6 months ago

    سوف اعمل كل جهدي لكي اذهب الى ذبي ان شاء الله هاذا العام.

  • Dinesh Limbu
    Dinesh Limbu 6 months ago

    Worked in Dubai for 09 years. Worst city to live n work. Just looks fabulous n good in video n pics

  • Nassim Dubai
    Nassim Dubai 6 months ago


  • Akshar Travels
    Akshar Travels 6 months ago

    You have make a great video for people. The Dubai have lot's of number one famous places and you have cover every sightseer. But, people should also check out this list: bit.ly/DubaiTourP

  • Music Fans Club
    Music Fans Club 7 months ago

    latest dubai trip video ru-clip.com/video/DROTv7ljl50/video.html

  • Music Fans Club
    Music Fans Club 7 months ago

    nice video

  • Siddharth das
    Siddharth das 7 months ago

    I m going there in may

  • Florian Donier
    Florian Donier 7 months ago

    A contemptuous brainwashed City called Dubai. Dubai = No Human Rights Dubai = homophobic Dubai = Anti-Semite Dubai = Misogynistic "But yeah they have the highest Skyscrapers" - WTF

  • Ayush Jim
    Ayush Jim 7 months ago

    Love from India

  • Oneofbigfive
    Oneofbigfive 7 months ago

    @mikezuidgeest hoeveel hebben jullie hiervoor betaald? En was het 3D en 2N? Groetjes

    • Oneofbigfive
      Oneofbigfive 7 months ago

      Top! Bedankt 🙏🏼😎

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 7 months ago

      @Oneofbigfive Jaa klopt idd daar ter plaatse gefikst. Wij kwamen vanuit Jogjakarta (Java) daar is alles sws een stuk goedkoper dan op Bali. Ik vermoed dat het vanuit Surabaya ook goedkoper is als je ter plekke boekt. Succes in ieder geval! Het is absoluut de moeite waard

    • Oneofbigfive
      Oneofbigfive 7 months ago

      Wow dat valt goed mee want online is alles rond de 400€ :p... Dus ik neem aan dat je dat ter plaatse hebt gefixt? En vanwaar vertrok je dan? Wij zitten namelijk in Kuta en zouden het dan willen doen, en veel sites bieden het vanuit Surabaya aan.. Alvast bedankt voor je antwoord :)

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 7 months ago

      Ja dat klopt inclusief 2 overnachtingen. In totaal met de overnachtingen, ontbijt en tours hebben we rond de 150 euro p.p. betaald.

  • Bilaishri Basumatary
    Bilaishri Basumatary 7 months ago

    This city is very hot the more it will develop the hotter it will be but I like it

  • Mode Rétro
    Mode Rétro 7 months ago

    c'etst sûre qu'il se foutent bien de l'état de la planète !!

    SHRIJAY MAHAJAN 7 months ago

    Nice place Dubai. I would really love to explore it.

  • Mountainous Port
    Mountainous Port 8 months ago

    Its so good that you included the traditional market and the harbor ride. The Arab side of Dubai is its biggest yet most neglected attraction. The tall buildings and flashy cars are empty features, culture and people will always be the best part of any place you can visit.

  • Osito Arabe
    Osito Arabe 8 months ago

    Hermoso video!!!

  • Akira
    Akira 8 months ago

    кючека е по известен :Д

  • killer
    killer 8 months ago


  • Knaldperlen
    Knaldperlen 8 months ago

    Going there in a week! so exited!👍👍

    • Knaldperlen
      Knaldperlen 8 months ago

      Im here now, and i LOVE IT🥰🥰❤️😍😍

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 8 months ago

      Cool! Have fun, its amazing!

  • Tula A.
    Tula A. 8 months ago

    Wow ! So beautiful ! The music is very similar to some of our Greek music. Love to visit Dubai one day!!! Great video coverage!!

    NITHIN SIMON 8 months ago

    Somenew exciting tour packages are available Interested people message me 8day nd 7night in dubai, stay in 5/7 star hotel for 4persons just at rs75,000 ($1200) and may other packages are also available

  • Shoyab Ansari
    Shoyab Ansari 9 months ago

    Dubai is a very good City but some expat are very bad Pakistani and Bangladesh they are criminals minded Dubai govt.should deport or remove from two national as above expat

  • Bontot
    Bontot 9 months ago

    Very Nice 😊😊😊 love From Indonesia 🇮🇩❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝💕💕💕

  • naser moradi
    naser moradi 9 months ago

    oh yes iranian music mix.dubai nice

  • Giuliana Bartoli
    Giuliana Bartoli 9 months ago

    Dubai e' tutto un flop.......e' come essere su una mina che puo' esplodere in ogni minuto

  • Emanuela Adezio
    Emanuela Adezio 9 months ago


  • רועי גרופר
    רועי גרופר 9 months ago

    I love Dubai from Israel

  • Ferd Fera
    Ferd Fera 9 months ago

    Hey! It's nice right^^ Greeting~~ I'm from Pangandaran, wish to see you again here^^

  • •AmeL_MesiX ツ
    •AmeL_MesiX ツ 9 months ago

    Allah gived power to people who made dubai so beautiful and just like in heaven💪💖 Mashallah😘

  • Marjeta Myftari
    Marjeta Myftari 9 months ago

    Parajs e nderlikuar nuk shoh vec makina lluksi ndertimet e pallateve gratacelave det i sajuar perderisa jan kaq te pasur perse nuk ndihmojn gjysmen e botes tjeter qe luftojn pe capen e bukes Me jep peshtypjen qe nje dit dhe kjo luksuria do mari fund

  • randy lahey18
    randy lahey18 9 months ago

    I also went dune bashing and watched a show with a belly dancer and had a hot meal! Amazing experience for sure!

  • Ashwin S
    Ashwin S 9 months ago


  • Keittikachon Palavong
    Keittikachon Palavong 9 months ago

    I will go there one day

  • thua han lu
    thua han lu 9 months ago


  • Patricia isha Sebastian


  • Do Suleiman
    Do Suleiman 9 months ago

    nagyon szép videó koma

  • PissMenn
    PissMenn 9 months ago

    Dutch people ya?

  • Hdbshdsgshsh Hhsshs
    Hdbshdsgshsh Hhsshs 10 months ago

    Maasallah Elhamdulillah Turkiye den

  • Ashish Verma Ashish Verma

    I like it Dubai

  • Linda Rumahorbo
    Linda Rumahorbo 10 months ago

    Beautiful Dubai, when i have chance

  • Tinuccio Arpione
    Tinuccio Arpione 10 months ago

    Scusatemi, non mi piace, la vedo artificiale e senza ANIMA....

  • shahrukh amir
    shahrukh amir 10 months ago

    Excellent trip

  • Gledsonbassplayer Gledsonbassplayer


  • Demiral Yildirim
    Demiral Yildirim 10 months ago

    C'est trop moche Dubaï

  • electronics for today
    electronics for today 10 months ago

    Good video

  • bruh rblx
    bruh rblx 10 months ago

    I was living in Dubai for four years

    • Love Humanity
      Love Humanity 8 months ago

      Hello bro can i know wht u was doing in dubai u was on trip or doing job

  • Anis Khan
    Anis Khan 10 months ago

    only atrective but internal cheat fraud gran jail deport

    SRILANKAN TRAVEL 10 months ago

    LOVE U Dubai 😍💗

  • Erzsébet Vidosa
    Erzsébet Vidosa 10 months ago

    Very Nice❤️Thank you❤️

  • technical shehryar
    technical shehryar 10 months ago

    Great video

  • 秦雪丽
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  • Ateist
    Ateist 11 months ago

    Gta 5 mk

  • Luc Hof
    Luc Hof 11 months ago

    Skyway capital dubai

  • Delhi Blogger
    Delhi Blogger 11 months ago

    Do you use go Pro for videos ?

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 11 months ago

      Hi Delhi Blogger, yes I filmed everything with my go pro hero 4.

  • Mj Bulatao
    Mj Bulatao 11 months ago

    I visited Dubai last 2016 and it was one of the most memorable places I’d travelled. Hope I could come back soon!❤️

  • Rajeena Raji
    Rajeena Raji 11 months ago


  • youssef youssef
    youssef youssef 11 months ago

    I love dubai ❤️ my life latest 2008 until 2012. I miss dubai... Uae 😢

  • Ario Frouzanfar
    Ario Frouzanfar 11 months ago

    His music is FARSI 🌹I love Dubai

    • meysam ghasemi
      meysam ghasemi 11 months ago

      yea, the vocalist is the Master Mohammadreza shajarian

  • misholics
    misholics 11 months ago

    Checkout dubai fountain show on my channel

  • Usmon Usmon
    Usmon Usmon 11 months ago


  • Syed Iskandar Is
    Syed Iskandar Is 11 months ago

    Thank you Dubai Prince Arabic

  • Afroz Malik
    Afroz Malik 11 months ago

    Beta ye mullo ka desh hai aor jha musalmano ka raaj hota hai vha har kaam sahi aor achacha hota hai yea indea bhi esa hi bna denge dubai kiya hai

  • Amir FOJ
    Amir FOJ 11 months ago

    U Have Put a Traditional Persian Song on It.. So Nice 😊

  • Gil Brito
    Gil Brito 11 months ago

    Sou brasileiro quero muito um dia conhecer essa cidade acho linda demais 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

  • patiseme
    patiseme 11 months ago

    nice video. which month did you visit dubai?

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 11 months ago

      @patiseme It was perfect! Around 28 degrees, not too hot. Cool enjoy!

    • patiseme
      patiseme 11 months ago

      @Mike Zuidgeest wow and the weather was so good? i plan a trip in dubai at february or march 2019

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 11 months ago

      In January :)

  • Anna Z
    Anna Z 11 months ago

    Echt tof Mike!

  • Shomudro Ghosh
    Shomudro Ghosh 11 months ago

    Did you go to the Dubai Frame?

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 11 months ago

      No I did not unfortunately. But I will next time when I visit Dubai :) Have you?

  • Veronika Ende
    Veronika Ende 11 months ago

    Beautifull, very nice. And where will we live ?

  • Laila Arju
    Laila Arju 11 months ago

    I am from Bangladesh... I am here!!!

  • Digital Rush
    Digital Rush 11 months ago

    What was the song at 5:00 please

    MELEK 11 months ago


  • Zoë Voskamp
    Zoë Voskamp 11 months ago

    Kan jij dit ook zelf zingen?

    • Mike Zuidgeest
      Mike Zuidgeest 11 months ago

      Absoluut, mijn Arabisch is tip top in orde ;)

    • Stephanie Kester
      Stephanie Kester 11 months ago

      Dit lijkt me inderdaad echt een toevoeging aan het filmpje!!

  • Levente K.
    Levente K. Year ago

    Hi Mike! Congratulations for the video! Please, tell me what is the soundtrack's title from the 4:40 at the video? Thanks a lot!

  • H. Alain
    H. Alain Year ago

    Super war auch gerade dort

  • dhsd | #leel
    dhsd | #leel Year ago


  • Eva Maria Cosnita

    I love dubai

  • Halaal Traveller

    Great video. Posted my trip to Dubai too: ru-clip.com/video/6nVNdsmyeCw/video.html

  • Khang Le
    Khang Le Year ago

    Dubai so hot

  • japallan warca
    japallan warca Year ago


  • Györgyné Berkes

    Micsoda gazdagsag, pompa, feny es mindez a sivatagbol..Olyan ez mint az Ezeregyejszaka mesei. Csodas.